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Current TFW: Your favourite RP hasn't replied yet so you don't feel like posting on any of 'em.


All you need to know is that 100% of my RPs contain dragons in some form or fashion.

Current RPs: Updated 10/20/19

1. Tides Afire - Epic Medieval/Victorian High-Fantasy Adventure. Magic, Monsters, Pirates, Dragons, gunpowder. Multi-generational. Currently in its 13th year real-time. Primary throuple FxFxM (human x half-dragon x tiefling).

2. A Dragon's Treasure - High-fantasy adventure/romance. Humans and anthros. Primarily FxF MxTM FxNB/Trans, multiple main pairs. 3 years running.

3. Forging Future - High fantasy MxF erotica, political intrigue, demons. Humans and shapeshifters.

4. The Fickle Road - Medieval low-fantasy adventure. MxNB. Humans and elves.

RP Waitlist:
DeadDrop - Superhero RP
AngelBites15 - TMNT - MBverse


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