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9 days ago
Current Apparently no one cared about my mistake because I have yet to be lectured?? Ok?
12 days ago
Gotta love dropping the ball at work two days after getting promoted. I hate myself ☠️
15 days ago
I kinda sorta got promoted
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17 days ago
Yeah so if you’re an unconfident person struggling with finding a purpose, don’t watch Pixar's “Soul”. I feel personally attacked 😭
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29 days ago
Working 7 days a week currently. Busy bee and very tired. 🥱


Hey hey! My name is Blue.

I love animals, gaming, reading, music, and writing.

Currently into...
🎮: Elder Scrolls Online / The Witcher 3 / Warframe
📚: The Time of Contempt, Andrzej Sapkowski
📚: Ella Minnow Pea, Mark Dunn
🎶: Gorillaz, Glass Animals, Grandson
🎨: Maalavidaa
Pm me if you're interested in a 1x1 rp!

This is Moo.👇 He is my child. 😘🐄
Boop his snoot or else

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Dark Cloud 5 mos ago
Cute Ferret!
Xandrya 1 yr ago
Sorry about Tucker. I too have lost a little one, so I know the feeling. Hugs to you.
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