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1 mo ago
Current Still looking for players for Reality's Heroes, a Casual, Multi-Fandom RP starting in Hyrule.
1 mo ago
Still need players for Reality's Champions, a multi-fandom RP. Starting world is Hyrule.
1 mo ago
I just wanted to listen to a silly song about beer from 2011. Instead I get a song about people partying during lockdown. All because Corona is the name of a beer, a girl, and a horrible virus.
1 mo ago
Multi-Fandom RP, looking for players-…
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1 mo ago
Looking for a co-GM for a fandom RP.
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Has a problem.
I've got DnD tomorrow, but the next day works for me.
Pink Anime Waifu
I'm down to start early. I'm also willing to make an additional character to help fill out the roster, but I'm down either way.
Funny British Reference
Gump. Forest Gump.
You'll be a dentist!
You have a talent for causing great pain!
Son, be a dentist!
People will pay you to be inhumane!

Your temperament's wrong for the priesthood,
And teaching would suit you still less!
Son, be a dentist!
You'll be a success!
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