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Looks intruiging. Is there something specfifc that the roleplay needs or should I just cook something up.
As the title says I want to do a roleplay based in and around Banes rule of two. It could start anywhere in the timeline so we have a lot to hash out but if you are game just hit me up. Not don't waste the time for other nonsense just conveying what I want.
That's good with me. I choose Glover's because they were influenced more on what had happened during the books. Example being the Ironborn. I just wanted a house enriched by past events. I can work with whatever you cook up though.
I'm fine with Glover then. Just going through all the CS's earlier it got a bit hazy one what houses were still up for grabs.

I think from what I skimmed through doing either Houses Yornwood or Glover.
Is there still room for any more here?
She is a law school major and among the top three in her class. Gorgeous and available but she has turned down every man that has come along. Saying she doesn't want a relationship until she is finished with her degree. He is in medical school training to be a neurological doctor, he could have his choice of any woman but he doesn't want a commitment. At least not yet. What people don't know Is that they are each others 'friend with benefits'.

His brother is getting married and he needs a date to go with him and the only woman he wants to go is her. Agreeing to go with him to the wedding since she's always wanted to travel. The pose as a serious couple who are dating. As time goes on though they both find out there is a mutual feeling of love between each other
Hello everybody I'm posting something a bit different than my usual norm. I would like to start a roleplay with someone to try and knock of the rust so to speak. I want to rp as a female this go around, dipping my finger so to speak. I have a slice of life idea that may be of interest but please don't message me unless you can bring an idea or help build upon my thoughts.
Interested good sir.
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