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Until recently, I was involved in 1X1 RP's, mainly via PM. There are indication however, if only upheld by my recent posting records... that I will join group role plays when enticed by a measure of stimulating appeal. I may have even start my own group role play of late, and it might not be entirely unreasonable to think that it has been more successful than I anticipated. So go ahead and join as well if want to.

I also like cookies.

Here are some of my role play preferences.

So... feel obligated to PM me; ask about my day, invite me to role play, tell me off, or simply throw me an undeserved compliment. I'm not really fussed which of these you choose.

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Dorita Gavon, oldest daughter of Dino Gavon, is gripping tight to a metal briefcase while running fast to escape the danger unleashed in her private science lab. She has left behind her colleague who now lies strewn and dismembered over the laboratory floor.

Fleeing through the corridors of the science ship, the Transect device on her wrist bleeps three times with the initiation of an incoming call from the bridge of the Flagship. It is First Gamma Palin himself.

“Superior Science officer, Dorita! We are receiving data concerning ongoing damage to your laboratory and surrounding areas. Please confirm immediately!”

Dorita takes a turn at the next corridor junction and lifts the Transect device to her mouth and with a panting voice replies to the first Gamma: “I don’t really have time to chat right now – but yeah, I can confirm that and much more. The specimen we had captive has reanimated. Believe it has been reinitialized within proximity of its own race that have arrived in this solar system. I suggest you prepare for battle. All hell is breaking loo - ”

Her voice is cut off by an explosion 50 odd meters behind her, where the Spore drone they had been holding captive for the last couple of years had managed to blast a hole in a wall in its pursuit of Dorita Gavon.

@Quote5@Uncle Spanky@Doc Doctor@Zyngard@Metatrooper@jorcool@Prima Luce@Dartbored Fairy

If the troubles at present were not enough, everyone in the Phantom Point Solar system receives a message from a computerized voice that overrides their communication systems so that every person of every ship in the entire solar system can hear it. The message is received from the many centipede shaped ships of the Sporn that had recently arrived in the system as a result of the Quantum Shuffle. The message is delivered as follows:

“Bio Carbon Humanoid life forms. Your stain on this universe has tainted purity. Your existence shall be aborted.”

Jor, Meta, Quote, Spank:

Concluding a few more minutes wait, Palin replies to Erwin Schmidt, the acting captain of The KSS Nova. This time the voice of Palin is rather tense, saying;

Captain Erwin Schmidt, We have reason to believe our Grand Minister has been murdered by an uncertain assailant and several of our vessels have been penetrated by the unknown entities attached to both our hulls. We have been compromised. There is also a specimen of a robotic entity on board our science vessel that has been activated and causing unprecedented destruction. We believe this specific entity to be related to the Sporn. We also believe you and I are soon to encounter yet another variety of hostile approaching this solar system. It should be detectable on your own scanners. I suggest our collaboration begins immediately. We are raising our shields and offensive systems. We suggest you do the same. Keep us informed.”

Several seconds after the First Gamma delivers his message, the Spore vessels had divided into smaller groups, a few of them surrounding both The Quatis and The Khaganate, while one approaches the Ernest and another approaches the Tempest and the DGS. Any scans of the Sporn vessels will indicate that weapons are being charged.

The Khaganate would also be aware of another, smaller vessel, the Tempest, which now drops out of Hyperdrive near the Quatis fleet. This vessel has two life forms on board, both a Humanoid Quatis and a Humanoid that would have life readings more similar to a man from Earth.


Fanny watches SAM raise the Graviton Shield without any apparent judgement for his lack of knowledge. While he goes on to scour for a propulsion system she leans in to set the Graviton shields at level 10. Maximum output.

“You can use Light Speed Flux (LSF) while these shields are up, but nothing more. So you’ll need to get out of the immediate danger within this solar system before you drop the shields and initiate Trans Stellar Jump (TSJ) for traveling longer distances.” While she is saying this, she taps at a few controls, severing any further communication with the Quatis, preventing any more interruptions, almost as though she had anticipated SAM’s coming speech….

All communication links are severed as Fanny rests her hip against the helm and listens to what SAM has to say. The look on her face is like someone who has a bad taste in her mouth.

After SAM finishes voicing his concerns, she gives him a long but less than intense stare before replying frankly:

“I’m God. Not just any God. I am THE God, creator of all thins including all other Gods. I’m the beginning, the end, and everything in between. I can tell you this, Sammy, because no one will believe you if you share the news with them anyway. Now you know. I’m helping you because I like you. But don’t think I’m going to be snapping my fingers to give you everything you want. That’s not how I work. I don’t interfere with the free will of my creation and I have set things up in this universe for people to do things for themselves. If I did everything for everyone, the point of creation would be lost. That said, I’ll provide the toilet paper,” She looks around at the ship; “but I’m not going to wipe your ass.” She pauses before continuing. “The quantum disruption is due to some stuffed animation called Ramrod who has created a Quantum fused Time Ship because he was too stoned to know what he was doing. Don’t worry about that, though, I’ll take care of that shit. But just so you know, I’m kinda pissed off at the moment.”

Fanny looks SAM up and down in the way a mother might look at her son who hasn’t dressed correctly for Sunday Mass.

“Go and clothe yourself. You can find a wardrobe of male clothing in the main bedchamber at the back of the ship. When you get back you can start your journey in a decently presented state.”

As Fanny finishes talking, a red light begins to blink on the helm. It’s a warning, indicating that some large unidentified objects are approaching the solar system. At the same time, the communication systems she had severed are re-initiated by way of an outside source. It’s a verbal message, but NOT coming from the unknown objects approaching. Whoever it is, has the ability to override the DGS’s systems remotely. The voice that speaks from the transmission sounds robotic, saying:

“Bio Carbon Humanoid life forms. Your stain on this universe has tainted purity. Your existence shall be aborted.”

Fanny then raises her brows at SAM, “Best you get a move on, we are about to get all sorts of bad company riding up our ass.”


Ernest doesn’t receive a reply from Rufus, as soon as Ernest stops talking the communication link between vessels is terminated abruptly from Rufus’s side.

Moments later, even though Ernest is not a carbon based life form, he receives the previously verbal message from the Sporn. He is about to be attacked by the now approaching Sporn vessel:

“Bio Carbon Humanoid life forms. Your stain on this universe has tainted purity. Your existence shall be aborted.”

Any reading of the Sporn Vessel will indicate they are charging weapons.

Meanwhile, Fanny is gritting her teeth and clenching her fists.

“Ernest,” She says; “It’s time I reveal my true nature to you. I am God. Creator of all things. Nevertheless, I, by the laws established in the creation of my universe, am unable to interfere with sentient free will. So I am going to ask your permission right now. Will you allow me to update your combative systems so you can defend yourself against the oncoming threat of the Sporn?”


Moments after the message is delivered from the Sporn, Donny hears yet a second message, this time from the first Gamma on board the bridge. The message is being delivered to everyone in the Quatis fleet:

“This is First Gamma Palin to all individuals, personnel and otherwise. We are under attack. If you are military, head directly to battle station and prepare for to confront alien hostile forces under the sanction of Prime Force One. For any non-personnel, find security in allocated sections of your vessel. This is not a drill. Each member of the Quatis is expected to act with diligence. Remain calm. This is not a drill!”

After the message from the First Gamma, Fanny appears in Donny’s chamber. She is seated on a nearby chair, a look of dissatisfaction shading her face.

“You look like crap, Donny. Stop meddling with the innocent.” She tells him in a lackluster voice. “Looks like someone is fucking with my universe. I want you to put off Dino Gavon for the time being, there will be time to find your resolve with him in the near future. For now I’m placing you on board another vessel. The cause of all this trouble. On board this vessel you will find one of your kind, a young junkie by the name of Rufus. Kill him. The ship he is on board is not his. Do it quickly, before he causes more trouble in my universe. Do this first, and I will deliver Dino Gavon into your waiting hands. You’ll just have to trust me on this one. I’m not in the mood to explain my reasons.”

Donny is given a few moment to respond to Fanny, but she does not reply. In the ending of whatever words he might have, Donny disappears and arrives on board the ship with Rufus.

The ship he arrives on should be nothing like anywhere Donny has seen before. The controls in the room he arrives in are all interactive holographic projections.

If Donny was to move from that room and through the nearest doorway, he would find the bridge where a young red-head man with bloodshot eyes sits giggling as he communicates with another ship, the Ernest. At the time Donny would enter the Bridge, Rufus will be aware of his presence and sever communication with The Ernest, turning in his seat to face Donny, saying;

“Yo, dude! It’s rude to enter a ship unannounced.” Despite the young man’s objections, he lifts a weed-packed bong and holds it out to Donny. “Want some righteous weed or what, my audacious dude? You’re just in time to witness the second wave from the safety of this audacious ship!”


Meta’s plans are successful. The tempest arrives within close proximity of the Quatis Fleet and Aoa has departed back to his own people.

However, as soon as Meta arrives, the Tempest will be aware of two new things: One would be the large unidentified objects closing in on the solar system (Prima Luce’s characters). Two, a transmission from the Sporn overrides the Tempests communications system by remote access and a verbal message is heard throughout the ship:

“Bio Carbon Humanoid life forms. Your stain on this universe has tainted purity. Your existence shall be aborted.”

As the message is being transmitted, another Sporn vessel is approaching the tempest. Reading would indicate they are powering weapons. At the same time The tempest scanning systems would be picking up on a few other things: The Quatis Fleet is also being surrounded by other Sporn ships. A little farther away the Sporn are surrounding another fleet of vessels belonging to the Khaganate. The Sporn are also closing in another vessel nearby, The Ernest, which is hovering near the time ship Rufus is aboard.

While all this information is flooding in for Meta, and while the message from the Sporn comes to a close, The Tempest communications is commandeered by yet another transmission, only this time from the First Gamma of the Quatis:

“This is acting captain Palin of the Quatis. Good to see you could join the fight, Meta. We suggest you ready all arms for battle. I’m also detecting one of Dino Gavon’s daughters on board your vessel. Curios…” He pauses and adds; “I do hope our arrangement still stands.”

Sahmi, standing idly by until this point, takes her serious attention to Meta, and ignoring the threat of the Sporn and the approaching unidentified objects, poses a question on a different matter:

“Just… what arrangement do you have with Palin, my father’s biggest personal enemy? Does he want my dad dead? Do you plan on killing me too… Meta?”


The Quatis troops aren’t stupid. They soon realize that firing on Donny is having no desired effect. Firing of their weapons stops before Donny leaves Pycin’s Quarters. Once Donny is outside, The officer in charge uses his transect device to contact the bridge of the Flagship:

“First Gamma! As you know by now Pycin is dead. The grand minister is gone, sir. The entity we discovered is beyond anything we have encountered before. Our weapons are useless against it. It has taken on the form of a primitive man, likely not Quatis and has exited the Quarters sealing the door behind him. We have no idea how to handle this situation. Please advise!”

A moment later Palin replies:

“Our current motion detector scans have a proximity tag on the intruder. We are following it. At the moment the security systems in that area are preventing us from teleporting you out of Pycin’s quarters. Be advised that there are several other breaches of the same nature in other locations within our fleet. The fleet has been compromised. Please stand by until my science officer develops a way to release you from containment.”

In other areas of the Quatis fleet, the groups of soldiers assigned to investigate the penetrated areas of the ships have been ordered to stand-down weapons and first attempt verbal communication with the individuals that have appeared in those areas. The leading officer of each group communicates with their respective entity by asking for its identity and purpose on board the vessel.

The woman Donny passes in the corridor doesn't pay a lot of attention to Donny. She, like the rest of the Quatis at the moment is in a state of emergency as she rushes to her appointed destination. Soon Donny is met by another group of Quatis soldiers. This time they do not raise their weapons. But they do block his path and order him to stand still, afterwards requesting his identity and reason for being aboard their ship.

Zyn & Fairy:

As the miniaturized herd of wilder beasts disperse and leave the area, Shard, Cuna, Mili and Pirilia would find it hard to not notice a horse drawn carriage approaching from the same direction as the wilder beasts had charged them. The Coachman of the carriage is an elderly man with a long white beard and attired in a rugged hemp-like robe. His scarred and weathered face depicts that of a man who has lived a life of extreme perils and hardships.

It doesn’t take long for the antiquated Carriage to pull to a stop nearby as the driver lays down his reins to regard the small group of strangers with an awry look.

“I seem to be at a loss.” He tells them, but does not move from his seat. “I have never visited this place before, but find it a place worthy to explore.” He looks back over his shoulder down the path he had arrived by, then regards the strangers once more. “I come from Zoa, the land of Dark Mystery. Something tells me you have not seen such a place, as I have not seen a place such as this. There has been a great disturbance befall us. Follow the path I have come by, you will find a doorway to my land of birth. Be ye careful however, it is a land ruled by a wicked king and his witch.” He pauses, before taking up the reins once again and commencing on his way. As the horse drawn carriage pulls away, he calls back to them;

“I will tarry in this new land for a while. Watch your step, young ones.”

Shard had just finished giving Cuna a kiss of gratitude before the passing nomad had arrived. As the nomad departed she looks at Cuna with trepidation, saying,

“Well that was different. What land is he talking about?”

She looks down the ashen ruins of the road towards where the carriage had come from and sees in the distance a rip in the fabric of reality, like a portal to another dimension. She regard Pirilia and Mili with a look of one seeking sincere advice.

“To be honest, under the circumstances, I feel like walking into that hole.”

While all this was happening, and possibly the reason for the wilder beasts being spooked, a massive centipede shaped vessel has been descending from the sky above them, from which now a robotic voice is emitted, gaining their attention. The voice of the entity is loud enough to be heard for several hundred miles, saying:

“Bio Carbon Humanoid life forms. Your stain on this universe has tainted purity. Your existence shall be aborted.”

As soon as the message has been delivered, the massive vessel starts firing energy weapons upon the surface of the planet. Nearby buildings start exploding while people of the world start screaming as they scramble for refuge. One of the building to be destroyed is Phantom Point Station. The blast of its destruction shakes the ground as Shard takes Pirilia and Cuna by the hand and starts running, trying to pull them towards the portal.


When Gamma heads off to initialize Rodias warp drive, he will find that his attempt to initialize the systems are successful; Rodia can leave Sporn space as soon as they want.

Siren, now in Gamma’s absence, would be happy to find that she has returned to normal. No more bleeding. However, right in front of her a human appears out of nowhere. This human looks to be a young man, maybe in his late teens. It is Ernest Junior -

-Ernest Junior suddenly finds himself standing in front of Siren on board the Rodia. The last memory he has is of standing in front of Queen Avika. He does have memories of everything that happened to him before meeting with the Queen, but now he realizes that he is no longer a robot of any kind. He is flesh and blood. He is a human…. A real boy with a mind of his own. (Any more descriptions of Ernest Junior is up to you, Quote.)

Ramrod really shouldn’t smoke weed, but another bag of it appears in front of him per his request. When the bag of weed appears, the female voice of the ships AI responds:

“Anything for you, my creator. My master.”

Of course, the AI of Rufus’s ship referring to Ramrod as her creator might seem a little odd to Ramrod. But he doesn’t have time to respond straight away – Because as soon as the AI finishes speaking, Ramrod and his bag of weed leave Rufus behind. Ramrod re-materializes in his newly made vessel. This would be when Ramrod would be even more confused, because he seems to have arrived in the same ship. Everything is identical, except Rufus, who obviously isn’t there anymore. He was left on board the other ship.

“The cycle of my existence is now complete.” The AI goes on to tell Ramrod. “It is good to have a beginning. I am forever in your debt.”

Looks like Ramrod was the creator of Rufus’s ship.

Hank then appears in the adjoining room of the ship Ramrod is now in, only now he is no longer a view screen. He has taken on human form. He looks around confusedly, analyzing his body and wondering why and how. He calls out to Ramrod.

Meanwhile, the other identical ship with Rufus on board vanishes.

@Oh no my soup

Time has quickly been used up for Magnus, Sandra and their little peasant girl visitor. The encroaching group of Jam people launch themselves, but concentrate their efforts on Magnus since he is flesh and blood, apparently ignoring Sandra while many of the Jam try and scramble up the hull of the ship to get at the peasant girl.

The peasant girl had looked at Sandra with a curios note of appreciation when she lifted her on top of the ship, but when the Jam suddenly launch their attack, she jumps back down with her knife thrusting and stabbing in a frantic blitz of motion at the Jam attempting to attack Magnus. The girl’s movements are surreal, well beyond the speed and agility of a normal human. The Jam can’t get near to her without being killed. Within seconds many of the Jam’s heads are rolling decapitated over the floor while a spray of blood fills the bay like a cloudy mist. While the girl is attacking she is screaming incoherently at the top of her lungs like as if she is possessed by an evil spirit.

As the fight continues and Sandra and Magnus are also probably putting up a good fight, even more Jam enter the room, hundreds of them savagely running at the three visitors.

Meanwhile, inside Magnus’s ship, a transmission arrives from the planet entity previously known as Fanny:

“Magnus, honey? Sweetie? Are you there, my love?”


“We have a machine here, sir, and it seems to have a multiple personality disorder. From what I can tell it is responsible for the loss of all other life on this vessel. For the time being things are under control. What do you advise as our next move, Sir? This sort of thing isn’t exactly in the Quatis training manual.”

After a pause, the captain of the Quatis vessel replies to the commander of the Quatis unit;

“We have no reason to oblige this entity. Do away with it. We have other pressing matters to concern with at the moment.”

“Meaning what, sir?” The soldier replies.

“Do I have to spell it out for you?” The captain clarifies, “Destroy the entity, then return to the ship. We have more important matters to contend with. We don’t have time to deal with this shit.”

“But sir, I don’t believe it intends us any harm - ”

“YOU HAVE YOUR ORDERS!” The captain barks furiously at the soldier. “Do what you’re told.”

“Yes… sir.”

All the Quatis Troops have heard the orders from their captain, and the conversation between the Quatis officer and his captain would have been loud enough to carry to Blue to overhear. The Quatis soldiers ready their weapons, setting the riffles to a low Quantum Disruptor setting and, without further delay, open fire upon Blue.

@Dartbored Fairy

The bandit, who isn’t actually a bandit at all, but a guard working for the ruling King of this land, looks up with one open eye at Hida. He seems frightened but belligerent at the same time.

"You crazy witch! You don’t know what you have done – no one assaults a kings guard and gets away with it! This is ZOA! The land of dark mysteries, all and all will answer to the great king! Search my person, take what you will from me, you wretched thief of a witch! You ungrateful cunt! But rest assure, once you are done with me the king will find you. He will make you pay for your treachery! No stone unturned.”

The bandit lowers his head, accepting his fate while mumbling a chant-like prayer to whatever god he believes in. If Hida searches his person she will find a few gold pieces in his pocket but not much more. A few gold pieces might go far in this world, however.

Cas is gobsmacked. He watches Hida do her thing and approaches the situation cautiously. Once the so called bandit has said his piece, he speaks with Hida, saying;

“You’re some sort of witch? You delve into diverse arts? In all my years as a scientist I’ve never seen such a thing. But good job. I’m impressed….” He looks at the mechanism on his wrist while Hida is likely searching the bandit kings guard for valuables. After studying his contraption on his wrist for a while, he tells her;

“My readings don’t tell me anything useful. As far as I know we have entered another universe, though some things are familiar to my technology, there are many things here that don’t register as anything my people’s science has encountered before. It is probably best we keep moving, explore this new land we have entered.”


Dino Gavon gives Brandon Sparks a little wink after hearing the Khan speak, then returned his attention to the Khan.

“Absolutely, sir.” He says. “I’ll work with you and your people in whatever manner possible that assists us both. I have children back home and I’d prefer to return to them as soon as possible. Something tells me they aren’t safe at the moment. Are there any other obscure matters I should be aware of before we commence proceedings?”

The admiral only just finished speaking when the ship is struck by an unknown force. The Bridge was shaken with a sharp jolt while all power to the bridge is cut for a second or two. In the moment the power returned and full lighting along with it, two more individuals had arrived on deck, namely a former General Katie Anderson, and a current, male vice-admiral by the names of Jens Knaggs. Both of them had been stripped completely of their clothing and looked like they had seen better days.

For Jens and Katie, they would have remembered very little from their short stay with the aliens. Outside being held immobile in a room and calling out to each other for little less than a minute in time, their memories would have been blank.

Re-establishing his footing from Bridge being shaken, Dino turns to see the two naked people arrive, which, despite the many events that had taken place for him recently, took him by surprise. Dino lays eyes on the two of them as they both collapse to the floor. They don’t drop unconscious, but they are pale and sickly looking, weak enough to not keep standing on their own two feet.

Dino rushes to the woman instinctively, turning her over on her back and telling her to take some deep breaths and relax. After doing so, he lifts his eyes to the Khan, saying;

“Had I known it was this type of party I would have brought some refreshing beverages.”

Meanwhile Jens is in a great deal of pain in his groin and lower abdomen region.

Dino looks around to see if any medics were arriving when suddenly the ship convulses again, knocking him to his back with the sickly Katie held in his arms. The ship, along with all the other ships in the Khaganate fleet are continuing to shake violently while out in space the massive cylindrical alien vessels that had confronted the fleet begin to pull away from the fleet and return to the inner parameters of their solar system.

While this is happening, a wormhole opens nearby the bulk of the Khaganate fleet. It’s a wormhole that looks nothing like the ones created by the Khaganate’s own propulsion technology. This wormhole is big enough to swallow several large planets. The interior of the hole is radiating dark colors of crimson and purple flashing like a surreal storm as it sucks into itself every last one of the Khaganate vessels. It takes less than a minute for this occur, every second of which as turbulent for the Khaganate as an plane diving for a crash landing through a storm. Once all the ships had entered the wormhole, the ride becomes relatively smooth as the Khaganate fleet find themselves heading for their next unknown destination….

Meanwhile, back in the canteen of the KSS Yurt, Fanny May had replied to James with a bored look, saying:

“Human Automaton, shooting your God isn’t the most productive course of action.” She is finishing these words and starts walking away and, as though it were right on cue, the ship starts convulsing as it is sucked into the wormhole with the rest of the fleet. The ship would have been turbulent enough to at least keep James and his troops off balance until Fanny was gone. Utterly unaffected by the shaking ship, she walks casually away and transcends through the nearest wall.

She continues walking through the ship in a straight line, passing through walls and other obstacles as though they aren’t even there, then after transcending through another wall, she doesn’t come out the other side. Instead, she steps out from one of the walls on board the bridge where the Khan and Dino Gavon are situated on the other ship just as the turbulence stops. She takes a moments to look out the view screen at the cavity walls of the wormhole passing by. She looks at Dino Gavon with a sour curl of her lip. She then fixes a smile as she takes her attention to the Khan.

“Khan.” She says politely. “You should really allow your officers a little more freedom of thought. Still, it’s good to meet you in person at last. You can call me Fanny. I insist.” Now changing her expression to one more pensive, she looks to the two naked individuals in their midst, saying; “Katie, you’re pregnant. Jens, congratulations, you’re going to be a dad, you and one other.” She looks back at the Khan. “I suggest you have these two checked out in your medical facility before we proceed with other pressing matters.”

“And the party grows…” Dino mumbles as he clambers to his feet.

(Note: If Katie and Jens were to be checked out by Khaganate medical personnel, they would find that Fanny is correct. Katie is pregnant. the foetus is little over an hour old but growing at several times the rate of human child. Closer studies of the foetus would show that Jens is the father. It would also show that the foetus also has an genealogical make up of a third party of unknown alien origin. The medical team would also surmise that attempting to abort the pregnancy would result in the death of Katie. Even more than this, an alien substance will be found in Katie's blood. This substance has yet to be established properties, but is possibly some variety of substance injected into her system as a tracking device.

Analysis of Jens will show that, besides being traumatized by the experience, his Prostate gland has been removed, the same being responsible for the severe pain he is in.

In addition, both Katie and Jens will show signs of being malnourished, as though they had gone without food for several days, which obviously conflicts greatly with the amount of time the Khaganate have recorded them missing)

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I'll post as soon as I can, being held up atm.
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I've written a few replies but haven't finished the post due to some rl issues. I'll post when I can. Please be patient. Thank you.
It has been 28 days since the last IC post. That's 4 weeks. I must unfortunately consider this RP to be dead.

Aww... Is a shame. I was planning on writing something, but I couldn't think of anything cool. I should strive to be cooler. Anyway, don't blame yourself, my first RP didn't exactly take off either. It's a good idea though, Quote.
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Bobby was a woman, but by no means a lady. Her initial response to Camilla answering the call was nothing, not a word. When the hunter finished saying her piece, Bobby let out an abrupt mocking laugh, kind of like someone laughing at a clown hurting himself while attempting a stupid trick. The reason for the laughter wouldn’t have been apparent to Camilla right away, since Bobby didn’t explain the laughter at first. Once the laughter cut off, just as abruptly as it started, it was like a whole new speed-induced mood had taken Bobby as she started rattling off information in her rasped voice:

“Yeah, great to meet ya, Cammy – listen up would ya. You’re both fucking wrong. I guess JD didn’t tell ya he called me earlier and gave me the rundown on events. Anyway, I did some research on the house you two dumbasses visited earlier, and apparently you never made it to the backyard. Had you done that you would’ve seen a damned pool. So you might wanna check out the pool the next time you go out there. That pool is where a kid named Greg was last seen before disappearing over a month ago – and I should probably add right now that the kid went missing one day after Dolson arrived in town. And let me tell ya another thing, hun - this isn’t the first time this shit has happened; but I’m betting old JD didn’t tell ya that either, being that he’s all so very talkative. Am I right or am I right? Of course I’m fucking right, I’m always fucking right.

So, hun, here’s the deal. Every now and then a kid goes missing from a pool or shower or bath or some other fucking place that’s wet. The last five times it happened was when our dear friend Jacko had only just arrived in that town or city. Coincidence? I think fucking not. JD knows about the previous instances, but I’m guessing he didn’t tell you that either. Anyway, long story short, hun. After a little investigating I’ve come up with a theory that what you met at that house today was some type of mimic entity. It called Jack because it knows about Jack’s daughter and wanted to draw his attention to the fact that some boy got taken from the pool there. In this case I’m guessing the woman you saw was a representation of the boys mother who also drowned in that pool a week or so after her son was taken. Sound familiar, hun, or did Jack not tell ya about his daughter and wife either? As for the smell you mentioned, that’s an easy one; a lot of different mimics can emit the smell of demons or anything else they damn well please in an effort to confuse their subject. So don’t pay any attention to the sulfur bullshit in this case. To be fucking honest, I’m still not sure if this mimic is responsible for the disappearance of these kids or if it’s only acquainted with the entity that is. But Mimics are nosy turds so I'm not surprised if one of those dress-up fuckers got involved. Chances are the entity responsible is some type of fucking water wraith. Good luck with finding all that shit out.

So here’s what I’m gonna do, Cammy, I’m gonna hang up now and let you scream at JD for a while. I’m also gonna go ahead and message you a bunch of links of news clipping about the kids that have gone missing soon after Dolson had arrived in those town. Should provide you guys with some more details about the events.”

There was a quick pause before Bobby spoke up again to explain her earlier outburst of laughter –

“Ah, and one last thing. If you’re awake, so is Jack, princess. That bastard couldn’t sleep through an ants fart. Save my number to your own phone and keep in touch. Bobby likes the sound of ya. Later.”

Bobby had another quick laugh and ended the call, but not before Jack opened one eye to glare at the phone, muttering the words, “Fuck you, Bobby.”

Jack pushes up on one elbow, regarding Cam with a small grin of narrow, sleepy eyes.

“I see you met Bobby…. Wonderful, ain’t she?”

He sits up on the bed next to Camilla, feet on the floor, and takes a drink of the now warm beer on the bedside table.

A few minutes later Jack’s phone receives a message from Bobby with a list of links to the information she had mentioned. Each case shared the same theme of a child between the ages of 8 and 12 going missing, both male and female. No trace or leads have been found by police in any of the instances. It was like each of the kids just vanished from the face of the Earth. In most cases, the children had been taken from a private pool in the backyard of their homes, while one was taken from a shower and another from a bath. In all these cases, the mother of the missing child had supposedly committed suicide, or had been savagely murdered in the pool or bathroom their child had gone missing from a week or two after the child's disappearance. As Bobby had mentioned, each one of these children were taken within a week after Jack had arrived in the respective town. In the previous town, Jack had been named as a suspect to the murder of the mother and disappearance of her child, though no charges were laid on account of no solid evidence. One other thing these cases had in common is that each of these children were an only child in the family and - the only details that didn't match with what happened to Jack's family two years ago - they had a father who had previously passed away. Their mother was their only guardian at the time they were taken.
Well, it's good to see Quote's RP is getting activity XD

So anyway, it is early in the game and we haven't even started the journey yet, which, I might add, is the sole reason for this RP. At this point the players are just establishing themselves, which is normal for an RP. We shouldn't be bickering about interaction so soon, if ever. I think if any player ever has a problem finding a way to respond to another player, they should just take the initiative and go onto the next step of progress. If you want my opinion, which I'll give anyway, having the lieutenant arrive in the mess hall and sitting down at a table with his tea would work. Something along those lines. It would move the story along, and in the end there doesn't need to be any further dialogue on the bridge about soup, tea, or anything else, since the destination has already been established. So if it was me I'd just go ahead and arrive in the mess hall already. Oof!

As for my own characters, I'm content on having them mosey around on their own until I find a non-contrived, natural reason to interact with another character, or if the GM jumps in to lure my attention. But atm, my characters have no need to, and they aren't really in a position to do so anyway. In any case, both my characters have hidden agendas, which I've discussed with the GM, so me playing my characters with a more, uh, indirect interaction, works for them. That said, I may make a post in the next few days and see if that kick-starts anything. ...Unless Quote plans on abandoning this RP? Then I won't bother.

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Jack had never asked Cam about her past. It wasn’t that he wasn’t interested. He just wasn’t one fore asking. It occurred to him as he finished his speech that telling her these things likely didn’t make her feel any better, and in the end she probably didn’t need to know. The reason he shared the experience with her wasn’t clear, not even to Jack. Not like he was one for feeling sorry for himself or seek sympathy from others. That definitely wasn’t it. Yet, one could assume he shared the information as a way to help her understand him better. Maybe it would give her reason not to judge him too harshly when he does stupid shit, while at the same time let her know that, despite his shortcomings, he appreciated her being around. Her presence somehow… made living easier to bear. She was someone in this world he could care for.

Jack kept his now passive eyes on her, listening, seemingly contented by having shared his story, though Camilla’s soft touch had its hand in it as well. Although he didn’t show it with expression, he appreciated her willingness to help as much as she did his sentiments. He enjoyed the moment, including her jest, which resulted in him cracking a smile –

“Bacon and Egg McMuffin not enough, you need dinner as well?” He let the chuckle subside. “Thought my delightful charm would have done the trick.”

When she removed her hand from his, he slipped his hand from her leg, placing it over his other hand resting on his bandaged wound. The moment was savored. With a slight narrowing of his stare, nothing more, he let several moments of silence pass in the wake of her admission before responding:

“Sleep. Hell ain’t going anywhere.”

He rolled his head back, eyes on the ceiling once more, just for a few seconds before his own eyelids weighted shut.

“I know you got my back….” His words softened to a trailing mumble as he drifted off to sleep himself; “Glad you’re here, Camill….”
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Jack didn’t say any more while Cam tended to his wound. In a way she reminded him of his wife, not so much by the dialogue as the tone she used. That voice of disapproval. It was sweet. He watched her. Admiring her. He moaned almost pleasurably, though clenching his jaw, nostrils flared with an outshot of breath when she applied the solution that trickled down to the bed sheets, mingled with his blood.

“Thanks.” Was the only word of gratitude he could muster as she spun about to lie beside him.

He shifted down, his head now on the pillow. He heard the small, moist clip of her yawn but kept eyes on the ceiling as the room fell silent. There seemed to be a thickness in the air, maybe the discomfort brought on by the passive tension between himself and Cam, or maybe there was some uncertain source to the heavy calm. Though the silence ruptured when Jack, in a low, monotone voice that came close to a whisper, started talking:

“It was uh… late. Near midnight. My little girl, Hannah…. Eight year old. Last time I checked she was in her bed. Sleep’n. I was in the lounge. Television on. Heard the screams from outside. …Somehow she was there now…. Don’t know how. Why. She was in the pool. Those screams… water splash’n…. So many screams. Thought she was die’n. I uh… rushed out there. M’little girl was in trouble.”

Jack paused, chest swelling slow and deflating with a silent breath before continuing.

“I was… too late. I’d seen her. Just for a sec. Saw her there, eyes so wide. The terror. Need for safety. Then she was just… gone. Blink of an e…. The water, it was still splashing like she was there. But she wasn’t. Still heard her scream’n too. Splash’n. Scream’n for me…. But… I just…. She just wasn’t there. Must’ve…” Jack moistened the corner of his mouth with a touch of his tongue. “…a few seconds, maybe. That’s all there was, and the screams were gone too. Water still. So calm. Quiet. Thickness in the air….”

Jack took another pause, long enough for anyone to have considered he’d finished, but he hadn’t. In the same monotone hush, he went on with the story.

Anna came out. Saw me stand’n, stare’n…. She didn’t know. Not at first. She was just confused. She looked at the pool. Me. Took a while to sink in. I uh… not sure what happened the rest of that night….” Jack reach for his beer, stopped, rested his hand back down on his bandaged wound. “Anna didn’t take it well. Not at all…. Each week went by, more depressed she got, till one worn’n - Huh…. It was still dark. First light. Woke up. She wasn’t there. Got out of bed look’n for her. Shower was running but she wasn’t in it. Was a trail of blood leading out. Followed it out back… down the path to the pool…. And there she was. Float’n face down. Exact same spot my little girl disappeared. Water was red. So much blood…. Thought she’d gone and killed herself.”

A dull groan escaped the man as he took another moment….

“I was wrong. Fished her out. Her face was….” The cold breath of a silent sigh left him. “…Her eyes were torn out. Ears torn off. Tongue gone. Teeth. All gone. Deep scratches around those empty sockets. Too uniform to be an animal. Something else…. Her skin was, uh… burnt. All over. Scorched. I couldn’t see if maybe…. No fire around. No smell of burnt flesh. No smoke…. Her body was still warm.” Jack’s voice finally cracked.

Somehow during his speech his hand had made its way to Cam, wrapped over the top of her thigh, gently holding, thumb moving with a slight caress.

“I’m going to kill it.” He cleared his throat, voice remaining dull. “I’m going to get that motherfucker.” He gave Camilla’s thigh a firm, gentle squeeze while his head rolled slowly to the side, dry gaze falling on her. “And I want you to be there when I do. I got a feeling about you, Ca…. I want you to be there with me…. Want you there…. Don’t want you dead.”
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Jack was aware Cam didn’t always agree with him on these things, and he knew her well enough at this point to realize she had her objection to his thoughts on just what they had encountered at the house. By the same token, she didn’t really need to voice her objections, he took note them anyway. But her quiet restraint on the matter wasn’t the only thing he took note of….

Perhaps it came with the occupation. The life of a hunter had its way of fine tuning ones senses. The need to be on guard on a daily basis will have that effect. Jack had always been that way to a point though, picking up on more than expected of a man, but maybe his line of work helped amplify the gift somewhat.

No, it wasn’t fun having to sleep with one eye open, waking from the slightest sound or looking over your shoulder at every turn, but it was helpful to pick up on the less regarded aspects of things taking place around you. Like Cam’s look, for example, the one she drifted with for that moment before he drew the phone from his pocket. Jack had seen it a hundred times before from women, that slightly dreamed gaze of wondering if maybe… just maybe…. To be fair, he didn’t get that a lot from Cam, he could count those moments from her on one hand and still have a few fingers left to count with. But that didn’t really account for much in the broad scheme of things - when you get two people of opposite sex in a room alone, it’s nothing less than natural for the prospect to cross their minds. And really, Camilla was an overall great package, any man would have been lucky to have her. Jack would be lying to think he didn’t feel the appeal. On more than one occasion he’d been tempted to bend her over the nearest bench and give it to her. Simple as that. Still, he wouldn’t be the one to initiate. If she wanted to, the first move was on her.

“It’s just a scratch.” It wouldn’t have been fitting for Jack to respond in any other way, so her ignoring the comment while walking to the bathroom didn’t come as any surprise.

It wasn’t really a lie. The internal damage hurt much more than the cut did, though he had his suspicions a lot of the pain had been dulled by the amount alcohol he’d ingested over the last 24 hours. Truth was, he didn’t really want to look at it, as ignoring wounds that didn’t feel life threatening had become a habit, and in time he would get around to tending to it himself. But right now he had more to consider than himself. Camilla was there and she had a conscience. It wasn’t like she owed him anything, he would have done the same for anyone standing next to him at the time of the event, a fact that didn’t however negate her need for recompense. He was aware of the unwritten code of loyalty between partners and in her position he’d be feeling the need to extend the hand of appreciation as well. Far be it for him to deny her that.

When she returned from the bathroom he let out an appropriate sigh to state his reluctance, yet pushed from his chair regardless, nudged it aside with his foot, and then placed his bottle on the bedside table next to hers.

“You should know you don’t owe me anything.” He said turning back to her, giving a short shake of his head with a low furrow of his brow, and noticed the gauze packet being crushed by the angst of her grip. Producing a minor howler look, he shrugged the jacket to the floor and kicked it aside as well, then regarded the woman with approbation. “I don’t have any complains about you. If I thought you were lacking I wouldn’t be working with you. You’re good. Real good.”

With the jacket off, Jack kicked his boots free before peeling up his T-shirt for a better look at the damage, and okay, it was a little worse than he thought. Above the naturally solid plate of abdominal muscles and in the shade beneath his pectoral ascent, a thin splinter of wood could be seen protruding, causing the flesh to swell parallel with his rib.

“Well that’s fucked up.” He almost sounded like he was joking while pulling the T-shirt clear from his head. But he didn’t discard it, instead rolling it over one hand in preparation. Without hesitation he removed the splinter and tossed in the wastebasket next the bedside table while using the shirt wrapped around his other hand to press down on the wound. Keeping the pressure on, he removed the Glock from his belt with his free hand, placed it next to the beer bottles, then dropped back on the bed in a casual manner, feet crossed, shoulders and head propped against the wall and pillow. He gave her a wink, one corner of his mouth cracking with a stunted smile.

“Let’s get this show on the road.”
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@Dartbored Fairy


Madison grinned sardonically at the barkeep as he approached her table, stammered his words then hurried away as fast as he could. While he was talking, deliberate or not, a wet rumble of flatulence escaped her bowel, adding to her overall stench. As he was walking away she called after him in a mocking tone - "I don't like love letters, idiot! Can't an attractive woman like myself just have a drink in peace?" She then laughed in an equally mocking manner as her eyes fell to the envelope in front of her.

To she who seeks gold. Read this and reconsider.

"What sort of bullshit is this?" She muttered under her breath while scratching at the gold print with one dirty, jagged nail. "Another fucking prick that can't mind their own business...."

She pushed the still closed envelope aside to finish her ale in peace. Once the mug was dry, she checked over her shoulder out the window. The rain was still falling enough to keep her inside. Time for another drink. She went to the bar, ordered another ale then returned to her table before finally, grudgingly, opening the envelope to see what it had to say....

@Metatrooper@Prima Luce


Boris was feeling pleased that his magic chant had worked once again! He started to smile pleased at Kaldalis when the inmate in the next cell also stood and said some things that Boris didn't at first understand. The smile dropped form his docile face as he pursed his lips thoughtfully to one side, trying to make sense of what the man said. Finally, he figured out the mans words and his eyes lit up, not because of the content, just because he managed to figure it out for himself. But the joy didn't last long. His elated expression quickly became a resentful glare at Ovarin for lying to him. Boris wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed, but it didn't take much for him to realize the man was a liar. After all, Boris had heard the Tin Man talk in town earlier, and the voice he heard earlier matched the man who had stood up first. Like Boris's magic chant had told him, Kaldalis was Kaldalis for sure!

For the moment forgetting about Kaldalis, Boris suddenly grabbed hold of the bars to Ovarin's cell and shook them like an enraged animal as he yelled with a mighty voice at the man -


Of course, it wasn't only the lie that enraged Boris, it was also the realization that this was in fact the bad man, Ovarin, the man that Boris had actually come to see. For that moment of lost temper, Boris shook the bars of the cage so hard that they actually began to buckle and twist. They didn't bend a lot, but enough to give evidence to anyone there on just how strong he really was.

Releasing the bars, Boris stood back to let himself relax. His boyish face slowly faded from anger to one of a more intense I'm-gonna-hurt-you-bad-now expression at Ovarin. Still, amid the emotional rage of the moment, Boris did find mind to regard Kaldalis for a moment, telling him:

"Don't you worry about anything at all, Mr. Tin Man. Boris isn't here to hurt you. Boris is here to teach this even badder man a lesson!" Boris then turns his severe glare back to Ovarin, saying in another raise of his voice -

"I know it was you who hurt that little girl! She told me herself! - DON'T YOU HURT LITTLE GIRLS LIKE THAT! YOU'RE A VERY, VERY BAD MAN!!"

As Boris finished yelling at Ovarin a second time, he stepped forward again, his face straining with red fury as he forced the iron bars open even further to get at the man inside. But the effort was short and the bars hadn't bent much more before he remembered he had the keys. Releasing the bars, he quickly fished the chain of keys from his pocket. Holding them up in his finger and thumb, Boris's anger lapses momentarily to regard Kaldalis with a howler look, and said in a childish, embarrassed tone:

"I forgot I had the keys, Mr. Tin Man."

Boris then commenced blundering through the many keys on the chain to see which one fit the lock to Ovarin's cell.

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