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Current Today would have been my mom’s 65th birthday, don’t expect replies from me as I’m rather sad.
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Hey you read this! Awesome! Thanks <3 If we aren't talking let's talk! PM me :) I'm a chatterbox!
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A mental breakdown is eminent. Finally get a chance to play a game on the gaming desktop and the screen breaks. -sob-
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Kids wore me out! It's 4pm and I'm already falling alseep I'm so sorry for my delay bare with me as I get into the week.
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Still alive, a long busy weekend I'm sorry I am still interested in role play with EVERYONE bare with me. Thank you!
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YOU’RE BACK!!!!!!!
YOU’RE BACK!!!!!!!!!

Gryffindor… Easter was in Gryffindor, and Emma and Anna were in Hufflepuff. Zander was feeling a little lost as he had always played the big brother role to perfection with his little sisters. Always looking after them, making sure they weren’t hurt or that everyone was being nice to them. They never had to worry about getting injured or mistreated because ‘big brother’ was there to protect them. Now he couldn’t protect his siblings at all…

This, this made him feel useless as he stood staring out the window. Maybe this was a blessing in disguise; maybe he could focus more on his studies and Quidditch without having to worry about his siblings. Besides he hadn’t been on a good date in a while as he had been so worried about his siblings that he never gave much time to the possibilities of dating. Maybe this was actually a good thing.

It was at that moment that he came to his own resolve and licked his lips slightly, decided not to dwell on his current mindset. It was at that moment that he realized he was getting spoken to after a light cough broke his train of thought. An accent echoed through his ears and he turned to see the newest member inducted into Ravenclaw had found her way over to him. A charming bright white smile moved across his face as he gave her a small shrug feeling no need to hide his thoughts from her. “My little sister just got sorted into Gryffindor and my other sisters are in Hufflepuff. Just a bit bummed that I can’t be the protective big brother anymore. But at the same time, it’s also easier on me as I don’t have to consistently watch over them. So I’ve come to the conclusion that I can focus on myself, my studies and my passion for Quidditch….”

“And apparently for rambling on about myself!” He said with a chuckle as he unfolded his arms and offered her a large hand. “I’m Zander, Zander Alkins. Welcome to Hogwarts and, more specifically, the Ravenclaw house.”
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A heartfelt laugh left her. He really didn’t think he owed her; boy humans were cocky and she liked that. “You’re brave to say you do not owe anything; either brave or stupid.” Holding out her hand a flash a giant scythe as long as the table appeared in her hand. It was about six feet in height and the blade stretched at an arch a good four feet; with the appearance of it, she turned it and dropped it onto the table, the weight was so heavy the drinks moved roughly in their respective glasses.

“My name’s Elly and I’m a Reaper. You probably know the name by Grim Reaper but I prefer just Reaper. From what I’ve seen, most humans respond better if they think they’re in debt but you…” She said picking up her glass with a small nod, “You don’t, and I like that.” Taking a drink of her scotch she hissed a little before a coy smile moved across her lips. Spinning the liquid in the cup, she gave a small thought to how she would approach him next. She had told him who she was and had dropped literal proof on the table so what now…

“Tell me human,” She said, her crystal green gaze turned back to him, a blonde eyebrow rose in a questioning manner, “What do you think happens to a person when they die?”
Don’t worry I know the difference in time tracking.

I like the idea of beginning in Spring.
New things blossom and it’s all pretty… It’s such a drag.
I’m getting into character!

Yes so let’s go with 13-15 approaching with training help to pass the Chunin exams.
Then moving to the crush idea at… oh let’s say 18 just because they’re ‘adults’ now.
So that gives us between a 5-3 year gap to work with where, they’ve probably worked together and seen each other around town, maybe trained together; so I’d assume they’d be friendly with each other by them.
I’m rather excited for the second portion just because I’m going to make him a hopeless romantic in his own weird way.
-cracks knuckles-
I’m excited!
Just so you know, I’ve not gotten far enough to know what an element affinity is so… honestly I’m probably the worst to ask.
I’ve just seen Neji take on his opponent after the group went to retrieve Sasake.
So they’re still young.

So you do what works for you!
-rubs neck-
I’m not helpful.
Order for Airi/Kakashi Events

1] Meet up.
2] Hang out (lunch, BS, watching him train).
3] Appearance by Guy a couple times in #2.
4] Kidnapping –
The first time: Airi is kidnapped with a group of women; groups are sent to save them.
This is when she realizes she finds herself wanting Kakashi more but doesn’t know how he feels and is reluctant to break it off with Guy.
5] More hanging out with Kakashi, visits and blah blah blah.
6] Kidnapping -
The second time: Airi is the only person kidnapped when she is traveling from one town to another to pick up supplies for her bakery and held in exchange for money from the village or for Kakashi (off of the bucket list) other options are up for discussion too!
7] The break up with Guy.
8] Dates and fun things.
9] Attack on the town, Airi finds her fighting spirit again hurrah! She is reckless though, boo, and ends up in the hospital. Guy, despite being dumped, cares about her and tries to convince her to not go back to fighting but she chooses to with Kakashi’s support.
10] Training – Can’t decide if I want her to go the battle route or the healing route.
11] Dates and fun’s cause I’m cheesy!
PM me when you’re on and we’ll talk!
Axel’s heart was in his throat the entire time she spoke and felt very, well ashamed that he had deceived her. But… would she even have been here had he came straight out and says ‘hey I’m a God and you’re the only one who could help me’. He’d be locked up in the human’s insane asylum for making such a claim. But… she was still here. Nodding softly he answered her, “We are at the old rundown manor to the north east of end town. If you walk the direction you’re currently facing about half a mile you’ll arrive at the edge of town at the bus stop labeled ‘Ellen’s Heights’ according to the sign, the bus stop runs every half an hour and is a 24 hour bus stop. The hill leading up to the manor isn’t very steep but it is surrounded by trees. The king of the heavens cloaked the manor so it looks like a place of ruin but inside it’s really nice… NOT that I’m trying to convince you to come inside it’s just… well we aren’t a group of weirdos…” Of course the more poor Axel spoke the further he realized he was digging himself into a hole. “I’m sorry…” He muttered softly as he started towards the door of the manor.

Stopping a couple feet away from the door he turned to her and called out, “I appreciate you meeting them but… if you want to leave we will not stop you.” With that he opened the door and called inside.

The first to run out was Calamity. “Lee!” She said hurrying out with excitement. That wasn’t until she was closer that Cal’s excitement dropped and she screeched to a halt. “Ooooohhhh you’re not… not happy huh?” The redhead said sadly as her small face dropped into a frown. “Well, I suppose I could start by properly introducing myself. My name is Calamity and I am the Goddess of Taurus. Oh and I work in the Department of Wishes!”

Soon the god filed out and introduced themselves to her before a few of them excused themselves to go back inside leaving Calamity, Alexander and Leon outside.

Axel stayed quiet standing near but not next to Lee as a sad attempted to be supportive as a lot of unbelievable information dropped on her. That’s when his voice echoed softly in her head, “I am sorry for deceiving you… I… I didn’t know how you’d take the information but I promise to never lie to you again. Alexander is my boss and the director of the Department of Punishments. He’s a bit harsh and rather direct but he’s actually very kind. And Leon’s the director of the Department of Wishes; he’s… well he’s a sadist in his personal life but he works harder than anyone else in the Department of Wishes just… just stay away from him.” There was a small pause in his voice before a small innocent chuckle could be heard. “I’m sorry if this frightened you. Every Holy being has their own natural abilities outside of their powers. Mine is one way telepathy; you can hear me in your mind but I cannot hear your thoughts so you don’t worry. Okay I’ll… I’ll leave you to that because I probably just reinforced how weird I actually am…” A small sigh could be heard as his voice faded away.
His statement that the amount was too little caused her head to jerk back in surprise; he wanted 40% and he looked serious about it. A small giggle left her as she slid her hand over and took the flyer from hi, in him a nonchalant manner. “Listen, you may be cute and all but you’re not cute enough for 40%. I reserve even 35% of my take for those who have helped me on more than one occasion.” She said with a nod as she flattened out the ad. “No hard feelings cutie but if we haven’t worked together before so I can’t take that high of a risk. You treat me good this go around and I’ll take care of you next time, and believe me there will be a next time.”

Rising to her feet she gave a stretch to the air. “And you can up and leave if you want. But you’d be stupid to do so if you are asking for a percentage of the sale. Can’t give you the money if you don’t stick around.” Her arms fell to her side as she tilted her head to one side than to the other, loud cracking noises echoed as she did so. “So cutie tell me. You in for 25%, or 10,000 with a split payment; or should I put the ad back up?”
A sign for Delicious Delights swung gently in the breeze of the morning sunlight. But unknown too many outsiders, the bakery had been awake well before dawn. The bakery itself had been hustling with bakers who were hurrying to finish the morning treats before it was time to open the doors, and among them was the owner and found of Delicious Delights, Airi Mae. “Overhead!” She shouted, pulling a baking pan from the stone fireplace and holding it high above her employee’s heads. Dangers were nothing new at the bakery and the possibility of catching on fire and burning yourself was an everyday live action probability but… that’s the worst that could happen.


“Behind you.”

“Don’t step.”

“Stay still.”

The tiny kitchen full of six people including the owner kept busy but they were working together well, after nearly five years of active service feeding the community of the Hidden Leaf Village’s heavy shopping and work district is should come as no surprise that the little shop that could kept itself busy.

Hard work always paid off when the stores hours begun and the people flooded in to make their purchases. Laughter, talking and greeting all echoed throughout the small bakery and restaurant as the patrons showed their love and support for the young girl’s business. Some showed their enjoyment of her goods for the fact that they were delicious while others… the more informed individuals supported her business as a way of showing thanks and respect for the former Chuunin and the devastating loss she had happen so many years ago.

Her loss was the loss of her chance at the Jounin exams, and while… while she could have gone to complete the exams at a different, the busy bakery took up her ability to return to the Ninja field. After that fateful day and that horrible accident out with her comrades Kakashi Hatake and Might Guy it felt as though her dreams were taken from her. But the dreams soon became a distant memory as the demand for her baked goods sky-rocketed when she opened the store-front and the smiling blonde did her best to not let her sadness get the best of her. However… it was not uncommon to find her out in the woods continuously training her body and mind in the ninja way. That was Airi Mae for you, never one to let life get her down.

“Phew!” She exclaimed wiping her brow from her head. “Looks like we’re all restocked!” She announced as the breakfast rush finally departed and the rest of the kitchen supplies were loaded into the front of the shop.

Returning from the back she stepped out into the shop front and waved at her staff with a large basket on her arm. “I’m off to make the delivery, I should be back shortly.” With that and a polite white smile, the blonde haired girl in the white apron over her flower printed summer dress started her walk towards the academy.

There was never really an explanation on why the academy requested baked goods for the staff from her shop every three days but… she wasn’t going to complain. A lot of her old friends were active Chuunin and enjoyed talking with her along with sharing stories and complaints about the students; to which she would respond with laughter as she sat with people and talked. Some learned a long time ago that it was actually okay to talk about the active life of a Chuunin but others were still weary that even after all these years, it would be a sore subject.

There was… admittedly some jealously that they were able to take on students and teach them the ways of the ninja but… this was the path she had chosen and the path she will take. Arriving at the academy, she made her way to the Sansei’s lounge and began to set up the treats she had brought for the staff members.

Red Bean Soup

Once everything was out on the displays with labels on the serving table, the blonde began to look around the room. She didn’t bring plates but she knew there was some but where… “Hmmm…..” Airi pondered to herself, tapping her chin as she looked That was until her blue eyes landed on a set of plates on a high shelf, “There you are!” She said as she grabbed a chair and pulled it over to the high shelf. Standing at 5 foot 4 inches, she needed the help of stools and chairs to get around in her daily life but it wasn’t anything new for her, her small frame and short height did come with its advantages.

Climbing onto the chair, the blonde reached up and grabbed the plates, however she leaned a little far back as she pulled the plates down bringing them to her chest and then felt the chair move from under her, “Oh no!” She yelled as the legs stared to lean back pulling her back with it. Oh… oh this was going to hurt!
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