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4 mos ago
Current Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary, Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore~
4 mos ago
Dont be scared.... I may be a demon but some of my friends won't die like amorphical.
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5 mos ago
Friend: *makes fanart of a badly injured antisepticeye* Me: *hellish screech* YOU HURT MY GLITCHY BEAN SON!?!?!?
6 mos ago
Friend: Why are you so happy about murder? Me: Because I can be...
6 mos ago
Cop: Drop your weapon and come out peacefully! Me: No. Cop: Why not?! Me: Because you're just going to yell at me....


Hi! I'm Winter Star... I'm pretty shy except in roleplay. I'm interested into mystery, fantasy, and horror roleplay and maybe the occasional anime roleplay

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<Snipped quote by Winter Star12>

Judges with high intensity.

Im being judged now and I hate it.

To everyone: I have horrible anxiety and when someone judges me, it gets even worse
<Snipped quote by Winter Star12>

Sponge-brained fleshlings...

Im a weeb.. don't blame me...
I think, therefore I am.

Is that a reference to Barry the Butcher from Full Metal Alchemist? If so I appreciate you.
I plan on doing a thing for October that Im really excited to do. I call it Storytober! A new spooky story every day. First time theme is going to be phobias.
@PrincessVamporaOoh so the trauma made her a mute. That's actually really interesting and I also really like her design.
@Spike The good drugs, nice.

@Salenea Of course! We could use some doctors, psychiatrists, and guards
I stared at the bloodied scene in front of me. All of my friends were laying on the ground dead. Some bodies were completely mutilated while others just had simple stabs in the chest or in the throat. The culprit of the crime was standing there, facing away from me. She then turned towards me and grinned. The most notable feature about her was her eyes. They were blood red and seemed to glow, though it could've just been a trick of the light. She started to approach me and something told me to stay. It felt like her strange, glowing red eyes had cast a spell on me. I trembled as soon as she was right in front of me. Her grin faded to a gentle smile as she spoke with a quiet whisper, "Don't worry, Mira.... I won't hurt a cutie pie like you." How did she know my name? She pinned me to the wall, her blood red eyes staring into mine. It felt as though they were staring into my soul. "Don't ever try to escape me, cutie pie," she spoke as her voice sounded a bit angry as if this has happened before. Then she did something unexpected and pulled me into a kiss. It was sudden but something about it felt comforting. She pulled away and spoke in that same quiet whisper, "I'll be watching you, Mira. I will never let you run away from me again." She suddenly disappeared with the glow of her eyes remaining for a split second.
@PrincessVampora I look forward to seeing it ^w^
@yoonbae@Jasper19Both of you are accepted! You can post it in the character tab now!

@PrincessVamporaYou can join!
Go on ahead! I dont mind
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