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11 mos ago
Current It's been half a year since I saw the face of this site. Oh god.
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1 yr ago
Finally on break. i can RP again.
2 yrs ago
Now I'm even more busy and my replies are going to be delayed again...
2 yrs ago
Why do I end up giving up on everything that I motivate myself for in the beginning?
2 yrs ago
Dark Chocolate > Milk Chocolate....Anyone?


Alex Keehl

Name's Alexa, but I admire Alex. Saves a syllable.

There's nothing too striking or interesting about me, I'm the average person seeking meaningful RPs on here as well as discovering new creators of RP themselves. I may creep into your PMs as I easily get intrigued. Hell, this one RP touched me so deep I wrote a 50,000 word novel on it within a month. I'll hit you up if you'd like to read it.

I'm a simple person. I see talent, I want to consume as much as possible.

Sports are a passion, and writing is a bigger passion. Drawing fills some boredom within my days, but the workload on me is never easygoing which is why I disappear. Hence, not being on for 8 months here! I'm proud to say I am quite the anime fan too, having watched over 50 already and read countless mangas. I have a big sweet tooth and cookies are the path into winning my heart.

Let's not forget that I have an unhealthy obsession with A LOT of things.

Not having been on for a while here, I'd like to proudly say I've improved drastically with RPing in advanced terms, as well as clearly developed my characters who have become dear to me.

I RP all sorts of genres;
You name it!

I'm an easygoing person, and am always willing to break a leg when it comes to brewing up ideas together for an enticing and enriched plot. No human is perfect within body or mind, so I too make errors here and there with my writing.

In the past, my most successful (6 months+) RPs have all revolved around crime, police, fantasy, romance, action, gore, and angst. Those I have to say interest me and are my strengths.

As I said, I'm not that interesting...until you know me soul to body...heh.

RPing is writing. Writing is art, and for me to mingle with other artists is just the point of me being here!

PMs are open, I don't bite.

Not yet.

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Ah, I'd like to try this and get this idea growing! I like a good crime story once a while.
intensified screaming

Well, hello there! I came to see Black Butler is on your list and I suddenly had memories of the days when I was consumed into the fandom. Therefore, I'm willing to bring out those memories and ask if you'd be up for a RP! Of course, you are always welcome to refuse, it's understandable.

Any further information? Hit me up in the PMs.
Eeek, it's April now. DO we still have hope of continuing on with this RP?
Sure! I'm willing to take part in this.
When does this RP begin, as in, when can people start posting their starters/replies?
Finally got around to making a bio for my character.

Hey! I'm intrigued by this whole setup and plot.

I have a few questions, if you don't mind: Can we choose real people that are still alive, but play them in the RP as if they're dead?

And, would the people in Suspension remember their past from when they were once alive?
@Jones Sparrow

Alrighty! Thank you very much!
Woah, this really catches the eye well. Don't know if I could still hop on aboard, I've been looking for some crime/western associated plays around here.
Haha! Thank you!

And sure, I'll come look!

I roleplay as female and/or male.
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