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Current Ever cried over a story you wrote? I just did that. Not fun.
10 mos ago
Friend: Why are you so happy about murder? Me: Because I can be...
10 mos ago
Cop: Drop your weapon and come out peacefully! Me: No. Cop: Why not?! Me: Because you're just going to yell at me....
11 mos ago
Me: I killed someone. Friend: WTF DID YOU REALLY? Me: No just kidding. Friend: Don't do that please. Me: Alrighty. *secretly thinking up how to kill friend*
11 mos ago
Mushroom dance. Mushroom dance. Whatever could it mean? ...It means you've lived a life of sin!
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Hi! I'm Winter Star... I'm pretty shy except in roleplay. I'm interested into mystery, fantasy, and horror roleplay and maybe the occasional anime roleplay

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<Snipped quote by Winter Star12>

*me who just logged off the dark web* hOrRor coMMuniTy iS silLy.

There is actually a very creepy and very dark horror game community. I only know because Im on a subreddit for the creepiest games and creepiest easter eggs out there
Mira, my tied up love is happy here it seems. She doesn't mind me keeping her gagged. She completely understands. I wanna keep her safe. Though when I asked if she remembered me, she shook her head no. Why doesn't she remember me? Where are all of my Mira's memories of us!? What happened while I was dead!?!? I need her memories of us back! She will remember me.... I swear.
I have been told that I am a lucky man because I can get almost everything I want and I'm tired of explaining to people that just because I do doesn't mean I will be satisfied forever. I will never be satisfied.

I'm always hungry.

That last line just makes me think of the really creepy indie horror game called "Feed Me Billy" I'm too deep in the horror community I think.
I have been told that my eyes are unnerving.

Now Im intrigued on what your eyes look like.
I stared down the sleeping figure. She hadn't woken up since I brought her here. Her mouth was forced shut by me. I used the wax-like liquid my body makes to do it. Mira will never escape from me again. This is her new home now. She is mine and only mine. She started to shift, waking up. My love, Mira was awake! Her beautiful blue eyes stared at me in terror. I could tell she wanted to scream in terror but couldn't. "It's okay, my love Mira.... Yuki is here to take care of you..." I told her it gently. She seemed to calm down a bit. My love, Mira was back in my arms and she'll never leave me ever again.
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Deceit took the lead, wandering ahead of the group. Virgil and Remus were behind him, being very dejected. He looked back at the two now pitiful people. He suddenly tripped and landed face first on the ground. He heard something start to crack above him and then he felt a violent pain start to rush through his body. He trembled, starting to tear up. He looked up to see Patton, with a slight bit of blood dripping from his mouth. Remus and Virgil stared at Deceit, curled up in a puddle of his own blood, barely alive. Deceit soon feel limp with tears streaming down from his eyes and blood dripping from his mouth and the impalement wound on his back.
Sometimes my tablet autocorrects the correct word to a different word and it's happened so often I wanna find out how to turn of autocorrect on my tablet.
Name: Ash

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Quirk: Quirk Steal

Appearance: Pale skin, blue eyes, black to grey hair, always has her fingernails painted black, wears dark colored makeup

Outfit: Dark grey shirt, black hoodie, jeans and sneakers.

Way quirk works: She stalks her victim for a while in order to see their quirk in action. Once she sees her victim use their quirk, she is able to use it. The stolen quirk lasts for a day before she has to stalk another victim.

Backstory: A dropout from UA high who decided she isn't worth being a hero. She felt her quirk would be better suited for villainous purposes. She's a solo-villain who isn't a team player, which was shown when she was on a test mission as a hero and threatened to murder her teammate if he screwed it up.
Pastel colors are easily my least favorite family of colors.

I personally like pastels but I like wilted colors more.
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They anxiously continued onward, two now dead from this house. Roman gently held onto Virgil's arm as they walked. He took in all sights, mainly of his older brother's dejected appearance. It seemed as though both Remus and Deceit had their own personal rainclouds. Roman then heard the floor start to give way under his and Virgil's feet. He shoved Virgil into Deceit, right as the floor give out. He fell through the second floor, staring at Virgil and feeling fear race through his mind. When he landed, his neck made a loud crack sound and Virgil ended up breaking down into tears.
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