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Current @Venus I'm not sure tbh. Probably a combination of being selective with partners, communicating frequently and also sheer, dumb luck of finding some of the most loyal writers in the 1x1 section XD
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Just hit 10 active long-term 1x1s, so I won't be accepting anymore for the sake of my sanity. I love all you cool humans, so I'm still down to chat with anyone via PMs though!
4 days ago
But I cannot have kids, for I have dedicated my life to hunting down the avatar
4 days ago
I love how married couples who don't want kids rally around each other like brothers in arms. We need that when everyone else judges us for not wanting "the greatest thing that can ever happen to you"
19 days ago
Taking an anatomy drawing class to stave off the stuck-at-home boredom. Maybe I'll open a gallery page to share some of my practice work as I get into it.
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Name: Taylor
Gender: Female
Age: 21+
Occupation: Fresh college graduate trying to figure out what to do with my life
Relationship: Married (happily, I might add)
Personality: ENTP (Myers Briggs) 7w8 (Enneagram)
Writing History: I've been on a number of different roleplaying websites for over a decade
Hobbies: Writing, drawing, graphic design, piano, hiking, camping, traveling, anything NEW (can be convinced to try almost anything if I know I'll come away with a good story)
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Format: 1x1s
Posting Speed: Depending on my schedule, I can often post at least once per day, but I still try to post once a week if I'm busy
Favorite Genres: Historical, Romance, Action/Adventure, Horror/Dark, Fantasy, Military, Dystopian, can be convinced to write some Sci-Fi
Hard 'no's: Fandoms. Sorry, but I can't maintain interest in characters/worlds I didn't build with my partner
Template: Usually threads; PMs under specific circumstances
Rating: Comfortable with 18+ content, but fade to black (FtB) is preferred for explicit scenes
Level: Advanced. Will consistently provide 3-6 paragraphs with MC dialogue, often much more with side character dialogue
Character preference: One main, but large side casts are greatly enjoyed. Because I write long posts, I prefer not to double
Gender preference: Willing to play M or F, but preference is M (I'm androgynously more masculine than feminine, so I write better for the opposite gender)
Romantic Relationships: MxF only for MCs, LGBT characters on the side are fine with me
OOC chat: Yes please! I'm a hardcore extrovert who loves to get to know the amazing minds behind my partners' characters
Ongoing Roleplays

Let Me Steal Your Heart - Medieval saga going 5 years strong with @BuzzingBee
Beyond Expectations - Post apocalyptic sci-fi with @AHeartlessNobody
Match Up in Malibu - Slice of life with a twist set in California with @Bee
~Bonsoir~ - Victorian era vampire saga with @Angel Vicky
Cirque du Sombre - Supernatural circus of monsters with @Siaya Dragalorn
Amnesia - Modern dystopian romance with @sukikyoufu
Plenty of Sharks in the Sea - Modern day mafia/political intrigue with @BuzzingBee

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Yeah I spent most of today packing, so I'm making progress though! Got most of our kitchen stuff moved over to the new place as well as most of our board and card game sets :) I'm planning to pack all our winter clothes and maybe move a couple pieces of furniture tomorrow and/or Wednesday!

I both love and hate having so many RPs at once, so it has it's pros and cons haha

I'm very excited! I've been waiting for this for a long time, and I can't wait to live in this new neighborhood. It's my favorite in the city! In our budget, of course lol The multi-million dollar neighborhoods are insanely gorgeous, but I only get to visit when I'm invited by our rich friends xD
“I don’t think so,” Cas sighed as they discussed his father’s paranoia. “He’s always been like this. Everyone is an enemy until proven otherwise. That’s why he’s so concerned that I don’t agree with him, because if he was right, it would mean that I was siding with someone who wants to dismantle the monarchy. Everything he and our ancestors built would be at risk of falling. The problem is that he’s not right, and he’s going to extreme lengths to hold onto his conviction that I’m the one in the wrong.” He frowned. “The psychiatrist was the one who diagnosed me with Stockholm Syndrome, but I’m pretty sure she only did it because he’s paying her a small fortune to keep ‘treating’ me. Between the two of them, I don’t stand a chance of proving that there’s nothing wrong with me.”

When they pulled up to the hotel and Iris inquired about it, Cas shook his head. “It’s expensive, but it’s the closest resort to the border of the capital. I picked it so we can make a quick getaway if we need to.” He still didn’t have a whole plan put together for that though. He’d brought along his passport, but if he was going to flee the city successfully, he would need to open an offshore banking account and wire enough funds through to live on comfortably for as long as he needed to. They would also need to get a passport for Iris, since he felt pretty certain that she didn’t have one. There were a lot of steps left that would take some time to complete, so he just hoped they wouldn’t have to resort to that for a long time, if at all.

Once the car was parked and turned off, he waited for Iris to put on the sunglasses he’d lent her before he stepped out and opened the trunk. Slinging the strap of the duffle bag over his shoulder, he glanced at her briefly before he took the lead approaching the guard at the elevator door. The man looked surprised at the sight of them, which wasn’t surprising since he’d booked the hotel room under an alias. However, he recovered quickly and bowed, “Good evening, your highness. I take it you’re the one who reserved the executive suite?”

“I did,” he confirmed with a nod, keeping close to Iris’s side. He doubted the man standing in front of them would recognize her in the dim yellow lights of the parking garage while she was wearing sunglasses, but he kept a close eye on him just in case.

Expectedly, the guard attempted to study her discreetly when he stood up straight again. It probably looked to him like the crown prince had booked the room to have a secret affair, so of course he would want to try to figure out who he’d shown up with. Cas couldn’t let him examine her face for long though. He cleared his throat, causing the other man to jump to attention. “Sorry, your highness. Right this way,” he mumbled quickly, swiping a card to access the lift.

The doors opened, granting them access, and Cas stepped past the other man with his hand on Iris’s lower back to guide her forward with him. The guard followed them inside and pressed the button for the twentieth floor. Reserved for VIP guests only, he had to swipe his card one more time when prompted by a yellow light on the display that turned green after the card was accepted. “I have your room key here, your highness,” he said as they ascended to the top floor. Reaching into his breast pocket, he took out another card in a paper sleeve which he handed to the prince. “Only one copy was made though, so I’ll have to request a second one if you need it.”

“That would be great, thanks,” Cas nodded as he took the key. “Just have housekeeping slip it under the door for me when it’s ready.”

“Of course,” the guard bobbed his head respectfully.

When the elevator reached the twentieth floor, the door slid open, depositing the trio into an elegantly decorated hallway. The guard took the lead walking them to their suite, ensuring that the hallways were clear before they rounded any corners for total privacy. At the end of the long corridor, they stopped before a door marked E2050. The guard bowed once more and walked away, leaving them to enter alone.

Cas stepped forward and swiped the room key over the sensor, waiting for the whirr and click that signaled the lock had opened before he pushed the door open and stepped into a massive, multi-level suite with one wall made of pure curtain glass and a sweeping, gold spiral staircase curling up to the bedroom over their heads. “Not too shabby for a hideout, huh?” he mused with a smile, glancing at Iris once more as he set down his bag. “Want to order room service? You and Miles didn’t eat dinner before I picked you up, right?”
It is! It's a fascinating story, so I recommend it even though it's a lot to take in :)
It’s a fantasy that’s kind of difficult to explain. It isn’t difficult to read in the traditional horror sense. It’s more of the trauma that all the characters go through that makes it heavy. Like parents losing children, systematic human trafficking, rape of adolescents, etc. it’s really well written but I have to take lots of breaks so the hard parts don’t make me depressed.
Thanks! I have a lot, but I also have a few friends who are willing to help me out if I need it, especially with moving big furniture.

And nice! I've never read Twilight, but I don't read much romance in general (shocking, since I enjoy writing it). I've been slowly working through the Broken Earth series though, and it's good. Very heavy though, so I have to take a lot of breaks. I definitely feel like Joey from FRIENDS when I go through it xD

I do have one partner that may possibly be going on hiatus again, since I haven't heard anything from her in almost 2 months, so you know what? Why not? xD I'll possibly just be posting closer to weekly rather than daily because I'm trying to stagger replies so I don't overwhelm myself.

I'll have to reread what we've written so far so I can remember what we were doing!

I'm glad you only had a mild case. I've been doing well! My husband and I just bought a house, so we're in the process of moving. I'm doing almost all the heavy lifting, since I don't have a job right now. Plenty of time to pack while he's at work :) It's a lot to manage, but I don't have much else to do during the pandemic, so I've been enjoying it.
No rush at all! I have so much writing to do lately it's crazy xD One of my other partners from an older RP just reappeared asking to pick up where we left off so I miiiight be putting myself up to 10 active ones lmao

I have no self control

Also I really need to get some packing done because we're finally moving into the new house next month! The installs are mostly scheduled, so I'm boxing up things to store in the garage until we can start making it our home ^^
Hey! Sorry to hear you had covid. How are you doing?

I'm suuuper torn about picking up again because I'd love to keep going from where we left off, but I also have 9 active RPs right now so my hands are very full ^^; Would it be too much for me to ask to have a little time to consider it and see if I have enough free time to add another story? I'm just reluctant to jump right back in and find myself with an overwhelming amount of posts to write each day.
Sounds good!

I also did a little research for this part, and a lot of luxury resorts have "secret" parking for celebrities and other guests, where they can enter and exit without being around other people. It's super interesting!
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