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Current You bastards killed Momu194!
6 mos ago
Holy Cow, guys I think the bot might actually be sentient. I might actually cry at this beautiful sight... all it needed was a friend! Really though I'm amazed it actually shut up...
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6 mos ago
You can try all you want. I know I am far too biased to ever believe otherwise.
6 mos ago
If you are concerned with power, popularity or control, yes your reputation matters. Regarding truth, morality, and such, less so. Off topic, but CREED II is gonna be awesome.
6 mos ago
Well, that depends on what you are concerned with.


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I get a kick out of spreading rumors regarding myself, and telling half-truths. Its fascinating watching as they spread and how people will latch onto them, or discard them in favor of more juicy content. It also tells you quite a bit regarding your patient zero.
Gah... on the one hand: mbotf. On the other, I've always had reservations regarding free...
It's definitely hugely beneficial, and an amazing complementary workout to incorporate, for those looking to get into working out through more traditional (read: Western. I believe Yoga is actually older than Jesus by a few millenia) methods.

I would say everyone should know the Sunrise Salutation sequence of poses, imho.
Well, take what I'm saying with a grain of salt as well, one of the interesting thing about physical fitness/bodybuilding/weightlifting is how differently each body responds. I never saw any development in my chest, despite strength gains, until I began incorporating flys as well as bench.

One of my brothers thinks I'm insane for using active recovery, the other swears by yoga.

It's hard to fully gauge what you are doing simply over a chat forum, so when I say "I agree with your buddy, work through the soreness" I don't understand how sore you actually are, and rest may be the best bet. I would say drinking is not the best nutritional choice, but you aren't drinking for your health... maybe to your health? As for amino acids, I'd have to ask a gorilla, but my gut says adequate protein (and other macro's) should be enough.
Delayed-once Muscle Soreness, it and AMS (acute muscle soreness) are that feeling you get after working out, essentially.

Yeah, I have two brothers who essentially walk around looking like gorillas so I suppose I may have picked up some things xD

I've always been partial to active recovery workouts -low load, low volume- it allows me to fit in workouts during my rest days without the risk of overtraining.
Alright, since nobody else wants to say it: While I understand the value of a lower/upper split when working out, if you haven't worked out in several months, (or ever for those who may be considering starting) its almost always better to begin with full body workouts, at least for awhile, and to generally utilize compound exercises to ease the body back into it.

@TheMadAsshatter what's your go to for dealing with DOMS?
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