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He'd made it.

There was no lack of formality in the long semesters required by Star Fleet command, but as the cadets of this most recent academy were assembled Rami felt that it was somehow...more. The ruffles and flourishes seemed sharper and cleaner, the soaring anthem of their institution somehow more jubilant. Even the uniforms seemed brighter, stiffer at the collars with their new blue epaulets. No longer could he or his classmates truly be considered cadets, or even the more advanced midshipmen. Following the successful completion of their training cruise they would each be commissioned officers of Star Fleet, eligible for assignment on any number of vessels going any number of places.

This was beginning of their careers. And Rami Mezaine had no doubt he would remember it for as long as he served. Would remember it as clearly as his father, who could recall almost every detail both mundane and sublime of his first tour of duty on the USS Gale. The USS Tucker seemed to gleam with that same bright potential-- and he was eager to reach out and take it.

Granted, the reaching out had taken some time. There had been little room for the parties and friend groups that Yacine Mezaine had waxed so poetical about in his stories from the academy. Command track required more academically, both of his time and of his performance, and pushing to finish near the top of his track had left Rami something of a dull boy. His friend group was large enough, but most social outings had tended toward study groups or shorter excursions that did not cut into time allocated for academia. It meant that when the years of study were done and training cruise had loomed close enough to begin looking around at potential shipmates, Rami was somewhat dismayed to realize that few faces were truly familiar.

Of course, until they were shipboard it was impossible to know for sure. Which made getting there a priority.

They had passed out the assignments to helmsman early, pinging to his personal data pad ten minutes before the whistle for general assembly. One of the duties of the bridge crew -and especially the helsman both at port and in motion- was the coordination of shuttles both to and from their bay and others. Knowing where all obstacles rested and the plan to operate around while entering and exiting port would fall to him, though while in flight and while plotting warp jumps such things would fall to the navigator.

Thankfully such duties spared Rami the crowded and slower shuttle drives, and so instead the 25 year old made his way to one of the activated transporter pads allocated for the day. There seemed to be no real ceremony, only a crisp nod from the officer manning the controls as he scanned in Rami's authorization and signalled to a glowing circle in question. He'd transported rarely enough that the warm rushing sensation of energization was almost alarming-- not there had been time to be truly frightened before the shimmering faded and he stood on the sterile pad in the Tucker's transport room.

It was real. He was home, for what would pass for home for as long as they were on assignment. The ship seemed alive under his feet, the Miranda class fairly humming with its FWF-1 and FIE-2 engines. Capable of up to warp 7 for 12 hours and rated for a cruise of Warp 5 the USS Tucker was not a ship designed to be idle-- and with luck soon he'd have the chance to watch her fly.

But there was protocol to be followed, and rules to live by. He'd not spent four years learning everything a helmsman needed to stumble at the starting line, and so his salute was a perfect 90/45 as he turned to the officer at the controls, mind flying through the procedures meant for boarding an assignment the first time.

"Chief Helmsman Rami Mezaine reporting in, sir."

Hey guys! Just a quick bit about me, then we'll jump to what really matters. I'm a 34 year old call center supervisor who works full time nights and has too much free time because of it. I love to role play, but right now some of mine are not very active, so I wanted to open a few more. I have a plot for almost every idea that I am going to post. I prefer MxM in almost all situations, but that being said I will also usually accept an MxF request depending on the plot. There are some ideas that I will only accept Mxm on, and I will clearly mark those. I do not play female characters well, despite being one myself. Don't know why, just struggle to be interested in writing them.

I can post at least three times a week if not more, though if there is a delay I will tell you if I can't for some reason. I try to write between 2-5 paragraphs a post, and I ask that you fall in that range as well.

Okay, so, now the hard part is over. Idea time! If you like something, please PM me!

Modern Fantasy
-Wizard x Client (plot)
-Witch/Wizard x Cop (plot)
-Cop x Supernatural Being (plot)
-Werewolf x Park Ranger (plot)

-Bad Girl x Shy/Good Guy (plot)
-Jock x Academic
-Unexpected Laird x Steward (Plot)
- Pilot x Frequent Flyer or airport staff
-Any kind of Hallmark-esque slice of life stories

Please suggest!


Thanks for reading! Feel free to PM me with any questions.

Let me know if he passes muster!
Very interested! Submitting a claim for a spot while I build my character sheet

Thank you all for the perspectives. It has given me a lot to think about and I appreciate that.
"Can you call yourself an advanced writer if you don't write nonbinary characters?"
"Can you call yourself an advanced writer if you only write fantasy roleplays?"

etc etc.

Writing a specific genre, gender, etc. has no impact on whether or not you're an advanced roleplayer. What makes an advanced roleplayer, at least in regards to RPG, is the quality of your writing, not what you RP.

Also valid. Thank you for your insight!
free/casual/advanced are arbitrary segmentations made to give people a rough shot of what to expect from you, and people often use them as stand-ins for "short/medium/long posts"

Advanced only means what you want it to mean, with the footnote that pretty much everyone will agree that one-liners aren't exactly advanced-level writing.

RPing is also a form of self-expression, so I'm hardly surprised some people would only want to tackle one type of character or theme.

You know what, that's fair on both counts. I really appreciate your insight.
I've been wondering this for years. I see people who claim to have such high standards and want people of the same caliber to write with, but then they only write female main characters and sometimes only these select pre made female main characters. At what point does being unable or unwilling to tackle writing from a different perspective finally justify not being able to consider yourself an advanced writer?

This is not a call out post, I struggle with the exact opposite some times in only wanting to write male characters. But I can do both and strive to de decent at both. I get having a wheel house but come on. At some point refusing to write a whole segment of the gender population has to have an impact on your writing skills.

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