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10 hrs ago
Current Covid vaccine round two threw me for a loop. This headache must stop.
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3 days ago
Iā€™m alive, just so very tired...
11 days ago
I might actually die from sleep deprivation
14 days ago
I survived a stressful task without panicking and I feel successful. šŸ˜
17 days ago
Iā€™m overwhelmed, apologies.
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Hey hey! My name is Blue.

I love animals, gaming, reading, music, and writing.

Currently into...
šŸŽ®: Elder Scrolls Online / The Witcher 3 / Warframe
šŸ“š: The Time of Contempt, Andrzej Sapkowski
šŸ“š: Ella Minnow Pea, Mark Dunn
šŸŽ¶: Gorillaz, Glass Animals, Grandson
šŸŽØ: Maalavidaa
Pm me if you're interested in a 1x1 rp!

This is Moo.šŸ‘‡ He is my child. šŸ˜˜šŸ„
Boop his snoot or else

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Any interest in other plots?
Hey! We were rping about 9 months ago. Any interest in a new plot?
Sure! Want to pm so we can talk story and details?
Looking to get back into RPing, need someone to do it with! I'm not too particular on the details but I prefer the following;
- 1-2 paragraphs is great but short answers are fine, just give me something to work with.
- Minimal to no swearing is preferred, I don't and would rather not read it.
- Violence and suggestive is fine, anything more than suggestive is meh.
- I really like fugitive stories but I'm open to other ideas. I don't have any story ideas in specific right now.
- I prefer to do 1x1 rps through PM.
- I like at least one reply a day and can usually give the same.

I think that's it... Please pm me if you're interested! I'm open to lots of story ideas.

~ Blue
Bump. Still looking for RP partners.
Looking to start one or two 1x1 free-casual rps. I like if you give me something to work with (and I will do the same) but I have been known to do some one-liners on occasion so it's fine if you do too. I'd like something modern, I love survival and fugitive stories. Pm me if interested.
In Hello 4 yrs ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
Hi all. I'm RestlessBlue, aka Blue.
I've been roleplaying nearly my entire life, since I was about seven years old. I've been on a break of sorts for the last year due to a lack of platform to RP on but I'm excited to get back into it. I really enjoy telling stories by collaborating with others, I feel it's a very unique way to interact.
I prefer to RP one on one but I'm not opposed to group RPs, I just tend to feel left behind. I like fantasy and action with a flexible storyline. I'm not too particular but I can sometimes get fixated on a single moment in the story being exactly how I picture it, though I try not to bug anyone in the process. Too much backstory can be confusing to me so I may forget after a while, feel free to just remind me of the important bits and I don't mind rewriting.
I'm not sure if the rules and etiquette have changed since I last RP'd so if I"m doing something wrong please let me know.
I really dislike the constant use of first or second hand point of view writing in RP, it's fine for something like a flashback or dream, just please not all the time. I also try to keep my own spelling and grammar in check, I do find myself splitting infinitives on occasion or punctuating wrong, but I know my "there" "their" and "they're"s.

I'm really passionate about animals and art. I sculpt with polymer clay in my free time and I own about 20 pets including cats, ferrets, reptiles, and fish. I also enjoy a good video game once in a while, I'm currently hooked on Warframe.

Anyways I can't wait to get started RPing and getting to know some of you, I hope this little blurb helps you get to know me a little bit.

(PS. Is there any possible way to change the coloring of the page on my end? I have trouble reading on computer screens as is and white on black is ten times worse. If not, no biggie.)

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