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Current Starved from good RP, hit me up at this point I'll take (almost) anything.
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back for a couple of seconds..
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Closing all 12 working tabs at once is a different type of satisfaction.
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I swear yesterday was Saturday-
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ever sit down and just, "wow I'm fucking tired"


Time to put this under construction!
Something more professional looking? will be up soon, and before then:

'Ello. I'm Alex, female, and can't catch a break from life.

I mostly do 1x1 RPs but I have no problem jumping into small group RPs, so don't hesitate to send any ideas you might have my way. I'm flexible and chill with almost all genres, but a die-hard fan of historical, mystery, psychological, supernatural, angst, slice-of-life, romance (sub-plot), with comedic aspects thrown in to make the RP breathable.

I have a wide range from TV series and animes I'll be willing to RP, but again... I'm adaptable and love worldbuilding too. Throw anything my way and I'll eat up, and leave no crumbs. My RP length can either go from three paragraphs to fifteen depending on your preferred length because I'll do my best to match yours! I find it easier for myself, at least, to play males as opposed to females, but I can do both if it calls for it.

In conclusion, don't be afraid to drop me a PM, I don't bite :T

Not yet.
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