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Current Super super glad to be back! PM me if you’re interested in role playing!!
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Update! I’m pushing through. Thank you so much for all my friends being so patient with me as I gather myself. I’m working on my house and... he took my laptop so bare with me!! Thank you all! ❤️❤️❤️
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Broke up with boyfriend. Getting my life in order I’m sorry it could take a week.
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I get to go train more people!!!! This time for 18 days but in sunny California! Hooray!!!!
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Kid weekend, can’t get away. Be posting soon love you all!! <3


I thought I’d actually fill out my about me to let people know… well a bit about me!

  • I’m 27 years old.
  • I work full time Monday through Friday at a hotel where I am the Director of Sales (Impressive I know –laughs-)
  • I’ve been role playing/writing since I was 12 and I began my career of writing on a website that was specifically designed for Harry Potter. I would say that is the fandom I know the best just because of how long I have been writing it. Note: This is not my only fandom I do!
  • As a role player, I prefer One Main Character against One Main Character. NPCs shares or not shared are always welcome! But I’ve been left out of decision-making conversations one too many times to be okay with multiple mains. I'm sorry if this bothers people -winces- but I hope it's something that can be respected. -smiles-
  • I Do Not role play smut, this is non-negotiable.
  • Above is the only thing I don’t do when it comes to 18+.
  • I play male and female characters. I got over the ‘I only play the gender I am’ a LONG time ago and it has broaden my horizons so much, I cannot recommend doing this enough! If you’re stuck on ‘how’, PM me and I’ll gladly give you tips.
  • Going with the above, I don’t care what gender you play but if you have an issue with me playing a gender I am not, please don’t role play with me.
  • Sometimes I can take up to a week to two weeks to respond. I know that sounds bad but I have a busy personal life and my real life including my friends and family will always come first. That being said, I have been told on more than one occasion that my posts are worth the wait and I do everything I can to live up to that statement!

I can feel myself blushing already!!! I don’t consider myself a great writer so when people come to me asking for an opportunity to role play I get gity and excited. It gives me a chance to work on my hobby, learn from other people and in the end, hopefully, make a new friend!

If you are someone looking to role play with me, please note that I have very few but simple expectations –
  • Must write 3+ paragraphs regularly, 2 on a bad day. I’m sorry I have to state this but anything 2 regularly or less isn’t the quality I’m looking for and I’ve yet to find quality in posts that are only a paragraph long.
  • We fade to black. If you don’t that’s fine but please know for our role play that is something I request.
  • Role Play in 3rd person. 3rd person because I am not you/your character so reading it as if I was the character than responding as a character to the character I just was opens up a matrix I do not want to mess with!
  • Past tense is the style I prefer. I have a difficulty reading things that are present tense as it was taught to me at a young age that present tense writing is poor grammar in story telling. Please don't expect me to change my outlook on this and in the same since I don't expect you to either. You do you, and I'll do me; and we won't do each other... probably ~ Markiplier
  • I prefer threads, as it is easier for me to keep track of. But if you can give me good reason to do PMs then I’ll consider it.

See I’m not that complicated I promise!

Lists of Role Play Requests and Ideas!
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Male Example #1: Not Your Average Butler
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Friends before RPG:
@Mysterion, @El Taco Taco, @TheLeeLee and @MidnightSkyline
Without these people I would not be the writer I am today. Thank you to all of your and I love you from the bottom of my heart!

Long Time RP Buddies
@Jones Sparrow, @knuxieh, @cthulu, @Polarize and @Tranquility.
These guys have been writing with me for a while and I’ve come to love their style, their kindness, their humor and everything else about them. They are awesome and I’m blessed to call them my friends!

New Buddies, Awesome Role Players!
@Shylarah, @WolfLover, @ICanBeAnyone, @The Mighty Hero, @sanquin, @Noxxis, @CharmingDevil, and @Mitheral.
Shout out to these guys! I haven’t been role playing with them for very long and sometimes we vanish on each other for a while but they are AWESOME!

Anyone mentioned above had the stamp of SinfulSkills approval and you should talk to them if you’re looking for quality role plays! You will find them with these guys.

I’m also a chatter box (if you can’t tell) feel free to drop off a PM and let’s chat!!
-leaves cookies-
I look forward to hearing anyone willing to read this far!

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The wave of relief caused her to lean against the nearby wall. With how bad Kakashi looked, her concern for the children was high. But they looked alright for what they should have dealt with. Her head hung slightly just from happiness that everyone was okay, battered and bruised obviously but they were okay. Especially the children; nothing was simple about what they just went through but… they did it and that was impressive.

A smile moved across her faced as she watched the team choose to stay together, that was something that made a good team and Kakashi seemed to have a sense of understanding of what it was like to lead those who are inexperienced. Letting a long breathe leave her she watched everyone prepare for rest, using this as a sign she should leave she started towards the door… until the voice rang behind her. Her hand stopped at the handle. Did she want to leave? No… not really. Should she leave…?

Her face crunched into one of thought. Half of her was sure she should leave but the other half didn’t want to and… well… “I doubt they’d even let me back in my home right now. It’s considered a crime scene even if I live upstairs.” Her hand pulled away from the door and she turned back to look inside. The boys were snoring the moment they climbed into their respective sleeping bags and Sakura was gone somewhere into the house occupying one of the spare rooms as they all seemed satisfied with her response. Funny how they seemed to want to look out for her.

Shifting her blue gaze towards Kakashi as he began to slip off is unneeded equipment she wondered over and offered him her hand. “Come on you, I’ll make sure you don’t fall asleep against a wall but you do deserve rest in your own bed. The least I can do is help you to your bed.” She wiggled her fingers at him with a tender smile on her face as if to try to entice him to follow her direction. He did a lot, by himself no less, he deserved to rest in his own bed and she was willing to help him every step of the way.
Far from my best I'm sorry.

But I came up with a few ideas.

1] Having Airi try to go home and they tell her to stay somewhere else.

2] She gets to stay home and someone shows up at her door to inquire about the fact that she was walking with Kakashi down the street.

Could use both but I wanted your input!
There was no need to take notice of anyone else as the most important person to her in this moment was currently leaning on her for support. The wave of relief filled her body as they entered the walls of the Leaf Village and started towards Kakashi’s home. Thank goodness they could finally rest, and with how badly Kakashi seemed to be feeling, the sooner they got him home the better.

Her head jerked upwards at the mention of The Demon of the Bloody Mist, her eyes expanding wide as she stared at the profile of the man leaning on her. WHAT?! Her mind nearly exploded and while she lacked the strength to scream out in surprise, that surprise was clearly all over her face as she scanned his. Did he take on The Demon of the Bloody Mist?! Obviously if he did he won or he wouldn’t have returned to the village and, honestly, his gennin would probably be dead. Instead here he was battered, bruised, and injured worse for wear and yet he still hurried to help her.

When prompted to move closer, their sides touching one another, she did so without any hesitation. Her free hand moved to the arm around her shoulders and placed her hand gently on top of his. Her hand squeezed his softly in response to his squeeze. They were not dead, and that was something to be thankful for. “I think I’ll take you up on that.”

Arriving at his house the door flung open and the three kids were quick to exit.

“Kakashi-sensei and Airi! You’re back.” The first verbal response was from Sakura who seemed rather surprised to see the both of them together.

Sasuke was the first to take in the situation and began to push the other two away from the door. “Move you morons.”

“What? Hey! Sasuke quit it would ya! I wanna know what happened! Let me go!” Naruto shouted in annoyance as he was pushed from blocking the doorway.

With the help from the understanding Sasuke, Airi led Kakashi inside and helped him find himself to a couch. “Sakura, can you come here please?” She called out as she stood up and started towards Kakashi’s bathroom. “I’m going to need your help. Please bring some bandage wrap.”

The girls disappeared into the bathroom and the call bathroom echoed.

“Oh my goodness Airi! You’re bruised bad!”

“I’m okay, it’s just tender…”

“What happened?” The conversation softened and the volume decreased, good ears could hear it but not many could.

“Long story short, I got kicked pretty hard in the ribs twice. I think I might have a broken rib but a wrap will help.”

“Shouldn’t you go to the hospital?”

“No I’m okay, just pin up the wrap; the sooner I have support on my ribs the sooner I can feel better.” A small hiss left Airi’s voice and a frantic apology came from Sakura. “I’m okay, it’s just tender.” Airi’s voice was sweet and reassuring as the door opened and the blonde could be seen pulling her shirt back down, the glimpses of a white bandage could be seen before she finished pulling the shirt down.

Her gaze moved to the kids, they looked battered and beaten and tired themselves but they’re not dead. A small sigh and a wave of relief moved through her as she looked at all of their faces including Kakashi’s, thank god everyone was safe. A smile moved across her face as she looked at the kids. “I’m glad you’re all okay.”
His silent lean was enough to tell her that something was wrong with him. Not wrong in a way that made her worry but it was enough to cause her a momentary pause. It wasn’t often anyone saw this kind of side of Kakashi; yet here she was, helping support him (in a literal sense) it was almost a rare sight, like seeing the first cherry blossom open during the season or being the first to discovered something no one had ever seen or found. Right now, she was experience something no one has probably ever experienced before, a tired Kakashi.

To keep her bothering about his current condition distant she playfully poked about what he and the pup were arguing about, only to be dodged more about the topic. It wasn’t something that bothered her but his distance about the topic was rather intriguing because he was playing his dodging game; was it about his mission? Was it about his training with the genin? Or was it in regards to his persona life? Her questions were as vague as his answers, a small game of cat and mouse as they found their way back to the girls.

Once at the girls, Airi slowly let him go and went to the girls to check on them. They seemed okay, all breathing and still asleep. As her gaze moved up from the final girl after checking her vitals his clones came into view and her eyes expanded, he was in bad shape and this was a clear sign. Getting to her feet, she returned to his side and supported him more, holding him around the waist and pulled his arm over her shoulders. “Don’t argue.” She said in a small but firm whisper as she held him close despite their height difference and the group began to venture towards the village again.

Again, she made a point to try and distract from the situation at hand by probing for questions until they were met by a search team that included barking dogs. The team pulled to a halt in surprise to see two rather beaten people coming back and the grayed out Kakashi clones carrying the women. Giving Kakashi a small tug, she briefly said he should hand over the girls and drop the clones.

“Miss Mae, let us take you and Kakashi back to the—“ One of the team members offered to assist in the transport of both her and Kakashi to get them safely back into town.

But she cut the ninja off by raising her hand. “I’ve got him.” Her sincere but stern tone prevented anyone from trying to take him from her; she even made a point to put the hand she raised onto Kakashi’s chest to make her point further. However, what she didn’t realize was the surprised look from the ninja wasn’t because of her desire to help Kakashi but her general protectiveness. “I’ll make sure he gets home and taken care of.”

“Alright…” He said with a bit of surprise to his voice as he hurried away from the two and towards the other women to make sure he could help.

“Come on, save your Chakra Kakashi and let’s just take it slow.” With that and not really give him much of an option, she let him towards the village. “So, about Akino; what was the disagreement about?” Yes, she was at it again.
“Don’t panic don’t panic don’t panic don’t panic!” Rei repeated to herself over and over again as she gripped the couch, “He’s a pilot, he flies all the time, this is normal for him. He knows what he’s doing, he should be able to make sure we’re safe… ish in the air!” Oh convincing herself that everything was going to be alright and that she wasn’t going to die a horrible death when they were in the air was much harder than she always thought. Why can’t we go back to travel on the ground instead of in the air. Thank god she was in an area with no windows!

When they were finally in the air, Rei let out a long sigh and fell back against the couch as her body practically turned into Jell-O. Take offs were the worst thing about flying. Landing means she would be on stable ground which she was all for landing! After taking a couple deep breathes, she rose from her seat and ventured into the kitchen. Tying her hair back, she picked up some of her shopping materials and began to cook seeing as she was hungry and it would take about an hour to complete.

An unexpected voice began to ring through the common area as Rei naturally began to sing. Her voice was beautiful, as if bells were ringing and the children would gather to listen to. Her voice held melody and tone that seemed to contrast her way of speaking and there was no doubt that a skill she had was singing.

“Oh, father time
That meter maid who lends one lively winking eye
We dance a borrowed jig while hiding from the fine
Oh, what I wouldn't spend to lend you mine

Nobody knows where they are going
Oh, how we try to wrap our minds
Over the edge of all our knowings
Be it a bang of the divine
Tip of my iceberg, blues are showing
I've never been on for goodbyes
So, till I meet you there, I'm singing
A traveling song to ease the ride and so you know

Everywhere I roam
I'll see you on the road

Oh, I take it in vain
All the plans and moves that we made
Half a heart is aching to grow
Soulmates aren't just lovers, you know
I know, I know your eyes are the rain
Just a soul that's changing its shape
I'll be laughing all of the way
Thinking 'bout the days

Oh, nobody knows where they are going
Oh, how we try to wrap our minds
Over the edge of all our knowings
Be it a bang of the divine
Tip of my iceberg, blues are showing
I've never been on for goodbyes
So, till I meet you there, I'm singing
A traveling song to ease the ride and so you know

Everywhere I roam
I'll see you on the road

So, farewell to my friend
He who taught me to love like a beast
And to feast like the queen that he fed turtle soup
Little boy from Paris to the states, check the facts
That was Magical Max
He was black sheep and mischief and love for his craft
And he told me that I was Apollo 13 on that very last day
He said shoot for your dreams, little girl
To the stars, well, I'm taking you with me now
This one is ours
And I know what you'd say, you'd say, on with the show
So on we go.”

After chopping up some chicken, she tossed it into a pan along with freshly cut garlic and some sauce she purchased as the pan began to simmer.
While she wasn’t referring to Team Seven, it was surprising to hear that they were going to visit her. His words caught her by surprise so much that her eyes popped open and her head jerked upward to look at him. They were ranked incorrectly, and the kids could have been incredibly hurt. It wasn’t until that moment that she got a good look at him. He was bandaged up, wounded and there was an exhaustion written on his face. Her mouth opened to ask what had happened to him but she stopped herself. She could ask that later, that was not a priority right now.

Her gaze moved back to his actions which brought some of his Ninken in front of them. While she probably should have been surprised to some degree, she wasn’t. this was a good idea. However Akino’s snort towards Kakashi made her raise a blonde eyebrow. What was that about? Now that was something worth questioning when the time was right. The blue stare moved upwards, here he was battered, bruised, beaten and running low on chakra and yet he was willing to be a shoulder for her to lean on.

A small nod rose and fell her head as she took his arm and got to her feet. With that she started to lead the way towards where she had left the girls; judging by the sleeping smoke used, they’d easily be out for another few hours. Her gaze shifted upwards to Kakashi observing the bandages, he must of have gotten into something bad; something at least B rank bad if not A and without a skilled group with him he took most of the damage and the blunt of the attacks. “You know, I may have a busted rib or two but you look like you should be leaning on me.”

She wrapped her arm gently around Kakashi’s offering for him to use her as support as she used him. Sure she could ask about the reason he’s all bandaged up but that seemed like a talk for another time… “What did he mean by ‘I told you so’?” Kakashi being injured was a new sight but the words from Akino got her more confused than Kakashi being injured.
Normally when death is looking you this close in the face your life should ‘flash’ before your eyes. But the young blonde didn’t have that feeling. In fact she found herself staring up at the knife with only one single thought; I wish I would have told him… The Kunai began to travel downwards towards her exposed neck and she braced herself for impact.

But the impact never came and the tightly gripped hands holding her into place went limp and collapsed forward into her line of sight. She made no reaction, no flinching or even surprise; she knew for her safety she was better off not moving at all. WHOOSH a kunai and a shuriken thrown with intense force spun past her, pinning the leader to a tree. And the man holding her feet down went limp, a black boot slamming against his head and pushed him into the dirt as if he was nothing. Had she blinked she would have missed everything, but she didn’t.

In front of her stood the back of the man she had wished she would have talked to before her life came to an end. Her breathe caught in her chest. He was back? When did he get back, and how did he find… okay that last one was a stupid question. Kakashi could track the fly the bothered him three years ago if he wanted to. But when did he get back? Why was he here and where was his back up?

Rising to her feet slowly she snagged one of the kunai and turned, throwing it with an unexpected force towards a nearby bush. Inside the sound of gagging could be heard before the body of the fifth guy fell forward and out of the bushes dead. Her head fell softly as she let out a sigh of relief and turned to Kakashi hearing his question about her well-being. “I’m fine, we need to get the other girls and…” She started towards the direction of where the sleeping women were before she dropped to one knee clutching her left front rib cage with her right hand. A moan of pain left her as she gripped the dirt under her hand and her head hung, eyes pinching shut tightly.

“Where… where is… the rest of your group?”
“Oh god oh god oh god oh god.” Sarah muttered to herself as she felt her body plummet closer and closer to the ground. The shout of her name from a panicked voice echoed to her. THUD! She hit something and her eyes fluttered open to find herself being carried bridal style by the Prince who had used his powered to catch her. She stared up at him in amazement, wide eyed and shocked; the royal family’s magic sure was amazing.

As Noctis set her on the ground, she heard the shout of Gladiolus which caused her head to jerk towards Prompto, her mouth opened to call out to let him know she was okay, that was until she heard the call from Ignis.

Her gaze flipped quickly from Prompto as he helped up his gun and aimed, she followed suit, supporting the gun between her shoulder and her chest. Taking in a deep breathe she and Prompto pulled their triggers at the same time.



The amazingly large figure of Deadeye loosened his jaw and fell to his side; both bullets landed in synchronization inside of Deadeye’s left eye and seemed to be the final bow to knock him down. After the body hit the ground with a land-shaking thud, silence overtook the area as the five of them stared at the creature.

Noctis made a point to venture forward while Sarah stayed back gripping her gun ready to fire again until she heard the announcement from the Prince that the creature was dead. It took her a moment to lower her gun before she fell to her knees, the adrenaline gone and she placed her gun down on the ground. Her head hung and her eyes watered with tears. “It’s over… it’s finally over…” She said as she sobbed happily into her hands. “Thank you, thank you all so much… you’ve, you’ve all saved so many innocent lives. I can’t thank you enough.”
Deadeye seemed to be staggering a bit, not a lot but a bit which meant they were making some form of progress. Progress yay! A small celebration of a fist-bump happened up on her position and she beamed, that was until she heard the call out from Gladiolus.

“MOVE!” She screamed along with Noctis as she took up sight with the gun, firing off a few bullets in an attempt to get Prompto a bit of room to dodge. Luckily he got out of the way in time, unluckily for her, she had to reload her gun as she did not fall under the special magic the prince provided. Man, the talents of the royal family were certainly amazing. Hopefully she hadn’t been rude to him in any way it would suck to be disrespectful to the royal. However something in her gut said that the prince might be too laid back to get offended unless it’s a direct insult; plus his friends would most likely put her in her place if she went too far.

Crap! Deadeye was back on the attack! The blonde quickly turned her attention to gun reloading the chamber in a rapped succession but by the time she clicked everything back into place, the tail slammed into wall of stone and it began to fall. “Oh No Oh No OH NO!” As the tail swung and cut into the stone wall, it took the piece she was on with it and sent her flying through the air and she was heading towards the ground. Cupping the gun to her chest she turned, preparing to land on her back instead of on her front.
Love it!
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