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1 yr ago
Current I've been away for so long. Holy shit.
2 yrs ago
I'm done with Guam. I want to get back home, buy an 80s Japanese sports car, and get to tuning.
3 yrs ago
Motorcycle is finally street legal. Now I can finally live.
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4 yrs ago
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Just a typical dude who is joining the Air Force. I live near Dallas, which is pretty much the most boring major metropolitan area I can think of. I do a lot of community theater on the side, and am an aspiring actor/voice actor. Just kidding, I'm in the Air Force now, I miss Dallas like nobody's business, and I think I have life less figured out than I did before I joined.

I like vidjahgayms, I like punk rock, I like writing, I like RPing, I like motorcycles, I like cars, I like booze, and I like guns.

Wanna talk for a bit? Shoot me a PM and we'll talk the night away. Or meet me in Discord... Maybe... I don't use discord much, to be honest.

Oh, also... I'm single... ladies. ;)

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Anyone here play DCS world? It's pretty much the one game I've been playing exclusively for the last few months. It. Is. Awesome!
Been away for 5 gah dayum months! What the hell is wrong with me?
I'm tentatively interested. Tentatively because I've had a bad track record lately of getting burnt out pretty quickly on RPs. It's been a minute, but I want to give it another shot. Just, y'know, full disclosure.

Fucking every place there has a hell of a view! Gahh dayum!!!
I recently learned the importance of properly tuning your suspension when riding motorcycles. Preload and damping can mean the difference between a two-wheeled mule that feels like a brick and an actually well-behaved motorcycle.
This is me on an island that very few people get an opportunity to visit.

A'ight, it's fucking bullshit that this thread doesn't get more recognition. As an audiophile, I am offended. I waited three weeks for someone else to respond, but no!

Right, anyways, rant over.

There was one persistent annoyance I had, and that's mostly with the singer's voice. It just felt really raspy and strained in relation to the song. I think it should have been sung in a softer way, but whatever, it's entirely possible that the singer just smokes two packs of cigarettes a day or something, and I'm not here to judge. The song itself was pretty cool. Kind of an alt-folk-indie feel to it. I did find it a bit difficult to extract meaning from the lyrics; they sounded very abstract. Not that there's a problem with that, but it feels like it's trying to be more profound than it sounds. That or it's over my head. Solid and well put together, but falls a bit flat of it's potential, in my opinion. 6.6/10.

I've had like two mild cases of sleep paralysis. The first was during comp-sci in high school. I woke up, but couldn't move for a few seconds, and I was like "WTF, WHAT'S HAPPENING!?!" And then I woke up and it wasn't shit. So I looked it up, found out what sleep paralysis was, and was like "huh. Cool."

The second time happened a few weeks after the first, and I was just sort of like "Okay, here we go." Also only lasted a few seconds, and was far less alarmed by it.
@carla6677 Wilkommen. Wir haben dich erwartet.
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