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8 days ago
Current I'm a half demon demon hunter! What you didn't know I was half demon? That's how I'm a shapeshifter!
16 days ago
Carry on my wayward son. There'll be peace when you are done. Lay your weary head to rest. Don't you cry no more. - from the song Carry On My Wayward Son
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1 mo ago
We need to fix the fourth wall again shit! SOMEONE HELP OHM BROKE THE FOURTH WALL AGAIN!
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1 mo ago
The truth we pursue as we all beg you to kill the lights! Kill the actor! Kill the actress! I'm afraid that the spotlight's dried you up. - Set It Off from song Kill The Lights
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1 mo ago
Friend: Shouldn't you be asleep right now? Me: I should be a lot of thing but I live to disappoint.


Hi! I'm Winter Star... I'm pretty shy except in roleplay. I'm interested into mystery, fantasy, and horror roleplay and maybe the occasional anime roleplay

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I call knives people openers
I'm one of the few people who still read creepypasta and still go to the SCP website also random fact about SCP 035 and 049 they are confirmed to be friends of sorts because in one of the games they were talking about how to handle a situation
In some on the spot roleplays I do I'm the princess of hell
I remember one of my past lives.
I watched the show Supernatural up until the 5th season and need to get back into it
I wanna paint and create art that shows emotion.
I'm gay but haven't told my parents yet along side the fact I'm transgender... My body is a jumble of anxiety!
I'm not just goth. I'm not just pastel goth. I'm pastel glitter goth!
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