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Current Schrodinger's Malaysia
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i wish arknights was an anime
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Mouse was that 23 year old you by any chance
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700, that's cute
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my favourite shanty band wrote a song about my city and I'm so excited youtube.com/watch?v=T_5PHU7…
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Sing oak and ash and thorn good sirs
All of a midsummer's morn
Surely we sing of no little thing
In oak and ash and thorn

Current RPs:

I guess I'm not a university student anymore. Yikes xD
Timezone: Atlantic, GMT-4 (one hour ahead of ET)

My memory sucks! Don't be afraid to let me know if Iā€™m holding you up.

A bit about me:
  • Birth year 1998
  • Female, if you care
  • I'm from Canada, specifically Nova Scotia (home of the world's largest non-nuclear explosion, baby!)
  • I intend to go to law school, though as of now I am on a one-year post-graduation hiatus to work and study for the LSAT (and, of course, to write!)

RP wise:
  • I write at a casual-advanced level, which basically means that my posts can get quite long and I greatly enjoy an involved story and character development, but I like a more relaxed OOC atmosphere. Feel free to snoop below to get a feel for my posting style ^_^
  • I have weaknesses for gladiators, mythical creatures and status/class differences
  • I don't really have a gender preference for characters and I write a wide range of personality types; as well, I'm always trying to improve my writing, so I like getting the chance to play outside my comfort zone.
  • LOVE character and world building; it's pretty much why I'm here.
  • If you give me a world with set rules and limitations, I will make a hobby out of cheesing them without actually breaking them.
  • Active in the OOC - I like to know the people I write with! (add me on Discord, Obscene#1925)
  • My scratchpad in the character sheet section is where I put my WIPs and reference content. Take a gander if you want to know what I've got in the works.
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