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Just to make sure I got this correctly...
They got into his car together?
However she (and I) was under the impression they would be going to a restaurant not his house, so we are at his home correct?

[Love your new icon by the way!]
Somewhere with food.
Trust me I'll make her go with whatever he says.
And if it's a restaurant she'll find something.
I have no idea the reference but I will take your word for it!
I didn't feel like it was short, as long as you have good content that I'm okay with shorter posts.
But I've just never seen good content and quality in a single paragraph or less.
Which is why I ask my partners to push out two or more paragraphs.
I don't have any complaints about your posts and if I did, I'd share my bothers with you cause that's what we do as a team of writers!
“I’ve always been more of a hockey fan. Maybe I’m more Canadian than I am American.” She said in a laugh as she took the apple form him and held it out to Patches. Her palm was flat and her eyes never broke from watch the horse, even as Duncan talked. She couldn’t let the nerves get the best of her but a chomp from a horse’s mouth was nothing to be handled lightly. In fact it’s quite a painful experience and something that has happened to her on more than one occasion. However if this horse was going to start trusting others, it would be easier to convince it when someone he trusted was around.

“If it’s not an inconvenience for you then sure, Mr. Moran.” The horse’s mouth slowly moved towards the apple piece and she found herself holding her breath. It would be a huge step for someone who was abused in such a way to try to trust someone else.

Then there was Duncan’s comment about the name and she shot him a playful glare. “Hey, I report things! I’m no professional writer.” She said with a playful tone to her voice before giving a laugh. However the rest of the conversation intrigued her. “I never even thought of that possibility…” Her voice was a bit distance as she turned her attention to the ground and her eyebrows pushed together in thought. “Could the guy have been using something to change his voice… or was it a highly active AI robot? That would explain the eyes…” She was more discussing the possibility of things out loud than with him. “Sorry…” She said innocently shaking her head. “I have a bad habit of talking to myself.”

“However it would be interesting to discuss things with Dr. Tanis; what would be the possibility of getting some contact information for him?” She asked sweetly. Though she took her attention off Patches who proceeded to take the apple from her open hand but to her disappointment, she missed the moment due to giving Duncan her focus. But the horse munched away on the apple as she looked back at him and that, that was progress.

“There you go Patches, enjoy your treat.” Jonna’s voice was bright and cheerful, that was until she heard him hinting at her heading back to the office now.

A sigh left her as she turned to him, her arms crossed under her chest. “I wish, but I’m practically on work-hideous by force. I have to take a few days off and not return until I’ve calmed down from the incident.” Her head dropped slightly as she kicked at some of the straw at her feet. “It’s not all fun and games. That was really scary. Being caught in the middle of something like that… nearly getting crushed by a bus… seeing your boss almost die… It’s… it’s a lot to swallow. I think my boss has the better idea of just having me spend some time away from work.” Her voice was slightly shaky as she spoke. While the idea of the hero was fascinating to say the least, the experience in encountering him was a bit frightening.

Shaking her head slightly she uncrossed her arms and looked up at him, “The footage I have doesn’t have any recording but I can relay all I remember about the situation to you if that would make any difference. I hope you understand why I can’t return to work right now.” She nodded softly before continuing. “At any rate, something’s bound to show up online and maybe the community will give him a better name.” She said with a laugh.


At that moment her stomach spoke up, a loud growl explained that she hadn’t ate in a while and needed a fill of food. Her face turned red with embarrassment… maybe he didn’t hear it…?
A small chuckle left him at her surprise which seemed to be followed by her agreeing to give a discount. “I’m sure everyone would appreciate the discount but it wouldn’t be anything crazy. In fact it will just be the basics for work.” He said with a nod before he ran a hand through his curly hair. Crap… there was the issue of getting her to the mansion. Sure they could take the bus… as if he’d know what bus to take! There were always other options, they could walk, or fly, or… could they teleport? That would require magic… did their magic work here on earth?! None of them ever tried!

After a short chat, it was decided that the price would be discussed before the class and that Axel would come to get her. So it was no surprise that at 10am Axel was at the door of her studio waiting. However the night before played rather quickly through his mind.

“What do you mean you can’t use your powers?”
“I can’t use mine either!?”
“None in the Department of Punishments can!”
“And no one in the Department of Wishes!”
“Why would that trickster king put this on us??”
“Why do we have to rely on a filthy human to help us?”
“She may be the only way we can use our powers?!”
“We’re just lucky Axel found her.”
“And now we have to pretend like we can’t dance? That’s ridiculous! I can dance better than anyone here.”
“It was the only way to convince her to come over; this is a better option than trying to explain things to her in public.”

He wasn’t lying to her, per say. But he did have to convince her to come to the house. Now he was here, leaning up against the building waiting for her.

Human clothes felt weird compared to the clothing he wore in the heavens. They were heavier fabric and depending on the shirt they were itchy. Today a simple t-shirt and blue jeans covered his body which felt better compared to some of the other things Cal had him try on. A gentle sigh left him as he awaited Lee’s arrival.
Whoa that's a long time!
Sounds like you've found something you enjoy though!
That's a good sign!

I'm a Sales Manager at a hotel and I've been in the Hotel industry for almost 10 years and almost 8 of them at the hotel I'm at now.
I love what I do too so that helps a lot!

If you need me to edit anything in the post let me know!
The mare’s attention was suddenly on Duncan as he began to doctor up the apple. Her hook smacked against the ground and her head turned. “Hey!” Jonna said sounding a bit saddened at her horse’s sudden dismissal of her. However, it shouldn’t come as any surprise. Bucky had said hi to her master and now someone else was there… someone with treats. The horse moved to the edge of her stable staring straight at the apple and flapping her lips as a signal that she wanted one.

“Bucky be nice.” Jonna lectured as she gave the horse’s neck a small pat and slid herself out of the gate and latched it. Bucky’s lips stopped moving and the horse nodded its head a few times. “That’s my girl. Show some manners.” The horse nodded again, this time bringing her head lower. However she felt the need to kick the stable door with her hoof as a sign she didn’t intend on doing the action over and over again just to get the treat.

His question about the raw footage made her nod. “I did but he took off. However I can’t blame him for leaving.” Her hand placed gently under her chin in thought. Her eyebrows crunched together as a thought went through her mind. Then, as she snapped back into reality, she heard him what the man might be fighting for and found herself giving an honest laugh to the cheesy joke. Cheesy jokes were certainly one of her favorite things. “He’ll be as American as Apple Pie and Baseball.”

The mention of the footage made her think and she tapped her chin. “Maybe you can make something of it; I do have some raw footage back in Santa Fe at my computer. If you want to I can mail you a thumb drive with what I have. It’s far from good quality but who knows.” She nodded before looking down at the other piece of apple.

“Do you mind if I try feeding it to Patches? Maybe seeing us together and having someone else offer him the thing he loves would help open his mind to interacting with other people again.” A smile moved across her face showing her straight white teeth behind her glossy lips. “But you’re his owner, it is up to you.”
James’s gaze peeked up from his book as she walked into the bedroom. A smile moved across his face at the sight of her relaxed and refreshed. Nodding gently, he found himself a stopping point and slid his bookmark into place as she got her own self situated for bed. After she made herself comfortable in bed and scooted towards him his arm snaked around her waist and pulled her close, closing even the most minuet gap between them. “Me too…” He muttered softly, his voice heavy with sleep already. Leaning down he gently kissed her forehead before driving off into sleep as he delicately played with her hair hanging on her back.

The next morning rolled around rather quickly and the dark blue haired young man found himself slowly opening his eyes to see the peaceful sleeping face of the woman he had come to care about so much. So, all of this was not a dream, how wonderful! Finding himself staring at her for far too long, he realized he did need to get up and attend his duties to some degree.

James carefully removed himself from the covers of the bed and climbed out but not before giving her a gentle kiss on her cheek. Soon the young man was moving around the apartment taking care of his normal chores and starting a load of laundry before hurrying to his apartment to change into his attire. They were returning to the mansion today which means, no more standard street clothes, no matter how much she wished him to be in them. A gentle sigh escaped him as he showered and prepared for the day. Even getting into his suit seemed less exciting for him then it used to be; maybe it was because both she and him preferred the causal nature of their relationship.

He returned to the apartment dressed in his butler attire with his white gloves in the pocket of his jacket. As he entered in through the door, he found the young mistress had awoken and he gave her a gentle smile of ‘good morning’ before she closed the distance and gave him a gentle kiss. His face turned red at her affection. This was something he still wasn’t used to because he didn’t expect it to happen. You’d think the poor guy would know already considering they just slept in the same bed together but when it’s your first relationship, everything’s rather new. Leaning down, he returned the door morning kiss before grinning at her. “Good morning.” He replied softly as he gave her head a gentle loving stroke.

A nod rose and fell his head as she asked if she could eat at the manor. “Sure, that will work out just fine since you’ve already…” He looked over her shoulder at the suitcase and gave a laugh. “Packed?” He questioned down at her raising an eyebrow. “You call that packing?” His teasing voice rang through the apartment as he leaned down and gave her a gentle kiss on the cheek. “You’re so cute, even when half your clothes are hanging out of your suitcase.” A chuckle left him as he pulled her to him once again, feeling as though this would be the last time they would have personal, private time for a while he did want to make the most of it.

His affection showed no end in sight as he played with her hair, kissed her many times over and looked for any excuse to hold her. Young James was growing attached to Freya and he found every way under the sun to show his dedication to her. However time was not on their side, so they soon had to get into the car and start their way to the manor. His hand locked in with hers, he let out a sign at her statement. “It’s only for a week.” He said reassuringly as they continued down the road.

Her questions were fair ones and ones that needed to be addressed. “I don’t want you to tell your father alone, I will be there with you. But I’ll tell Adrian, he may be stern and uptight and… rather sadistic, but I think understand. And… I think we should wait until after the party. It would be rude for you not to attend just… don’t go looking for another boyfriend okay?” He said half-jokingly as he pressed a kiss against the back of her hand.

The arrival at the manor seemed to be more of a fan-fair welcome. The whole staff lined the driveway welcoming back the young mistress and James jumped instantly back into professional mode. Parking in front of the entrance to the house, he climbed out and went to the passenger’s side and opened the door, offering her a hand to help; his ‘butler’ appearance back in full swing.

Once she was inside the house, led by a talkative Annie who was too excited to see Freya again, he parked the car and carried in her bag before venturing to Adrian’s office to discuss his progress.
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