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Current "All my life I've dreamed of serving noble kings, noble ideals. Dreams die hard and you hold them in your hands long after they've turned to dust..."
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"For the first in my life, I wanted what all wise man say can't last; what can't be promised or made to linger any more than sunlight..."
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"I have crossed an ocean of eternity in my search to find you. But like the waters of the ocean, as the sands in the hourglass, you still somehow continue to slip through my fingers..."
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New friends? New writing partners? I hope so!


I am Sar! I've been writing and role-playing for over 20 years and have made so many wonderful friends in all that time. Yet, as the tides ebb and flow, I have said as many goodbyes to friends as I have said hellos.

I've been on the search for new forums to meet friends and writing partners. I am mostly on mobile, so formatting and such is shaky at best. I am fine with epic, sweeping posts, as well as smaller posts when my partner is online for some back and forth. I'm rarely shy about anything in writing, and if I am, it's usually because I haven't had the right partner to help me expand that writing skill.

Thanks for checking me out, I will write more here soon when I get some more traction around here!

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Shattered Minds and Broken Hearts
Aka: My Roommate's a werewolf?!
Modern low fantasy
MxM (might be willing to do MxF but I need convincing)
CW: Mental illness

Wolven eyes that shine so bright
Claws so sharp, fangs that bite
Bloodstained fur, heaving breath
Silent steps 'midst prey that rests

Swift slash and life is torn
Rage and sanity are shorn
Blood for blood, life for life
Mind locked in unending strife

The cries of men ring loud and long
Wolven howls in harmonious song
Bright light, booming crash
Vitae fades like cooling ash

The heart still beats, it won't give in
Smothered with the guilt of cardinal sin
Moonlight fades, darkness returns
For that sweet embrace, the heart still yearns

Wolven eyes that shine so bright
Like flint, when struck, sparks a light
Thy rage still simmers, awaiting tinder
To feed the starving, ash-choked cinders

Wolven heart beat proud and strong
Lift thy voice in mournful song
Blood for blood, life for life
Thy mind e're locked in eternal strife

He was the son of a single mother, abandoned by his father, the runt of his litter. Sickly in his youth, he was a silent burden, loved by one and disdained by all others. His mother worked hard to protect him, but as he grew, he saw the burden he placed on her. And when he was finally old enough to make his own decisions, he did what he thought was best.

He left.

No one came looking for him, no one really had to. Dominic Thorne had left a note for his mother, telling her that he was joining the military, specifically the War Dog program, a branch that specifically trained werewolves for military combat. He would become strong and make her proud. He'd come back a hero and take care of her as she had taken care of him for all those years.

What would return from the battlefield was a monster...

A creature that should not exist, forged from a mind shattered by rage and bloodlust. He had become a beast of war and battle, with a mind broken by loss, and the uncaring design of military might. Now released on medical leave, Dom returns home, different from when he left, but still uncertain if he will fit in.


Here I be...back at it again, trying to scrounge up some creativity and reasons to write. Lawdy it's difficult sometimes. I will admit I have times where I am super down to write and them stuff happens and I just can't. Looking to see if this fellow catches any attention. He's pretty well developed but can fit in several different settings/time periods as long as there is some sort of organized military involved.

You'll have a lot of creative freedom with your character. Be a werewolf, human, vampire, anything you want! I just ask that they are not meek and mild-mannered. They need to be able to navigate and withstand a werewolf's broken psyche.

That being said: Hear me out on this next point please...
Please be open to exploring dark themes. If you only write fade-to-black and fluff, this may not be the story for you. This wolfy boi might get bitey and i don't want to feel like I have to hold back. I fully respect other's comfort zones and "no" is a whole-ass sentence. Communication will happen between me and my partner before stuff happens and if I write anything you dont like, I ask that you tell me and give me a chance to fix it. I also ask for the same courtesy.

Does this mean there WILL be dark themes, adult material, and all around unpleasant topics? Yes. Does it mean that will be the whole point of the story? No. In fact, the plan is for this to be super awkward and adorable at first, but with some serious and dark undercurrents. I want to write this with folk who are okay with writing dark stuff, but not needing it to be every other post.

Also, I'm ghost friendly. I wont bite, nor will I poke or prod anymore. Creativity flows like the tide and I ride that ride.

Send me a message if interested.
Been a bit since eyes were on this. All pairings are MxM for now. Mostly craving Vivarium and Blue Ocean at the moment.
Edit: Vivarium is currently taken!
I'll need to break that one out again and brush up on it, but I'm down for it. I might have some OCs to toss in as I'm not the most comfortable playing canon characters. I always feel more pressured to "perform."

I will PM you, if that's okay with a couple more questions, just so I keep your search thread neat.
I mean like a plot for the rp. Were you looking for group? 1x1? Did you have characters you wanted to use? Etc
Okay, so I genuinely never thought I would ever find someone who was into Dinotopia as well.

I had most of the young adult books, have Gurney's books, had a love/hate relationship with The Hand of Dinotopia, more hate than love for the miniseries... And used to have the game on DOS and hate myself for never finishing it. Had an actual Treble deck...and so desperately want to write something with you now....
I usually haunt the interest checks of others as I am surprisingly shy about putting myself out there for other people to judge my work and my characters. Typically, it's easier for me to make characters for others than it is to expect people to make stuff for me. But nothing ventured, nothing gained, eh?

About me:

-Call me Sar. My full name here is a mouthful but if ever you're curious as to the story behind it, I will happily tell.

-I'm considered old for writing on sites such as this. (Mid-30's) But this has been my hobby for decades and since writing is my main source of creativity, it can get lonely writing by yourself.

-My writing style is 3rd person, past tense; but the posting length varies. If it is engaging and epic enough, I can write novels. If it's casual and conversational, then 2-3 paragraphs are the norm. But I always try to provide some meat to the story.

-I love ooc chatter. I'm socially reserved irl, but behind a screen, you are my new friend and I love you. You are a people and I am a people, so let us people together. I love to hear about your day, I will celebrate or commiserate with you about stuff.

-I am mostly on mobile, so this can affect the speed of my posts. Depending on how much I need/want to write is limited to how fast I can get the words up on my little screen.

-I am relatively ghost friendly. It is hard sometimes to get hyped up for a concept and then when you actually start writing, you know you can't sustain it. I understand. I have felt it more times than I can remember. If you need some time, let me know. If you just can't, let me know. If you don't want to let me know and you just want to quietly slip off, I will totally get it. I would hope for the same courtesy in that regard and I won't bug or hound you for anything. That being said, if you have reserved one of my plots and taken more than 2 weeks to say anything to me at all about not wanting to continue, I won't bug you, I'll just quietly open the idea back up to anyone else who might show interest.

About you:

-Be open to chatting with me as well. World-building, character creation, story ideas, vent about coworkers, cheer about good things. You are a people, I am a people, let us be people together.

-Age doesn't matter, within reason. It may limit some topics I feel comfortable writing with you about, but I have done ttrpgs with people who were both much older and much younger than me, and have no issues writing make-believe with anyone. That being said, there are some story concepts I have that I may not feel comfortable writing with someone half my age, not because I don't respect you or believe you can't handle it, but it is simply my comfort level. If you are a minor and want to write any of my plots, that is fine, I will simply have some specific details that I may not go into depth with you in the story for my own sake.

-Be patient with me, and I will extend the same courtesy. We all have lives and stuff happens in them. This is a hobby for me, and I don't want you to feel obligated by me to stick to a schedule or length. But I pick up on habits and when one goes from writing every day to going a week with no word, I worry about you.

-Be somewhat active? I'm not expecting multiple posts a day. Heck, I can't sustain that unless I write like...tiny posts on my tiny phone screen. But if you feel that you would take a rather long time to come up with a reply on a regular basis, please know that I will lose the passion for the story before it has a chance to grasp me. A response every couple days of just two or three paragraphs is nice.

"All right Sar, yadda yadda, get on with the good stuff!"

Okay okay! On to the plots and beans! I'm a sucker for romance, and expect a relationship to build between our muses. But given ages of writing partners, and the actual character I am writing, there will be a strong emphasis of the emotional attachment between character, not just physical. Some of these are just concepts, some have dedicated characters I will put to them. Some are based on my fandoms, but you will not need to know the source material. Some are strictly MxM, some I am open to other pairings, even gender swapping certain characters. I will indicate what is which and where. For all plots listed below, you will play Muse A.

Music of the Night (MxM) 1/1
Muse A is studying theater in college, looking to make it onto the big stage one day. After winning a theatrical competition, the class is awarded a trip to visit the Paris Opera House to perform their rendition of the Phantom of the Opera, with Muse A as the leading role of the Phantom. But what if the dark stories were true? What if there really was an opera ghost? What if he still roamed the halls and dark shadows? And what if he turned out to be super critical of your portrayal of him and had no issues letting you know?

The Turing Test (MxM. Shamelessly inspired by Appleseed.) 0/1
For years, the military had been designing and testing the latest and greatest robotic soldiers. Gone would be the days of wounded warriors and loved ones returning home in flag draped caskets. No more would the acronyms if KIA, MIA, POW or anything else of its ilk be used to describe the status of a soldier's name. The Titan Units were supposed to be the answer to that. State of the art military robots of humanoid stature would fight on the battlefield instead of precious human beings. The unprecedented power of the Hecatonchires AI system ensured an almost precognizant ability to fight and command a battlefield. And the Battle/Recon/Intel 4-Rho 3-Omicron Superior class unit, "Briareos," was ready for field testing. Muse A specializes in programming, technical repairs and engineering, and data analyzing. They are called upon to do repair work on a severely damaged Titan unit that failed a field test. But something isn't right. What could reduce such a powerful entity to such a state? And why does it portray very human behaviors?

Vivarium (MxM) 1/1 *Craving*

Aliens are real. We always knew they were, we made a bunch of movies about how we would deal with them if they came here. It seemed the dumbest idea at the time, but the government had actually approved many of these films to be made using depictions of the actual aliens themselves, or close likenesses. This made it easier to convince the public that such creatures were mere fantasy, the creation of a writer's imagination and a director's vision. Such epic science fiction encouraged Muse A to make a career out of studying such things. Inexplicable feats of human engineering in the past, sudden leaps forward in advanced technology, they became a leading scientist in the field of unexplained advancement. So when they are contacted by the government to assist with a project, they aren't prepared for the truth. The government found an alien. And they want to wake it up.
-Ideally, I would like this to be based on the Predator franchise. I am willing to have this be a more generic alien concept as well.

Thou Deep, and Dark Blue Ocean (MxM) 0/1 *Craving*

Late 1860's: News had spread across the world of the great sea monster ravaging ships on the ocean. Sinking warships and damaging cargo vessels, those who had survived told of a creature of unimaginable power, able to take down warships with a single blow from its powerful frame. What could this legendary beast be? Muse A is the child of a prominent marine biologist looking to break free from their father's shadow and make a name for themselves in the scientific community. To hunt down and find this creature would be a feat that would put their name in the history books for all time. But one fateful trek over the roiling waves will change their life forever.
-Inspired by 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. I have a pretty specific character concept for Muse A in mind, though I will leave some wiggle room for creative liberty. I also have a specific spot I want the story to start as anything before this point essentially makes us write two separate stories until our characters meet.

These are just a few concepts I have at the moments. I will add more as moods strike. Also note that I cannot take on too many of the same idea at once as it makes it difficult to keep track of who is doing what. I prefer PMs or Discord as I like to keep my writing personal.

Thank you for reading. If any of these ideas interest and you have questions or want to write with me, please PM me. Have a lovely day!
Seeing that Vyarin was back in sone assemblage of sorts, she withdrew a little. He had gotten the message, and seemed inclined to no further conversation with her, so she left him to his founderings. A soft sigh escaped her lips and as she saw Alvaro enter, she arranged her face in a smile and moved to intercept. A hand on her arm stilled her and she saw Uriah standing there. "You need not fuss over every single person here, child. It is not your duty."

Loreena pressed her lips in a thin line. "I'm being obvious, aren't I?"

"Excessively..." Uriah replied without preamble, ignoring the look of consternation from his charge. "Come, enjoy a meal." He offered his arm, beckoning Alvaro to have a seat and be served while he led Lore to a seat as well. The flowers Suly had planted glowed and shimmered like stars as they passed and the jewel on her neck glowed brightly a moment. A few murmured words had a golden chalice of wine lift from the tray held by a servant on the other side of the table and move steadily over the heads of the seated guests to her hand where she plucked it from the air and took a sip. Uriah smirked. "That's the Loreena I was waiting to see," he said quietly.

Helping her to her seat, he withdrew some and sat nearby, as Sulhana made her grand speech. Lore lifted her chalice in a toast to Suly's words and to the assembled guests. "Hear hear, Sulhana! This morning we were strangers. Now we dine as friends. And may the days soon to come see us all as family!"

Loreena tilted her head to Lisse when her sister spoke of the Jördanian prince needing to be tested on his handling of liquor. Her eyes widened a little as she realized now what was going on. A drinking game! Lore herself rarely imbibed outside of a glass or so at dinner. She was always afraid of how it would make her behave, having heard the stories of people becoming angry and violent, of saying things they never meant nor remembered, and making fools of themselves by getting sick and clumsy. Nor did she know how it affected her ability to focus her magic. Until she had better control of her abilities, she feared what would result from any senselessness on her part.

Such thoughts always worried Loreena, and as a result, she kept her wine consumption to a minimum. Lore was about to respond when Lisse turned to Uriah and asked if his student could be excused from a day of training. This made the smile fade just a little from Loreena's lips, and her gaze passed from Erick, to Lisse, to her mentor. The mage gave a deep, respectful bow to the crown princess as he was addressed. "Your majesty, as I told my pupil not long ago, I am no tattler. I am here to see to the magical welfare of charge. How you choose to celebrate this joyous occasion is not for me to judge. And as for being excused from lessons, the decision has always rested on Loreena's shoulders. I may always be found in the gardens in the mornings, and it has been your sister's decision to attend her tutelage as she pleases. That decision will always be hers to make."

Lore's smile widened again and she cast a grateful look to the older man. "We shall see how the night progresses, Uriah. Thank you, my friend." Uriah smiled at Loreena and bowed once more to Lisse before returning to his musings. Loreena returned to the conversation previously with Erick. "I am honored that you chose to wear my jewel nonetheless, Erick. I chose each one in particular from the collection of gems and crystals that resonated with my magic. Although the Astalian blue topaz ended up being the strongest focus of my mage ability, this yellow chrysoberyl was of the purest clarity, and was a focus for me for a time. It still holds a bit of my power, a symbol of the bond you will share with our family."

She heard the clatter at the entrance, and swung her head around to see the ruffled appearance of her youngest sister and the lost Prozdy prince. Judging from the flushed countenances, Vyarin had found Jiny's training yard! She watched as her younger sibling swiped a golden cup of wine. As Jiny approached, Lore embraced her warmly. "Feeling any better, dearest?" She queried, fixing a few errant locks of hair by swiftly removing a pin or two and giving the curls a deft twist and tuck. This relaxed the formerly prim and proper coif the maids had yanked Jiny's glorious hair into, and gave it the look of a lovely young woman who kept her hair away from her face as she wielded her sword. "Peace talks and alliances be damned. Sulhana and Lisse have officially declared war on our guests in the form of a drinking competition. Lisse has also bullied poor, old Uriah into being an accomplice to this affair..." she lowered her voice to a conspiratorial whisper, "...and if ever there is going to be a night where father cannot insist you drink from the silver cups, tonight is the night."

Loreena lifted her head when she heard Vyarin's....protests....against the wine. "Speaking of silver cups it seems..." She excused herself and walked over to a table, retrieving a silver cup, and approaching the man who was muttering angry sounding words in Prozdy. "Dro Vyarin? You are well?" She asked him, hoping he wasn't sick. "Gold cups hold Astalian..." She froze on the next word, struggling to remember. The tense and accent she would use could have a couple different meanings. "...Astalian 'old'...'brewed' grapes." She didn't know if she had used the right word. A glance to Uriah saw his back facing her, indicating she was on her own in this venture. Loreena had studied some language from the surrounding lands, mostly words pertaining to the history of magic in the various kingdoms. Prozdy was harsh for her to speak, the shape of her mouth would never let her pronounce the language perfectly, but she could converse a little.

Offering the silver cup, Vyarin would see a golden amber colored liquid within. "Silver cups hold 'new'...'young' spiced apple." Lore hoped she was making sense to him. Looking to the others, she encouraged Vyarin to join closer to the group. "It seems Dro Vyarin will be the judge of the contest. We do need at least one person clear headed enough to determine a champion among this contest."
Loreena and Uriah made it to the Court in time to see Sulhana greet the two princes. Erick looked stiff as a stone pillar and Gil seemed trying to help make him relax. She was about to step forward and greet them when she saw Sulhana perform her prestidigitation. Something about the sight made Lore's heart clench. What her younger sister could do was visually far more impressive than what Lore could currently control, and to see such a display, an uncertain wave of envy washed over her. It was why she never practiced in front of anyone except Uriah and the other mages. She found herself taking a step back, only to fetch up against the unyielding form of Uriah. He did not allow her to back down, having seen the display as well.

"Go, child. You are here to get to know your new brothers and see if one is a suitable match for your future life. Not to show them tricks or make a display of yourself." He nudged her forward, making her press onward, and shadowed her along the perimeter of the court along with the other staff. Lore was offered a glass of wine, which she accepted, seeing Sulhana and Gil engaged in a drinking contest. Glancing at Erick, the corner of her mouth turned up when she saw the glint of yellow on his wrist. Her gift to him! He had incorporated it into his outfit! Gravitating towards him, she gave him another customary yet more informal Jördanian greeting. "You...wear my gift, Erick. I am glad it pleases you enough." Reaching up, she touched his hand gently where he gripped the goblet Sulhana offered him earlier hard enough that his knuckles were edged in white, hoping the gesture would encourage him to relax his grip a little. "You feel as awkward about this as we do." She glanced down to her own hand holding her chalice, seeing the way the liquid rippled in the cup as her hand quivered a little. "It is difficult to get past the feeling we are all actors performing on a stage trying to find our cue and impress each other." Her nose crinkled a little in a playful smile.

"You have nothing to prove to anyone here, Erick."
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