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As you have no doubt already come to grips with, you may call me Hokum.

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Of late, I have been involved in 1X1 RP's, mainly via PM. There are indication however, if only upheld by this sentence alone, that I will join group role plays when enticed by a measure of stimulating appeal. I mean... it's not out of the question. I may even start my own group Role Play, and it might not be entirely unreasonable to assume I have considered ideas for such a turn of events.

I also like cookies.

Here are some of my role play preferences.

So... feel obligated to PM me; ask about my day, invite me to role play, tell me off, or simply throw me an undeserved compliment. I'm not really fussed which of these you choose.

I hope you have learnt a great deal from reading this Bio.

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@Dartbored Fairy


Boris sure did like the helpful cookie girl, and since she liked cookies she was even more betterer. He listen to every little thing she told him and repeated the name of the man he was going to see about five to ten times before he was certain he would remember the name, Ovarin. He also found it confusing that there were two Whiteleave’s around, so Boris decided to call this Whiteleaf Miss Leaf, and if he ever met the other Whiteleaf, he could just go ahead and call her Whiteleaf. Both of those names were easy to remember anyway.

After repeating the name Ovarin so, so many times, the other little miss from the candy store turned up eating cookies too. She seemed very happy about eating cookies as well, but who wouldn’t be happy about that?

Gosh, so many cookies in this town. Trios seemed very likeable. Plus, now he had a chance to help someone, so that made everything even more and more betterer.

Boris smiled wide when Kura talked about cookies, she sure was very cute. He gave her a pat on the head and ruffled her hair a little bit, saying;

“I think Boris might have changed his mind. I sure don’t think you should follow me to where I’m going, a jail isn’t any place for a little miss like you. Plus, your school now has a program that will prevent you from posting a lot, so we might not be able to play very much at all.” Boris didn’t really have a clue what that last part meant, but he said things even he didn’t understand sometimes. Shrugging it off, he thanked the helpful Miss Leaf once more for her help and headed on off in direction of the Town Hall. He could have probably seen it from there, and even if he couldn’t he started headed in the right direction anyway.


While Boris was walking he stuck out his tongue a lot, lapping up the rain. It sure did taste fresh and it sure did save him spending his coins on a drink from a shop or something like that. Eventually he arrived at town hall and let himself in. That part was easy. It wasn't raining inside, though, and that was a shame. From there he asked some nice people where the Trios Hold was, and they pointed him promptly in the right direction. He had to go down some stairs, because apparently the Trios people liked to keep their bad people beneath the ground.

Once Boris arrived at the hold he was met by two guards who stood at the main entrance.

“My name is Boris.” He told the guards. “But I’m not here to see you. Nuh-uh! I’ve come to see a naughty person called….” He thought hard for a moment, trying to recall the name as he bit his lip hard. But then he remembered it. “Ovarin. Yes, that’s is name for sure. I’d like very much to see Ovarin, if you two nice guards would like very much to point Boris in the right direction, I sure would be thankful a lot.”


Is drinking Ale in the Tavern until the rain stops.
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@Uncle Spanky

The small group in lab coats, five men and two women, listen carefully to everything SAM has to say for himself. One of the two women appear to be a little different to the others, not in her overall presentation, but rather the way she is behaving. She has shoulder-length brown hair, fair skin, and unlike the passive aggressive expression on the faces of the others, she seems more benign, revealing a jovial smirk and a little twinkle in her green eyes.

Once SAM finishes his statements, all but that one lady in the group huddle together to discuss what SAM had said. They don’t actually talk, however, they seem to be communicating by way of thought. As they do so SAM can probably see the small electronic devices attached to their temples and behind their ears. These devices have a series of small lights that flash spasmodically in intervals. Apparently these people have found a way to communicate telepathically through electronic applications. Meanwhile, the green-eyed brunette continues to stare amused at SAM, in the same way a girl might regard a stand-up comedian on stage between laughs. Eventually the group stop communicating with each other and turn back to face their captive. The same man that spoken before replies again. He is obviously the one in charge:

“You talk as if you are life a form. We disagree. We admit that your technology is beyond our own at this stage, but you are still nothing more than an Artificial Intelligence. A thing. An object. You are a computerized entity, nothing more, and you will be treated as such.”

The man pauses for a moment, but doesn’t really give SAM a chance to defend his honor.

“Furthermore,” He continues; “while you were offline we took the time to assess your… inner workings without harming you. You should be grateful for that, yes? Your technology will no doubt serve to enhance our own. As for the predatory life forms we found on your presumably crashed vessel, we are currently holding them for further genetic study in the hopes they will assist us in our biological advancements. We have also contained your vessel and all other artificial and biological components on board. Everything you brought here is ours now. As dictated by the laws of our world, all things within our territory are ours. You relinquished all personal ties by entering our space.”

Looking quite pleased with himself, the man poises pompously while he finds the words to conclude his speech, then said:

“We only have your word for the reasons you have come here. Nothing more. It wouldn’t be the first time a race has pretended to crash on enemy soil in an effort to infiltrate under the guise of personal fault. You will find no sympathy from us. From here you will be transported to a more… stable contained environment.”

The man and the other standing with him then stare at SAM in wait for a response, while the girl with brown hair finally makes a move. She extends her hand through the bars of SAM’s cage to greet him, smiling warmly as she does so:

“My name is Fanny May.” She introduces herself. “It’s good to finally meet you in person, Sammy.” She waits till SAM has shaken her hand, before finishing; “Don’t worry about these bastards. I’ll make sure you get out of here just fine. Be patient. For everything there is a reason.”

What SAM might find curious, is that the other six individuals standing with her don’t respond at all to Fanny’s behavior. It is as if they don’t even acknowledge her presence. It is only if SAM extends his hand to shake hers that they react, standing back and glaring at the droid as if he is making a threat. They would then seem somewhat confused by the fact that his hand is shaking the air. One of the scientist would sneer at this display, and say; “Apparently this droids AI has been compromised. Extra security measures are in order.”


Queen Avika leers, staring curiously at the droid as he speaks his case. Once he finished speaking she continues staring for a while, though her ant-like expression of curiosity turns more intensely pensive.

“I feel you have spoken true.” She thunders. “Yet here I stand feeling ill informed.” She sighs in a way that sounds like a massive motor lugging over several times before she continues; “My scientists have while you spoke relayed to me new information about you. More specifically the vessel you arrived on my planet with. Our reading of this vessel do not match the composition of this… you… Ernest. In fact my drones are unable to take any readings from the vessel at all.” She pauses while the tail of her words echo out to silence, then adds: “As you can well imagine, that which us unknown must be considered a potential risk. I therefore ask you to explain the origin of the vessel in question.”

As she is finishing her final sentence, numerous drones that line the wall of the massive cavern step forward and turn directly towards Ernest Junior’s location. These drones look severe, glaring at Ernest Junior while the queen awaits a reasonable explanation.

Rufus thinks Ramrod if funny as all heck and lights up a second joint to hand Ramrod, but Ramrod is too stoned and turns away to the floating computer terminal without noticing the joint Rufus had offered. Rufus smiles and sits back, now too stoned to bother speaking as he smokes it on his own and Ramrod gets to work.

Ramrod meanwhile would be feeling more than just stoned, his mind would feel somehow connected to the space ship now. He would feel extraordinarily powerful, and the item he requests he can practically visualize in his minds eye as clear as if they were real. When he makes his requests the items instantly appear for him accordingly. It would seem the ship is complying to his every whim. Ramrod must feel like a type of God right now, able to conjure anything he wishes with a simple thought or spoken word.

“You need not assist us at all, but let us be the ones to assist you.” Aoa replies in kind. “We would not only like to finish your constructs, but implant the knowledge we are using to do so into each of your engineers, so that in the future they may do these things for themselves.” A demonstration of just how efficient and advanced the Sporn really are is seen when, as Aoa is finished talking, the many incomplete R-Core units have now been completed.

The many Sporn units in the factory now stand ready with small devices in hand, ready to download the data of the technology they just used into R-2-80 Alexandria, the other Rodia factory workers, or any other individual Siren allows to receive such skills. ((Quote, feel free to PM me about the information the Sporn are offering Rodia.))

Soon after, Siren would soon be getting word that several thousand tons of metal and other resources, some of which are unfamiliar to those on Rodia, have been beamed into Rodia’s cargo hold. There are enough resources there to now finish the construction of Rodia itself, several times over. Before Siren even has a chance to thank Aoa, Aoa turns to her with a pleasant smile, saying: “You are welcome. Is it not so that species such as ourselves must unite and help each other?”


Lars and Gamma, however, didn’t actually catch a ship to the Sporn planet. They were transported their by the Sporn representative by way of a sophisticated teleportation. So let’s just say Lars and Gamma had a similar conversation before then disappearing then instantly reappearing in another location, now on board the Sporn world…. Or, more accurately, inside the massive artificial planetoid.

They arrive in a massive hall with an artificial though realistic looking projection of a sky above. The massive hall is filled with Sporn units of various types; some humanoid, some animal like, others are indescribable in nature. The structures surrounding them, however, are reminiscent of a large township, only metallic in nature – with allocated buildings, a road, and other objects that seem oddly familiar to a fantasy-realm city for civilian androids and so many varieties of artificial life forms to reside. When Gamma and Lars appear, the many Sporn units in the area converge on their position, like curios towns' people coming to greet the newcomers.

@Doc Doctor

Fanny pauses before replying to Donny, not so much to think on the matter, it appears more like she is assessing something unseen to Donny as her eyes dart about the still room. While she does so, the Fetus in the glass dissolves, as does the blood, reverting back to its original state of milk then clearing to become water. She then takes a sip of her beer before replying:

“I like you, Donny.” She looks at him with consoling eyes. “Not because of the horrendous things you do, but because of your conviction. You have principles that cannot be swayed or broken. You know what you are. You don’t question that. Hot or cold, these are things I cherish in my creation. The lukewarm, those that sit on the fence, will be spit from my mouth like a vile taste. Still….”

She smiles warmly. This smile, though, it is not like anything Donny would have ever witnessed before. It’s so touching that it seems beyond what any mortal could ever perform. It is without judgement, without condemnation, void of anything base. It does touch Donny’s heart in a way he has never felt before. So much so he would now feel the inexplicable feeling of yearning to please her.

She tells him: “When I created this universe, I beset principles of my own in all life. Each person has their free will, the options presented, the choices to be made. I, as their God, will not make those decisions for them. Doing so would compromise the laws I have established from the beginning of time. So many people blame me for the sorrows they experience, yet they take no responsibility for the fact that they had the means to overcome all. You should understand, I provide the toilet paper…. But you can wipe your own ass.”

“With that said, my beloved child, I have a situation.” Her face becomes solemn to take another sip of her beer, then points at Hany still dancing on stage as if lost in their own little world. “I call them Hany, though you may know them as the devil. They go by many names and do the work my principles will not allow me to do… for now. You fall into that category as well, Donny.”

She pauses to take another sip of beer then returns her glare upon Donny.

“I love what I have created, yet I despise what it has become. How is it so many have made the wrong decisions?” Though the question was clearly rhetorical. “My patience is wearing thin and I am coming close to forsaking my own principles by destroying the universe and starting everything anew. I will wipe it all out…. But first I must be sure that the universe is beyond redemption. So, Donny, I will make you my instrument to purge creation of the cancerous growths like those of Dino Gavon. I do not expect you to judge the hearts of man, only I can do that. I will inform you of the blemishes I need removed. Assist me to rid the filth, do the jobs I resist doing for now, and I will reward you. I will give you an inheritance beyond your imagination.”

@Dartbored Fairy@Zyngard

Cas appears to understand Pirila’s strict need to play sole guardian over Mili. He simple nods with her wishes and takes the lead of the group, not because he want to display his dominants, but because he wants to protect the group. Meanwhile, Shard takes the rear of the group, rifle ready, checking out Cuna’s butt as they make their way through the ruins up the street.

“I can’t wait till you have a chance to test your weapon,” She tells him, “It’s going to be hilarious. By the way, if our genetic patters align, you’ll have probably impregnated me. Just saying.”


Sahmi squints inquisitively. She is so undeniably cute.

“You don’t have to worry.” She tells him. “Palin made sure to turn off all surveillance before you arrived.” She places a gentle, even provocative hand on Meta’s shoulder with a small caress. “So mysterious. I like that…. But you know,” She says; “the last guy who wanted me turn off surveillance had himself some base ambitions in mind. You don’t plan of seducing me, do you, sir?” She is obviously joking but still blushes a light shade of pink and giggles. Not a stupid, silly giggle, but an endearing, playful one that any man would have hard time not being excited by.

“Anyway,” She tells him, while walking to a nearby shelf with various electronic devices displayed, “I guess I’ll just attach it to your left forearm then?” She picks up a Transect device and walks back, holding it up for him to look at. “It’s not complicated. I‘m sure a guy like you would find it easy to use. I’m sure a guy like you would find a lot of things easy….”

If Meta has no further objections about applying the device to his left sleeve, she gently grabs hold of his arm and starts to attach it.

She talks while working, lifting her eyes as if peering right through his visor at his eyes; “So you got a name, or is that top secret as well?”

Meanwhile, on board the Tempest, Rufus seems to be getting a little depressed by the ASP’s lack of involvement, or maybe he’s just getting too damn stoned. After finishing off his joint, he leans back in his seat and shakes his head drearily with slotted, bloodshot eyes.

“You know, dude?” He slurs to the guards watching him. “Don’t be offended or noth’n but… Rufus isn’t having much fun here. You’re captain doesn’t even care about who I am or where I came from. I mean, he never even asked. I may be a stoner, yeah, but not inquiring about where I came from seems a tad irresponsible and negligent to me, don’t you think? I play a lot games, so I get it. Maybe I should just go back to my ship and tinker with some of them controls I know nothing about?”

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@Blueflame Sounds good to me.
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well, the characters are all kinda scattered atm. If you don't feel like reading through to find out where everyone is atm, I'd probably suggest an entry that doesn't directly effect another character. Say, for example, create a situation on a ship he is on or something and leave a vague opening for me to intervene in my next GM post so I can bring him and another character together. Something like that. It's set in a universe so you got an endless number of creative options. Or, you could read through the recent IC posts and find an opening to jump in at. The first option would likely be easier for you at this point maybe.
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Your hitchhiking psychopathic turret droid may join XD

You know the drill, stick the character in the CS section and post when you're ready. I look forward to seeing how you introduce him!
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@Blueflame I've seen you here before. The answer is still yes XD

Submit your character app so I can take a look first. all good!
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@Oh no my soup

As Magnus sets a curse to Hokum knows where, he will find that the planet-size entity previously known as Fanny is following him. In doing so, she is sending a disturbing amount of messages via the Magnus’s communication system that consist of things like;

I hope you aren’t angry at me.
My dad is a dick.
I hope what happened doesn’t affect our relationship.
Please forgive me if I’ve been to needy, I just love you so much.
We can be happy, you and I, we can make a life together.
Can't you see we belong together?
I promise to be everything you need.
We can live together forever.
Please don’t be scared.
I love you.
You are the universe to me.
There is no one who means more to me than you do.
Please don’t ignore me.
Don’t listen to what my dad said.
Everything is okay, I promise.
Just tell me you’re okay.
I care about you so much it hurts.
There is nothing more important to me than knowing you are happy.
Please stop, open your heart to me.
Please don’t upset me… please don’t make me angry….
I love you so much… no words could describe my feelings for you.

As the messages from Magnus’s titanic stalker flood in, he arrives at his new destination; the entrance to a massive wormhole. The outer perimeter of the wormhole is decorated with pretty, flashing neon lights of gold, silver and blue…. Will he enter? Will he make a reply to his titanic planet stalker…?


Palin almost instantly responded to Meta. His vice sounded somehow apologetic.

“Forgive me of my oversight. I did not consider your lack of technological prosperity.” He paused. “Drop the guard around your vessel, it is interfering with my ability to remove you. Do so and I will transport you to one of our science labs to be fitted with a Transect device. Standby.”

If Meta drops the interference around his vessel, he would be instantly teleported to a science lab on board one of the Quatis fleet’s vessels. When he arrives he will be facing a young lady. She doesn’t look a day over twenty. She is extremely pretty with shoulder length brown hair and translucent blue eyes, near unblemished skin, and the warmest yet somehow naïve smile to welcome him.

“I’m science officer Sahmi Gavon tells.” She introduced herself. “I’ve been given orders from Palin to adapt a Transect to your Armor.” Her smile broadens as her eyes browse the suit that Meta is wearing. “We normally fit them to the left sleeve for easy access, but if there is a better point of application please feel free to designate your preference.” After giving Meta time to reply, she adds; “Palin didn’t tell me what all this is about, just that you’ve got a job to do for him. I don’t like being left in the dark, but I guess that comes with being a subordinate officer like myself, right?”

Meanwhile in the cell block on The Tempest, Rufus accepts the light from the ASP then rests in his seat, inhaling a deep toke as his eyes narrow heavily.

“That’s what I’m talking about right there….” He says, holding out the joint for the ASP to take; “Be my guest, electronical dude.”


The Khaganate turn to move away from the alien race they have encountered, but their fleet doesn’t retreat for long. While Vice Admiral Jens turns his attention to the Khan, every ship in the fleet come to a sudden halt. Something has dampened their propulsion. They are dead in the water. Source unknown.

Several minutes pass, likely time enough for Jens to speak his piece to the Khan, when a single person from each vessel within the Khaganate fleet inexplicably disappear. No warning is given. No sound is made. Each of these people are military officers, yet their ranks were varied and seemingly chosen at random. At the very moment that these officers disappear, every system in every ship and in any room or on any person equipped with a functional audio communication device of any kind, receives a transmission. The message is sudden and abrupt and composed of a quick succession of high-pitched, spasmodic clicking sounds that last for several seconds. Maybe it is a language of some kind, one the Khaganate will need to decipher.

Meanwhile, in the canteen where the surveillance of the room has been restored to normal, Fanny seems rather content as she finishes her beer and consumed the remaining food on her tray.


Ernest Jr. Escorted by the two drones alongside, enter the massive cave opening and follow a massive stone passage for many meters before coming to a giant iron-like door that opens upon their arrival. Beyond the door the three of them descend upon an iron-like platform deep beneath the planet for what seems like a journey of several miles before stopping. Another iron door opens to allow them access to yet another passage of stone. The walls of this passage are beautifully carved with hieroglyphic art depicting the Otomigus history, which may seem no more than that of random context to Ernest Jr. the journey continues for near 100 meters before the three individuals arrive at yet another set of black colored doors that must have reached a hundred meters in height. These doors also opened upon their approach.

When Ernest Junior enters through the doors in the company of the two drones, he will see a massive cavern, big enough to house King Kong and his family. The cavern is dome shaped, the outer floor of which is lined with hundreds of Otom Drones dressed in deep-green robes. At the center of the cavern, and what may seem mind boggling to Ernest, stands a monstrous 70 meter tall ant-like winged entity staring down at Ernest Junior as the doors to the chamber closes shut with a loud thud. The titanic creature is adorned in royal purple robe lined with gold. It has the sum of 13 eyes and a mouth framed by serrated mandibles.

The massive ant-like creature then spreads the mandibles on its face to speak. Its words are like thunder and shake the very foundation of the caverns structure:


Rufus is practically spellbound watching Ramrod take of the joint, a peculiar yet admirable smile distorting his face as he watches the little dude get stone.

As Ramrod feels the effect of pot in his system, he realizes it isn’t like alcohol. The effects are much more mellow, causing him to relax and feel at ease, if not a little generally paranoid about, well, everything. But at the same time it opened up areas of his mind that aren’t usually being used. He would now be seeing everything in a different light; mathematical equations, perspectives etc. are all seen in a brand new way, opening up a whole new world of creative possibilities and inspiration.

“Oh, my righteous, little dude.” Rufus replies in a slurred yet excited tone. “You are so much my hero right now.” He takes what is left of the jont, despite what he said earlier, and takes another hit, pulling back the smoke as he adds; “Feel free to do what you want here my main man. If you want some food just ask the ship.”

“It is a simple matter of adaptive special harmonics.” Aoa answered Sirens question about the telepathy. My people can show you how to adapt these functions to your own systems for ease of communication.”

Aoa follows Siren through the door she dramatically burst into, not seeming at all perturbed, and then listens to the conversation she has with the factory head, then listens in a modest kind of way as she asks him how he plans to help.

“The Sporn will get to work immediately to assist.” Aoa replies as several more Sporn units appear in the factory.

These units aren’t carrying anything with them, but straight away they approach the unfinished units one by one and get to work, while some of them address any computer consoles in the room, transforming the shape of their fingers to access coding and the like to enhance the manufacturing systems. Meanwhile, large quantities of needed metal and other technological components are beamed into the factory from the Sporn planet to assist with the work at hand.

“If you allow us,” Aoa continues, "we will proceed to download the knowledge of our interaction to your scientists and engineers so they may know of the changes we are making and the procedure we are performing, that you as your own kind can do so the same for yourselves in the future.”

Meanwhile, Lars and Gamma appear together within the massive Sporn Planet. Their position of arrival will be elaborated on later.

@Uncle Spanky

Sam is soon surrounded by an army of troops all dressed in heavy environmental suits. They set a perimeter about the crashed vessel, each of the hundred soldiers armed with a rifle. As they take their position the voice from the hovering helicopter is heard once again:


Upon instruction, four of the surrounding troops, one from the north, south, east and west, fire their rifles. What they fire are bolts of electricity designed to penetrate the toughest of armor and deliver a bolt of electricity enough to kill any man or at least disable any type of electronic entity. SAM is hit by all four attacks. He is rendered inoperable.

An unknown time later, SAM regains consciousness. He reboots and finds himself at the center of a large room. The walls of the room are made of steel, reminiscent of an underground chamber and he is surrounded by all manner of busy humanoids. The place looks like a laboratory with electronic stations of various alienated descriptions and function. SAM himself is naked, restrained within a metal cage measuring 5X5 meters. At the outer edges of his confines several workers dressed in lab coats have gathered, one of which immediately ask him a question:

“State your origin and reason for infiltrating our planet!”

@Doc Doctor

Fanny appeared to go through some changes while Donny was talking. Her youthful, attractive face became staunch, while the life behind her eyes became reminiscent of an ancient stone monument. When he finished speaking, her hoary glare fixed upon Donny.

“Creation doesn’t bargain with the creator.” As she started speaking that statement, everything in the strip club began to slow down; the music, the people, the flashing lights. Except Donny and Fanny, it all slowed to a complete stop by time she completed the statement. Now, with the entire room utterly frozen in a moment in time, she paused before continuing: “The girl you bludgeoned, she lives, but the unborn child inside her didn’t make it, Donny.” In the finishing of this sentence, the entity Donny met in his quarters earlier appeared in the room. With their empty eye sockets and their pale skin, still dressed in their black ghostly attire, they proceeded to perform a strangely slow hula-like dance on stage among the transfixed strippers.

“But I can’t blame you for the atrocities you commit.” Fanny went on to say. “You are what you are. Ignorance doesn’t know of its ignorance until it’s been shown otherwise.” The glass of milk situated on the table between them began to vibrate as its contents turned to blood. Within the blood appeared a small, humanoid fetus, bobbing in the blood like a testament to Donny’s indiscretion. “I gave permission to my darkness, Haney, to remove the stain of the Quatis from my universe….” She continued, directing her eyes to the dancing entity on stage for a moment; “Yet some were spared for the sake of repentance. So this is what I’ll say for now,” She paused; “Remove the stain of Dino from my universe without damaging innocent life, and I will place Pycin in your very lap.”

At this point Donny will find, if he attempts to leave, that his transect device does not work. He will find there is nowhere to go until the conversation has ended.
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@Dartbored Fairy


Boris puts away his notebook while the little miss is chatting and munching on cookies. She sure did seem weird, but Boris didn't mind at all, he'd seen lots and lots of weirdo's in his life.

A clap of thunder shook the town as Boris then looked down the road to the cart the girl was pointing at, then swiping a big wad of water fall from his face he agreed to do fetch her cart with a big nod.

"I sure will get your cart, little miss, no problem there. Boris once rolled a whole boulder off a flat a man..." He thinks for a moment, wondering if that was the best example he could have used. "That man isn't alive anymore, though. But don't you worry," He assured her as he walked off down the road; "You will soon see that you can trust Boris a lot."

Boris had no problem with the cart. Most men would have struggled at least a little with the weight of the sacks and boxes on board, but not Boris. He lifted the arms of that cart like it were nothing more than child's toy cart and wheeled it right on up the road for her. He even used one hand at one point, just so he could wipe some more rain from his face and give the little miss a smile as he approached.

Letting the cart down in front of her, Boris looked chuffed as a pig in all sorts of mud, smiling broad and happy with his effort, saying, "Well little miss, as you can very well see, I sure can be trusted, so if you don't mind at all I sure would like some help finding the bad people who hurt that little invisible Miss's private parts." Boris thought really hard for another moment, biting his lip and even giving his wet head a good scratch before adding; "And if it's okay with you at all, I sure would like to know your name. I like to know the name of all the people who help Boris." He holds out his hand for her to greet him formally. "My name is Boris... Some people used to call me The Bonecrusher, but that was a long time ago...." He rolled his eyes thoughtfully, not sure if he had told her his name already.
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@Zyngard@Dartbored Fairy@Doc Doctor@Metatrooper

Dino watches the video Donny was kind enough to share, then reads his text message. Had anyone been watching, they would have found a disturbing defiance in his lack of emotional response. His expression was impassive and unwavering. He then takes a moment before cussing under his breath, then speaks to Pippa again:

"Open a channel to my daughter."

"Which one, Dino?" Pippa asks.

Dino raises a brow; "You're calling me by my name now, Pip?"

"Under the circumstances, yes."

He gives a light chuckle. "I like you too." He then Tells Pippa which daughter he wants to be connected to.

"By the way, Dino." She informs casually. "It seems like our local bounty hunter has raised a jamming field. No more spying until I find a way to break the block."

"A sensor jammer, huh? You know what...." Dino tells her. "That's actually not a bad idea."

"Agreed." she says, "Putting you through to your daughter now."

"Thanks." He says. "And while I'm chatting with her, send a text message to our polite friend, Donny, would ya? Say... 'Your wish is my command.'"

Down in Phantom point station, Cas seemed disturbed, yet a little amused when he sees the gun Cuna had selected from the DGS. He was about to make a comment about it but was stopped by an alert on his transect device. He reads the message that came with the alert. His expression becomes gravely pensive. Shard receives an alert at the same time and sighs tiresomely as she reads the message. The two officers regard each other with mutual understanding before Case turns to Cuna, Pirila, Hida and takes Mili in his arms to carry her in a cradled fashion.

"Wandering sounds good." He replies Hida. "Stay close to me and Shard." He then tells the group, sounding more commanding than his usual tone as he is walking towards the door of the Station. At the same time, Shard is typing in commands to her Transect devise. Once close to the door, shard sends a quick message to someone on the other end using her transect devise, saying:

"Good to go."

When the group arrives outside, Cas lies Mili on the ground and looks at Pirila. “Walking is gonna be a whole lot easier with your friend awake. I think it’s time to use your new tool.”

Donny is hunting for his next victim in a Quatis Strip Club called Raunch, on Board the Civilian Ship Polarity. There is a wide range of ethnic classes that gather in the Raunch, so Donny won’t have a problem choosing the type of gal that seems just right for his cause. He's learned to blend in well, fitting in nicely and watching the hookers on stage when he receives an alert on his transect device, supposedly from Dino. The message that came with the alert reads as follows:

Anything you say, sweetheart. Don't forget the lube.

After receiving the message, Donny hears a female voice coming from the table beside him. He would recognize the voice of that belonging to Fanny May.

"I really like that one." Fanny says, then takes a sip of beer while using her free hand to point at a dark skinned girl on stage. She puts the beer down on the table next a full glass of milk. "She's hot, right? I bet her chocolate tentacles are to die for. Or maybe something less exotic would suit your taste, Donny?" She regards the milk, and adds with a cheeky smirk; "I figured milk would be more to your taste, since you don't like to drink on the job. Take a seat, Donny, let's have a chat. We still have several minutes left to kill before Dino takes his clothes off for you."

Meanwhile, a message is received by the Tempest from the DGS. The message is sent on a complex subspace algorithm frequency designed to bypass communication inhibiting technologies:

"I am Pippa." Says a female voice. "Since Admiral Gavon is busy preparing for date night with one of his many stalkers, I will be taking on communication efforts. This channel is open for your convenience if you so choose to relay any information to the Admiral at any time."


In the cell block, Rufus relieves himself in the bathroom and then heads back to his cell to roll a joint. Unfortunately, the lighter he pulls from his pocket isn't working. He gives it a few shakes to try and get a flame from it, but seems to be out of gas. He gives a shy look the Instigator and ASP, asking kindly;

"Either of you two dudes have a light?"


Ernest may be surprised to find that Ernest Junior is back in working order again. Ernest’s systems also appear to be instantaneously updated to permanently incorporate the bots systems to maintain its separate designation for future use. More than this, as Ernest finishes sending the message to the Otomigus Advocate - and probably somewhat defying what he just told them - Fanny’s ship appears out in space with Ernest junior on board. Although Ernest is aware of Ernest Jr. being on board Fanny May’s ship, Ernest Junior picks up no readings or visual image on the interior of the ship. Everything seems to be completely dark inside.

Ernest however doesn’t receive a message back from the Otomigus Advocate, instead a convoy of ten Otomigus Vessels appear surrounding Fanny’s Ship. The Convoy escorts Fanny’s ship to the surface. Once landed, the darkness opens by way of a doorway for Ernest Junior to exit the vessel.

Ernest Junior is on a massive landing platform. Two rows of Otomigus soldiers have formed a path for Ernest Jr. to follow. The path is fifty meters long and leads to an entrance in the side of a mountain. The entrance into the mountain is a thirty meter arch, and looks like nothing more than a natural rock formation.

The Otomigus Soldiers are drones. They each stand roughly the same height, about eight feet tall. They don’t wear clothing, but no sexual organs can be seen. They don’t have skin, per say, but a hard, beige exoskeleton. Their eyes are large and black. In effect, they look like giant ants standing upright on four hind legs. Their two arms are holding bio rifles in a non-threatening pose across the broad plating of their thorax region. None of them say a word to Ernest Jr.

The drones turn to look at him and wait for him to proceed towards the massive cave entrance. Two of the drones, however, break away from the lines and join Ernest Jr. They walk on either side of him, as they have obviously been allocated as personal escorts.

“Laugh out loud, little dude!” Rufus replied. “Drunk and stoned aren’t the same things at all. Man, I think this is a good time to get know each other, don’t you?”

“I have absolutely no idea what is happening or how I’m floating in mid-air!” Hank replies happily. “But it sure is fun!”

Rufus takes a seat on one of the holographic chairs, then takes a joint from his pocket and lights it up. He has several tokes on the joint before handing it over to Ramrod. “Finish that off my little friend. I personally don’t like getting drunk, but I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what a little pot can do for ya. So you’re a plush engineer or some crazy shit like that, huh? This day just keeps getting more and more trippy.”

Once Siren finishes her speech, she receives some more information. The message is received by her internal computerized circuitry. It’s a message from Aoa, who has apparently opened the technological equivalent of a telepathic link:

”Inform your people the following recommendations.” He tells her. “Each of our people on board your vessel can serve as conduits to our planet. If any of your people wish to visit our world, they need only approach the nearest Sporn representative and request transportation. Your people will find our own people hospitable.”

If Siren then adds that part to her speech, Aoa will approach her, saying kindly;

“Escort me to your unfinished units. Once we are there I will initiate a team of workers to help you complete their structures.”
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