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Haha, wonderful post, Buns, and thank you very much for all of your hard work. :)

As Buns has said, RPG's been very good to us, allowing me to meet so many of you and be able to begin and craft this exciting rp with you all. But I think we can all see how the forum's been doing, and where it's going from here, or not. So, like Buns said, greener pastures is where we'll be heading to now, and who knows, we might meet some other wonderful rpers there as well. Maybe sometime in the future we might find ourselves back on RPG, but that's something only the future will know.

Until then, I'd like no one else to please post in the IC or OOC, it's officially closed.

Cuttersbury: Drych Lake Spa- Hot Springs

Marcus leaned back against the edge of the hot springs, relaxing as everyone else around became engaged in relaxation and merriment, from Tobi’s swimming about the pool, to Quentin’s chippy singing with Nani’s companion, Captain, and Lute’s own mild embarrassment at his earlier stumble and fall into the spring. He had to admit, this felt a lot better then he had expected it to, and he could feel himself remaining in here and enjoying the muscle relaxing warmth for a good many hours, even if he perhaps shouldn’t.

He looked down, eyeing the arm length tattoo of a venomous snake coiling around his scarred right arm, its mouth poised to bite its own tail. This was the same arm that had once been savagely mauled by one of the dire wolves they had faced in their mission of Weir’s woods, all trace of injury gone save the minor scars. He had been grateful that so far, no one had seen fit to ask him of it or the tattoo, which had either been hidden by his towel, the steam rising from the springs, or the water itself. He wasn’t embarrassed or ashamed of it in any sense of the word, it was just a long and difficult story that would be far too hard to explain.


"All right, everybody! This is a stick up! ... ... wait, wait no, that sounds like I'm trying to rob you." Trixie skidded into the male’s side of the springs, interrupting Quentin’s jovial singing alongside Cap and drawing everyone’s attention towards her. "That's not what you say when you rescue people, right? I mean! Who needs help, cuz I'm here to help you! ... oh!" Almost dishearteningly, she lowered her guns. Nobody seemed to be attacked or bleeding. Just a bunch of naked guys in the pool. Nothing interesting here.

"Hahaha... I guess no one needs help, right? Just... testing my heroism and how fast I can run and stuff."

“Trixie!” Tobias waved his hand enthusiastically from side to side with a mighty grin, standing up in the pool. “Hey! Hey! You should totally try the hot springs, Trixie! They’re fantastic!”

Unfortunately, Tobias’ standing up had occurred sans his towel, which was floating away from him. He was oblivious to it.

“Yaaaah!” Lute screamed, diving in the way of the ghastly obscene sight in a hope to spare Trixie’s innocence. Unlike Estelle, however, Trixie didn’t scream. In fact she seemed rather oblivious to it whatsoever and instead walked over to the springs and dunked her finger into the water, testing the heat.

“Hahaha,” Marcus stood up, wrapping his towel around him and getting out of the hot spring, offering Trixie his hand to take. “I think we should take you to the right side of the springs, Trixie. Estelle, Aria and Nani are all on the other side.”
I'm going to get up a smallish post now. I think current scenes of interaction are now winding down, so we can look forward to Buns' progressing things on and introducing our next dramatic scene when she's ready to post. >8D And with that, we'll be moving off of RPG and onto greener pastures. Look forward to it! Many of you I'm sure can anticipate what's coming. The rest... MUAHAHA.

Also, I, er, kinda goofed in not describing a certain something earlier. MY BAD AND MY APOLOGIES
Absolutely fucking awesome.

Cuttersbury: Drych Lake Spa – Hot Springs

"Eh? Nani?" Estelle turned on the spot after hearing and then seeing the former pirate captain burst outside and into the women's hot spring section. She seemed confused at first, expecting to see something a bit different then what was presented after hearing Estelle's scream, and not so much a hot spring as wondrously inviting as this. Estelle's arm shot out of the water, rapidly waving from side to side as a giant smile beamed across her face. "Hey, hey, c'mon in!" Estelle grinned. "The water's awesome, Nani, come on! You used to be a pirate right? So you must love water! C'mon in!"

"Sqwaaark! Love water!" Cap saluted from atop the large wooden fence divider. Estelle's eyes sparkled once more upon seeing the adorable bird, and he whistled a pleasant tune as he turned to look over the other side, and at the male portion of the springs, just in time to see Lute fall and splatter his face directly against the surface of the water.

"Woah, Lute..." Tobias brought a curious finger to his lips as he saw bubbles rise to the surface. "Are you okay...?"

Thankfully the virtuoso was relatively unharmed, only his Pride suffering, muttering and moaning as he waded his way to the shallower side. Tobias laughed again, resuming his swim throughout the hot springs. Hot Springs were generally for relaxing, not for swimming or tripping in. But the Pride rarely followed conventional practices when it came to anything.

"Hey, Marcus, question." Marcus turned, to see Quentin sidle up alongside Marcus, checking him over. Marcus blinked, awaiting the water mage's question. "You must be quite the ladies' man, huh? I bet they love the slender physique you got goin' on."

"Hahaha... what?" Came Marcus reply, a bead of sweat trailing down the side of his face. "Me? A ladies man? No, not at all." The humble mage didn't like to think of himself in that way whatsoever, but it was true that he did seem to attract a lot of female attention. Images of Josette and Nikki in particular came to mind. And a slender physique wasn't dishonest, either. Afterall, it had managed to fool the guards at the Los Paraisos' Grande Diamond building when the need to cross dress as a way of infiltrating the building was needed, but Marcus couldn't be sure whether or not that was actually a good thing or not, or whether or not ladies would love something like that. "Besides, I'm sure most women would prefer someone with a bit more of a... manly physique?"

Meanwhile, on the other side, Estelle had got red after hearing Quentin's question, now imagining wrong thoughts about Marcus' body and his slender physique on the other side. Gosh, what kind of statement was that?! And why was she so embarassed? It's not like she hadn't seen him topless before! And then she realised why, and her eyebrows creased in a frown.

"You'd better not be a ladies man, Marcus!" Estelle shouted over the divide, loud enough for everyone to hear. Feeling all of everyone's eyes trained on her, Estelle immediately sought to quieten herself, and droop her body and mouth back under the water. "I-I mean, er, that is, um... n-nothing..."

"Sqwaaark! Ladies Man!" Cap saluted again.

"Gyahaha!" Gramps laughed from the lobby, throwing out his chest and laughing heartily. He turned to Jett, patting him on the shoulder, and pushing him through the male side of the Hot Springs. "Seems like everything's okay over here. Go in and have some fun, young 'un, those Springs are divine! Gyahaha...!"
Good morning everyone, I hope everyone's having a wonderful day today! Just to echo Rex, I'm absolutely loving all of these posts :D I think we may be nearing the end of this interaction session, or I'm not sure unless anyone, and Buns, has anything in mind. Up to all of you guys, what do you think?

Also, I'm writing a post. :)
My friends and family know of it, and are interested in it, always asking how it's going. I tried to get my friend back into rping, but they never did. XD

I don't think anyone should be embarassed about any of their hobbies, and particularly with roleplaying there should be no reason for anyone to be ostracised by friends/family for it. Being creative shouldn't be something to be ashamed of.
Crescendo said
Pft. I was thinking he'd have a towel around his waist, but even if he doesn't she really doesn't care. Estelle on the other hand...It would also mean Ari's seen both your characters naked. I'm not quite sure what to think about that e ne


I thought Quentin had a towel around his waist as well :P

But still


Cuttersbury: Drych Lake Spa: Hot Springs

Another large column of water rose up into the air from the male portion of the hot springs, this time originating from Quentin’s body crashing into it after Aria’s thrown loofah splattered him right in the center of his face and disrupted his concentration. Tobias pointed and laughed in merriment at Quentin’s misfortune, and then went back to swimming laps about the hot spring.

“Ah, Estelle, Aria, is everything okay over there?” Marcus asked, walking towards the wooden fence partition and hoping that everything for the two girls was fine. Unlike Quentin, however, he was willing to show diligence and respect towards the two girls in respecting their privacy.

“Ah, um, yeah, we’re okay!” Estelle blusteringly blubbered back. “W-w-we just ran into an employee who was still cleaning. N-n-nothing major, seriously. We’re okay! Although… hey! Quentin! What are you doing peeping on us too?!”

Marcus laughed, glad to see that at the least Estelle seemed alright. Aria too, from her comment to Estelle asking her to wash her back so that they could get into the springs. Nothing much really seemed to faze her. Marcus turned and walked into the spring, slowly meandering towards Quentin to check that he was okay. “Q.T? You alive?” He asked.

“Oh, Lulu~” Tobias’ voice lilted towards the virtuoso as he practiced his backstroke. By sheer coincidence he had managed to appropriate the same nickname for Lute that Aria used. “Are you just gonna stand out there all day or what? Get in! This spring is awesome!”

“I… ah… haaaaaaaaaaaaa…” Estelle’s entire body sagged, her shoulders dropping far down below the waters’ edge as she and Aria, after completing the wash of each other’s backs, finally settled in to the steamy hot spring. The water’s soothing warmth was unlike anything Estelle could have expected, and it felt like her body could just melt. The thought of seeing that young man and his dog, and how he had seen them, completely washed away. This was something else. This was just divine. “This… this is awesomeeeeeeee…”

Cuttersbury: Drych Lake Spa: Docks

Gramps scratched the back of his neck as he began to assess what it was that he should do with his guests, after Nani’s question and the pointing scream coming out from the Hot Springs. He was pretty pleased to hear Nani relent into accepting a massage from Gramps, something he would love very, very much, even if it did come at the expense of giving the strange lake jumping man a massage as well. He’d be all too happy and eager to lead them the way to his massage room, but there was a particular duty that called when it came to someone screaming like that. Even if Gramps knew precisely why such a scream occurred, he still had a responsibility to investigate it on behalf of the Spa… and such an investigation, he knew, brought rewards of its own.

“That sounded like it came from the Hot Springs. The Springs aren’t too far away from where my massage room’s located, so, we could always investigate that scream first, make sure whoever did it is okay, and then we can proceed with the massages, hmm?” Gramps smiled. What a suave guy.

“C’mon, young fellas!” He said, moving forward with a surprising spring in his step. “Let’s go check it out!”
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