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I swear yesterday was Saturday-
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ever sit down and just, "wow I'm fucking tired"


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Something more professional looking? will be up soon, and before then:

'Ello. I'm Alex, female, and can't catch a break from life.

I mostly do 1x1 RPs but I have no problem jumping into small group RPs, so don't hesitate to send any ideas you might have my way. I'm flexible and chill with almost all genres, but a die-hard fan of historical, mystery, psychological, supernatural, angst, slice-of-life, romance (sub-plot), with comedic aspects thrown in to make the RP breathable.

I have a wide range from TV series and animes I'll be willing to RP, but again... I'm adaptable and love worldbuilding too. Throw anything my way and I'll eat up, and leave no crumbs. My RP length can either go from three paragraphs to fifteen depending on your preferred length because I'll do my best to match yours! I find it easier for myself, at least, to play males as opposed to females, but I can do both if it calls for it.

In conclusion, don't be afraid to drop me a PM, I don't bite :T

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Yeah my apologies, I for some reason didn't even get these notifications from 6 days ago no matter how much I checked when hopping on? And March has just been rough, should have dropped something about being occupied so that's on me for holding it up.

And I enjoyed it while it lasted, I hope to see everyone around sometime again.
His stutters of forgiveness became more annoying than the fact the fabric on Julius' shoulder now had Razulkara's footprints. Tiny ones, but still visible whenever he turned his to look at them. Hearing the gnome start speaking German, it brought a sense of relief that the gnome was qualified for something more than the circus. The Devil's hands escastically patted down the walls before his palm was pushed inwards on a block. Julius started to scratch at it, hoping to get the edge out and have it fall out. He was curious to see what was behind it, all while Umbril and Razulkara had their little make-up meeting.
The shift in Umbril's nature was near impossible to miss, and even Julius was taken back feeling the sudden tension in the air disappear. Once Razulkara was dropped, Julius fell to the ground in place once more before turning to look towards the side. The silence was enough for Julius to continue on his own journey to get out of this hole. Umbril's change was none of his concern, and now that he was no threat, Julius went back to prioritizing his escape. 

"I sense faint presences rooms over. If you wish to come, you may follow behind."
He spoke, running a hand down the walls of the room looking for a button, something that would easily create a shortcut.
The punch lasted more in impact than Julius would have thought, making him double over for quite a bit. A desperate hand clenched the side as saliva pooled into the mouth. He expected no less from a skeleton, especially an irascible one. Before he was touched again, Julius leapt into the air and waved two fingers in the shape of half an 's' to pin himself there. The Devil didn't have the power to levitate, rather, he had taken afloat by wind and it was evident from the way his hair was waving with the breeze snaking through. 

"I expected nothing less from a creature with the intelligence of a wet cabbage. Did I sting you, a bit?" Julius sneered, almost. "Squeezing him until his eyes go pop won't do much to calm that fury, let the gnome go. I thought you and your muppets would find me as their opponent. Nonetheless, You really rather spend our time wrestling here? Shall we not be on our own ways before the exits close?"
"I have come across many creatures in Hell, spoken and fought besides them. But never... Have I witnessed such ferocious, desperate bark," Julius whispered with feigned excitement, eyes surveying Umbril's brooding gaze burning into him. "With no bite. Spare me your empty promises of wrath, even the angels' hums have entertained me far more."

The Devil moved a step to the side, turning his head once Razulkara swung his bare ass around. "You are the reason why shampoos have instructions."
"Badly? Well, someone has to babysit you don't they? My people were indeed ashamed, but I was more. Since I have to share the same air as wastes of spaces." Julius responded, not sparing Umbril a glance as he lowered his head to look at the silver watch hanging from the pocket.
Instead of throwing hands Julius hurls passive aggressive insults.
Laughs nervously.
"Now, gnome, why would you waste your time on a person who creaks more than a cabin's rusty door. How amusing to find out he is unaware of moisturizing too. I do hear that Olay is good for cracks." Julius responds towards Umbril, then glances at Razulkara on his shoulder. He furrowed his brows, looking at his boxer pose up and done before returning his gaze towards Umbril.

"I don't see your name carved in the exit, let me pass." Open says-a-me.
Umbril had a funky sense of humor for sure, and Julius dutifully noted it down. As the gnome adjusted his seating upon the Devil's shoulder, he flinched but realized that Razulkara was sitting as if he was gorilla glued to his coat.

"For someone confident about finding the exit, you seem surprised." Julius called out after Umbril, having followed behind the skeleton leader.
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