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Current Life’s got me busy a good busy but busy nonetheless. Still alive I promise!
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On a trip in Alaska surprising my best friend (she was stunned! Yay!) however Alaska doesn’t have WiFi so I won’t be back until Tuesday. Thanks everyone Alaska is beautiful!!! Go if you get a chance!
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Joining friends for a D&D adventure tonight and tomorrow is my late day at work so expect delays but I will answer everyone back including PMs, I look forward to writing with everyone!!! ❤️❤️❤️
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Super super glad to be back! PM me if you’re interested in role playing!!
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Update! I’m pushing through. Thank you so much for all my friends being so patient with me as I gather myself. I’m working on my house and... he took my laptop so bare with me!! Thank you all! ❤️❤️❤️


I thought I’d actually fill out my about me to let people know… well a bit about me!

  • I’m 28 years old.
  • I work full time Monday through Friday at a hotel where I am the Director of Sales (Impressive I know –laughs-)
  • I’ve been role playing/writing since I was 12 and I began my career of writing on a website that was specifically designed for Harry Potter. I would say that is the fandom I know the best just because of how long I have been writing it. Note: This is not my only fandom I do!
  • As a role player, I prefer One Main Character against One Main Character. NPCs shares or not shared are always welcome! But I’ve been left out of decision-making conversations one too many times to be okay with multiple mains. I'm sorry if this bothers people -winces- but I hope it's something that can be respected. -smiles-
  • I Do Not role play smut, this is non-negotiable.
  • Above is the only thing I don’t do when it comes to 18+.
  • I play male and female characters. I got over the ‘I only play the gender I am’ a LONG time ago and it has broaden my horizons so much, I cannot recommend doing this enough! If you’re stuck on ‘how’, PM me and I’ll gladly give you tips.
  • Going with the above, I don’t care what gender you play but if you have an issue with me playing a gender I am not, please don’t role play with me.
  • Sometimes I can take up to a week to two weeks to respond. I know that sounds bad but I have a busy personal life and my real life including my friends and family will always come first. That being said, I have been told on more than one occasion that my posts are worth the wait and I do everything I can to live up to that statement!

I can feel myself blushing already!!! I don’t consider myself a great writer so when people come to me asking for an opportunity to role play I get gity and excited. It gives me a chance to work on my hobby, learn from other people and in the end, hopefully, make a new friend!

If you are someone looking to role play with me, please note that I have very few but simple expectations –
  • Must write 3+ paragraphs regularly, 2 on a bad day. I’m sorry I have to state this but anything 2 regularly or less isn’t the quality I’m looking for and I’ve yet to find quality in posts that are only a paragraph long.
  • We fade to black. If you don’t that’s fine but please know for our role play that is something I request.
  • Role Play in 3rd person. 3rd person because I am not you/your character so reading it as if I was the character than responding as a character to the character I just was opens up a matrix I do not want to mess with!
  • Past tense is the style I prefer. I have a difficulty reading things that are present tense as it was taught to me at a young age that present tense writing is poor grammar in story telling. Please don't expect me to change my outlook on this and in the same since I don't expect you to either. You do you, and I'll do me; and we won't do each other... probably ~ Markiplier
  • I prefer threads, as it is easier for me to keep track of. But if you can give me good reason to do PMs then I’ll consider it.

See I’m not that complicated I promise!

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Friends before RPG:
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Without these people I would not be the writer I am today. Thank you to all of your and I love you from the bottom of my heart!

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Anyone mentioned above had the stamp of SinfulSkills approval and you should talk to them if you’re looking for quality role plays! You will find them with these guys.

I’m also a chatter box (if you can’t tell) feel free to drop off a PM and let’s chat!!
-leaves cookies-
I look forward to hearing anyone willing to read this far!

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The idea of riding the owl over seemed like the best course of action and it should come as no surprise that the blonde agreed to it. As long as the voice wasn’t screaming in her head, she actually had the ability to focus and agree that this would be a good idea.

Kosara went first, followed by Jakyn and then Norrlia went third. “Thank you for your help.” She said politely to the owl as she climbed onto it’s back and it flapped its beautiful wings taking off into the air. Her sapphire blue eyes scanned the ground before her. Spotting Jakyn on the opposite end of the bridge making fire caused her to give the same response she gave earlier, “The fuck?” Something inside of her said ‘you’re going to be saying that a lot…’. The beautiful owl dropped her off at the opposite end of the bridge closet to the tour and near Kosara before it took off back towards the spot to retrieve the final rider.

Sharp sigh left her as she turned to Kosara, “I’m going to try to get the door open. Keep me covered.” With that she took off towards the door.

After examining the door, Norllia let out a sigh and grabbed the hand giving it a firm yank. Inside laid a room, light only by a fireplace with an array of books, a few scatters of furniture, wood flooring and cobble walls. “Huh… kinda expected a staircase what with it being a tower and all.” She mused to herself before turning to look back at the group. Her blue eyes expanded and her jaw dropped open in shock, “THE FUCK?!” She screamed out in both a mix of surprise and to get people’s attention as she gestured towards the now open door; inside seemed better than outside at this point.

You could feel the excitement in the air as more and more people arrived to the club and the roughly 35-40 people who had their names on the VIP list enjoyed the drinks and cocktails that awaited them. The buzz soon reached Addie’s ears and the realization of where she was and why she was pushed to dress the way she ended up became too much for her. Panic soon filled the blonde as she tapped the bar impatiently waiting for the drink. Her flight mode active but she didn’t want to be rude and ditch the drink. A cab would be easy to catch right? RIGHT?!

Hearing a voice behind her made her grin as she slowly turned around, “It’s about time. With this many people Addie’s about to go into flight or fight mode, and she’s normally more of a flyer.” Her gaze jerked down to see the drink in his hand which she instantly took from him. “What do you know, this equals the beers you owe me.” Taking a drink she hissed softly at the liquor. “Damn that’s good stuff, what year is it?”

Oh god, oh god oh god! More people… panic slowly shook her insides as the bartender finally placed down her drink. Taking it up she thanked him and attempted to pay but got waved off. “Okay… well then here.” She placed five dollars she was prepared to play for the drink on the table as a tip and started to hurry towards the door. No no no, Jack can’t see me like this, no no no! Her thoughts had her in flight mode as she took off towards the exit while he was surrounded by people.

Taking another drink of the scotch she pointed. “Look, she’s running already. I thought we had a bit more time…” When Addie finally crossed in between Crystal’s line of sight to Jack she called out, “LOOKING GOOD ADDIE!” As loud as she could causing her friend to stop and look at her as if asking Why are you shouting?! with her panic expression before Crystal pointed a long finger directly towards Jack, which to Jack, looked like she was pointing at the random blonde in the black dress.

Addie froze giving her friend a very pointed, ‘what the fuck?’ expression before she flinched. Shit… Jack was practically behind her wasn’t he… Her fight or flight mode was cut off and she instead chose the route of dealing with a dinosaur where if you don’t move… they can’t see you!
Take away Followers of the Golden Goddess and use the other two texts instead.
I think I'm going to use is as a banner for each post.

Yeah I agree.
I think it would have made an interesting story especially since their distance rivalry is more of a "Poof I'm gone" "Poof I'm back and more powerful" "Poof I'm gone again."
Much to her shock the Orc, now named Orky asked if he could call her by a nickname. A look of genuine surprise traveled across her face as she processed what was being asked. Not even the monks at the monastery called her by a nickname and yet a stranger, a strange stranger, was willing to give her a nickname; it may be just for pronunciation but still, it was a bit surprising. A heartfelt smile moved across her face, something that her face didn’t do very often so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it was foreign feeling to her. “Sure, that’s fine. And if you ever remember your fancy name, let me know.”

It seemed like a general understanding that no one followed the teachings of the Goddess and she just casually shrugged. Growing up she never really cared and just learned to pretend to care so they would teach her the battle secrets of the Monks; it worked in her favor but she did have to remember to always put on the proper mask for those who did follow. A sense of relief moved over her as she had to think less and less about the mask and more and more about the voice.

Everyone seemed to be drawn by the same strange voice but no one seemed to have any answers and that was irritating. The voice called to them towards the tower and the blonde settled near the warrior as the two observed the scene.

The presence of the druid departing and the wood elf following suit did cause her attention to turn. However her turning was what she thought was only for a few seconds, she looked back to find the older cleric had advanced forward from near where they were. “So.” She whispered to the warrior next to her. “It looks like we were granted a distraction...” Feeling as though her words might be falling of deaf ears, her attention moved to see that the warrior had vanished… and was sneaking towards the bridge. “The fuck!” She cursed to herself under her breathe. What was with these people?!

A sharp and unhappy sigh left her as she climbed to her feet and ventured backwards out of any possible line of sight into the forest and ventured into the forest to find Orky, Jakyn and Kosara. “Do we have a more sensible plan than sneaking around a bunch of people or walking out directly asking if they’re recruiting?”

@ihinka @OrkytheOrc @GodOfWar
His repeat of the words felt like she had just got hit with a rush of cold water that shook her from her trance that the initial shock had put her into. He really did say that! He honestly just said he was falling in love with her. Her hands shot up to her mouth as she inhaled in a sharp gasp. Have you ever had a moment were you legitimately lost control of your emotions? That was Airi at this time.

The big blue eyes of the blonde blinked a few times in astonishment as she stared at him for a long… long time. Okay it was probably only a few seconds but for her it felt like an eternity. Waiting, questioning if there was any sort of falsity behind his statement but, there was none; and it was Kakashi… come on.

Her hands slowly lowered from her mouth as she scooped up the pieces of the plates and went back to the table, gently placing them on the top before sitting down in the chair. She gave the plates an apologetic glance before moving to look back at him as he continued to speak. Her face stayed rather start almost looking like she was about to cry but there was a smile on her face, a smile that said ‘wow’.

When he finally finished talking after reminding her that ‘company’ was on their way, she finally found the strength to breathe again. A small giggle left her as she spoke, “I don’t want to marry Gai.” She admitted her tone honest but almost heartbroken at the same time as she obviously didn’t want to her the man’s feelings but... “I’ve been in love with you for a long time and I…” Her eyes flickered towards the window behind Kakashi before she let out a yelp of surprise.

The delivering Anbu had appeared rather abruptly in the window and startled the poor girl who was in the middle of her confession. “Summons.” He said casually before handing over the scroll to a not-so-surprised Kakashi and disappearing from the ceil.

“Summons?” She questioned before turning her gaze back towards her tablemate. “Is it safe to assume it’s for last night? You should probably go before they get any more irritated. But can we talk more about this later?” She asked softly, her blue eyes begging him. “Please…?”
The sudden presence of the half-orc made her jump. Not by his appearance per say but by how intensely she had been focusing on the symbols seeking any sort of clue of what could be making the call or… if it was the Goddess in a different form. Judging by the markings, they were nothing she had ever seen and… honestly something that shouldn’t exist.

A seeing his expression change to a… smile? She provided him with a small curled lip smile in return and she offered an apologetic shrug. “I’ve been having dealing with Orcs recently; nothing negative to say but seeing a half-orc is new for me. Been seeing…” She turned her gaze to the Elf, “A lot of new things recently.” The intense sapphire blue gaze moved back to the Orc as she offered him a small nod. “Let’s just say I don’t get out much and this is my first real exploration so bear with me if I end up staring again. I’m still… processing; I guess would be the best explanation.”

Seeming as though the Wood Elf was taking the lead she chose to follow behind him, keeping a watchful eye out for any sort of useful information as well. His call back to them as she could feel the half-orc’s presence behind her, made her feel less like she was going through mad and more along the lines of understanding that the voice was, indeed real.

“So you heard the voice as well. It’s good to know that more are hearing it too. I am curious if it is the Golden Goddess but none of you look like followers. I am Norrlia Zelless.” Throwing a glance over her shoulder towards the half-orc who was nearly a foot taller than her she questioned, “What’s your name?” Though her ‘glance’ was more along the lines of an awkward neck bend to look up since she was practically eye line with his torso.

@GodOfWar @OrkytheOrc
I'm kinda loving 3rd one and the 4th one.

Do you think (IF YOU HAVE TIME) you could do the text:
Norrlia Zelless
Half-Elf Monk

And I totally agree with you that if he had accepted Kakashi's help sooner he would have been a lot better off.
He and Kakashi have a lot in common and I think a teacher like Kakashi would have done him wonders.
Oh well he was bound to go nuts, you could kind of tell.
The trek was an… interesting one. There was a large half orc, a warrior human, a human running late and… a elf. A pure elf. Growing up she never met any other elf so the sight of another one, whether it be woodland, dark or otherwise was surprising for the half elf. As she walked behind him she found herself staring more than she probably should. Orcs she’s seen, humans she’s seen, elves… outside of a reflection, this was her first.

At the halt the blonde took a moment to look around them. Between the size of the whole and the larger imprints on the ground, she ventured her way towards the broken limbs and ran a hand along them. A look of disgust moved across her face. Yes… yes she knew what this was and as she stood up she brushed the contents on her hand against the tree. “Yuck.” Upon the sight of the light her head jerked in that direction and she followed along with the wood elf towards the scene.

The centipede was as big as she originally thought but what startled her was the sudden yell of the Orc. Okay… Making a face and stepping away/towards the body of the centipede; the monk focused her gaze and attempted to dig through the useless information the other monks had instilled in her during her pointless studies. What were these markings?

The travel towards the wizened voice was the first time Norrlia had ever left the remains of the monastery. What was this voice? Why was it calling? Could it be the voice of the Golden Goddess? Or maybe echoes of the past for the people lost in the fires? Or maybe, just maybe, it was a sign in the direction of those bastards that burnt down the only home she had ever known.

For her first trip across the lands it seemed to go well - - kind of. The blonde found herself using the once thought of as ‘useless’ skills the monks had taught her to carry her on her journey. The ability to speak Goblin and even Orc showed its usefulness while trekking across the lands all the while chasing that voice inside of her head. “Where are you?” She muttered to herself as she powered up a hill and the land was exposed to her at the top. The wave of unease spread across her as the heat of the situation she was in became even more apparent; what on earth did she actually get herself into by following the voice in her head.

Around her sat a waiting group of people, where they called by the Golden Goddess as well? Her small hand reached out and touched the invisible barrier to find they were not allowed entry yet. “Interesting…” She muttered under her breath, her elven ears twitched in discomfort as she pulled her hand back and scanned the small group around her. “Very interesting indeed…”

Once more people arrived and the realization set in that this was no longer a single person journey, the weight of the situation set it and she slid her hands into the pockets of her pants. When the group began to venture forward, the barrier giving way, she focused on the path ahead; seeking any sort of sign that someone or something else had been on the path before them.

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