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Count Philip was a distant relative of Grand Duke Alcander and was alone of Affoia's most loyal supporters. A war hero in the most recent war with Ospira, a true hero of the people since he led men into battle personally. His true reward came during the last battle of the Maiden's War when his leg had been skewered by a spear, giving him a permanent limp in his left leg.

Sent to treat with Lucius, who better to understand a warrior than another warrior. Philip eyed the guards as he rode into Westport, noting the up jumped mercenaries we're rather well equipped. The men of Westport could be a valuable asset if they could be asserted correctly, that is if they stayed loyal.

"Count Phillip of Affoia, envoy of the same nation. I've come to see Duke Lucius. I also bring needed supplies to the city." Handing his missive to the guards that handled his entry into the city.

The wagons rolling into the city bringing a collection of goods that would sell quickly. The guard nodded to his subordinates. "Welcome to Westport Count Philip we were expecting you."

Philip only nodded after he had gotten off his horse, the limp obviously noticeable but it didn't hinder the man's movement. The stairs, however, did slow him down some. His black peppered hair wet from the slight sweat that started to bead down.

As he entered the great hall he was followed by his own guards, four in number. Each of the men including himself wore a long blade, double-edged in design but what distinguished the men was the bright yellow sun of Affoia embroidered on their tabards. Philip's guards had been overwhelmed to a degree by the Duke's greeting but Philip himself remained stoic.

"It was pleasant enough. I am not a man of formalities Lucius, so there is no need for the grandeur." His predecessor a fat out of a man the grand entrance would have cooed him but not Philip.

"A seat if you don't mind." Gesturing towards a table, his leg of all times decided to throb with pain. He didn't wait for his host as the discomfort started growing rapidly.

"War hasn't been kind to me as it has to you. Some young Osprian cunt skewered my leg after I had been thrown from my horse." Philip gestured to one of his guards that had been carrying a small satchel.

"His grace Grand Duke Alcander is pleased with the ballista tests and the heavy infantry training is proceeding ahead of pace." He took the satchel from his guard. Procuring a dark brown bottle and two Vissirine made glasses, clear in color. Pouring the liquid, amber in hue into the glasses. One for him and them another for his host.

"I'm here to talk war though.” Speaking only after he had stomached the rum. Its spices burned going down but it was his custom to drink before doing business. “How would you like a new power base and a wife?” Eyeing the man carefully since Philip was straight to the point.


Carina walked about the halls as she did any other night, her ebon hair while braided elegantly glided threw the humid air. Her father still remained in solitude, it seemed that he saw no one except his advisors since the latest war. Even with his gout the woman that he would at least get out a bit more but alas she saw little of him. The last time had been her name day and that had been several months ago. Exhaling a sigh as her footsteps barely made a sound at all as she walked daintily towards the great hall.

As she had been in deep thought as her cousin Murick who had been a permanent guest after the failed attempt to reclaim his throne. While she did feel bad for the exiled prince but then again it wasn’t exactly her problem. There was a rumor about a possible betrothal in the air between her and someone. Who exactly she didn’t know but then again the servants did like to gossip so it could be nonsense.

“Murick, don’t be drowning yourself in your own misery. At least you have a roof over your head. It could be worse.” Looking at one of the servants. “Wine.”

The woman was blunt to her cousin, there could be worse alternative than losing one's own throne. He could’ve died in his failed attempt, at least he was alive to try again another time. Greedily she took the wine when it had been given to her. Sipping once before returning her emerald eyes towards Murick.

“Have you appealed to father again for a second invasion?” She dug at the man curiously to see if he knew what was going on or at least to see if he knew any new rumors flying about the castle. With the weapons testing and soldiers being trained she knew a war was on the horizon but she didn’t know the who, what or the why.
Short sweet and to the point. I want to do a historical roleplay centered around the religious turmoil between the Protestant Leauge and the traditional Roman Catholics. Your character would be a staunch catholic will mine is apart of the league. There is a certain spark between the characters but will religion help or break their courtship? Her father would push the marriage seeing that the league would help push away would-be invaders and kept his kingdom in relative security.

A quick explanation of what I'm looking for. Any questions pm me.

I'm gonna add more later for flavor but otherwise done
I don't know yet. I'm a little further north but still in a heavily affected area. I'm playing it by ear right now.
I'll start dabbling with a map but just for everyones information if I disappear its because of Hurricane Dorian. I got to see what its doing.
Once I garner enough interest I will release that information. Plus I got to make the map. I can, however, send you a description of the kingdom itself in pm if that is adequate for now.
There are no restrictions except when it comes wizards/mages. Magic users are as rare as the blood type -AB blood type so there will be only one maybe two if you make a good argument. I just would like characters to have some sort of elevation in he army.

The Elven Duke/Duchess and Baldric are the closest of friends but other wise it's up to he players creativity.

You can make your own faction. I have no problems with that.

Characters can be a Korilan survivor, an Avernian knight looking for glory, it's up to your discretion. I just mentioned the major players up above.
Yes sir.
The rain pelted the blood-soaked warriors of Korilas, holding back the frenzied horde of orcs, undead, and other such madness. Lighting was the only flash during the midnight hours that gave any such direction on either side. Metal sang and blood sprayed as the men and women of Korilas held back the savages warriors to allow as much of the populace to flee to the neighboring kingdom across the mountains of Avern.

King Whodes was among the men fighting back, that was until the Army of Darkness brought in ogres to break the ever breaking stalemate. Alongside him, his distant kin Baldric held the line. The king's torso crunch under the titanic swing of ogres massive club. Unable to reach the king's body Baldric rallied the men twice to at least size Whodes broken body. The men were broken but in that very moment, the Elven Duke/Duchess of the Crystal Glades appeared with hope. Raining down swift death from afar that allowed Baldric and what remained of the royal guard to seize the late King Whodes body.

With Elven help, Baldric and what remained of his forces forced a series of landslides to massively slow the conquering army. Coming into the fertile plains of Avern beat and bloodied the Korilian people fleed to the kingdom's capital of Savar. Baldric as the unofficial leader of what remained of his people demanded an audience with all the rulers of the realm. Revenge lingered in the man’s eyes, no dared questioned his motives on to why he demanded this meeting.


They were all there. Men, Elves, Dwarves even the finicky citadel of wizards sent an envoy to hear out this preposterous cry of help from the Korilan Grand Marshal. Baldric with his remaining good eye stared at the sea of vultures and they stared right back.

“Death comes for us all. King Whodes is dead, the entire damn royal family is gone. The prince and my son died trying to retake Garlan Hill. The Queen and her daughters were captured fleeing the capital and burned alive. The king himself died within my sight, crushed to death. It now seems like mercy now that he joins his family in the heavens now.”

In Baldric’s pause, the Borvan crown prince came down to the Grand Marshall, with rage in his eyes. He had been betrothed the late Korilan Princess Evelyn and the only one to tame is wild heart since they had first met. Taller than Baldric but the Prince respected the man since he had helped honed his skill in his youth.

“Burned alive you say?” The Borvan Prince spoke simply.

“Yes and then if the scouts are to be believed later they were eaten.” Baldric replied that left the assembly in utter shock and gossip spread. Just how barbaric was this army? It left everyone to ponder.

The prince wept but only one tear as the same vengeance that burned in Baldric now burned within the prince. Without his father’s consent, the Borvan Crown Prince nodded to Baldric. “Borvas will stand with you even if the assembly does not I at least have a spine.” His statement left the room in utter shock.

“My father did tell me stories about you Baldric and he hated you.” The young Avernian King/Queen stepped down. “A maverick and sometimes an asshole but never a liar. I will also join you since I’m the next to be attacked.”

Several other kings, queen and even the enigmatic Wizards of Morban agreed to help. To an extent of course. All eyes looked to the Elven and Dwarven leaders, curious as to what their answers would be. The High Thane Gravant nodded, his blood debt the humans would be paid with Dwarven might. The Eleven Queen looked towards the Dwarfs to stay out of the human affairs but like her shorter counterpart nodded in agreement.


Some months later the massive coalition of all countries and nations gathered together waiting for the massive horde the consumed the Korilian people outside of the mountain paths. The last of the blockades removed and now death stared down upon all people prepared to strike at humanity as the horns of that sounded the murderous army forward. Straight into the combined might of all races


This intro is a bit to the point. It’s a fantasy war that involves the struggle of all the races. They’re gonna have to work together despite the fact that some of them really down’ like the other races. I’m going to spice it up some along with a co-gm’s help if one is willing.

Important roles: Duke/Duchess of The Crystal Glades, Borvan Prince, Avernian King/Queen
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