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Current Pro tip: Take 5 shots, tell your Alexa "Play Don't Forget to Feed Your Neopets" and sit back and enjoy the ride (recommended for 18+)
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American healthcare may be ungodly expensive, but I do appreciate that I can get lab work and scans done within 24 hours of requesting them
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Looks like my chances of getting hantavirus are super low according to the pest control guy. Definitely needed that bit of good news today
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Learning how to safely cap an electrical outlet via YouTube videos because I couldn't get in touch with an electrician. Let's just hope being a strong, independent woman doesn't get me electrocuted
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My cat has started hopping in the shower with me in the mornings. On a scale of 1 to 10, how badly do I need an exorcist?


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Plenty of Sharks in the Sea - Modern day mafia/political intrigue with @BuzzingBee
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We're painting our house today and tomorrow, so I most likely won't get a post up until Sunday or Monday. Just a heads up!
Alex has answers for everything xD Also, when were you thinking Matt and Daniel would meet? I'm good with time skipping to that scene after Alex and Daniel's "dinner date" is over, since I don't really have much planned for her toward the very beginning of this.
Campaign firm. Politician. Suddenly, Alex didn’t feel quite so bad about using Daniel for a free meal. Most people weren’t fans of the men and women who got involved with politics, but her opinion of them was even lower. To her, they were just the puppets of whoever needed an eager pawn to do their bidding, and she’d seen firsthand just how easily they could be bought. Her ex-boyfriend, Matt, had taken advantage of many a desperate campaigner in the past, offering to fund their tours or tamper with the votes to ensure their victories in whatever office they were vying for. They were almost as bad as the people she was hiding from, and she had to bite the inside of her cheek to keep herself from letting her disgust show on her face.

Easy does it. He doesn’t know what you know, and he doesn’t know who you are. Maintaining her composure, she plastered on her usual coy smile and laughed lightly at Daniel’s joke. At least now she knew why he hadn’t jumped at the chance to tell her where he worked. It was probably a good thing that she’d asked too, because the knowledge knocked her interest in him down a few pegs. Now that she was aware that he belonged to the army of minions of every damn mob boss in New York City, it was much simpler to look at him as just a man that she would hang out with for the night and never see again in her life.

Still, his unappealing occupation didn’t take away from the fact that he was handsome as all hell, so she didn’t have to pretend to enjoy it when he sidled closer to her.

When he asked what she did for work, Alex replied almost reflexively, “Well, if you really must know, I’m a model with Wilhelmina.” She flashed him her most stunning grin to really sell it. The answer was a lie, of course, but it was closer to the truth than most other jobs she could have picked. Wilhelmina was one of the two agencies that she had been approached by in the past. If she hadn’t been trying to keep her head down, she probably would have ended up working for them for real. Sometimes she regretted turning down their offer, since being a Wilhelmina model would have granted her access to some of the most prestigious runways in the western world, but alas, she wouldn’t last two months without taking a bullet to the head if she tried.

“I mostly do magazines. Fashion, swimsuits… lingerie,” she winked at Daniel suggestively. A quick Google search would reveal that there wasn’t a single catalogue with her photo in it, but that didn’t matter. She wouldn’t be sticking around long enough for him to start asking questions anyway.

The temperature around them was steadily plunging, but luckily, the steakhouse was right up ahead, so they would be free from the cold soon. As they walked towards the door and the sweet relief of central heating, Alex picked another trivia question to ask her companion, “So, have you always lived in New York or did you move here from somewhere else?”
Yeah things are wild here. I finally managed to get a post up though! Sundays and Mondays are almost always busy for me, so I didn't really do a lot of writing and then today found myself with 7 RPs to reply to xD It was a mini storm.

I'd say I'm doing as well as I can be. I've got a good support network for prayer and company, and even though things are absolutely crawling along, they're still moving, and that's the best I can ask for :)

Glad you've been doing well! Hopefully things at work aren't busy forever.
“Hey!” Cas gawked at Iris in mock offense. “I could totally be a chef if I wanted to. I’d just have to learn about the ingredients, learn to put it all together and cook it at the right temperature… Okay, yeah, I could never be a chef. I’m getting bored just thinking about it.” He wrinkled his nose. He knew he’d grown up with a silver spoon in his mouth, especially after he’d been outside the capital, but he was used to having other people around to make his meals for him, and that wouldn’t change overnight. Truthfully, if he ever found himself in a situation where he didn’t have access to servants who could cook him dinner, he was willing to learn how to do it, himself. However, he wouldn’t go out of his way to master the skill unless he had to. There were more than enough other responsibilities to keep him busy in his role as the crown prince. Cooking just wasn’t one of them.

When he brought up the idea of talking and her smile faltered, he felt certain that she wasn’t as okay as she was trying to lead him to believe. He watched her a little more carefully, idly trailing his hand down her arm when she attempted to claim that she was fine. Before, he hadn’t paid much attention to her behavior, but now that he’d pretty much called her out, he could see that she was having a hard time holding herself together. Inwardly, he kicked himself for being so oblivious to her discomfort. He should have been more attentive to her needs but instead, he’d gotten caught up in the fact that they were alone in a suite.

Now was as good of a time as ever to make up for that though, so he went along with it when she reversed the conversation onto him. He was still planning to get her to answer his question honestly, but if being the first person to open up would make it easier for her to follow suit, then he was willing to break down that wall. “Yes and no,” he replied, tilting his head slightly as he thought about the best way to explain his family situation to her. “My dad is my only immediate family. I told you that my mom passed a few years ago, and I’m an only child, but I have other relatives. They’re just, um… estranged.”

As he spoke, he settled down more comfortably into the sofa, leaning his head against hers and fixing his gaze on their reflection in the black screen of the TV. “Like I’ve said, my dad’s paranoia isn’t new. He’s always been afraid that everyone else around him is an enemy. That included his own siblings, so… after my mom died, he pretty much kicked all of them out of the house. They still live in the capital, but there’s bad blood between us and them, so I never see the my aunts, uncles or cousins anymore. My dad wrote all of them out of his will too, so legally, none of them can inherit the crown even if something happened to me.” He shook his head. “I still don’t fully understand why he did it. My relatives aren’t bad people, and there are a few of them who would make better kings or queens than I would. But, you know, what’s done is done, and my dad is the only one who can write them back into the will, so it’s up to him to mend the relationships.”

With a sigh, he reached for Iris’s hand and laced his fingers with hers as he braced himself to answer the second half of her question. “As for me… I don’t really know what to say. Things are tense between me and my dad, obviously, and even though I’ve got a psychiatrist who’s supposed to be helping me, I haven’t really had a chance to process everything that happened when we were in Bel Bicis. Instead, I got slapped with a diagnosis of being mentally unstable, which has just made it worse. I wish they would just listen to me for once. My dad especially… He always treats me like I’m still a kid, but I think I’m capable of more than that. At the very least, I’d like him to really take what I have to say to heart instead of just dismissing everything I tell him. It makes me feel like he doesn’t care… like I’m just a tool to him, to be molded into the successor that he wants to take over the monarchy, and that’s it.

“It also doesn’t help that he’s only gotten worse since we got back to the capital. He’s always been tough on me, I get that, but I wish he’d understand that what I just went through was really difficult, and I wanted his support.” He frowned as the pent-up emotions stirred while he spoke. “I didn’t tell you, but when we found all those dead bodies… there were two that have really been haunting me. A mother and her kid… When we found that apartment, I saw a photo on the nightstand in the bedroom. It was the same people, and—” He took a slow breath, startled by how abruptly the pain struck him. When he was thinking about other things, it was easier to forget about the trauma, but dredging up the memories sucked the air from his lungs and made his eyes sting with the threat of tears.

“I don’t know…” he whispered, losing the stamina to explain it any further. “It just made it more real somehow. And then we nearly got crushed when that bomb came, and then the rebels caught us, and I just have no idea what to do with all of it. Honestly, it’s been slowly eating me alive since we got back… I’m tired, I’m angry, I’m stressed, and I’m just really glad I’m here with you rather than at the house with my dad right now.” He pressed another kiss to her forehead, drawing her into his arms to take comfort in her touch. When he pulled back again, he managed a half-smile. “Okay, I just poured my bleeding heart out to you, so now it’s your turn. Tell me how you’re really doing, Iris.”
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Vail had tried to be diplomatic for the sake of avoiding a conflict in front of his relatives, but it seemed like Victoria was either unaware of how difficult her adjustment could be or genuinely didn’t care about the dangers of it. He studied her determined face quietly. Even though she was no longer human, it seemed like it was going to take time for her to lose her mortal mindset. Humans often rushed into situations without thinking through every detail, acutely aware of their race against the time and anxious to make use of every second they had. They were a fast-paced species because of their short lifespans. They didn’t have the luxury of waiting and planning and moving forward with a level head like his kind did.

Meanwhile, vampires were often much more patient and pragmatic. It was the reason why the Wynters had managed to levy themselves into a position of power so quickly. They had been biding their time for generations, waiting until the opportune moment to strike. The birth of Victoria, whose blood was like the nectar of the gods to their people, was the opportunity they had been seeking for over a century. Now, that advantage had been stolen away from them, but the rival clan was still years ahead of them in terms of strategizing. If Victoria rushed into England blindly, with little to no control over herself as a fledgling, she was going to get herself killed.

Fortunately, her half-brother proposed an alternative solution that both kept her safe and satisfied her desire to not waste any time. He relaxed and shot the other man a grateful look, appreciative that the burden of convincing Victoria to remain in Scotland had been lifted from his shoulders.

“The Wynters have no idea that I’m in communication with the Hygraces, so they don’t pay close attention to my movements,” Sylvia explained the reason why she was able to travel freely. “My family has yet to submit to them, but my father hasn’t spoken out either. Remaining neutral has worked to our benefit for the time being. Until the Wynters demand out loyalty, they leave us alone. However,” she smiled at the halfbreed. “I do know London like the back of my hand and would be happy to guide you if you. I’ll be leaving this place in the morning, and you’re welcome to come with me to look for those two humans.”
Most of what Artemis was saying went over Azdrei’in’s head, since his English vocabulary wasn’t robust enough to catch every word she spoke. However, he was distracted anyway as he took over the controls of the ship to bring it down to land. Switching off the auto-pilot mode, he guided the craft past the oxygen barrier and into the loading bay, a large room filled with other ships of different shapes and sizes. Most were almost identical to his vehicle, with crescent shaped wings and teardrop-shaped bodies. Since they had come to colonize the planet, scouting ships were the most useful kinds to them by far. However, there were also larger cargo transports and a few vessels that could bus groups of individuals all at once.

He eased his ship lower to the dock, where another warrior stood and directed him to one of the empty spaces where he could land. He followed the gesticulated orders and brought his craft down in a slot between two other private ships, powering down the engine once the vehicle’s feet were firmly planted. As he got up from his seat, a flurry of mixed emotions struck him at once. There was some relief in being among his people again, since he felt comfortable in their presence, but he was also a little disappointed to be on the mothership when he could have been exploring the earth.

Reminding himself that he was here to serve a purpose, he unlatched the door and waited for it to open. The sound of voices beyond the craft drifted to his ears, a familiar hum of Lunvalgan language. When the hatch touched the floor, he waited for a moment until another warrior approached the opening. They exchanged a brief gesture in greeting, crossing their left arms over their midriffs, and the other male turned to Artemis. “This is the earthling?” he asked curiously, waving to beckon them out of the ship.

“Yes,” he confirmed, glancing down at her as well. Switching to English, he told her, “You are safe. Come.” Then, he pressed a hand to her back to usher her down the ramp as he stepped out with her. Already, he could feel the eyes of the other Lunvalgans on them. Those who were loading cargo onto the larger ships craned their necks to get a glimpse of the human, fascinated by the strange and foreign being in their midst.

“You learned its language?” the other warrior studied him with intrigue.

“I am still learning it, but yes,” Azdrei’in nodded. “She has valuable knowledge to share with our people, so it was a necessity. I plan to translate when she speaks with the Om’phaers.”

“I see,” the warrior mused, turning to her again in quiet interest. “Well, it is late, so the Om’phaers will see her tomorrow morning. I am here to escort both of you to your assigned quarters for the night.” He beckoned them again and strode toward a door at the edge of the loading bay that would carry them into the inner part of the mothership, where the rest of the colony lived.

Azdrei’in followed him, explaining the situation to Artemis in a quiet tone, “Because of the time, you will talk to our specialist doctors tomorrow. Now, he is showing us where we will sleep at night.”
No worries! Things have been absolutely crazy here. We're taking steps to get rid of the mice, but also even more family stuff came up that might mean I have to go back to be with my family for a little while. My grandma just got diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and may not have much time left, so my grandparents and parents are all a mess right now. I'm tentatively making plans to go be with them in October.

It also means our move in date may be pushed back even longer, which is kind of frustrating but honestly, I never know what to expect these days :/ 2020 just really sucks.

Writing is my stress-relief outlet, so I'll most likely still be writing about the same pace as usual, but yeah. My life is wack these days lol

Anyway, enough of my drama. How you been? xD
When Iris commented on the cost of the suite, Caspian just lifted his shoulders. Knowing how she was with expensive things, he was sure she would faint if he told her the exact number that he was paying for each night they stayed at the Sunset Veil. To him, the bill was nothing though. He had access to a sizable chunk of the Maydestone family’s wealth even though he wasn’t yet the king. Even if they stayed at the resort for a whole month, he could justify the expense because it couldn’t outpace the rate at which their riches grew when the Aspirian economy was flourishing. The royal family was the most well-off group of high borns in the country, so he had no qualms blowing sixty thousand credits to hide out from his father while he decided what to do next.

He doubted they would actually be there for an entire month though. Though it was within reason for him to stay put for that long, he was expecting to be there no more than a week. He just needed to get the point across to Atlas that he was serious about making his own decisions and choose whether he was going to go back to his duties as crown prince or flee the country. Alone in the resort with Iris, with no distractions or contact with the outside world, he had more than enough time to think through both options in seven days. However, there was no reason to start just yet, so he pushed the thought to the back of his mind for now.

He threw an arm around Iris’s shoulders as she sat next to him on the sofa. “Honestly, I have no idea,” he replied to her question. “It’s got egg yolk in it, but other than that, I’m not really sure. I’m not much of a chef, if you hadn’t guessed already, so I don’t know a lot about the ingredients that go in my food.” It was a peculiar thing to ask about, but he didn’t think too much of it. Plus, her question gave him an idea. Ever since they’d gotten back to the capital, they hadn’t had a chance to just… talk to each other. Now that they were pretty much stuck in the Sunset Veil until further notice, it was the perfect opportunity to really check in. He wanted to know how she’d been doing since she’d been arrested, and he missed hanging out with her without being in a rush. Granted, they’d had time to do that yesterday too, but they’d opted to waste the hours doing something more fun instead.

“Yeah, maybe,” he agreed when she suggested coming back when things were less hectic, smiling as she took his hand and kissed his cheek. He wasn’t sure how long it would be before they could even start thinking about doing something like that, but he knew he liked the idea of it. If things went well with his father, then perhaps they could swing another visit to the resort in a few months or a year or so. It was a far out timeline, but it was still better than nothing.

“In your dreams,” he pressed a playful kiss to her temple when she joked about beating him. “I’ve conducted more than one business meetings over billiards, babe. It’s a favorite game of politicians around here. I could win in my sleep.” Clearing his throat, he added more seriously: “But… what do you think about just talking. Instead of watching TV, I mean. We can go through movies anytime, but I feel like we haven’t had a chance to just catch up with each other in a while. I want to know how you’ve been doing after everything that’s happened.”
These posts are such monsters xD Anyway, it's your turn to write the next one, haha
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