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Rexxa set her cup down on the table as she watched the little cloud go around her room. She was aware that the thing didn't know of her words or what her life meant. But it was something she would be willing to work with. She was just still overly excited that one actually existed.

Hearing his words about what he job would be, she tapped her fingers lightly against the back of the couch and thought on this for a moment. "Well it's called Apex Implementations. I only tried to get on with them because of the idea that it might of lead me to you. I don't really know much about the job, I start tomorrow to train and learn the job. In the meantime I had leads that lead me to this job. So that's all I can tell you about it really. I am a quick learner and I have no doubt I will eventually learn more information about what I am seeking." She stated and then picked up her class and drank the rest of it.

"But what are you going to do while I work.. I mean I can't just go around and look as if I am talking to myself all the time. SOmeone will think I am crazy and lock me up and then we will both be screwed. But if this place is what I think and there are more of you running around then they would spot us." She blinked a few times as she thought on this now and watched the cloud.
Rexxa heard his question about the wine giving her strength and she gave a soft laugh shaking her head gently. "No no.. this this... just helps me relax a bit. Calms the body and nerves down." She stated and watched him as went around the room and didn't what he did.

Rexxa knew some of what he was telling her, about how his world existed and overlayed somewhat with hers. That some things were key in both worlds as other things weren't even part of his and some of his things weren't even part of her. She listened to him and watched him separate and come back to as he answered her question with his own question about where to look.

Thinking for a moment on it she blinked a few times and then nodded. "Oh yes, the first place we should check out is this new place I got a job at. I wanted the job because of what I found out about it. I suspected to be able to find some of your kind I guess there.. IT was why I took the job. I start tomorrow." She stated happily as if she was already the best for having info right away about where they could start.

Finishing off her glass of wine,she he set the cup down and glanced to the cloud and smiled some. "For now though, rest. We need to be full of energy and rest before work tomorrow. This should help us, I feel that it will." She stated. and leaned back into the couch a bit more getting comfortable and looked at the cloud as she did so.
Rexxa smiled a bit as he seemed to float out from her pendant and was this cute little cloud again. She didn't mind his company as it was rather amusing and something she had spent such a long time looking for. "What is all of this?" She shook her head a bit and sighed. "This is my home. In it are the things that make living for us humans comfortable. Other things like the pictures and decor are just things that I like. Each person or human is different and thus have different things in their homes. It's a shame you can't drink or taste, this wine is to die for. A cup of this and it takes the edge of the day off. Relaxes me a bit so to say."

She glanced around the room and then back to her cloud. "Go ahead and ask anything you want and feel free to look around. I know you are just this cloud thing but for now, this is your home too. Welcome and enjoy. In any way that you can." She laughed a bit at the thought of telling a cloud to enjoy something, what was he going to enjoy or do. He was just a cloud. Her own human catching her off guard. "Yes most humans are fearful and unpredictable. But I am not, I promise I am not out to cause you any harm. I am only here to help." She took another sip of her wine and then laid more back into the couch getting comfortable. "So where are you going to start looking at ?" She asked curious to know where his plans and intentions were.
Rexxa chuckled some at his question. He wanted to know why she was the way she was. Why she wanted to find and why she seeked out the things she didn't know about. She took a breath and then answered. "I have never felt like I have fit in with the other kids. But I always just knew that there was something more out there. More then just us humans of course. The curiosity never left even when I got older and my parents thought that I would out grow it, it only became more of a passion to me. So.. why.. I don't know... It's like I sometimes feel they should me to do this. To find them. Though I can't be certain of that either." She explained herself as best she could as she pulled into the driveway of her apartment.

Getting out of the car she walked up to the door and unlocked it and then walked into the apartment. She then shut and lock the door behind her as she glanced around as if making sure everything was good in her home. She glanced to the pendant and then sighed and bit. "So why are you so worried about me wanting to help you... Isn't that what you needed someone to be willing to help and isn't it easier then someone that wasn't interested in you?" She asked her series of questions as she got a cup of wine and then walked over and sat on the couch with her wine in her hand.
His words only made her all the more excited. He was confirming all of what she had thought and believed to be true. Even so that she squealed as she mentioned that it was beyond her reality. That meant it was true and there was more out there in the world and beyond space them people wanted to believe. She grinned a bit as he held back some of the information though she didnt seemed to care.

"I am glad its not completely awful to meet me but I will earn your trust somehow or someway. Just wait and see." She danced around and then started to walk. "I guess I should get off the streets before they think I am on something talking and dancing to myself like a maniac." She headed down the road in a mood happier then she had ever known. The little dust cloud just had no idea how happy his appearance made her. "I am not sure what was taken from you but I will help you find every last bit of it. When I am not at work. I just got a job at this place and its important that I am there. It is going to lead me to more of your kind. I know this company is a key to it." She didnt know how ever that what she was already looking for was probably exactly what he wanted her help on finding.

After a short walk they had made it to her car and she climbed into the car wearing her pendant with her little cloud buddy inside the pendant. She drove down the road and headed to her apartment.
Sorry it was short.
Rexxa's eyes lit up as he zipped into the pendant. It was indeed amazing. This thing.. daemon he had called himself. She wanted to know all she could about it. She heard the whisper of thanks and laughed a bit."your welcome." She spoke to it's if a person was there. "My name is rexxa. Pleasure to meet you rasteva."

She was over the moon excited and wasn't sure where the journey would lead but new it was worth it. Hearing his words about what she wanted to know. She giggled with excitement and smiled. "Everything...." She paused. Then glanced around. " How did you get here, why are you here" her voice sounded gleeful and chipper.
Rex had to contain the laugh as he called her an idiot for almost touching him. She then shook her head some and smiled once more. "Fiesty little cloud arent we." She teased him as she laughed at the remarks of her being rude and annoying.

Rex watched as the breeze blew and the little cloud had trouble keeping himself together. She turned so that now her body shielded him from the breeze. The breeze breaking up and going around her and the cloud. "Oh I am not sure I am smart enough or capable enough to do so..." She teased, it was obvious she was treating the cloud as if it was a person, the way she joked and teased with it. Probably because she full heartedly believed that such things existed.

She glanced around and sighed a bit. "I am not sure I can get you a body on such short notice. I mean I am not a murderer either.. But.." She paused and reached up to her neck and held out a necklace, it had a simple rose figure hanging from the chain. "I have a necklace... its not much but it means the world to me and its always on me so its never just left or lost.." She stated and glanced back to the cloud. The necklace had a huge value to her and it was a treassured item. "if it wont work, we might have to figure something else out..."
Rexxa felt the breeze pass through her hair and glanced harder into the night as if she was trying to pin point what it was she had thought she saw. She sighed and was fixing to leave just as the cloud moved again. She stopped once more and looked down and saw it inching closer.

Was it what she thought? Was this really happening? After all the time she had been searching for it, had she finally found it? She didnt move afraid of scaring or loosing sight of the cloud. As it hoovered below she turned her head slightly and looked closer to it. It was nothing more then smoke. Rexxa wanted to try and touch it but didnt, not knowing if was tangible.

As the cloud moved up to eye level, Rexxa's eyes went wide. She had finally found something. She wasnt crazy, like so many had said. She put her hands underneath as if it might fall from the air and she would then be able to catch it. Though part of her knew that wouldnt happen.

Rexxa jumped slightly as it spoke, her hand coming close to breaking the cloud apart. Her head tilted slightly as she watched the little cloud and a smile soon formed on her lips.

"I dont want anything. I just finally found one. You are an entity, A being of supernatural... Everyone told me you werent real, yet here you are, and you talk... " She was completely amazed by the cloud. Though if someone was to see her it would probably look as if she was high as a kite and talking to an imaginary friend.

"What are you exactly and what can I do to help you... you seem so lost." She stated as she stared hard at the cloud as if at any moment it would be gone.
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