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Current Works been hell. Please bare with me this has / is the hardest week I have had the whole year. And it isn't "over" until Monday.
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We ended up having the munchkins for an unexpected extra day which is yay! But know that I'm not ignoring anyone and I'll be back as soon as possible.
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Playing Mario Party 8 with the munchkins. When I'm done I can try to answer role plays. But for now I can chat!
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Playing catch up!
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Work's been hell, I've been sick and nothings seems to want to 'stop' for a while. Expect slower posts. Sorry :,( :,(


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Giving him a pull to his feet, Sarah shot the young man a bright smile. He seemed alright and that’s what was most important. She was going to have to have a word with that Chocobo and his attitude. Especially if it was going to cause people, other people, to get hurt. Then again… he was an animal and couldn’t understand her/probably didn’t care.

“I’m Sarah.” Her blue eyes twinkled in response to his introduction as she took his hand and gave it a firm shake. “And yes I’m fine. I’ve been through worse but I appreciate your honest concern, thank you.” His mention of her working on the farm caused a bright smile to move across her face. “Yes! Yes I am an employee. I’m sorry I probably should have mentioned that sooner or you’d think I was trying to steal one.” A heartfelt laugh left her as she gestured towards the area from where she was thrown. “I’ve been working with a new Chocobo and he didn’t take kindly to me telling him what to do. So he threw me.”

“Are you here to see the chocobos? Unfortunately…” She began with a sad sigh, “The creature called “Deadeye” has been torturing and taking out the poor chocobos of the area so we can’t let any of our birds leave the farm.” Her face scrunched in thought as she looked down at her watch. “Actually…”

As her gaze turned back up to him she noticed three people coming towards them from over his shoulder. “Oh are they with you?” She asked as she pointed passed him to the group coming towards them.

“Greetings.” Ignis said with a nod as they arrived, Gladiolus gave a polite smile while Noctis simply nodded. “I see you have met our companion. Are you an employee?” A nod rose and fell Sarah’s head before Ignis continued, “We are looking to purchase some gas.” His eyes flicked towards Prompto in a displeased fashion.

The blonde’s blue eyes followed Ignis’s quick glance before she looked back at him and nodded. “The farm owner knows more about that then I do, I just know Chocobos.” She said with an innocent shrug before gesturing for them to follow her. “Come on I’ll take you to Wiz.”

As the group began to walk she explained to them a bit about the farm. How far the fields ran, what the track was like and the renting process… however the renting process was cut short when she said “Oh yeah… the birds are not for rent until Deadeye is taken care of but you can feed and pet them. He’s been killing off many of our birds and wild ones. Not to mention any unlucky travelers using our birds and the beast happened to catch the scent of them.” A shiver shook her body as they came to the post where the restaurant and shop was.

Wiz stood at the area of the restaurant as he had just finished serving a few people their food before he looked up and waved to Sarah. “Howdy.” He said with a pleasant smile. “Come to eat? Or maybe feed some chocobos.”

“Feed! Oh no!” Sarah said jumping slightly where she stood. “I need to feed the chicks!” Wiz seemed to laugh at her sudden realization. To that she turned looking at the group of four. “You may not be able to ride the chocobos but would any of you be interested in feeding some of the babies?” That should help make up for the lack of riding right?
The door opened to reveal Freya standing on the other side. James’ breath caught in his chest as he stared at her. She looked beautiful and… and… he had to share her with other guys. Even if it was just for a short time and it was all an act he… he still had to share her.

It took a moment before he realized she was talking to him and he nodded, swallowing hard as he stepped into her room and she shut the door behind them. “Yes…” He said softly as he watched her sit down. “The guests have begun to arrive and everyone’s relaxing and enjoying food. Do not fear we will handle Alex.” Walking behind her he gentle removed the top of the box and removed it context.

The necklace was a beautiful gold necklace that laid in his hands as he draped it gently over her neck and clasped it on the back. “This was my mother’s. She used to play with the hanging gem whenever she was nervous. I thought it might bring you luck and help you calm down if you had something that…” His voice dropped softly into a whisper as he leaned down, wrapping his arms gently around her shoulders, “reminded you of me.” His large hand moved gently to her face and turned her head to look at him.

After staring into her eyes for a moment he leaned forward and kissed her. His kiss was a powerful and captivating one as he dumped all of passion and feelings for her into the kiss. Large hand sliding along her face and to the back of her head cradling it as he leaned in a bit closer pressing more passion into their lip-lock of affection.

Slowly he pulled back, his blue eyes fluttering open to stare at her with a soft and loving look. “Be good tonight, play the role you’re asked to bare and leave your window unlocked. I will make sure you’re rewarded.” He said softly before standing upright and offering her his arm. “Come on. The sooner we go the sooner you get your reward.”
His eyes finally flickered open and before she could breathe a sigh of relief she found herself gasping for air. Man he was gorgeous! The world went silent around them for a few second as she sat next to him on her knees cradling his face in her hands. Face flushing instantly red, the sound of the world returned rather quickly when he began to speak.

Letting go of his face and feeling like an idiot, she sat back on her heels to give him some space as he propped himself up. A small laugh left her as her hand ran along her neck. “I’ve been through worse.” She said with a nod. “Are you okay? I am so sorry! I was working with a chocobo when he picked me up and threw me. Had I even caught a glimpse of you before the impact I would have called out to have you move.” Her head rose and fell with a nod as she tucked some blonde hair behind her ears with a polite, grateful grin. “If it wasn’t for you I would have hit a tree.”

Her own worry came across her face. “Are you okay? I came at you pretty hard. I’m really sorry.” A nod rose and fell her head before she pulled herself to her feet and extended a hand to him. “Here let me help you up.”
Glad you like it!

I imagine his excitement would pull him ahead of his friends.
Ever have a moment where your life flashed before your eyes? Well a young blonde was going through that moment when she went flying through the air.

The flashbacks reminded her of when times were a bit simpler. When her job revolved around making sure the Chocobos were cleaned, the stalls were freshly taken care of and the patrons were happy with the service. But since Deadeye became a problem, getting the birds out to do… well anything, including for people to ride them off the farm lands was difficult. In response to Deadeye’s consistent presence, the team at the Chocobo ranch caught as many wild Chocobos as they could in order to protect them from getting well… eaten.

Hey Sarah, the owner said seeing the active young blonde spending more and more time with the Chocobos. You wanna learn how to break them? Of course she, being young and a bit foolish, jumped on the opportunity to learn how to do it. That was… until she realized what it entailed and the reason the owner never showed her on a live and untrained Chocobo was because of how difficult it actually was.

She had been working with the same Chocobo for the past two weeks only to find that he decided to continue being aggressive towards her. Today seemed like the worst day of all. Today was a day like any other day until the Chocobo decided he had had enough. Sarah had been working with the Chocobo on the training and breaking it for a while now. Using a lead attached to a pole she was trying to get it to calm down before she climbed on only to have the creature turn to her.

The Chocobo let out a cry before planting its feet and leaning forward, “What, no!” She shouted before the creature leaned towards and grabbed her by the collar of her shirt with its beak. With a jerk of his head, the creature sent the five foot four inch, 120 pound 22 year old flying through the air…

And thus, she had moments of her life flash before her eyes. Her blue eyes closed tightly as she braced herself for impact, knowing full well the closest thing to her location was a large tree and that… that was going to hurt. Her face flinched as she expected the firm impact of a tree trunk but she hit something, softer and the softer thing fell backwards.

Upon her hit her eyes opened and she saw arms flying up beside her. What? Her mind was spinning and soon her world was upside down as she landed on someone who proceeded to fall backwards due to the impact. After taking a moment to catch her breathe she quickly rolled off of the person she hit.

“Oh my god.” She said quickly as she looked down at the person she was thrown into. The young man she had hit laid flat on his back. Her small hands gently touched each side of his face on his cheeks. “Hey, Hey! Are you okay? Can you hear me?” Leaning over she stared down at him with concern in her blue eyes. “Come on, open your eyes.”
Yeah I was thinking before. In addition I doubt that this is their first time being out and about.
The only question I have is -
Do we want to base this around their adventure or before the kings desth?
The reason I ask is if it's before shit hits the fan we could have Sarah experience the city with Prompto, rp his family, goofing off together etc.

Probably him showing up at the ranch?
Yeah we can double as chocobos or any NCPs including Noctis and Gladio.
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