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6 mos ago
Current I feel torn. On one hand, I'm bored, so I want to get into some more RPs. On the other, I know once the quarantine ends, I won't have the free time to keep up with all of them. Temptation is a B.
6 mos ago
I was a big darksouls fan. I've played all three of that line. Bloodborne seemed like the next step. Just didn't own a PS4... until now.
6 mos ago
Can't believe I bought a PS4 just so I could play Bloodborne.
6 mos ago
Go look at this thing I did: roleplayerguild.com/posts/5… Or don't. Largely neutral on the whole thing.
6 mos ago
Guess everybody likes a pretty girl. Good to see things haven't changed much, since the early days of the guild. I guess.


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