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I could go for some bondage and domination. Good Idea @DeadDrop
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Nobody is going to march for your anal fetish. We should stick to the exhibitionist angle.
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That sounds like blatant discrimination against those with an exhibitionist fetish. I DEMAND EQUALITY FOR BLAZE
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Well, I've been going about things the wrong way then...
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Hey, if we're just talking armchair psychology, you should have no problem with countering my laughable and indefensible claims.

Of course, it's much easier to simply dismiss and deride those claims, rather than potentially engage in a conversation you are ill-prepared for.

So I will carry on with the popcorn-lurking and snide comments, and leave you to your attention seeking. Carry on, and keep having fun. :)
You really do get a kick out of trying to aggravate people don't you? Ah well, can't fault you for a trait we both share... You could try some level of finesse though.

<Snipped quote by Sanctus Spooki>
I'm on my phone with a small screen, I always do a lot of posts with a lot of edits. You must be new here. Feel free to talk about some politics.

Because as much fun as Im having, this isnt actually a roman coliseum, if youre not discussing anything politcally relevant, Id appreciate if you kept your comments about me to yourself.

EDIT: I half take that back, you are absolutely allowed to make comments about me, my memes and my argument style. I'm saying that you cant ONLY come in here and shit on me without doing anything else. This is a mildly political hangout thread so in addition to everything you are doing, as the thread host, I ask you to be mildly political like everyone else here is.

Sounding a bit defensive there, and a bit paranoid, I made one comment directed at you, in light jest, there was no complaint when I made the claim that you and Kratesis were both being equally petty.

Ahh so while you can occasionally engage in some good old-fashioned fun at others expense, I can't? or at least, not at your expense?

So in other words, If I explain how you are making yourself look like a fool, I am free to leave?

Please though, keep talking about how your memes get on everyone's nerves (Did I once mention memes?). I noticed you pointed the finger at the starterpack memes though, when Kratesis mentioned 'snarky memes'(Sorry if my meme knowledge is lacking, but couldn't the condescending wonka also be considered snarky, or any other number of passive-aggressive meme's you post?) I wonder why you immediately focused upon that specific meme, something like a freudian slip, if I had to hazard a guess.

I think you may be becoming a tad overstimulated - firing on all cylinders? In neurological terms, that's a step away from a panic attack. No I don't think you are going to have a panic attack. I'm guessing you feel assaulted on all sides by inferior minds, and that, combined with the rush of endorphins you experience when you prove someone 'wrong' over the internet is inhibiting your ability to recognise when you are acting the fool. Much the same way someone can think they are doing wonderfully in a fight, despite being destroyed. Feel free to argue but "You're not very good at this, You must be new here, his forgetful ass, etc etc, doesn't do much to support the idea of you considering this to be a conversation among equals, or of you being invested in a calm and rational discussion.

While we are on the subject of brain juices, though you and Poohead both likely have slightly lower hormone levels than what you did in the prime of puberty, actual hormonal decrease in males generally doesn't begin until approximately the age of 30 at a rate of about 1% a year. Poohead, and yourself, are both still very much hormonal young people (You really think a couple years of uwntsumfukbby is enough for the human population to survive before healthcare?)

<Snipped quote by SleepingSilence>

Lets see how brief that turns out to be.

'Mildly Political' Damn, it's starting to look like you use the title of this thread as a shield to protect yourself from criticism while leaning heavily on the mildly whenever you wish to spew your own venom at someone.

P.S. Can I go back to popcorn lurking and snide comments? Because it's much more fun to make notes to myself about a person's mental state than to have to try and make someone come to grips with it themselves, at least over the internet. I did try and tell you to cool off in my own asshat way, it's not my fault that in your defensive state you immediately jumped to a broken spirit (Which believe me, I doubt there is anything in the world that can break your spirit, your own egotistical posts have explained as much) instead of taking the time to consider what I may have meant. Endorphins do that, they also make you feel good. Too much of a good thing?

Well, good to see what you thought I meant by broken... I meant more brain, rather than spirit.

I was actually referring to the quick spree of 3 posts, followed by the equally quick scramble to edit. Also, the apparent pride you're feeling at a plethora of rather weak counters to the criticism you already received.

Really though, carry on.
I think the Dynamo has been broken...

Definitely running a bit hot atm...

This gonna be good, bets anyone?
No please don't drop it people, otherwise where will we get such golden pettiness as:

Maybe you're ugly and he's hot.

And don't forget:

Haha you forgot to say M'lady.

Srsly funny stuff.

Also props @POOHEAD189 I don't pay much attention, but clearly you are doing something right - haters and fans?

<Snipped quote by Silver Carrot>

I disagree, there are plenty of racists, such as the KKK who arent Nazis.

Nazis are violent and genocidal. Alt-Righters are internet dwelling ex libertarians.

Those Hutu sure are some Nazi bastards...

Seriously though, can we go back to the good old days where people who self-identified as Nazi's were Nazis, people who self identified as KKK were Klansmen, and people who were racist assholes were just racist assholes? Calling every PoS a Nazi just alienates moderates who realize the absurdity of it all.


Son, there ain't enough room in this guild for the both of us.

I'm going to hate myself for posting like this, but bleh.

I do not believe his to be organized conspiracy so much as I but this to be a clear cut case of what we are not being told, to which I mean this was not just a madman with a gun, or rather guns. My current take on this is that, based on their phrasing and how abysmal they are conveying information, they either do not have an answer or are attempting to find answers beyond say political, ideological, or religious radicalization.

I'm guessing a bit of that is missing, but I'll try my best. You are right, they do not currently have a motive, that is why they are trying round up all these persons of interest. As I already said, they will not be able to ever have a truly satifying motive without being able to question the man, who is dead. No matter what they do, unless some sort of statement made prior to his shooting is discovered, it will all be speculation. This does not mean they are trying to cover something up. If they were, they would present us with an explanation and build the case around it, instead of continuing to do their jobs in exploring every possibility. All current evidence does point to a simply disturbed man.

Most active shooters do not assume they are going to.escape or survive, at least not in any information I have been privy to. It is always assumed they will continue in mass or active shooting until confronted, in which they often kill themselves or suffer death-by-cop as it were. This is unusual, of course not impossible, but it adds well into that his entire circumstance is strange.

I did not say active shooters, I said mass murderer. I will concede that the number of active shooters who plan to escape is much lower, though in more than 50% of cases the gunman is either gunned down, or stopped, implying that the gunman was preemptively stopped, so we do not know if he would have eventually tried to flee. Slightly less than 50% commit suicide. What this situation is, is a combination of both. Once confronted with what he believed to be police forces he ended his own life, which does line up with conventional behaviour for an active shooter. His plot for a potential escape are in line with the additional careful preparations he took.

That is my only point, that there are too many unusuality about the man and the shooting as a whole; I wish I had more time to explain, but I am away again already. My point is not conspiracy theories, as those I do not peddle, but that there is too many pieces that are not fitting together well to just say mental illness.

Again, I'm not sure what you mean by unusual? Perhaps the desire to escape, though that is rather human in all actuality, and whether disturbed or not, the man is human. The fact that he rented a previous hotel, overlooking a previous music concert/festival, is slightly strange, though it seems to me that it is simply a case of a man who is disturbed fighting his demons (At the risk of sounding sympathetic to the man) This is also likely why he waited until the final day of the country event - he saw his window closing.

Also, I understand what you mean by conspiracy theories, but when you dismiss a lone gunman (Mental issues) and you discount Terrorism, the only answer that is left is a concerted effort by a group to inflict mass mayhem, or in other words a conspiracy. Again, this requires you to try and hypothesise motives of such a group, why would they expend their resources to murder/injure a couple 100 random people, yet make no statements to the public? If this was meant as a demonstration/protest of some sort, we would be told, by the instigators themselves.

For things not fitting together, it is easy to overthink things, which begins to make anything look more than a bit strange, especially when dealing with something that is outside of our everyday experiences. It is the same reason why people see someone floating on the ISS and says "hey that looks weird/fake" Welcome to zero-gravity (AKA free-fall) It's pretty weird, and completely outside of our natural ability to understand. The same can be said for any tragedy on this scale. When I look into the information that has been released+verified, it all seems to fit together relatively well. The lack of motive is moderately confusing, and I can see you require it as the central piece to the puzzle (justifiable) but considering the entire investigation suspect (They are withholding vital information from us) for something
that may not even exist seems like a mistake.

Also in the video I posted prior at aprx. 38:15 the man who is speaking explains it much better as to why there are communication " difficulties" or things not seeming to fit together well

Worse yet, the public is not buying the narrative being put out right now. People are losing their minds and are actually taking the real fringe theories more seriously than they should.

It is important to remember that 50% of the people you meet are below average intelligence. Paying heed to these people is the same as paying heed to the assholes who were claiming that the children murdered at Sandy Hook were not actually murdered.

Now I'm going to be delving into the more conspiratorial side, purely because what the sheriff implied around 33:33 in the video I posted piqued my interest, "These type of investigations have been occurring in the last few years, we have to evaluate that" the sheriff seems to be saying in some way that he believes this surge in mass shootings are all somehow intertwined/connected. I have been scouring my mind for some sort of explanation (As I already said, I don't believe the government conspiracy has any validity whatsoever to it anymore) mostly for admittedly what amounts to macabre entertainment, but the only explanation I can conjure up is some sort of strange cult, with no clear motive - as I said before you would expect some sort of communication from these instigators - unless it is all part of some insane ritual they believe in.


(Would you believe I actually had no clue who Tom Petty was before I looked up that song for a terrible joke? RIP)
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