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5 days ago
Current Kid weekend, can’t get away. Be posting soon love you all!! <3
19 days ago
Hello Friends! Guild's back up, munchkins are leaving soon, I'm back from Cheyenne and I don't have the flu anymore. Expect replies for both RPs and PMs today!! :)
28 days ago
Wwwoooowwwww Long time in Cheyenne Wyoming but a good time and great to train people! I'm going to be playing catch up this weekend (Sunday)/Week so bare with me! Thanks lovelies!!!
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1 mo ago
Past the Flu, now in another state training another Director of Sales in another state! Yay me moving up in the world!
1 mo ago
Do not get the influenza flu, this is the worst!!! 😭😭😭
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I thought I’d actually fill out my about me to let people know… well a bit about me!

  • I’m 27 years old.
  • I work full time Monday through Friday at a hotel where I am the Director of Sales (Impressive I know –laughs-)
  • I have a wonderful amazing boyfriend I’ve been with for over 5 years!
  • Every other weekend my house is invaded by munchkins who love my attention! We have G:10 G:14 B:16 B:18. All wonderful munchkins and I love them dearly!
  • I’ve been role playing/writing since I was 12 and I began my career of writing on a website that was specifically designed for Harry Potter. I would say that is the fandom I know the best just because of how long I have been writing it. Note: This is not my only fandom I do!
  • As a role player, I prefer One Main Character against One Main Character. NPCs shares or not shared are always welcome! But I’ve been left out of decision-making conversations one too many times to be okay with multiple mains. I'm sorry if this bothers people -winces- but I hope it's something that can be respected. -smiles-
  • I Do Not role play smut, this is non-negotiable.
  • Above is the only thing I don’t do when it comes to 18+.
  • I play male and female characters. I got over the ‘I only play the gender I am’ a LONG time ago and it has broaden my horizons so much, I cannot recommend doing this enough! If you’re stuck on ‘how’, PM me and I’ll gladly give you tips.
  • Going with the above, I don’t care what gender you play but if you have an issue with me playing a gender I am not, please don’t role play with me.
  • Sometimes I can take up to a week to two weeks to respond. I know that sounds bad but I have a busy personal life and my real life including my friends and family will always come first. That being said, I have been told on more than one occasion that my posts are worth the wait and I do everything I can to live up to that statement!

I can feel myself blushing already!!! I don’t consider myself a great writer so when people come to me asking for an opportunity to role play I get gity and excited. It gives me a chance to work on my hobby, learn from other people and in the end, hopefully, make a new friend!

If you are someone looking to role play with me, please note that I have very few but simple expectations –
  • Must write 3+ paragraphs regularly, 2 on a bad day. I’m sorry I have to state this but anything 2 regularly or less isn’t the quality I’m looking for and I’ve yet to find quality in posts that are only a paragraph long.
  • We fade to black. If you don’t that’s fine but please know for our role play that is something I request.
  • Role Play in 3rd person. 3rd person because I am not you/your character so reading it as if I was the character than responding as a character to the character I just was opens up a matrix I do not want to mess with!
  • Past tense is the style I prefer. I have a difficulty reading things that are present tense as it was taught to me at a young age that present tense writing is poor grammar in story telling. Please don't expect me to change my outlook on this and in the same since I don't expect you to either. You do you, and I'll do me; and we won't do each other... probably ~ Markiplier
  • I prefer threads, as it is easier for me to keep track of. But if you can give me good reason to do PMs then I’ll consider it.

See I’m not that complicated I promise!

Lists of Role Play Requests and Ideas!
Random Ideas!
Character Sheets!
Click here for Tips, Tricks and Personal Growth, please add your own!

Male Example #1: Not Your Average Butler
Female Example #1: Spider-Man: Childhood Friends
Male Example #2: A Professor’s Tale
Female Example #2: Sarah, Prompto and the Chocobos

Friends before RPG:
@Mysterion, @El Taco Taco, @TheLeeLee and @MidnightSkyline
Without these people I would not be the writer I am today. Thank you to all of your and I love you from the bottom of my heart!

Long Time RP Buddies
@Jones Sparrow, @knuxieh, @cthulu, @Polarize and @Tranquility.
These guys have been writing with me for a while and I’ve come to love their style, their kindness, their humor and everything else about them. They are awesome and I’m blessed to call them my friends!

New Buddies, Awesome Role Players!
@Shylarah, @WolfLover, @ICanBeAnyone, @The Mighty Hero, @sanquin, @Noxxis, @CharmingDevil, and @Mitheral.
Shout out to these guys! I haven’t been role playing with them for very long and sometimes we vanish on each other for a while but they are AWESOME!

Anyone mentioned above had the stamp of SinfulSkills approval and you should talk to them if you’re looking for quality role plays! You will find them with these guys.

I’m also a chatter box (if you can’t tell) feel free to drop off a PM and let’s chat!!
-leaves cookies-
I look forward to hearing anyone willing to read this far!

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Remind me, did we decide that she would join them in the battle or wait outside?
I can't remember!
Are you opposed to jumping to the C-ranked mission / Airi getting taken or do you have any more you'd want to write in their chat?
I'm up for either way!
Reminder, hence 'self'.
In Reaper and I 7 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Bumping for self.
Bumping for Self
Self Bump!
I'll have to get on that!
Speaking of getting on things... I'll PM you about the next role play.
And work on my post.
You’re back!!!
Yes I totally want to continue this!!!!
And I’d be up for doing a second role play with you if you want to discuss more of that over PM just message me.
I’m so glad everything coming back to normal!!!

And no, I haven’t watched Ignis’s story yet...
I’ve failed you I’m sorry!
He was a good kid that Naruto… it’s too bad the rest of the town didn’t seem him for what he was, just a kid. Instead he was an outcast and that was sad. At least he had some people he could rely on now and Airi was happy to be one of those people.

As she went to turn, her body jerked in surprise finding Kakashi leaning against the fence; his comment about his student dashing off with her things made her giggle softly. “It’s not his fault; I was the one who gave it to him. But if you’re willing to take the fall for it and help me get my things inside then it’s one hundred percent his fault and you should help.” With that, the two of them put the items into her home before venturing back outside. Through the process she found herself explaining that she was about to head out to find some food to eat and invited him to join her.

The walk towards the ramen restaurant was a friendly one as they chit chatted and bantered back and forth. Unlike a lot of people, she believed in Kakashi in more ways than just his skills. She believed in his personality, she believed in his hopes, his dreams and his ability to be a caring individual not many could see. It probably helped that he was so open with her, despite the fact that she wouldn’t take any of his crap. But...

“I’m sorry…” She said softly as she turned her blue gaze towards the ground under their feet as they walked. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about my engagement. With how long it’s been since we’ve gotten a chance to see each other, it wasn’t a priority on my mind and it was something I was going to tell you when everything else was covered. Even the engagement isn’t a priority for me because…” Her voice dropped softly as she stared down at her feet, “I missed talking with you…”

It took her a moment to pull her gaze from her feet up to him where she presented an innocent smile. “I hope you’re not too mad… but that should be hard considering I’m adorable and I’m buying you food.”
James’s gaze stayed firm on Freya as she admitted that she wanted to be with him instead of the other men. The men that could provide for her easily take care of her financially and help her set her future to one of profit but… she didn’t care. Instead she wanted a live of love, dedication and happiness; that was what he could give her. Well that was his goal from when they decided to become something serious and onward.

“My advice?” Adrian asked but he didn’t sound the least bit surprised. “My advice is tell him, the sooner you tell him the sooner you don’t have to feel like you’re sneaking around. You’re in your own home and you don’t feel comfortable to be yourselves. The sooner you talk to him the better. Plus he will change his approach with the other parents; I think you’d be fully supported and… I think you’re both foolish for not telling him sooner.” His tone of his words were a bit harsh but it was a harshness the two needed to hear.

Placing his finished cup down on the saucer James turned his deep blue gaze back to Freya with a tender smile. “We should go talk to your father. He could help us shift the train of thought with the fathers and build a partnership instead of a relationship.” A determined nod rose and fell his head before he turned his gaze back down to his hands, “I’m so nervous…” He said softly to his palms as… well Adrian snickered.

“I’m not surprised but you shouldn’t fear. I think he’ll understand.” Adrian said with a nod as he stood up and began to load the empty cups and saucers onto the tray.
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