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As you have no doubt already come to grips with, you may call me Hokum.

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Of late, I have been involved in 1X1 RP's, mainly via PM. There are indication however, if only upheld by this sentence alone, that I will join group role plays when enticed by a measure of stimulating appeal. I mean... it's not out of the question. I may even start my own group Role Play, and it might not be entirely unreasonable to assume I have considered ideas for such a turn of events.

I also like cookies.

Here are some of my role play preferences.

So... feel obligated to PM me; ask about my day, invite me to role play, tell me off, or simply throw me an undeserved compliment. I'm not really fussed which of these you choose.

I hope you have learnt a great deal from reading this Bio.

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In Defiance 11 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay


@everyone in the catacomb

Light me up, friend

The damp, foreboding atmosphere of the catacomb seemed to weigh down time, it almost felt like two weeks had passed since Devlin had entered that house of death. It wasn't the first time she had found herself in a burial chamber, her occupation had a way of luring her to the darker recesses of existence, but in the past she had always been alone, a far cry from the diverse company she now had.

She kept her weapons sheathed and studied her companions, them and the details of the chamber they had entered, while keeping a keen eye on her closest friend, Ren, while he proceeded to gracefully, yet somehow awkwardly, convey his muted sentiments.

"In case logic forsakes anyone here," She loosely began relaying Ren's message to the group; "it's smarter if we stick together. We're stronger that way. Ren and I will do our best to protect you, and I think I'm correct in assuming we all share the same sentiments in that regard."

She paused to allow Ren time to further his analysis of the blood, and confirmed;

"We'll choose a direction and move forward together. We'll see this through... come what may."

It was now that Devlin drew her sword once more. Her nostrils flared as she deeply inhaled the stale odor of death. Electrical energy surged her system, manifesting itself in the form of violet tripod legs that crawled their way down the weapon and dispelled in a series of sparks at the tip of the blade. She then placed her free hand on Ren's shoulder and gently kissed his cheek. When her lips made contact, he would have felt the short, tickling sting of electricity against his skin.

"Stay close to me...." Her whispered words brushed warm against his ear.

She regards Jack, Gabriel, Corc, and the others more briefly, before nodding her head in direction of the hallway across the room, and suggests;

"I feel that's the direction we should take. If no one objects, we should keep moving now."

Allowing a moment for the other members to voice their reply, and regardless of their opinion on the matter, Devlin calmly makes her way to Jack and takes one of his torches without asking, but gives him a slight nod to convey her cold gratitude. Having the torch in one hand and her sword in the other, she proceeds into the hallway on the other side of the chamber.

I'm really glad I've got a positive reaction for this guys! And I agree with you, I can't think of any ways to make it even better atm. But hey, anyone is free to suggest more if they manage to think of something. I know it's not gonna be easy, but still, any suggestions are welcome!

getting ready to fire this baby up!
I've got a fantastically exciting idea!

Think LIBRARY! That's right, the RP will be set in a library, where each player can be their very own book. What type of book you are is completely up to you. Fiction, nonfiction, poetry or science. You choose! Of course, since you'll be a book, the interactive options are mind-blowing; you can sit on the shelf, lay on the floor, let your pages flap in the breeze of the nearby open window - the possibilities are endless!!

So give me your feedback; share your concerns, ask me questions, and any suggestion on how to make this even more exciting are welcome.

I swear this is gonna be a real page turner!
In Defiance 27 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Crossing the Road

It wasn’t a conscious decision to be lacking in certain emotion. Devlin’s inability to feel as much fear as other people was a product of the non-human half of her; that small amount of which was stirred when the oncoming bear horde started in their direction.

Devlin also wasn’t too big on laughter, yet the more she got to know Ren the more amusing he became. It was just his overall demeanor that seemed to tickle her somehow. She liked it. But she had to suppress a smirk while he frantically signed for her to follow him into the catacombs and, of course, heading into the catacombs was the obvious course of action at this stage. That, or climb a tree, but climbing a tree wasn’t going to get her any closer to her long sought after prize.

While Ren fled with the others like a frightened animals into their burrow, Devlin walked casually in their wake, even though she too was feeling a little anxious by the stampede encroaching from behind. Maybe it was a pride thing, like a man who insists on keeping a casual pace while crossing a road, even though he is only inches away from getting trampled by the fast approaching traffic of horses. Like such a man, the internal screaming for her to forsake her pride and run was causing her head to angle awkwardly as she kept to her strict, casual pace. The short walk seemed to take an eternity.

She escaped being tramples by mere inches, as the stampede of giant bears arrived just an instant after she passed through the threshold and into the catacombs.

The House of Death

After Ren walked away to study the gems with Gabriel, Devlin stood quietly watching the gathering group until the orc managed to destroy the stone door with a single strike. The ensuing rumble of the ground was like a call of prophesied doom from the underworld, and yet the following gust of icy wind somehow pleasured her. As the chill sent goose bumps over her skin, she closed her eyes while her nostrils flared to inhale a lungful of the stale, frigid air. It was pleasant; the ominous essence of events relaxed her as the electric sutures faded from her lips.

She kept her eyes closed, enjoying the moment until Jack announced his theatrical question. But she was feeling no need to rush, she was used to working alone and was sceptical on just how efficiently a mottled group like this would perform, especially if the coming endeavor required the need for discretion. Subtle tact had already been forsaken. With reticent acumen as her only remaining ally, she secured the grip on her sword while awaiting the others to first proceed into the house of death.

In Defiance 2 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

@Dartbored FairyArrival at the catacombs.

Like a Moth to the Flame

“Ones damnation isn’t a result of the blind denial of good, it’s the deliberate rejection of good; the embracing of evil.” These words of Mada resounded in Devlin’s mind while Ren’s story conjured images that stirred a heated broth within the crusted walls of her heart. Before Ren even finished his testimony, she already knew she would one day remove the blemish of Krias and Maard’s existence from the world. Regardless, she said nothing in respect to the fact, though it should have been possible for Ren to observe the ink-black cloud churning in her eyes, her inscrutable lack of expression unchanging.

Ren’s final attempt at humor notwithstanding, Devlin’s now droned voice exuded the only, though cryptic, reply she had;

“A moth unburnt by the alluring flames of necessity.”

It didn’t really matter to Devlin what meaning Ren found in those words, for she had no intention to appease him. Providing him solace would have been like trying to comfort a mother who had lost her only son to death. It would have likely been received with a sense of redundant antipathy. For Devlin, however, the meaning behind what she said was clear: Vanquishing evil from the world would, in the end, probably come at the cost of her life. But all honorable deeds require sacrifice – death was a small price to pay for retribution – and it may have been this knowledge alone that caused Devlin to foresee her possible fate with Ren; the yet undefined events that would ultimately lead to Ren taking her life for sake of a greater good… and with it the restoration of that which was stolen from him.

The thought of this possible outcome, unfortunately, conflicted with Devlin’s prior decision to bear Ren’s child. When she and Ren then stepped out from the trees and Devlin laid eyes upon the entrance to the catacombs, the resulting dilemma produced a look of rage as violet currents of electricity crossed her lips like sutures.

Nearby, a short, sharp crackling sound was heard, drawing attention to the charred remains of a moth that spiraled to the ground in a thin trail of smoke.

In Defiance 2 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

and minor interaction with@ArkmageddonCat

Until Next Time

It would seem the feral’s challenge was requisite, since Devlin had planned on heading to the catacombs anyway, and she generally made a point of coming out alive from any situation.

Staring at the feral witch for a moment, she considered stating why the answer should have been obvious, but in the end decided a simple nod was sufficient to confirm her acceptance of the challenge.

“Until next time.”

Devlin then gave a nod of recognition to the Forest Golem who had turned up with a somewhat perplexed poise - holding no malice toward him for brutally discarding her earlier, as his behavior was no doubt the result of a delusional, traumatized mind. She followed that up with a queer look to Fauve as the woman extended the length of her legs - possibly slightly, though very slightly, amused by her antics - and then started on her way with Ren and the others towards the Catacombs. Now, with a few moments to spare before arriving at their next destination, Devlin decided it was a good time as any to find out more about her friend, the prostituted bard.

In a way that seemed to defy the obvious importance of the subject, she presented Ren the question as if striking up a conversation about something as banal as the weather:

“Have the scars on your mouth got something to do with being mute?”

It was obvious the scars on Ren’s mouth were the product of torture to some degree, most likely a result of having his mouth sewn shut. Such scars also made it clear to Devlin that Ren wasn’t always a mute, since there would be no obvious reason to sew a mutes mouth shut unless to enforce starvation, or for some other variety of sick, ironic amusement. Sadistic, ironic amusement of some type was a prospect she doubted but didn’t dismiss as a possibility. There were all sorts of monsters in the world.

In Defiance 2 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Give and Take

Devlin cringed internally at the rantings of the feral witch. She had instantly taken Devlin’s question as an accusation, rather than a simple question, and this lack of discrimination incensed Devlin - though she didn’t outwardly display her annoyance – as it demonstrated at least one reason why she tried to avoid conversations. People were generally stupid like that. But at the same time, Devlin couldn’t help being somewhat intrigued by the feral witches casual use of power. Not since watching her master Mada at work had she seen someone with such natural ease of great prowess.

Something the Feral had said caught her attention though, being her reference to the mysterious rise of attacks throughout Akripola as a ‘Resurgence’. It was a peculiar thing to say, denoting not only that she was aware of information about the reason behind the attacks, but also that it wasn’t the first time this sort of thing had taken place.

Nonetheless, Devlin chose to remain silent and outwardly unperturbed while watching Ren intervene. She admired the handsome musician’s gentle and charismatic audacity. Regardless of not knowing whether this Feral was worthy of it, he displayed honor for her, as he did with all the people she’d seen him interact with so far. He was mannered, not given to judgment, allowing each person the benefit of doubt without prejudice. To Ren, everyone was beautiful and worthy of respect until their actions proved otherwise. His state of heart and way of thinking about life was a foreign concept to Devlin, but no less an admirable quality and something Devlin lacked. Had she reason to care for it, she could have learnt something from him. Still, there was a lot she wanted to learn about this man if not for her own self use. His past… his inner most thoughts… why he was what he was; the prospect of these things fascinated her. But finding out more would have to wait.

After the girl with an equal lack of tact to her own, Fauve, had made her speech – and right before the feral witch used her casual manner of prowess to obtain the map from the archer - Devlin noticed the man with gauntlets arrive in a rush at the edge of the clearing. Turning only her eyes to regard the man, she tilted her head in a slightly awkward fashion and confirmed what may have already been obvious to him:

“It's futile to fight this one.”

The feral atop the skull then stole back Devlin’s attention, addressing her with scouring glare to state her further disapproval for lack of introductions, her sensitive views on being woken up, and demanded to be left in peace while denying having more knowledge on the questions that had been thrown at her.

“What other means is there to gain someones attention, if not raise my voice so they can hear it?” Devlin answered her frankly; “Would you prefer I use physical force instead? Perhaps a kick to the head next time?”

Realizing her impudent choice of words, Devlin regressed with a shake of her head as she looked to the ground; an indication she was apologetic for her manner. A moment later she lifted her eyes and gave the feral a small, conforming and maybe even slightly respectful nod, before adding; “In any case, my name is Devlin – and very well then, I’ll make a note of not disturbing your sensitivities in the future. But should I even point out that you know more than you are letting on? You mentioned a resurgence. This suggests you know more about what’s going on in Akripola than you are willing to admit.”

With that - thinking that the Feral wasn’t about to divulge more information even if she knew it - Devlin gave Ren a nudge with her elbow and was about to start her journey towards the catacombs, when she realized there was a detail she'd missed. It wasn’t like Devlin to care for people’s identities, especially when that person was expressing their preference to be left alone, but she had a sneaking suspicion this wouldn’t be the last time the two of them would cross paths.

“I’ll leave you in peace…. Sweet dreams” She said. ‘But before I go, do you have a name to share as well? Or has your great power corrupted you beyond feeling the need to show others equal courtesy?”

In Defiance 2 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay


A Simple Question

The shockwave of magical energy didn’t give off any feelings of animosity, so Devlin reacted very little to the burst. Neither did she care too much about the effects it had on her or possibly anyone else around, since she had no control over it anyway.

Clearly, this young, feral witch cared for little more than being woken from her sleep, and Devlin had little other concern for anything other than an answer to the question she had. This felt like the closest she’d been to getting the answers she needed, and she didn’t want to do anything that might make this witch less receptive of her.

First - taking her chances and with very pronounced actions to announce her peaceful intent - Devlin sheathed her sword and then turned from the witch to face Ren. She made fists with both hands, crossed the fists together in front of her, then quickly opened her arms as if to break the bond of her fists; relaying the sign of ‘safety’. But she added a very obvious wink to also portray her uncertainty. ‘be at the ready’.

-It wasn’t that Devlin couldn’t have just verbally told Ren that she felt they were safe for now - or even let him make his own mind up on the matter - it’s just that she needed an excuse to turn away from the witch and deliver Ren a wink the witch couldn’t see. It was also a good opportunity to illustrate her friend’s disability to the witch-

After allowing Ren a moment to reply with sign of his own, Devlin was about to turn back to address the witch when she spotted Gabriel’s face peeking out from a shrub a little distance off. The end of his bow was clearly visible and, judging by the massive shadow behind the shrubs next to him, he was obviously not alone. Orcs…. The people Devlin met at the west gate had followed, though at a distance, and were no doubt readying themselves for the worst. Devlin, however, didn’t want them to crash the party before she could obtain any useful knowledge from the witch.

In the hope Gabriel and those who were with him were paying attention, she discretely held up her open hand as a ‘stop’ sign, suggesting not to take aggressive action just yet (the sign was hidden from the witch by Devlin’s body). She then, casually, turned back the witch with a vague though obviously forced grin of her own.

“I woke you, yes, my apologies for the intrusion.” She said. “Your… friends eyes are working fine. Like I’ve already mentioned, I wish to talk. I want to know about the undead army and giant truffle pig invading Nadska right now. Are you responsible for the attack?”

Getting directly to the point was the way Devlin liked it. No sense in wasting time on petty crap.

To make it certain to the witch she wasn’t there to start a fight – even though it might have been a lie – she raised both her hands for her to clearly see she was unarmed.
In Defiance 2 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

At the Drop of a Hat

It only took a moment for Devlin to recognize the giant’s cranium for what it was. She stood at the edge of the clearing while surveying the area. Not really having need to give Ren any warnings under the circumstances, she still took a moment to extend her left arm out and down to the side with a downward flapping motion of hand to signal him to be cautious.

It was clear that a witches hat set on a giants skull in such a way to have its wind chimes dangle, was unlikely a result of random happenstance. Someone had obviously placed it there, and whoever did wouldn’t have been far away; a fact supported by the feeling of an eerily and ominous presence. Devlin wasn’t certain, however, if the presence she was feeling was related to the other feeling she had of her long sought after nemesis being at hand. The two sensations could have been from the same source, but they could have also derived from two different entities. Whichever the case, one thing was clear, the fact that she and Ren weren’t yet under attack by whatever mysterious entity lurked nearby, suggested they weren’t in immediate danger.

She looked over her shoulder at Ren, raising one brow to depicting her spunky but peculiar thoughts on the situation, then took her attention back to the hat and skull.

“There’s someone here.” She whispered just loud enough for Ren to hear, as more of declaration for the obvious, and added a note of caution; “Stay close.”

Fastening the grip on the hilt of her sword, as more of a precaution than anything else, she skulked quietly towards the giant skull. While doing so, she considered a couple more factors; one being that it wasn’t necessarily evident that whoever lurked nearby was actually aware of their presence, yet. Secondly, chimes that chimed without a wind source indicated they were likely under some variety of spell. That, and their conspicuously deliberate placement, suggested their positioning served a specific purpose, perhaps a trap or warning of some variety. Because of this distinct possibility, she stopped a few feet from the skull. Getting too close wasn’t wise.

Still, the map had led her to this point, or at least somewhere close to this location, and it was likely that whatever entity lurked nearby was able to provide answers to assist her quest. Since direct interaction with the hat didn’t appear to be the safest idea, she had but one other option in gaining the entities attention.

“I know you’re here!” She called out the words in a loud yet nonthreatening tone – but as she spoke a haunting chill ran her spin and caused her to shutter as if she had aroused a ghost from its grave. Her eyes fell upon the empty sockets of the skull like they may have anything at all to do with the haunting sensation, and regardless of the feeling, she went on to finish her announcement. “…I just need to talk with you! That’s all.”

She glanced back at Ren with a shrug of one shoulder, though remaining quiet for now, making clear her uncertainty for any pending results.

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