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Current Imagine working at Dairy Queen while also moonlighting as a bartender, and you flip a customer's drink upside down when you serve it to them
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When does that happen? Asking for a friend
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My therapist said she loves my 'fuck it' approach to doing things that make me uncomfortable in life, and I've never been more validated xD
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I love when a RP lasts so long that when you describe a character's memory, you're writing about something that you already wrote months or years ago.
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My husband and I have the best Valentine's tradition: Going to Walmart the day after to buy up the clearance-priced Russell Stover chocolate boxes. Nothing says 'I love you' more than discount candy.


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In regards to writing people of color specifically, one thing I'll add is that roleplayers can sometimes have the tendency to fixate on things like eye and hair color in their RP—which isn't necessarily bad, of course, but they can additionally imply a certain level of importance to that color variation, variation which most people on Earth simply don't have. I haven't seen it especially much here, but having a section in, say, a personal description for hair color and eye color is pretty Eurocentric when the majority of people in the world will have dark hair and dark eyes as a rule. I know that culturally in the West we put a lot of significance into those things (feisty redheads or pure blue eyes or what have you) but they're also tropes reflective of a white-dominated culture that don't really apply to other people. There's also a tendency to ignore that, i.e. have a character who's Asian except for their blue eyes (which really just makes me think of Toni Morrison and The Bluest Eye) in a way that's uncomfortable because it can be read to say that PoC characters aren't interesting enough unless they have colored eyes. The one exception I'd make would be anime settings because of mukokuseki, because then everyone has colored eyes, but that's a trope of the genre rather than a player choice per se. Outside of that one exception, however, I think that these sorts of characters can tend to make it hard to feel seen and appreciated as who you are—instead they can make you feel that people like you aren't 'interesting' or 'beautiful' enough to be worth exploring as a character.

I'd never actually thought about this before, but, well, damn xD I've read and written so many RPs with an emphasis on those specific physical traits that I'm gonna have to start thinking of more features to describe for my characters in general. That's good info for the future to get me out of my limiting box. Thanks for sharing!
I'm so glad to see that this thread gained traction overnight.

@Kassarock @POOHEAD189

Really helpful advice from both of you. Thanks so much for contributing! It reminds me of why I started the thread in the first place, actually. One of my closest friends is gay, and we were chatting about the value of minority representation in the media. A lot of film and TV shows seem to depict queer characters as either total stereotypes/caricatures or people who could pass as straight if they didn't tell you they were gay/lesbian/bi. There's much more of a spectrum in real life. However, my friend had a really good point that while caricatures can be offensive if done in poor taste, that doesn't mean that queer characters can't ever have stereotypical tendencies. It can also be offensive/hurtful to send a message that they have to be ambiguous enough that their sexuality is unclear, so having a mix of both can be cathartic for people who may feel like it's been ingrained in them to avoid "being a stereotype" at all costs.

I can't speak much to that same point regarding POCs, but I agree for sure that it would be nice to see more variety on the site. I think a lot of people overthink it and know that I even did for a while before I started branching out from straight white male characters. More than anything else, I've noticed the changes to my minority characters are predominantly in their histories. How they were raised, the building and wounding messages they received in adolescence, what their families were like, etc. At the end of the day, they're all human and that's the most important thing to remember, but I've learned that there's something beautiful in at least acknowledging some of the cultural differences between my white, black, Latinx, Asian, Native, etc characters who were brought up by more traditional families. Which is where some advice from people with life experience could be helpful if anyone reading the thread has anything they want to share in that department! :)

@Crystal Amalgam

Honestly, I love hearing from trans people, so anything you want to add about mental health and psychology is totally fine with me. Thanks for sharing! I think trans people are probably the single most underrepresented group on the forum (at least, from what I've seen) so it's really helpful to hear advice on how to write them as characters. That's the one group I haven't tried to write, myself. It's mostly because gender dysphoria is a thing I have experience with and haven't reached a point of comfort enough to create a character that's been through it too, but for other people, it could be helpful to learn about trans people both for general understanding and for better knowing how to approach a character if they want to give it a shot.
Speaking as someone LGBT+, "Bury Your Gays" is a trope to be wary of. This isn't to say that LGBT+ people in your writing can't have tragic experiences; many people today still struggle with homophobia, transphobia, being assaulted for being LGBT+, etc. However, for an underrepresented community of people in media, it does get tiresome seeing LGBT+ characters constantly written as someone whose life is hell and/or is killed off to where it is a refreshing (and thankful) change of pace whenever the opposite happens.

Thanks! I’ve heard that’s a reason why Schitt’s Creek was praised for being a homophobia free zone.
I'm curious about other writers' approach to this subject. I have multiple POC and queer characters in a few of my ongoing RPs, but I was wondering recently if there are people of those demographics (or other writers in general with experience) who have advice they'd like to give straight, white writers like myself to better represent them in their stories. I've noticed for a while that there aren't a whole lot of POC characters specifically on this site, so it could be especially helpful for anyone who wants to get their feet wet with writing a character who doesn't share their race. For example, if there's anything anyone wants to share regarding their culture, terms/language specific to a minority demographic, mistakes they've seen in others' writing (without pointing fingers) or other details that aren't commonly reflected in RP, I'd love to hear them!

I'll also mention that this could be a good spot for people to discuss and share questions about writing different genders if they have any.

Writing outside of your own life experience can be a powerful thing, and I hope this will be helpful for anyone who wants to give it a shot!


Note: Please keep all conversation classy. This is meant to be an inclusive thread designed for learning, and I don't want to see it dissolve into arguments, intolerance or hateful speech. Thanks!
One of the most interesting books I've read in recent years was from second person perspective ("you" instead of I or they). It forced the reader (me) to step into the shoes of a character who was nothing like myself, and it was delightfully uncomfortable to explore.

Anecdote aside, I tend to stick to third person in my RPs because I've heard some partners say that reading posts that use I/me/my throws off their voice for their character, so it just feels safer. Most of the time, I use third person limited, but I'm trying to branch out and dabble in omniscient lately to practice weaving more than one POV together without staggering the flow of my writing. Like the people discussing collabs were saying, it's pretty difficult to do, but I've read some authors who tackle it beautifully, and in my opinion I'll only grow as much as I challenge myself, so I'm hoping to make progress as I work on it.
Sorry to hear that! I hope things look up for you soon. In the meantime, just let me know when you're ready to continue. I'm not going anywhere :)
I had too much fun with that scene haha. The coronation flipped a switch in Cas's mentality about becoming king.
The half hour between the moment Caspian had signed his life away and the moment he stood in wait to take his oath as king came and went in a blur. Surrounded by a small team of bodyguards in the hall leading into the throne room, the newly fledged monarch fiddled nervously with the sleeve of his tunic. Just fifteen minutes prior, the minister who would be officiating the coronation had walked him through the words he would need to say in front of the Aspirian people. He was good at memorizing speeches and had plenty of experience with public speaking, so remembering a few simple phrases was child’s play by now, but he still repeated his part in his head and under his breath, worried that he would forget a line in spite of all evidence to the contrary.

With his eyes fixed on the floor and the words whispered softly on his lips, he startled when Jacob spoke up at his side. “They are ready for you inside, your majesty,” the taller man announced, studying him with a frown. “We can move forward with the ceremony on your mark… Should I request a few more minutes?” He could see the nerves written plainly on the former prince’s face and didn’t want to push him to stand before the people until he was mentally prepared to do so.

“No,” Cas shook his head, taking a slow breath to steady himself. “I’m ready. Tell them they can open the doors.” The longer he waited, the more time he had to psyche himself out, and that wouldn’t be productive for anyone. He had already signed his name on the papers that had legally given him the title anyway, so he was most of the way there already. He just had to confirm his intentions with the people, and then he could enjoy the festivities to follow. The hardest part would be over in less than an hour. Then he just had to focus on actually leading the kingdom. No pressure, right?

Jacob nodded and murmured into his radio. A pregnant pause followed before the double doors eased open, and the hallway was suddenly filled with the thunderous sound of applause from the high borns waiting on the other side. Caspian blinked in mild surprise as he walked with his guards into the room. He didn’t know what he’d been expecting when he thought about a coronation—especially since he’d never seen one, himself—but for some reason, the excitement of the occasion came as a shock. His father had just passed away, and he was an unknown stepping in to fill the role as ruler, yet the men and women who watched him stride across the aisle all looked happy about the transition. Each one well-dressed in every vibrant color one could imagine, the invited high borns wore smiles on their faces and whispered amongst one another eagerly. The mood in the air was infectiously enthusiastic, and it didn’t take long for Cas to start getting swept up in its sweet effects.

A smile pulled at his own lips as he stepped up to the ceremonial throne. The enormous chair was gilded in gold leaf, its legs and backrest spiraling outward and upward with organic texture. It was stationed in the center of a raised pedestal with a delicate side table decorated with more gold leaf and glass. Both pieces of furniture were eye-catching works of art, but they had the misfortune of sharing the spotlight with the Aspirian crown itself.

The latter was what Cas had fixed his gaze on as he approached. Among past generations, crowns were used more often to designate royalty in Aspiria, but in modern times, they were worn only as often as the tunic the next king was sporting now. He could count on one hand the number of times he’d seen his father wear it, but it still looked just as intimidatingly regal as he remembered. The sweeping, solid gold was inlaid with precious stones that glittered as they caught the light. It looked like it had been given a fresh polish too, so that even the cameras in the far back end of the room could pick up its luster.

When he reached the throne, the minister, who was standing behind the table and crown, beckoned for him to take a seat. Cas followed the wordless instructions, turning around to face his audience as he reclined in the gilded chair. It wasn’t the most ergonomically comfortable piece of furniture, but he could practically feel the weight of its importance as his fingers brushed the edge of the golden armrests. In that moment, he’d made a tangible gesture to symbolize that he was going to fill the vacancy his father had imparted with his death. He swallowed nervously, trying not to focus on the loftiness of his decision.

“Your Majesty, are you willing to take the oath that your forefathers vowed before you?” the minister’s question rang out over the room, jarring Cas back into the present moment. The coronation was starting. The needed to give his attention to his part of the ceremony.

“I am willing,” he responded, glancing at the news station cameras that hovered near the rear doors. The minister had been clear in their rehearsal that even though they would be doing all the talking, he needed to treat the oath as something he was saying to his people, so he looked out over the crowd instead of at the other man.

“Will you solemnly swear to govern the people of Aspiria according to the laws and customs of each district, committing yourself to the betterment of all those who live in this kingdom?”

“I swear to do so,” Cas answered honestly. Even if he hadn’t been made to promise it in front of everyone in the nation, he would have striven for that goal. His father and the earlier kings who had come before him hadn’t held up their end of the deal, as he’d seen with his own eyes in the outer regions of Aspiria, but he wasn’t like them. During his reign, he planned to do everything he could to make the country a place where everyone prospered, not just the people who lived in the capital city.

The minister continued: “Will you, to your power, execute all your judgments in the name of law and justice and demonstrate wisdom when you pass judgment on those who are deserving?”

“I swear to lead justly,” Cas said, though he wasn’t quite as thrilled about the idea of passing judgment on anyone.

They went back and forth a few more times as the minister had him swear other things before the people. Some of the promises were easy, and some he wondered if he would be able to keep. The entire process lasted no more than ten minutes, and at the end of it, the minister picked up the crown from the table and poised it over the young king’s head. “You have sworn to uphold the legacy of every king who came before you. For that, I deem you worthy of this crown. Wear it proudly, as it grants you the divine authority to command this kingdom as its people’s ruler, protector and advocate.” As he spoke, he lowered the crown so that it rested at the crest of the royal’s hairline. “I dub thee Caspian Maydestone, eleventh King of Aspiria. Long live the king.”

“Long live the king!” the audience echoed resoundingly.

A smile alighted on Cas’s face as he looked out over the small crowd. The coronation wasn’t so bad after all. As they chanted in support of his reign, he sat up straighter in the throne, making a silent vow to himself that he would do his best to live up to their expectations. The lives of the Aspirian people were in his hands now, and that wasn’t a responsibility he took lightly. Now that he was officially king, he would do everything he could to leave the nation better off than it had been when Atlas was in control.
“Good luck getting past the producers. I have a feeling they’d rather let us freeze if it means getting more shots of everyone in their swimsuits,” Jett pointed out with a gesture at the other nearby contestants, all of whom were still in their bikinis and trunks too. Showing some skin made for higher ratings, especially when half the cast was made up of celebrities with their own individual cult followings. He wouldn’t have been surprised if the crew had even set up bouncers to keep them from getting back to their rooms until the end of the night. The trade-off for spending the summer in Malibu was that they had to sell their souls to the cameras, after all.

He took Anna’s hand when she offered it and walked with her over to the food line. “It’s a buffet, so I’ll probably try to have a little of everything,” he replied, eyeing a tray loaded with kalua pork. His dietician would murder him if he went crazy and gained ten pounds before he came back to New York, but five wouldn’t be too bad, right? He was sure the producers would have them doing all sorts of active games while they were staying at the beachside mansion anyway. He could have a big dinner and worry about burning it off the next time they were called to compete for immunity.

True to his word, he stacked a plate with everything from barbeque meats to sliced pineapple to bread rolls and then swiped an exotic looking cocktail off the end of the counter for good measure. With a veritable feast in hand, he turned back to Anna and tipped his head in the direction of the outdoor fireplace, where a few of the other cast members were already congregating. “I think I’ll hang out over here. Want me to take your plate for you while you go on your quest to change clothes? I’ve got enough of my own food that I won’t eat yours. Scout’s honor.”
“Good choice. I’m not a very touchy guy,” Rayth nodded approvingly when Lune decided not to take the first open bunk they came across. The statement was really only half true though. Most of the time, he was laidback with a good sense of humor and little interest in picking a fight with anyone else, but that didn’t mean his temper was nonexistent. There were a few sensitive subjects that could get under his skin, and whenever he was between feeds, he was irritable until he whetted his thirst for blood.
With a chuckle at her remark about taking a shower, he led Lune further into the train to continue their search for the cot that would be her bed. “I think there are around thirty members right now?” he said with a slight inflection, furrowing his brows as he tried to add up the troupe in his head. “I’ve never been great at math though, so don’t hold it against me if I’m way off my mark.”
Navigating around another pile of someone’s unwashed laundry, he pondered the best way to answer her question about the ‘house rules.’ Nearly all of them were centered around keeping the creatures in the circus safe and hidden away from the human world. They weren’t allowed to wander away from the pack, they couldn’t feed outside of the prey that Freida had gathered for them and they couldn’t interact with the audience that came to their shows unless it was part of their performance.
With the ever-present risk of hunters looming over them, the whole point of Cirque du Sombre was to be a sanctuary for supernaturals of every shape and size… but that made it difficult to explain the isolating rules they followed to protect themselves from her kind.
“Um, Frieda might be a better person to ask about those than I am,” he frowned, glancing at her through the murky darkness. “Most of the rules we follow around here are more like helpful suggestions though. Like don’t steal stuff from the other members or don’t start fights… or, for me, don’t bite humans.” He smiled lopsidedly. “I think you’ll be fine as long as you think twice about doing anything that seems like a generally bad idea.”
There weren’t so many sleeper cars that they needed to spend an eternity wandering around in search of open beds, so after Rayth guided Lune through three more, they hit the end of the section, and he cut them off before they traipsed any deeper. There would be plenty of time to give her a tour of the public spaces and storage areas when there was enough daylight for her to see them.
Between the five cars they’d seen, he’d found three open cots that seemed like decent choices. The first had been the one he’d pointed out to her first with an uppity witch as a bunkmate, the second was with Briella the werewolf and the third was a shared space with a shapeshifter named Juliette who usually kept to herself.
Out of the options, he hinted most strongly toward the latter, since he knew Genesis would be inhospitable, and he didn’t trust Briella within ten yards of a human.
“So what’s your preference?” he asked when they’d finished their search, leaning back against the wall of the train car they’d stopped in. “I know this is probably the worst time of day to pick out a place to live, but if anything grabbed you, we should set up your stuff now before everyone else gets back. Better to ask for forgiveness than permission, you know?”
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