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In Is RPGuild dying? 6 yrs ago Forum: News
Lack value to organisation and focus? As if that really means anything? And that a new thread should be started to satisfy your craving lust for said organisation and focus? Eh?

And your response to my actual linking of your oh so precious, organised and focused list for a thread addressing all of the site's issues is for you to say you're just playing devil's advocate and how you enjoy making people uncomfortable? ...what? Oh! I get it. You're cute. :)

And yes, Mahz is a "motherfucking adult". He can do whatever the hell he wants with this site, whether he be seeking to fix issues, get help, or absolutely nothing at all. The best way for this thread to progress, like I said, is for him to come back into this thread and state what he intends to do, whether that's something or nothing at all. It would progress or end this thread just like that. He can speak for himself, he doesn't need you to. You going around telling people what to do, feel or how to act, isn't contributing anything.
In Is RPGuild dying? 6 yrs ago Forum: News
Threads are allowed to go on tangents despite what a thread and topic's opening post may be. Why would you think otherwise? Whilst the OP's post may have been decidely extreme and worded poorly, it doesn't matter what that might be if the rest of the thread has evolved into a discussion of other merit. That being criticism of how and what the administration does to run the site. As ASTA replied to you before, Prince, it does not need a new thread when this one suffices perfectly.

That said, the particular elements that comprise the problems of this site has been mentioned enough times now (but that doesn't stop anyone from being able to post their own thoughts and feelings on the subject because why shouldn't they? If it shows that it's a big enough issue to a great number of people, hopefully some response from the administration can be gained from it). The main problems being: Mahz's general failings to communicate actively enough about what is going on with the site and his reluctance to look and accept help. The only way the discussion can really progress from here is for him to speak back to everyone and address his thoughts about these issues. Is he going to be more communicative or not? Is he willing to look for assistance with coding the site, or again not? Until these questions are answered, nothing's really gonna change with this site. And I mean, any response to these questions is fine too, if it's forward progression or a continuation of the status quo, or something else entirely, but a definitive answer would at least be great and put this topic and a lot of peoples concerns, for good or bad, to rest.

As far as Jorick goes, he's actually done more to contribute to this site then you might think or care about and most likely have ever done.
In Is RPGuild dying? 6 yrs ago Forum: News
Site is in pretty major need of a communicative admin and has been so for way too long. The reason why a lot of people have moved (including myself) is precisely because of this. There's not really been that much in the way of any updates or actual communication and activity with any of the admins in the year this new guild has gone up, which doesn't spur encouragement. Does this mean the site's dying? No, of course not, but in comparison to what it could be and what it used to be it's fallen a long way and doesn't seem like it really wants to get back up again. If people are content with an uncommunicative admin that's totally fine, I'm not and that's why I've moved. And yes, whilst people have lives of their own, it's pretty amazing that for the length of time this new guild has been around (10+ months), there's not really been that much in the way of communication or forward progress, so will there really be that much more in the future, especially when Mahz will be constructing this site from scratch without any asssistance at all from others? I wonder. I can only imagine the workload of doing such, to bring about the features he described back when the guild was being brought back up again - it would take an incredible amount of time to code from scratch alone, and considering the amount of work done so far, I can't really see any of it happening anytime soon, if at all.

Regardless of any faults a site may have, as many people have said it's ultimately the community of a site that matters and is important. But again, something that can't be ignored is that a lot of the community has fallen and decided to move to other sites. I think it should be pretty clear and evident to all that a number of the site's regulars have gone. Which, for any forum is a shame, but in this case not wholly surprising. Regardless of whether or not people like or dislike the OP's post and thread or opinion, this discussion is something that this forum sorely needs. As would any other forum or site about issues that people think are severely affecting it. It's better to have an actual dialogue about something rather then to just shoot it down and ignore it, and considering the number of people who have and are dropping from the site, it's something that RPG needs for its own benefit.

yoshua said Oh, by the way, I tried Iwaku for a few weeks (didn't even have to leave the Guild, I was on both, imagine that) and I discovered something. Starting a new RP over there without first spending dedicated time to the IRC chat, basically means your RP will fail, nine times out of ten. The types of RPs, the variety, and some other core things that Guildgoers love, are simply not there.

I would imagine nine times out of ten trying to start an rp on any rping site, including this one, will result in failure. And with a number of Guildgoers having moved to the site, perhaps the types of RP and variety that populate this site will appear on there too. Idk.
The site's community has taken a massive hammering though and several (including myself) have left for greener pastures. No offense to RPG, but this site is a former shell of what it once was and for many the amount of time that's passed since this new Guild was set up and the lack of updates or activity from any admins in the time since it's gone up, not to mention the various bugs, lack of features and general slowness of the site and lack of any optimism that it'll get better has convinced many people to leave. You can easily see how many of the forum's regulars have vanished. That's why a lot of rps aren't getting anywhere in comparison to what they used to. Of course that's not denying some people are just bad at GMing rps, but this is one of the primary reasons why things are becoming a ghost town. This site has taken a major hammering and I don't know if it'll ever get back to the way it was, at least not until it starts to resemble the forum it used to be and/or get the features and admin attention it desperately needs. But will it ever?

I only hang around this site for the Discussion topics now.
Prisk said
People who say "it's just a hobby, not a job" to justify any kind of behavior. When your hobby involves , then you can do whatever you want. But, when your hobby involves other people, basic social norms apply no matter what the hobby is.

Okay, this makes it slightly harder then if you were just a player, but that's totally okay. A lot of advice can vary wildly depending on what the type of rp is (i.e., is it a linearly told story rp, or a sandbox rp, etcetc) but a few general hints and tips can help.

If it's a story focused rp, having some ideas in knowing what you want to occur in the future can help pay off in dividends. Having a goal or general idea of where you want to take and lead the rp is important, as it'll allow you to write content foreshadowing these things and help give the content of the IC and your GMing some direction. With my own rp I often consider what I am leading my players to and where the story will be heading, thus I can create events and introduce new NPCs that'll help propel things forward and give my players things to interact with and react to.

And that's the most important thing: Interaction (and reaction). Think of what types of things can benefit your players' characters from an interaction viewpoint, and ideas can help stem from there. For a very obvious example, one of your players has a hotheaded character prone to explosive anger. Set up a situation that could capitalise on such a thing and result in them becoming angry. As the rp goes on and you get more confident, you can subvert these types of things too by offering situations that are slightly more unusual for those characters and out of the box, that goes out of the norm of expected reactions, which can help build their character's development in surprising new ways. Not only that, but knowing what the particular tastes and interests of your players are can help a lot as well, from the major to the minor. I had a player who was interested in music and fashion, and I incorporated that into the rp by offering short scenes of clothes/outfit buying and song performances etc. Another player was interested in wrestling, which grew into its own storyarc with the characters becoming embroiled in a wrestling match.

Finally, communication. Never be afraid of communicating with your players. The most amazing part of rping for me is that I get my inspiration for writing, and what happens in my writing from my players. Talk to them and ask them what they'd like to see or do. If you get stuck and need some help or suggestions, you can always ask them. It helps get them more involved and more invested in the rp. RP's are a group effort, and that includes every player making an effort to push things on and not just the GM. If you need any further help with main story/plot/rp progression, you can always consider having a co-gm who can help you make important decisions.

Hopefully this helps in some small way. I'm sure others here could also contribute some suggestions too!
Balthazar said
My thing is not really succeeding at content of my posts. I can paint a beautiful image and then struggle to push things forward, the people in my rp are very patient and havn't pointed this out. But still, sorry guys. I'm working on it.

I can help you with this, but one question that'd help immensely is knowing if you're acting as a GM or as a player.
You lament people's preference for anime and their tropes within roleplays citing it's not realistic and then you say you have a seven foot tall lizard man character.

*fucks a landmine*
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