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Current touch the beans, get the means!
12 days ago
Tired of waking up tired? Don't sleep till you're dead! Problem solved!
1 mo ago
w h e r e _ i s _ m y _ m i n d ?
1 mo ago
Overwhelmed and Undersupported.
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I have The Styx on repeat in my head today. *shrugs*


"Uh... hey" *waves awkwardly, clearing their throat*
I make art in all forms, and I'm revisiting my old infatuation with roleplaying and storytelling. I dont have a preference on gender, so you'll probably see me write as all 52 of them. Also I'm in the California time zone, although I write anytime really.
Currently writing/drawing a new comic.
Need my creative juices flowing.
I have a few OCs and story lines that need fleshing out.
Follow/inspire me on my IG account
Looking for interesting characters to fill my not-too-fantastical fictional settings.
Real life connections. That's what I want to write about. DRAMA. Mystery. Humor, and of course some romance.
Also a huge fan of fantasy monster/vamp/witch/goth themes set in modern times...

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Super down. Would love to join
<Snipped quote by artifeximpar>

Now I'm intrigued on what colors Melanie Martinez songs are to you. I don't know why I immediately went to Melanie but I did.

Hehehe, more like what it tastes like. Like that one song "Carousel" has the accordion, and when it plays those circus notes I can taste cotton candy, and smell kettle corn. Plus her voice feels like syrup, its sickeningly sweet.
I have synesthesia.
Not only do days of the week have personalities and color themes, but numbers do too. Music makes me see vivid colors and images, while smells link emotions and sound super strongly.
It says “Impressive Wingspan: What I Look For In A Man.” On the front and on the back it says “Wingspan, If You Know What I Mean.”

My good friend has one with demon wings on it! Love it!
She got a magnet for my conservative mom reading: "jesus had two dads, and he turned out alright."
Love the idea of superpower apocalypse!
Count me in

"hurt" ~ eli filosov [ p h i l o ]
In Art Contests 2 mos ago Forum: The Gallery
Are the rules in the gallery?
That's so rad! Thanks!
We bonded mostly over movies and video games, and we have a similar sense of humor.

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