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I'm looking for a partner to do a mature (18+) 1x1 roleplay. I consider myself a casual-advanced player, and I would like you to be one yourself. Since I'm not a native English speaker, I can't provide you with a perfect grammar, but I'm always willing to improve it.

About the PLOT: Marcus D'Angelo (my character) is a 30 year old club owner and a son of a powerful mob boss from the gang named 'the Angels'. His club offers many "underground" services, including escorting. However, Marcus only employs women whom he saved from the brutalities of their previous employer. Because of that he is often found lurking around other clubs or brothels, searching for women who deserve to be treated better. Our story begins when Marcus stumbles upon a girl (your character), whom he recognises as his old childhood sweetheart. However, she doesn't recognise him, but feels an instant, unexplainable attraction towards him. Now the twist in the story comes from the fact that she is a daughter of a member from a rival gang, which Angels almost completely destroyed 2 decades ago. They killed many members, including girl's parents, thus making her an orphan living a hard life, which led her to working as an escort. All of this makes Marcus very torn-up - how can he save her without telling her the truth?

No longer available.
@Liar Your CS is accepted! You can put it now in the characters tab. Feel free to post in the IC, aswell! :)

Now, I owe everybody an appology for not being active for the past week (or it has been even longer that that?). I've been so busy with everything (not just work and school but also some unexpected holidays/travels), that I began procrastinating on this. I never thought this could happen to me, but...well I guess I'm only human. I'll try to post asap. I just hope you guys didn't lose your interest in the meantime...
I see you have all your knights now, but I'm interested in stepping in if you need a replacement.

There are still 2 spots open, since nobody who promised to write a CS actually did that.

Aha! Well, I was reading the CS of the old Earth Knight and I didn't want to make something similar to what was already done, so I was thinking about a staff-wielding Monk from a High Monastery in the Dragon Mountains. Would that be in keeping with the lore of the RP?

Oh, ok :) You know what? That would actually be very interesting. But since your character is a Monk you'll have to explain in the CS, why was he sent to do the job instead of the Knight. Because in my eyes, you can't be both monk and a knight at the same time :)
Okay then. But I have one question regarding the basis of my CS: Earth Staff Monk, yay or nay?

Can you elaborate on that? 'Cause I'm not sure what are you talking about :)
So are you still looking for an Earth Knight?

We are. The guy who claimed him hasn't been online for 10 days, so it seems we need a new one :) If you post a CS, he's all yours.
Wow, that's some spirit. It's your turn to reply, anyway. But if you don't feel like participating anymore it's totally ok. Just let me now so I can free another Knight spot, and give somebody else a chance.
We are having another OPEN spot for a KNIGHT character! The IC had already started...
Alright, it's been almost 10 days and still no word from @KnightofTempest, so I'm going to assume that he has no intention of returning to this RP. That being said, I'm going to free the spot for the Knight of Dragon mountains and his earth gem.
@Brimmlocke I will check on your corrections later, I'm in a bit of a hurry now ;)

So, I decided we'll set foot on our journey, whether everyone makes it to the Kirin Taq or not (you'll learn why is getting there important in my next post). This might cause a bit of trouble for our characters, but they'll survive. :D

Anyway, I'm asking you to wait on Jinxer to reply first, since he is already working on his post. After that, the order shouldn't matter much. Just make sure everyone gets the chance to equally participate.
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