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I thought I’d actually fill out my about me to let people know… well a bit about me!

  • I’m 27 years old.
  • I work full time Monday through Friday at a hotel where I am the Director of Sales (Impressive I know –laughs-)
  • I have a wonderful amazing boyfriend I’ve been with for over 5 years!
  • Every other weekend my house is invaded by munchkins who love my attention! We have G:10 G:14 B:16 B:18. All wonderful munchkins and I love them dearly!
  • I’ve been role playing/writing since I was 12 and I began my career of writing on a website that was specifically designed for Harry Potter. I would say that is the fandom I know the best just because of how long I have been writing it. Note: This is not my only fandom I do!
  • As a role player, I prefer One Main Character against One Main Character. NPCs shares or not shared are always welcome! But I’ve been left out of decision-making conversations one too many times to be okay with multiple mains. I'm sorry if this bothers people -winces- but I hope it's something that can be respected. -smiles-
  • I Do Not role play smut, this is non-negotiable.
  • Above is the only thing I don’t do when it comes to 18+.
  • I play male and female characters. I got over the ‘I only play the gender I am’ a LONG time ago and it has broaden my horizons so much, I cannot recommend doing this enough! If you’re stuck on ‘how’, PM me and I’ll gladly give you tips.
  • Going with the above, I don’t care what gender you play but if you have an issue with me playing a gender I am not, please don’t role play with me.
  • Sometimes I can take up to a week to two weeks to respond. I know that sounds bad but I have a busy personal life and my real life including my friends and family will always come first. That being said, I have been told on more than one occasion that my posts are worth the wait and I do everything I can to live up to that statement!

I can feel myself blushing already!!! I don’t consider myself a great writer so when people come to me asking for an opportunity to role play I get gity and excited. It gives me a chance to work on my hobby, learn from other people and in the end, hopefully, make a new friend!

If you are someone looking to role play with me, please note that I have very few but simple expectations –
  • Must write 3+ paragraphs regularly, 2 on a bad day. I’m sorry I have to state this but anything 2 regularly or less isn’t the quality I’m looking for and I’ve yet to find quality in posts that are only a paragraph long.
  • We fade to black. If you don’t that’s fine but please know for our role play that is something I request.
  • Role Play in 3rd person. 3rd person because I am not you/your character so reading it as if I was the character than responding as a character to the character I just was opens up a matrix I do not want to mess with!
  • Past tense is the style I prefer. I have a difficulty reading things that are present tense as it was taught to me at a young age that present tense writing is poor grammar in story telling. Please don't expect me to change my outlook on this and in the same since I don't expect you to either. You do you, and I'll do me; and we won't do each other... probably ~ Markiplier
  • I prefer threads, as it is easier for me to keep track of. But if you can give me good reason to do PMs then I’ll consider it.

See I’m not that complicated I promise!

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Friends before RPG:
@Mysterion, @El Taco Taco, @TheLeeLee and @MidnightSkyline
Without these people I would not be the writer I am today. Thank you to all of your and I love you from the bottom of my heart!

Long Time RP Buddies
@Jones Sparrow, @knuxieh, @cthulu, @Polarize and @Tranquility.
These guys have been writing with me for a while and I’ve come to love their style, their kindness, their humor and everything else about them. They are awesome and I’m blessed to call them my friends!

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Shout out to these guys! I haven’t been role playing with them for very long and sometimes we vanish on each other for a while but they are AWESOME!

Anyone mentioned above had the stamp of SinfulSkills approval and you should talk to them if you’re looking for quality role plays! You will find them with these guys.

I’m also a chatter box (if you can’t tell) feel free to drop off a PM and let’s chat!!
-leaves cookies-
I look forward to hearing anyone willing to read this far!

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Parents rules basically are older sister must be at least dating before any suitors can approach Ana. That whole “older sibling must be wed” syndrome except they’d at least like to see progress for Airi and... finding out there was no progress from her they either assumed that she and Guy had been seeing each other in secret OR they just assumed ‘hey this guy professed his love and with Airi engaged we can help Ana find a match!’

The whole parents being helpful but not being helpful.
It didn’t take long before young Mr. Prince popped off with a flirtatious remark and Adriana barely caught it. In fact she was so blind-sighted by his comment that she looked down at her clothes and laughed an honest laugh. “I don’t normally wear dresses but it does look pretty good. It’s probably the blue.” She stated before her brow pushed together and she called out to Crystal. “Blue right? Blue eye hazel eyes?”

“Yes dear.” Crystal responded as she grabbed the can of hairspray and gave it a few shakes before giggling and speaking to Robert. “I’ll take my beer after the show.” A victorious tone to her voice as she covered his eyes and nose with as she laid a layer of hairspray into his hair.

“That means I’m right!” She said sounding more proud of herself than she probably should have. But then her face dropped into one of shyness as she turned her attention back to her hands. She wasn’t good with this whole talking-to-people stuff, especially someone she didn’t know well. The blonde’s attention went to her feet until she heard the door open.

Unlike many of the other members, she kept in contact with Markus. Since they lived in the same town they made sure to get together once and a while to talk. Despite the fact that someone – side eye to Jack – never responded to her, she kept up with the bands whereabouts through Markus and… admitted exactly who she had a crush on for so long whether he was pudgy or built, Jack had owned her heart for quite a while. Many conversations came up about ‘how she should tell him’, ‘why she should tell him’ and ‘when she should tell him’; between Markus and Crystal, they were both sure the blonde should just admit her feelings but… she lacked the ability to open her mouth and spit them out.

As soon as her attention turned upward, she pointed directly at him. “YOU OWE ME A MEME!” She shouted int eh middle of the room before feeling her face flush red for being so direct. And to her blush was met with a roar of laughter and admittance that he was a fault.

Crystal gave a final spritz before pulling her hand away from his face and stepped back. “Meh, I can only do so much.” She said with a playful shrug before pulling off the cap and gestured for him to get out of the seat. “You don’t need to tell me how great I did, I know.” A playful shrug rose and fell her shoulders before she pointed at Alexander. “Pretty boy, you’re up.” A small hand patted the newly vacant seat waiting for her next vict—client.

“We’ve been exchanging Memes back and forth to keep us laughing during boring times. It works out pretty well…” Adriana admitted with a tiny shrug before she turned her attention back to Jack. “Hey, I’ve been wanting to ask… Why a ballad? And why that song as a ballad?”
So you're welcome to control Ana, I just thought I'd get it started.

If you'd like I can fill you in on the parents 'stupid rules'.
After Team Seven left, Airi invited Team Guy to sit down and the five individuals chatted. A lot of the questions mixed around her work at the shop and the discussion of the engagement. When the topic of the wedding arrived neither Guy nor Airi had an answer. Guy played it off like it was in the plan stages but Airi wasn’t so sure about the whole ‘planning’ stage. Who was planning it? She certainly wasn’t and no one has mentioned to her about things she needed to do or prepare. If anything she’d be the one to bake the cake but they’d have to order her dress, prepare flowers, find an area, get a portrait do…

“Ana!” Airi jumped to her feet in the middle of their conversation causing them all to jerk to look at her in surprise. “Oh, I’m sorry! I just remembered I need to visit Ana.”

“Oh yes your sister. She’s a fine girl!”

“Yes she is, I’m very sorry but I need to finish up what I’m doing and go to her house right away.” Airi said as she pushed the team out of the building. As she shut the door, she heard something about asking Ana to paint their wedding portrait and she placed her forehead against the door. “Oh if you only knew how much she wanted to be in the one in the painting.” Her small fist balled up against the door. The man didn’t understand who actually wanted him and Ana couldn’t get herself to breathe a word in the direction of arguing about the proposal.

Poor Ana… Airi hurried to gather the bread she had promised her sister before locking the bakery behind her and hurried through town. Soon she was at the front door of her sisters quant little house and knocked on the door. A loud stumbling noise came from inside followed by a couple shouts of pain and curse words until the door unlashed and open.

The door revealed a rather disgruntled brunette version of Airi, a bit taller with brown eyes and looking exhausted.

“What?” Was the first words the brunette said to the blonde.

Smiling as bright as she could, Airi chimed, “Hello sis!” SLAM the door nearly hit her face. “Ana! No. Open this door!”

“MAKE ME!” A disgruntled yell came from the other side of the door.

“I have lemon poppy seed bread.” She called out. A pause sat between the two sisters before the door opened and Ana’s hand snatched out to take the bread in a desperate attempt to get it… only to have Airi’s hand wrapped around her sister’s wrist. “Ana, you need to get some light.”

“I need bread!” She called out as her fingers wiggled towards the bread.

“Open the door you shut-in.” Airi called out with a laugh as she let go of her little sister’s wrist and the door flung open.

Getting inside it was… a mess. A groan left her as she arrived inside, “Ugh, Ana; what happened?”

“I didn’t get a chance to clean.” Ana said in distress as she fell down onto the nearby couch face first.

“So, you’re telling me going out of town didn’t help?”

”Mmm fmfmm mmf mmffm mfff mfm mmm MMFFFF.”

“Take your face off the couch, I can’t understand you.” Airi said as she placed down the bread and began to pick up the living room.

The brunette pulled her face from couch pillow and wined. “It did help but now my house is a MESS!”

Jumping into big-sister mode, the blonde shoved her sister into her bathroom and said to not come out until she had a proper bath. Her poor sister just got back from visiting the Sand Village and it obviously did not do well for. So while her sister relaxed, the elder sister tied her hair up and began to clean. After being gone for a couple weeks, and not cleaning before she left the poor girls house was a mess but… there was no denying her sister’s talent.

The artworks from her time there were incredible and it was no surprise that when Airi was done cleaning she pulled out her hair and admired the new artwork displayed on the stands in her house.

Ana treated her house as a consulting location in the front room and the back as her living quarters. “I love new work.” She called out with excitement as she looked over the desert themed pieces.

“I’m really glad I went.” Ana said coming out dressed in a brown knee length dress as she dried her hair with a towel. “I was able to do a couple pieces that turned out better than I expected. Not much inspiration to be found around here these days so going away really helped.”

“It was a good call. I can’t wait to see you travel more and the more things you come back with but don’t forget your home.” Airi said with a smile and a hug to her sister before explaining she had to go.

Ana saw her sister to the door, thanking her for her help before shutting it. Finishing her hair she tied it up into a ribbon and sighed. She loved her sister but she was also jealous… Airi was marrying the man she wanted, at least a chance at. She couldn’t stay mad at her beloved sister but she couldn’t overlook the fact that her sister was with the man she wanted to be with. With her parents stupid rules… they were stuck.

A knock echoed through her house a few minutes after Airi left and Ana ventured to the door, a freshly cut piece of bread in her palm. She pulled open the door with her free hand and smiled softly at the guy, “Hello, can I help you?”
Please confirm something for me -
Would Ana recognize him without the mask over his mouth and nose,
That being said, would Airi recognize him without the mask over his face?
He got to choose his name! He had a name now! Now and forever he will ask people to call him Issac. Thank you master you are too kind. His small hand rubbed against her as he purred loudly, his whole body rumbling with joy as he had a name, a home and a kind person looking after him! He was truly, truly blessed.

Everything was going well, peaceful in fact. He was able to eat some good food since master seemed to enjoy making him things, resting on her lap and curling up next to her. Just her presence made him feel at peace compared to what he had gone through in the past. This wasn’t the hospital, this wasn’t the streets and it certainly wasn’t in front of the restaurant. Luck was on his side, and he didn’t deserve it but he was here and he was happy.

Then the doorbell rang and master got up. He stretched from his position and jumped down in his cat form before following after her. A man stood at the door and the black cat sat down the hallway. So the owner of the restaurant called the police which meant that he couldn’t go back. He couldn’t go visit her as a human.

Trotting to her, he began to rub himself against her leg meowing in an attempt to get her attention. If he was going to get any chance to talk to her as a human he needed to stop her from hearing any more negative things about him.

As the attention turned to the two, Zander just ignored it. Rumors were bound to begin just because she was in the same house as him but this wasn’t much help to fight against the rumors.

“Wonder how long they’ll last?”, “How far do you think it will go?”, “I give Alkins two weeks before he’s bored of her.”, “Just another heartbreak waiting to happen, but at least she’s only here a year before she gets to go away. Most girls have to live with seeing him every day.”

The words whispered harshly around them but sadly, it wasn’t anything new for him; which made ignoring the words all the more simple for him. “I actually passed her on my way here.” He said with a bright grin as he gestured down the hallway and began to walk as they fell into step, “It looks like she’s already made a few friends and that’s good. She had some difficulty in our home town making friends since she is the middle child. There weren’t many people her age around the neighborhood so I was concerned about her social skills. I’m glad to see that I don’t have to worry… too much, about her.”

His large shoulders rose and fell with a shrug before a grin returned to his face. “How are classes so far? Is the teaching pattern similar to Lucilinburhuc?”
Ugh this was uncomfortable… anyone who knew Airi well knew that she was forcing a smile. And it had been so long since Guy and Airi had been together hanging out so he didn’t catch her little changes but… there were little changes. Her tone of voice was higher, her body seemed a bit stiff and her smile looked a little forced.

The question on anyone’s mind would likely be why she agreed to marry Guy. And there were a few factors to this. One was the idea of her parents; her finding a man and settling down seemed rather important despite the fact that Airi had no drive to settle down at her current state. But it also rolled around that if she was at least engaged, individuals could come forward and begin to ask for Ana’s hand. With Ana and her personality/talent she was highly sought after in town as a potential wife but her parents wouldn’t let her date until Airi was situated… and with her lack of dating it made things difficult for Ana so maybe… just maybe accepting Guy’s proposal can help Ana move forward.

The only problem with that theory is that Ana wanted ---

“Guy, I placed a request to have some Genin help replace my roof.” She said with a nod to Guy before turning her attention to the bored looking Kakashi. “I’ll go get the paperwork you need.” Her response was followed a nod and an indication that she would be right back.

With that she hurried towards the back into the kitchen and up the stairs to her apartment before letting out a long heavy sigh. It was hard to look Kakashi in the face, how much did he hear---wait, it’s Kakashi, he probably heard it all! A groan left her as her head hung and her small hands ran through her blonde hair. Fan-freaking-tastic. After taking a moment to compose herself and realizing… well leaving them along probably wouldn’t be a good idea she collected the papers he needed and signed the proper locations before coming back down the stairs and looking over at the window ceil. All boxes were taken except for one, the one for Kakashi.

A small groan left her before she went to the window. She didn’t want to awkwardness of giving it to Kakashi when she didn’t have anything for Guy but… she wanted to make sure he got them too… that was until a pink head bounced by the window. “Sakura!” She called out, stopping the young girl. “That’s for you Sensei will you make sure he gets it?”

“Oh! Yes ma’am.” Sakura replied politely as she took the second box and followed her teammates to the front of the building around the side.

Her head jerked back in surprise. “Ma’am?!” She repeated in a startled tone as she reached up and touched her face. “Oh god no, I’m not that old.” Reassuring herself, she hurried back into the front and to the group. “Here we are.” She said brightly with an honest smile, “All signed and ready for you. And I saw the bouncing head of the Genin making their way to the front. Don’t give them too hard of a time, but don’t slack either.” Her voice was playful and fun and half of her wanted Kakashi to leave since she wasn’t sure what the conversation happened when she left but at the same time she wanted him to stay… she missed him.
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It is answers.
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So I had an idea of how Kakashi could get information and possibly help Naruto with art... he should talk to Ana.
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I can bring her in soon-Ish.
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