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Current I think I'm back
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I like turtles.
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It me. I'm back biiiiitches.
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Bring your love, baby, I could bring my shame. Bring the drugs, baby, I could bring my pain. I got my heart right here. I got my scars right here.
2 yrs ago
Baby, I think about you and I feel it, deep in my heart. Maybe we just ain't meant to be something, maybe we are.


I like turtles.

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I still plan on making a hunter of sorts. Got a little busy
Very interested
Sounds interesting
I'll have my Hunter up soon.
Still accepting? I'd be interested in making a Hunter of sorts
So. 1x1 just seems to work better for me because I get pretty busy sometimes, and we can move at our own pace. I have a few pairings I like for a story, but only one plot thought out at the moment. We can work out plots together. I'm a female so I usually play females, but I'm not opposed to playing a male. I also don't mind mature themes.. be it sex, violence, or anything tragic so I prefer a partner that is 18+

Shinobi x Shinobi/Maiden/Commoner
Demon x Shaman
Knight x Warrior
Assassin x Target
Werewolf x Werewolf/Human/Vampire
Bar/Club Owner x Musician (This is one I have a plot for and one I'd really like to do above all others)

If you also have any pairings or ideas let me know... I'm pretty much open to anything.

Hit me up here or in PMs.
Sounds interesting
I think this is a great idea

It was the wrath of the Gods that caused the sky to rain fire that day.... Earth was the home of mankind and it was once a simple, peaceful place for centuries at time. Do they say all good things must come to an end? Because mankind eventually became greedy, they became selfish, indolent, violent, and forgotten what was truly important in life. The Gods then become furious watching humanity destroy everything they worked so hard to create. So... they attacked, killing off most of humanity and, punishment for the rest? Well, those left alive were enslaved, now long gone, and so we are their descendants.

The earth was... I guess you can say reborn. Species evolved, including some of the humans. Technology advanced.. Well, that which was not destroyed. Creatures men thought only existed in old tales, and nightmares began to surface, no longer needing to hide. So the Gods decided upon a new idea... 'Why not enslave the humans to these, their betters of old?' Thus their will was done, however, there are those humans who resist and resent these creatures, in secret and silence they gather their army to claim what is rightfully theirs ... Earth.


Plot you ask? Obviously Choosing a side ...fighting along side the Rebellion, or The Hierarchy.

Enigma is where most citizens live now, being one of the very seldom sanctuaries from the outside world, which has in the recent years degenerated into wastelands of nature and barbaric creatures, not all of which are inhuman. Enigma is divided into four primary sectors, and ruled by Three Elders

South End/The Slums.

This is where most of humanity has found itself after thousands of years of prosperity and technology. When the city was built by the enslaved, they were carefully monitored to not include much technology in this area; for this is where they and their families were destined to live. While in the days after the Gods rule, the Elders had some sympathy for certain strains of human lineage, most families still find themselves living in a perpetual Medieval state.

West End.

This is where every day life happens, for those who can afford it. It is quite a bit more expensive than the slums, having those technological advancements that the Hierarchy felt safe to offer those who live there.
East End.

The Entertainment District, where the modern 'stars' spend most of their time, and also where the Chaos Federation has most of their secret operations. It has a fair portion of technology on some parts, but that which Humans are regularly allowed in has minor technology, but is for the most part a little better than the slums.
North End.

The North end is built on a higher elevation than the rest of the city, bordered by walls of the most technological and magical nature thus far constructed, for the purposes of keeping the undesirables out. For here is where the Hierarchy of Elders resides, with those who they deem of the highest society. Very few humans make it here, and those that do, are almost always indoctrinated regularly by the Hierarchy to ensure they know who's side they are on.

Please use the colors above to show me your alignment

The Hierarchy

The Rebellion

The Unaligned

If you’re interested in being an Elder or Leader of the Rebellion let me know, and we can discuss it in PM.


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