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Name: Eustace Bagge
Gender: Male
Personality: Grumpy, Cantakerous, and Miserable are the three words to describe Farmer Bagge. He's characterized by his cynical attitude and tendency to complain about everything around him. Eustace is also depicted as somewhat cowardly himself, often relying on Courage to protect him from the various supernatural threats that plague their farmhouse. Despite his rough exterior, there are occasional moments where Eustace shows a softer side or displays moments of vulnerability.
Brief History: Eustace Bagge is a loathsome and lazy elderly farmer living in rural Kansas with his wife, Muriel, and their pet dog, Courage. Throughout the show, Eustace's grumpy demeanor and tendency to mistreat Courage are evident, reflecting his troubled upbringing and strained familial relationships, particularly with his abusive mother. Despite his harsh exterior, there are occasional glimpses of vulnerability and kindness, especially towards Muriel, highlighting his complex character. Eustace serves as both a comedic antagonist and a source of occasional sympathy, adding depth to the dynamic within the show's quirky and supernatural setting.
Universe of Origin: Courage the Cowardly Dog
Equipment: Wooden mallet, beartraps, shotgun, Green Mask, Chair, Truck, Hat, and wallet
Superhuman strength - Despite his old age, Eustace is more than capable of lifting and swinging his giant mallet as a weapon
Superhuman durability/recovery - He's survived, or healed from, all manner of ridiculously painful and deadly injuries daily. All his deaths are subject to negative continuity. He had been subject to demonic possession, alien experimentation, and getting eaten alive and still comes out fine for the next episode.
Superhuman sleep - In "Profile In Courage", Eustace slept through all the methods Courage used to wake him up, including a bomb.
Intimidation - With his green mask, Eustace can strike fear even in the hearts and/or minds of eldritch abominations and supernatural creatures.
Other: Despite his rough personality and exterior, Eustace Bagge does deeply care for his wife, Muriel, and his dog, Courage. He lashes out at everyone due to his rage built up from his miserable childhood and abusive family.
Where can I find the discord link? I want to know if there's an open slot still
Hello, thinking of joining this game. Is there room for another god character?

Ardere Terrane

In hindsight, looking at the judges at the booth, all eyes focused on her, perhaps Ardere should’ve been more modest in her designs. The first challenge was a wall break, though, for her powers, it was more of a wall melt. There are ten layers of walls, each made of a different material, ranging from most easy to most difficult: paper, cloth, ice, glass, plastic, tile, brick, stone, steel, and finally concrete. For this first challenge, all she had to do was to make a hole to go through.

Good thing the redhead wore her mask to avoid showing how thoroughly anxious she was.

Nonetheless, she began. The paper wall was a no-brainer; one brush from her fingers and it all burned away. The wall of cloth was just as easy, turning into a smoldering ruin, as her power forced a spark to ignite. So far, the challenge was rather straightforward, melting a hole through the ice wall as simple as walking. Here I was worried for nothing! Ardere thought cheerfully as she approached the glass wall. For a second she contemplated bashing through but that would go against the spirit of the challenge.

Ardere’s blue eyes were miniature red giants as she concentrated her strength on the crystal-clear plane of glass; like a polished mirror, the redhead could see her own reflection perfectly before the image began to warp and distort. It began slowly at first but devolved into a melting puddle as the glass wall resembled an object out of Salvador Dali’s paintings. Taking a deep breath to regather her thoughts, Ardere pushed forward once again. After going around the blob of hot liquid, the wall of plastic was next.

Unlike glass, the material melted much more quickly with less concentration. As for the smell, it was extremely unpleasant from the leaking chemical odors.

Moving on, the tile wall loomed over Ardere like Goliath, ominous and imposing. Confident of her own spirit, she gathered her strength once more to burn or melt it down. I can do this. I CAN do this. The words bounced around in her mind, an echo chamber, as the outside world grew dimmer and dimmer. So deep was her concentration, Ardere felt a vague sensation of pain like a rubber band stretched too wide. Her vision blurred as tears obstructed her vision, her mouth tasting ash and iron, and her legs struggling to stay upright.

A brief scream of frustration erupted from her mouth when Ardere pounded her head onto the intensely hot tile wall as if her thick skull could knock it down. With the sensation of drowning in sweat, she ripped out her cloth mask, letting it fall to her side, to reveal a most downcast expression.

Ardere was crying blood as were her nose and ears. Smeared by pulling off her mask and her eyes glowing deep red, she looked more like a possessed demon than a teenager, glaring hatefully at something so mundane. Yet, she was forced to admit defeat and she walked around it to melt the next wall: bricks. Miraculously, it melted into a loose, smoking, foul-smelling puddle.

Feeling encouraged, Ardere pushed on to melt the eighth wall: stone. Her breath was short even as her vision was clear for the moment. The pain quickly resumed, a hidden blade stabbing into her arms, legs, and torso. An unfamiliar strain was felt around her fingers and eyes as Ardere struggled to turn it into lava.

In an instant, the redhead bowed to its will and decided to move around it to face the steel wall. As she attempted to melt the metal, Ardere felt rigidness. The long sleeves and pants suddenly gave no warmth at all as she shivered as if she ate a bowl of ice cream outside in the middle of the coldest blizzard in New England. Her own mind was engulfed in a fog as her body slowly collapsed into a curled ball. Ironically, Ardere used the boiling temperature of the steel wall to heat her own body up.

After using her sleeves to wipe the blood off her face, she took the time to rest and recuperate for the final wall of this section: concrete. Which Ardere immediately skipped to move on to the next challenge she set up for herself.

“I’m alright.” She spoke meekly, unsure who she was trying to convince.

Before she was a pool of water filled with freezing cold water. Ice cubes floated on the surface like tiny icebergs while three mannequins wearing cotton sweaters sat at the bottom waiting to be retrieved. It was to be a simple affair: dive down, pull them up, and dry them with her powers.

Taking a deep breath, Ardere dipped headfirst into the pool. The only thing she felt was the cold water restricting every muscle in her body. Ardere thought she felt cold before, under the shadow of the steel wall, but this was omnipresent, omnipotent. As her heart and mind demanded action, any action, to swim to the surface yet her body sank like a rock before her thoughts were ground to a halt. The last thing she saw before the frozen darkness found her was her hand reaching out to grab the shoulder of a mannequin.

“I can still do this,” she whispered, almost pleading while gasping for air, while one of the judges, the Lady of the Lake, fished her out of the pool. “I need to finish it.” Ardere’s eyes returned to their sapphire color as she glanced over to the other challenges she planned.

Ardere Terrane

"Oh...I'm doing great. I guess." Ardere replied hastily, unsure what to think of Teddy's increasingly sweaty face. She was about to say something more when he shouted 'Happy Birthday' to another student. Does he know these people? Teddy looked increasingly uncomfortable after drawing attention to himself.

"Do you want to go...wash your face?" Ardere suggested, trying not to sound too impolite, as she slowly distanced herself from the brawny student.

Ardere Terrane

Outside of her home being burned down accidentally, Ardere has never witnessed a good explosion of bright flame outside of television and movies. Despite all his flaws, she was impressed by the spectacular display of awe, even when she moved behind Teddy like a lost child. "Wow." Ardere breathed, her eyes returning to their normal color. Just like that, the fire bees disappeared like wet fingers smothering candlelight. "Are you alright, Teddy?" the redhead asked once more.

As big as he was, muscles alone don't make anyone fireproof. If her hot fingers didn't wake him up, maybe Danni's fiery explosion will. It would be a matter of time before school security shows up.

Ardere Terrane

Continuing her smile, Ardere struggles to comprehend Danny's hot mouth; his words flowing out of his mouth faster than a car skidding on ice. Forget belonging in a comedy skit, the upperclassman is an entire Disney sitcom about how close he is to Teddy. The redhead had half a mind to tell Danny to step away from the slumbering giant. Teddy was big as moose, or a bear, and Ardere worried that the skinny, string bean, happy-go-lucky schoolmate would get folded in half.

But Teddy wouldn't do that, right? Then again, bears and mooses are cuddly until you steal their food or disturb their sleep.

Fortunately, Danni skipped over to the next group like a child spotting a toy store in a mall. She-ra? Cosplay? There's a convention going on? Ardere bit her lip as she felt underdressed if there was such an occasion. Yet, Ardere continued to look at Teddy, half-expecting his massive body to tilt over and collapse like a decayed Roman statue.

"Teddy? Teddy...Teddy Roosevelt...Teddy?"The freshman patted his shoulder and poked his bicep. Her fingertips felt like hot coins pressing against his shirt and skin when Ardere used a bit of her power to stir a response."Is everything okay?

Hopefully, he was okay. The same couldn't be said about the rest of the student body. At first impression, Ardere felt as if she heard a fly buzzing into her ear prompting her to burst a heat wave to deter it. But when the buzzing refused to cease, the redhead was about to smash the annoying bugger with her tiny hands when her eyes were on the 2nd most peculiar sight today: flying fireballs.

Well, not precisely fireballs. It was bees, flaming bees, zipping through the air in search of a flowerbed to set on fire. Ardere had half the mind to believe this was another trick from Danni. Then again, he looks far from being an industrious role model. Though she felt confident that these fire insects don't have stingers, her eyes went bright crimson red to prepare to roast them with concentrated heat beams.

Ardere Terrane

Ardere chuckled awkwardly at Teddy's reply, her smile showing too many teeth, as she let her mind imagined the scenario of Kree astronauts making first contact with arcade game designers. Maybe Samus from Metroid was a Kree pilot...Though her thoughts were interrupted when another upperclassman leaned against Teddy. A familiar face, one that she encountered earlier at the school fair.

"Hi...Danni" Ardere greeted meekly though he already moved on to meet Mary Sue. Despite the rapid-fire mouth of the pyro fanatic, the sparks emitting from his hand immediately drew in her gaze. It was almost...magical to see the small flames dancing in the air. "That's really cool."

But just as quickly, the spell was broken when Ardere noticed how Teddy was unusually still. Did he fall asleep standing up? Maybe that's a superpower! Being able to fall asleep on command; her brother would love that! The redhead poked Teddy's massive biceps to check if he really was out for the count. "Are you dead, Teddy?

Ardere Terrane

Despite the uncanny appearance of the Vision, even Ardere could discern how mildly uncomfortable he looked when answering the question. Whatever the context was, the redhead felt she was intruding on something personal. Looking away from her upperclassmen, she resumed looking around the various switches and buttons, if they could be called such. At the same time, Ardere noticed another group of older students walking toward Victoria. Judging by the oddly uniform attire that resembled a franchise she had seen on the internet, Ardere initially thought this was a fanboy club her older brother hung around with at his school.

But this was only slightly worse. Oh no, it's the Cult Mechanicus She cringed internally in her own mind before taking a few steps to hide behind Teddy's massive physique. She liked robots as much as the next person but if Vision was anything to go by, Ardere would just prefer to be stuck 10 years in the past.

"So, Teddy... Ardere mumbled, craning her neck to look up at him. "This is a cool spaceship and...uh...it makes you wonder what the face of the designer of Space Invaders would look like if he could see this.

Ardere Terrane

Ardere held back the bile creeping into her throat when, by random chance, she saw Vision turn his head in the most unnatural way possible. If there was one thing more surreal than the technology of the Kree spacecraft, it was the technology that allowed for the existence of Vision. He, (it?), the caretaker seemed awfully polite but nonetheless did not soothe Ardere's mind. The machine man was just as alien as the ship itself.

The redhead considered herself familiar with robots and AI but to suddenly leap from Lego Mindstorm to Vision has fried her brain. She quickly found this place less appealing, especially when another group of students came to see the vehicle. Judging by the exchange of pleasantries, the blonde girl must be really familiar with the staff.

"Hi..." Ardere blurted out, hiding her unease with forced politeness, as she greeted Diana before her attention was drawn towards another blonde upperclassman. "And hello...uuhh...Victoria..."

Wow, everyone here is so tall! Even taller than Peter!
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