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Current I just need active rps... heh.
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Allergies suck. Damned weather needs to fix itself.
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So bored right now..
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Alittle about myself... hmmm. I am me. Either you will like me or you wont.

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Just thought I would check in here and see how everyone was doing?
Hi, it's dr. Lovecraft. My computer has died, so, unfortunately, I won't be able to continue this rp until further notice. I'd have signed into my account to mention this, but I can't remember the password. I'm really sorry about this.

Oh no. This is a bummer. Shucks. Hope you get everything figures out soon.
Yeah, but Anna is not the type to go somewhere without permission from the princess.

Hmm good point. Maybe she walks by and sees her.. not necessarly going somewhere she shouldnt be in a way. Or not. Just a thought.
Tavia kept stealing glances at him as they walked along the hall, as making eye contact with someone while talking was a big thing for her. Showing respect while carrying a conversation was very important to her, she wanted him to know that he was being heard. When the grin showed up, she returned it with a slight smile of her own as it pleased her to know he wasnt scared to speak in front of her like most seemed to be. Hearing he was from Catterwal and miles away from her own, she gave a soft sigh. How would this ever work, as she never intended to leave her kingdom to go to his, was it something that he would really be willing to leave behind. Letting it stay in her mind for now, now bringing it to life as they continued on. "I am pleased to hear that it was worth it as it is quite the distance to travel. Word got around then as I hoped it had." She stated and then glanced back forward, they were coming up on the end of the hall.

As he switched the subject, she listened to what he was asking, finally a true grin cracked upon her face. Pausing a moment as she turned to face him, her eyes meeting his own. "Of course I do. I have been training with my own guard since a young age. I always have protection, but anything can happen. And I find it a very honorable attribute to have. To be able to help defend myself. A defenseless leader isnt much of a leader at all. My guards are excellent. " She stated and then started to walk again, turning down another hall way that would soon take them back towards the kitchen and the rooms in which servants would live in, which were much smaller and less furnished. "A spar between the two of us? I can have it arranged. Afterall I strongly believe you can learn alot by sparing with someone. It would be definitely possible while we wait for more to show up. " She gave another slight grin to him as she then came upon the kitchen.

"This is the main kitchen, though on the other floors, there is smaller kitchens for quicker meals and easy access to food then traveling all the way back down. Right down that hall is the dining hall which we will be using alot once more arrive. " She told him and pointed down the hall towards a very large and open room, with two long tables placed in it. Continuing on, she came upon the elevators and gave a soft smile. "This was one of the greatest things ever. What would like to see next? The training rooms? Or maybe the activity floor? There is much to see and if we dont have something you may like, please do tell me. I will see about aquiring it. She stated and then waited at the elevator to know where he would like to go to next. Even if it was a half ass tour, it gave her some time to talk and get a feel for the Duke.
You could have her run into the thief, since she's specifically staying away from the princess and guards.

That is a good idea for the @Vampiretwilight To do with her servant girl.

I am playing the princess.

Have you decided wheather or not you want her to be a servant of the castle or to the princess? Perhaps she does something that gets her bumped up to tending to the princess. Then it might be a bit easier to slide your character into the main rp. Or if the two had always been friends then she might even go to her for advice on it all...


What if the Princess tasks the servant with help of leading the tournament and challenges?

Not sure if any of those will actually help. But just ideas that popped into my mind.
Hmm. I am not sure either. Being a servant makes it a bit tricky.... I suppose.
Tavia sighed when the servant girl said that she was quite used to it, it was something that would have to be fixed. Her servants, anyone under her for that matter, wouldnt be treated poorly. "You have my reassurance that I will be putting a stop to it. Do not hesitate to seek me out and tell me if they dont stop. Thank you for all you do Anna. " She told her before turning her attention back to the Duke that was here for the tournament she was going to be holding. Making a mental note to hold a meeting with the guards that were usually left to tend to the castle needs.

Hearing that it would be his honor for her to give him a tour, she let the smallest of a smile show through her other words expressionless face. "Shall we then?" She looked back to Anna as if to make sure the servant of hers was quite okay before taking off with the Duke. "Right this way." She stated and then began to walk, not fast or slow, but at a steady pace, two of her own guards falling in behind the pair walking. Tavia not phased at all by this as she had grown used to it over the years, always having two guards at the very least with her at all times. "Dont mind the guards, they know better then to repeat what they might over hear us say. Please feel free to speak freely while we are on the tour." She then started down the hall that would be housing the guests while they were here.

Thinking it was appropriate and he would have an idea of where his room and things would be brought too. After a few minutes of walking down the hall doors started to appear on both sides and she motioned to him. "These will be the guests, like yourself, quarters. With not knowing how many will show up for the tournament, so I left them all open. Since you are first, you do get to take first pick. " She continued on, only pausing or stopping if he had done so first. "How far out did you say you came from?" Curiosity striking once again as she was indeed curious about how far word had gotten about her tournament.
I'm still here. And thank you for reaching out. I'll keep you in mind if I ever need to talk.

Np. StitchedOwl#1132 is my discord and I am always on. I am just slower to answer when at work. I am still excited to start this rp.
Tavia watched the man as he dropped to one knee and bowed to her as she approached him. "Good, he knows his place, for now. She thought to herself as he then rose, her eyes glancing back over at Anna wondering why she looked like she did and the guards around her seeming a bit more stern looking then usual. Priority first, she had a guest that needed tending to first. Her eyes looking back to him and traveled up and down him before meeting his own as he answered her quesetions. "I am glad to hear your travels were safe and secure. There is still time before the events will start, I can see that you are eager, you are the first to arrive. I am pleased that you are here, none the less. " Her tone still strong and stern, her soft side pushed and tucked away, lost deep within her.

Looking to the guards now, her eyes tone sounding a bit harsher then whens he had spoke to the Duke. "You. " She turned away from the Duke and walked towards the guard "Will treat the staff with more respect then that. They are the ones that keep this place running. You can show his guards where they will be staying, the guest wing, he gets first pick of whichever room he wants in the wing. " She told him with a hint of annoyance and anger in her voice. Sometimes even the guards needed to be reminded just who ran the castle. Giving a soft sigh as she turned to Anna, her tone completely shifting to a much softer one though it was still strong and authoritive. "Anna, is everything okay here?" Her eyes watching the servant to make sure she didnt try and cover anything up.

It annoyed the Princess for guards to talk to the servant as if they were beneath them and trash. True they were not as high up or ranked as a guard, but Tavia knew all to well that her servants kept the place going. She had always demanded they be treated with respect unless they had done something to warrant other wise. Hoping the Duke didnt mind as she had to get things under control, not at all how she wanted to greet the first arrival for the tournament, but there was notihng she could do about it now. After dealing with guards and Anna, she turned back to the Duke and gave a warmer smile to then before. "If you feel up to it, I can personally give you a walk around the castle." Her voice back to the authoritive and stern she had before but holding a bit more of softness then before as well.
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