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Current I'll tell you what's wrong with society. No one drinks blood from the skulls of their enemies anymore.
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“Fortune helps the intrepid and abandons the cowards. I am the daughter of a man who did not know of fear. Whatever may come, I am resolved to follow that course until death.” ― Caterina Sforza
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History Fact: Caterina Sforza was a complete badass, who whilst under siege made a point of bombarding the houses of her enemies from the walls of her castle.
3 yrs ago
If it makes you feel better, I'm still on stick figures.
3 yrs ago
If you mean the Uplift War by David Brin, it's available on Amazon for 7.99 in mass paperback.


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Reform! Reform! Heed the mighty battle horn! Form ranks, make you ready sword and shield!

Hello. I am Woundwort.

I've been a member of the Guild for a long time, though frankly I hold my earlier work in some contempt. I have elected to return as it and try my luck again.

There are a few ground rules we should get out of the way:

I am only interested in writing with you if you are 22+ years old. This is not negotiable. Do not contact me asking for exceptions.

I am not a stickler for length, brevity can be the soul of wit. I do insist on some wit however.

In terms of the bedroom, I can fade to black or write it out. If you are expecting constant smut, we will not be compatible. Such scenes exist at the service of the story. Not the other way around.

I only write gay romance in terms of pairings. MxM. Two men. And no. Yaoi doesn't count.

If you write ABO just...just go.

If you are interested in an RP, please PM me.

Right then. Have they gone? Let us get to brass tacks.

I come seeking tales with verisimilitude and depth. Be they heady stories of blood and glory or stories of simple folk with simple lives. You will find that I have much to recommend me as a partner. I am well educated in the studies of history and anthropology and apply my learning to my writings. I will take the time to craft the food ways of a culture, how they mint their coins, the tiny details that make a world a function and feel real. The details that often go unnoticed in favor of flashy magic or floating castles. I write about settings that feel real-and I write about people that feel real. I demand much of myself when it comes to developing a character. I will ruthlessly discard beloved concepts if I cannot make them feel authentic-to have that ring of reality to them.

I deplore nothing more then characters made just to fulfill some juvenile fantasy of power or sexual prowess.

I write under the conceit that what is produced by the endeavor matters. Writing is a craft, like any other, and if one is going to pick up the tools one owes them respect and effort. I ask much of my partners, I ask for investment, I ask for a level of care for details that is uncommon to say the least, and I ask for a level of restraint that is also uncommon. But I ask just as much of myself. I am an old soul in that regard. I will be honest with those I work with, often to what is considered a fault. If I am asked a question, you will get precisely what I think. I do not hide or play games. If I am not interested in an RP I will tell you. If I think a concept is bad, I will tell you. I would ask for the same level of honesty in a partner. I am singularly hard to offend.

I'll ask of the berserks, you tasters of blood,
Those intrepid heroes, how are they treated,
Those who wade out into battle?
Wolf-skinned they are called. In battle
They bear bloody shields.
Red with blood are their spears when they come to fight.
They form a closed group.
The prince in his wisdom puts trust in such men
Who hack through enemy shields.

— Hrafnsmál

In terms of setting and genre, I primarily partake of two. Fantasy and science fiction. As I've indicated, I greatly enjoy world building and crafting a setting and these two genres are excellent for that. I have written everything from an alien merchant managing a stall upon a space station promenade to brutal berserkers from the north, riding out for pillage. There are very few character types that are beyond me. Though I will be honest about the limits of my abilities. I cannot write young women well. I feel every attempt results in something that is less then authentic.

Now, to prove I am capable of matching my high-talk, I will provide you with some writing samples.

I've elected to detail a few different plots I have in mind. This list will be updated.


I'm here, just been a bit busy.
I've completed the first part of my submission-the guild sheet, detailing the faction my character will head up.

Drinks are on the house here Sonny
You can't take it with you honey
A queen beats a jack here Sonny
Are you thinkin' red or black now honey?
Double up your stack now Sonny
Luck says don't look back now honey
Lay your money
Lay your money
Lay your money down!


Oh, I actually have some cliff notes on culture/government and the works.

What I’m envisioning for his homeland is a chaotic stew of city states ruled by various Elector Princes, with a strong base of ‘merchanter’ princes underneath them. The city states, the Free Cities of Verenzia, are a melting pot of diversity in many ways-you can find merchants from just about everywhere. Walk down the street and you’ll see a dozen things you do not know. Sexuality tends to be fluid too-society is pretty open. Bisexuality is more or less expected. Though there is a strong undercurrent of homosexuality.

Philosophers too, thrive in the open societies of Verenzia. A collection of homegrown thinkers and exiles who love to write long-winded treatises and srgue endlessly with each other. As is the wont of every philosopher. But...this libertine, thriving, even vibrant culture, does have a downside. Wars between city states are common. Power can change hands quickly. Street fights between merchanter princes are common in the less stable cities. A constant low-level civil war.

“Ah, the free cities!”

“If you don’t like the politics, wait five minutes for new ones!”

That’s...Uhm, the cliff notes. More or less a summary of the general time and feel I’m going for. Think that’ll fit in?
Some tentative interest here. I've been really trying to break into group roleplays for awhile now-I've honed my skills in partnerships and all of that, but it's been a bit since I've shaken off the rust and leapt into a group venture. It's a shame, because group stuff is how I got my start.

I'm curious however, how much leave are we given to world build? Right now I've got a bit of a concept of a foreign merchant princeling (not...actual royalty, but hailing from a nation where royalty is something of a concept that's up for grabs. Have a manor? Have money? Or simply have enough scary men with swords? Congratulations. You're a prince now!) out to make a profit, at first. Maybe pick up some lore while he's at it.

Add it his ever-growing collection of curiosities.

The works.

Basically, someone with no initial investment in revolution/revolt, but gradually finds himself drawn to oppose the crown, despite his the risks it poses to his operations.

Now, if worldbuilding isn't allowed on the part of players-I found no references in the rules, so I'm not sure-then this won't work clearly. So I'm asking if the above concept sounds workable before I go to the effort of drawing up a character sheet.
I'm trying to get back into public RPing, I might be interested.
I would be interested. It's about time for me to try to get back into group RPs.

Provided the RP is still open, of course.
I'll be withdrawing. I don't really think my concept fits with the universe here, and I'm reluctant to come up with another.

Work continues on the profile!

Aside from what I mentioned earlier-I might add a specialization in mega-industrial engineering. Not full on Dyson spheres. No worries.

Space habitats, and and large energy harvesting stations, etc.

*imagines a large station dedicated to food harvesting via photosynthetic protein farms*

No one ever goes hungry again.

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