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I'm missing out on a ton of fun. It was certainly an enjoyable read
I'd also like to see us face a Speedster, be it Kid Flash, Impulse, a Thawne, Zoom whatever.

Simply cause we don't have one, so I feel like it would be interesting.

Surprised nobody applied as one.

One of my other ideas was an Irish speedster
Personally, even though I ain't part of this anymore, I kinda want to see some detective plot for the cast to really test them. I was thinking something like Riddler, Penguin, or some minor crime that reveals a grand conspiracy
<Snipped quote by Ever Faithful>

It always is. Was looking forward to having Morrow and Maria interact.

There were also a few other characters who didn't make the cut I was very curious to see, both how they'd be handled and the surrounding ideas.

I really should've remade Maria when I had the chance. My gut instinct was on point.
That's quite the Unique problem I haven't encountered before. Usually it's a first come first serve where I started
Ain't that a shame. Didn't think there was actually a player limit
Good thing I didn't make my other character idea. This wonder girl would've given him a crisis in faith
I don't think so. She is very much aware that she is ignoring some of her father’s lessons of proper medical etiquette, but is generally ignorant of everything else not related to medicine or her experience with her father

Thought of designing Maria's superhero emblem to decorate the door.
We got a small army of anti heroes and heroes already
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