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Hello I am looking for a male to indulge on a little roleplay. I am open to listening to your ideas and have more of my own should this not be to your taste. All I really ask is that you can reply regularly and match me in post length and detail. I would struggle if someone was making constant short posts or posts with many spelling mistakes. Other than that I just want to get lost in a story with you.

My main idea will be detailed below. Like I said I am open to a lot of modern roleplays.

Your character had been in an online relationship with "Cassie Newman" for the last 4 years. Using her journey of being a student nurse she had many excuses not to see you. Cassie really known as Stella Rushmore was best friends with my character Erin Newlands who had no idea that her best friend was catfishing anyone. It was one night that Erin decided to message your character to try and arrange him coming to Stellas birthday party that they started talking.

This should give you the start of the story. Enough to get your interest enough hopefully. Pm me should you want to do this one or discuss others.
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