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12 mos ago
Current I'm sorry. I just like to laugh by telling the truth in a joke sometimes, I don't really find it al that deprecating.
12 mos ago
Hi, my name is Faun, and I've been a smelly dumpster fire since I was three years old.
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12 mos ago
Just a pro tip: If someone is no contact with another party and doesn't want their address shared to them behind their back, might be a good reason for that. But what do I know lmao.
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1 yr ago
Do you ever just join a roleplay forum to let off some steam and then...fuck everything up pretty royally? Because me rn
1 yr ago
Turns out that you need to consume food to live and there's a reason I kept feeling like falling asleep for 10,000 years. I'm pretty sick. Whoopsie daisy!


a r t : SHA


s i 7 v e r

A gal not to mess with!...Because I'll definitely ugly cry. Hit me up any time with your best bulli. Or rp idea. Or chat. S'cool too.

F / 26 / Maybe Pretty Dang Gay
Getting my shit together atm. Please call back later.

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Hey there. I almost PM'ed, so I'm glad I made sure to read all the way down before getting too excited. I try to post at least twice a week, but once a day is hard for me with my number of rps. In fact, I should probably can the amount I'm doing with this one. There's other reasons too, but I'd prefer to open up in PM rather than here. ^^;; My writing runs from a few paragraphs to novel-worthy, depending on circumstances in the RP.

I've had an "idol-related" idea for awhile that you might be interested in if you're okay with it bringing in those darker themes and dramas. I'd envisioned it as a FxF pairing, but it could easily work as a FxM if that's your preference. I'm down to play either role as well in that case, so it'd be whatever you like.

Well, there's one kind of favor
I'll ask of you
There's just one kind of favor
I'll ask of you
There's one kind of favor
I'll ask of you

See that my grave is kept clean.

And there's two white horses following me
I got two white horses following me
There's two white horses following me

Waiting on my burial ground.

Did you ever hear that coughing sound?
Have you ever heard that coughing sound?
Did you ever hear that coughing sound?

Means another poor boy is underground.

Did you ever hear them church bells toll?
Have you ever heard them church bells toll?
Did you ever hear them church bells toll?

Means another poor boy is dead and gone.

-Laibach : See That My Grave Is Kept Clean.
Banned for filling my mind with more images of attractively rectangle-headed big dudes
Three words? More like three more energy drinks.

Also, "this is fine"
Banned because I don't know what demi-lewd is but isn't full lewd so banned. Only fully lewd rps are allowed.
Banned because I messed up, and wanna offload responsibility to an innocent party
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