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5 days ago
Current This is what happens when I try to play video games on net that keeps dropping
5 days ago
I'm about ready to commit murder.
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5 days ago
Internet is out for I don't know how long. Will reply when possible
17 days ago
18 days ago
*Psst..* Wanna by a watch?


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MissCapnCrunch 1 mo ago
Overlord Thraka! You are now my valentine. GOOD DAY!
Mistiel 3 mos ago
Yuuzhan Vong #BestArc ^.^
Darquesse 5 mos ago
I understand that "give me your thoughts now" doesn't translate to 20 hours later, but I digress. I enjoyed Baby Driver a lot. It being an Edgar Wright film, I had high expectations, and he certainly exceeded them. Baby was an interesting character with a believeable story, (1/?)
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