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Current Spooky scary skeletons is always the song to sing for spookiness. No matter the season!
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Ever cried over a story you wrote? I just did that. Not fun.
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Friend: Why are you so happy about murder? Me: Because I can be...
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Cop: Drop your weapon and come out peacefully! Me: No. Cop: Why not?! Me: Because you're just going to yell at me....
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Me: I killed someone. Friend: WTF DID YOU REALLY? Me: No just kidding. Friend: Don't do that please. Me: Alrighty. *secretly thinking up how to kill friend*


Hi! I'm Winter Star... I'm pretty shy except in roleplay. I'm interested into mystery, fantasy, and horror roleplay and maybe the occasional anime roleplay

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Riley stretched, readying himself to go for a fly and just relax in general. His dark purple ears kept picking up every sound he heard nearby and it partially annoyed him, mainly because of all the bug sounds he kept hearing. Riley suddenly spread his dark purple wings and took to the sky. He was enjoying the nighttime air above the trees. Riley then became aware of a new sound that wasn't a usual forest sound. Most of the time, Riley would hear various nighttime animals but this was a different sound. It sounded like someone crying. He quickly flew down towards the crying and when he got there he saw a girl with dark gray bat ears and bat wings laying on the ground and sobbing into the grass. He landed there and noticed her left wing was fairly torn. The girl turned towards him caught off guard and stared at him. "H-hey there..." she said softly. She quickly tried to hide her wings but gave up. Riley just stared at her with a mix of confusion and sorrow. "Look... it's okay. I'm sure there's a way we can fix up your wing," Riley said, keeping his voice gentle. He then introduced himself, "Oh. Im Riley by the way." She looked up at him and then replied in a soft whisper, "M-my name's Winter..." Riley stared at Winter. She looked as though she was about to start crying. Her arms trembled slightly as she suddenly grabbed onto him and started sobbing into his chest. "N-no one can fix my wing.... i-it's too destroyed..." she said, her voice muffled in his chest. He gently wrapped his arms and wings around her in a comforting manner as his heart rate increased a bit. He quickly realized that he had acquired feelings for this girl he just met. "Hey it's okay.... I just had a slight idea that can help you fly to somewhere safe at least," Riley said. It caught Winter's attention. She lifts her tear-soaked face up at Riley before asking him how. He carefully grabbed her, helping her up onto her feet. He then gently grabbed Winter's waist and wrapped his right wing around her as well. "Alright hold onto me and make sure your right wing can keep up," His voice was oddly calming to Winter. Riley and Winter soon flew above the trees and could see all the stars. Winter luckily was able to keep up to Riley with her right wing. They then landed where Riley had started. Riley gently let go of Winter, making sure not to damage her left wing any worse then it already was. He smiled softly at Winter before speaking, "You can stay here with me until we find a way to fix your injured wing." She nodded gently before wrapping Riley up in a hug. Riley smiled before gently wrapping his arms and wings around her again.
A beautiful, haunting melody drifted above the ocean. A pirate captain named Riley heard the melody and was charmed by it. He ordered his crew to follow the melody. One crew member was suspicious of this melody that only he seemed to hear. When she tried to warn Riley that it could be a siren, he told her to quiet down and go below deck. Pretty soon, his mania to find the singer of this enchanting song took control of his mind. His mania almost caused his crew to lose their lives. Pretty soon they found a small island where the melody was so strong. He told his crew to stay aboard the ship as he left to find the singer. He then saw her after exploring this small island. He trembled with more excitement then the time he found a chest full of gold. The female who was singing had deep brown almost black hair, and a beautiful black fish tail from what he was from behind. She turned to face him and was charmed by his appearance. Her greenish-grey eyes stared at him in awe. He approached the beautiful being and started to speak, "I heard your song and I couldn't resist finding you... I'm Riley, the captain of a pirate ship. .." She spoke in the same haunting voice that captivated him in the first place, "I'm Winter." She carefully maneuvered her way closer to Riley and stopped at the very edge of where the water turned shallow. Riley wrapped her up in a hug suddenly the moment he was inches away from her. Then Winter was aware of a pirate woman who seemed to be holding a weapon before yelling, "Stay away from my captain, siren!" Winter glared eerily at the woman on shore. The woman ran to Riley and spoke more gently to him, "Captain, let's leave. She's a siren and you can't trust her." Riley didn't respond. Winter's voice had an odd tone as she glared at the pirate woman, "If he doesn't want to leave me then he doesn't have to." She carefully let go of Riley, making sure not to knock him into the deep end. She then violently grabbed the woman who was trying to interfere with her and Riley and swam away to deeper water at a great speed. About an hour later, Riley turned around and was ready to leave before heading Winter's soft and enchanting voice again, "Please don't leave... you're the only human male I fell in love with..." Riley turned back around before asking, "Are you really a siren?" Winter nodded before wrapping him up in a hug again. "P-please don't leave me.... I am honestly afraid of being alone...." her voice were soft whimpers as she held onto the pirate captain. "I will probably tell me crew to leave without me honestly... as long as you won't drown me because you were upset at something." "I won't ever drown you." Pretty soon, Riley was explaining to his crew the situation and watching them leave. None of the crew trusted Winter's promise to Riley but Riley believed her promise. He then helped her onto a more shallower area and held her close to him. Winter smiled gently and buried her face in his chest.
Winter sighed, doodling in her journal. She was in the corner of the room after school with a few other students, all of which had bullied her love Riley. Suddenly someone caught her attention, "Hey! Winter! Get your butt over here!" She closed her journal and got up walking over to the group. "What is it you bullies want?" Winter asked annoyed. One of the girls spoke up, "We want you to play the Riley's Curse game!" Winter glared before asking, "Why should I? You want me to disrespect Riley?" Another girl chimed in, "We figured you should do it since no one will miss you if you died to Riley's Curse." Winter looked down before getting annoyed, "Alright fine! I'll do it! Just to get you all to shut up!" Winter stomped last the group and went up to the roof. She trembled but before she could even speak she heard Riley's voice, "Kill them, Winter.... they hurt me.... I want to drag them to hell where they belong." Winter trembled as she felt herself drawn to a certain bench in the roof. She went over to it and looked under it. Under the bench was a knife, stained with Riley's blood. Her hands went cold as she grabbed it. Winter out it in her bag before heading back downstairs where the group was. When she got back to the room they all seemed surprised she was even back. The girl who told her to do it immediately asked, "Did anything happen?" Winter shook her her before going back to the corner she was sitting in. Then she heard some guys start to tease Riley, calling him weak for not shoving her off the roof. Winter held her head in pain as Riley kept repeating for her to kill them. The girl who told Winter that she wouldn't be missed asked Winter, "Hey are you okay?" Winter grabbed the already stained knife from her bag before following Riley's command and killing all of them. Best part of all to her was their screams of pain and the fact she felt no remorse. She knew what she really was with her love's guidance... She knew she was a psychopathic monster and it was going to be fun.
@role model I personally like chat room rps that start a bit planned, like a general outline and then see what everyone does with that.
Riley just kinda paced around the bedroom, thinking about how he'd confess his love to her. He paced and paced, deep in thought. He sat down on the bed, thinking about her. He was dragged away from his thoughts when he heard the front door open. He moved quickly hiding in the closet. She was home sooner then he expected. He heard noises downstairs as he trembled. He was nervous and his heart felt all fluttery. He then heard a door open nearby. She was here and he was nervous. Winter looked around, having the odd feeling that someone was watching her. She walked towards the closet Riley was hiding in. When she opened the closet door, she stumbled backwards in shock. She wanted to ask him many questions but all that came out was a bit of nervous gibberish. Riley approached her calmly and started to speak in a soft voice, "Look I get In probably scary since I'm a complete stranger in your house but... I have no intention of hurting you." She stated at him nervously and Riley continued speaking in a soft voice, "If anything... I want to love you and protect you... I vow to protect you." Winter seemed to relax a bit as he spoke. Perhaps it was his calm demeanor or maybe it was his soft voice calming her down. "I guess I should introduce myself... I'm Riley, the person who fell in love with you and have been stalking you ever since," he said, with a slight tone of nervousness, "And I already know who you are... you're Winter, the one who managed to steal my heart without realizing it." Something about him was calming but Winter couldn't understand what was keeping her so calm. She decided to finally speak something that wasn't nervous gibberish, "Well, Riley, I'll gladly take your offer of loving me and protecting me." Riley seemed surprised by her response but was happy all the same. "Though there were better ways to confess feelings to me," Winter then said with a playful smirk. Riley blushed slightly before speaking in that same sort voice, "I couldn't think of any other way to talk to you or anything... but if anyone hurts you, they'll be dead where they stand." Winter flinched, caught off guard by his response before pulling him into a kiss. She felt her heart pound against her chest as Riley kissed back.
@SweetOwlette Shhh.... that's a little secret. Let's just say that something will happen with my character
Wolves are overrated.

Fite meh.

True foxes are much much cooler
How supernatural is this? Like is the existence of the supernatural common knowledge?
I had an idea for a Patient who was locked up because they believed (and are in fact) an Angel. But if the supernatural are super prevalent in this world, it won’t work.

The existence of supernatural isn't super common knowledge but there are slightly odd people, like my character, who superstitious people believe them to be demons and stuff which in some cases is true but the scientists don't believe them and need scientific proof

edited because of my slight stroke i had

Alright let's do this one last time. By that it means this is my third attempt. I am not giving up yet!

Welcome to the Blood Moon Asylum, where all those insane and mentally ill come here for help and healing. We are constantly accepting new patients and always hiring guards,scientists and psychiatrists. We hope you consider joining our wonderful asylum and hope the patients can be made better!

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