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18 days ago
Current Ever cried over a story you wrote? I just did that. Not fun.
7 mos ago
Friend: Why are you so happy about murder? Me: Because I can be...
8 mos ago
Cop: Drop your weapon and come out peacefully! Me: No. Cop: Why not?! Me: Because you're just going to yell at me....
8 mos ago
Me: I killed someone. Friend: WTF DID YOU REALLY? Me: No just kidding. Friend: Don't do that please. Me: Alrighty. *secretly thinking up how to kill friend*
9 mos ago
Mushroom dance. Mushroom dance. Whatever could it mean? ...It means you've lived a life of sin!
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Hi! I'm Winter Star... I'm pretty shy except in roleplay. I'm interested into mystery, fantasy, and horror roleplay and maybe the occasional anime roleplay

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<Snipped quote by Winter Star12>

Funny, because I keep writing about that.

Nice. It's a very interesting topic to write. I like writing various things like that and also people becoming mentally broken.
Why do I have a fantasy about cannibalism?

You're fine. Im planning on writing a story where one of my characters turn cannibalistic. I really like writing this sort of thing
Even though October is over, Im still going to be spooky.
Storytober: Day 17
Phobia: Somniphobia aka the fear of sleep
Continuation of Triskediaphobia story

I haven't slept in a couple days. I don't want to see her again. I never want to see her again. No way in hell am I going to sleep again after seeing her constantly. No more of those dreams that cause me to wake up screaming in agony. I'll never sleep again. I'll only sleep when I've finally died and I know I'll never see her again. I can't wait to die... Im ready for the cold grasp of death
Storytober: Day 16
Phobia: Scoptophobia aka the fear of being stared at

Something's been staring at me for so long. I don't know what it is but I've been feeling uneasy and anxious for a few years. I do occasionally see glowing blue eyes in the darkness. I can't sleep because of it. I just wish this feeling of being watched would go away. I want to sleep in peace but I can't. Someone please get this thing to stop staring at me.
Storytober: Day 15
Phobia: Thanatophobia aka the fear of death
Takes place after aerophobia story

I've seen death. That near death experience in that plane terrified me. No one else survived. Why was I the only one who survived? Why was I spared? Maybe Death sensed my terror. I don't want to ever fly in planes or do anything dangerous ever again. Im just going to take walks everywhere I go and spend most of my time in my house. Im afraid that I'll die even though Im walking around for everything though. I don't want to meet with Death ever again.
Storytober: Day 14
Phobia: Nyctophobia aka the fear of the dark

Ever wonder what happens when you close your eyes? Well I've discovered what happens. They come out to attack. Who's "they" you might be wondering. Well "they" are demons. Demons that lurk in the darkness. Demons that lurk and wait to attack. If you wake up in the middle of the night, they will attack and claim you as their target. I know because I've been claimed. I only sleep during the night so he won't attack me anymore.
Storytober: Day 13
Phobia: Nyctohylophobia aka the fear of the woods at night

I hate walking into the woods late at night. Ever since that incident I just can't go into the woods. I remember everything so clearly. That man staring me down before charging at me. Sometimes late at night, if I look out the window, I see him staring up at me. I wish he'd leave me alone. He seems to want me but for what?
Storytober: Day 12
Phobia: Automatonophobia aka the fear of mannequins

I hate mannequins so much. Ever since the incident those mannequins scare me. I never know if any are going to move or not. Im so scared of them. I remember what happened so vividly. It was a late night and a stupid dare. There was an abandoned house and it was apparently was full of mannequins. I wandered around looking for something interesting. When I noticed one of the mannequins seemingly kept following me. I watched it and saw it suddenly move closer to me. I trembled but didn't scream. I ran and looked behind me only to see the mannequin still following me. That caused me to leave the house early. I don't care how much you pay me but Im never, not ever, going back in that house.
Storytober: Day 11
Phobia: Haemophobia aka the fear of blood

Blood makes me feel so uneasy. I always feel a bit faint when I see blood of anyone. The reason why is a bit difficult to explain. I had an incident where I saw blood dripping from the walls. It made me actually fainting when I saw it. I was home alone when it happened. There was a scary noise upstairs and I ran to see what it was. When I got upstairs that's when I saw it in my room. Blood was dripping from my room's walls. I let off a terrifying shriek before fainting. When I came to all the blood was gone. I don't want that to happen again.
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