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A griffon! A griffon!

This was by far the largest tournament he has ever partaken in. Every knight from every house in all seven kingdoms would be congregating in King’s Landing in celebration between the Arryns and the Targaryens. If there was no better opportunity for Caryll Connington to gain prestige to his house and name, this was it. The competition would be fierce but if he won this tournament, eternal glory was all but guaranteed in his family history. The Lord of Griffon Roost never felt this energetic before since gaining his knighthood as he practices in the field with his lance. Although dummies made of straw and wood were no substitute for opponents as skill as he is, he relieved their presence prevent his aim from getting worse. After a dozen broken wooden lances and punctured targets, Caryll finally retired back to his keep while his sisters and cousins waited for him although the more free-spirited ones eagerly watched him practice.

On top of the cliffs facing Shipwrecker Bay, the sunset bathe Griffon’s Roost in gorgeous orange and red hues of light. Even the Targaryens agreed that such a sight was worth the trip to visit if only to see the beauty of the landscape surrounding the castle. After Caryll has given his mount to the stableboys, he was in the middle of being stripped of his armor when Lady Laisa Connington, his twin sister, stepped in. Even when there was no need for formality, she always wears in her fine dresses and jewelry.

“Hello, sister!” Caryll greeted, feeling awfully joyous after his daily practice on horseback. “What a productive day it was today!”

“Quite…” she replied, not feeling as enthusiastic as her brother but still equally amused. “Already seeing yourself the victor?”

“I pray to the Seven for strength and fortitude!” he smiled as he was freed from the last bits of his armor. “I have no doubt I would win if I give it my all.”

“Good,” Laisa raised an eyebrow at his unwavering confidence, “Get bathe and join us for supper. I couldn’t tell the difference between my brother and a pigpen if the Others took my eyes.”

“Oh, don’t remind.” Caryll growled sarcastically, “I was going to do it regardless.”

Once the Young Griffon has cleaned himself and changed into more comfortable clothes, he navigated his way towards the dining hall where the rest of the Conningtons were gathered. It seemed he was the last one to arrive as his sisters and cousins were already beginning to eat their meals.

Laisa, sitting on the right was in deep discussion with Cathelyne, the youngest daughter and only child of Uncle Robert, possibly about marriage or other lady duties. Enith, Cira, and Alara were busy gossiping on rumors about the tournament in King’s Landing. That only left Soniya, Celia, and Graycie to greet Caryll with bright smiles on their faces. Upon closer inspection, he noticed that Soniya was wearing her armor at the dining hall. A hint of regret cropped upon his face as it reminded him of unpleasant memories of having to explain to the other Stormlander lords about Soniya’s ambition whenever they cast their gaze upon her. It was only a matter of time when his cousins Celia and Graycie start pestering him to knight them as well.

After he sat down and grabbed a piece of bread, Caryll found himself the center of attention as the rest of his family turned their attention towards him. Many a lord or knight would kill to be in the Young Griffon’s position right now being surrounded by many beautiful maidens but Caryll only felt minor annoyance. At last, Laisa finally spoke with mild disapproval in her voice.

“Soniya wants to know the rules of the tournament…”

The Lord of Griffon’s Roost nodded along as he looked at his cousin who smiled smugly in return.

“And a warhorse.”

With that, Caryll nearly choked on his bread as he realized what direction this conversation would be going.
Name of Nation: Kasakka Hetmanate

Government: Puppet state; emerging republic

Species: Kasaks (kemonomimi fox girls)



Territorial Claims: The blue blob between the woofs and the celestial empire

Agrarian based economy
Food and raw material exports
Industrial good imports
Recent industrialization

Natural Resources:


Social Development:


Navy: N/A

Air Force:

Land Area: 10 (swapped with naval power)
Land Fertility: 20 (swapped with economic strength + 4)
Natural Resources: 16
Social Development: 13 (swapped with Land power)
Technological Development: 9 (7 + 2)
Industrial Production: 10 (15 - 5)
Total Economic Strength: 12 (swapped with Land fertility)
Land Power: 20 (swapped with social development)
Naval Power: 1 (swapped with land area - 5)
Air Power: 1 (7 - 6)


Foreign Relations:




Huh, I suppose I can try the Cleganes or the Umbars unless they're both dead too
nice, thinking of doing the Boltons or Reynes
For some clarification on what weapons are qualified for noble arm, do firearms made prior to WW1 qualify such as rifles and revolvers?

Week 12, Cycle 1, Day 1

"Did you also notice how many of the birds and small creatures are moving inland?" Orlome pondered out loud to Tivaldis as she wrapped her arm around his waist. The two were sharing a leaf bed located inside their lean-to tent that they hastily crafted together out of fallen tree branches and twigs.

Tivaldis can only grunt in response. He has grown quite tired due to the responsibilities placed on him by Uriel. He should've expected how difficult it was to discern edile plants from non-edible plants. For the survival of the Elves, the sooner he was able to identify a food source, the better their diet will be.

"You think.." he groaned, "That it has something to do with the waves and the fish washing up onshore? Even the rain can't wash away their decaying stench."

"Maybe." Orlome replied softly, "I just hope Uriel knows what to do."
After a couple of days of careful observation with the weather and fauna movement, Uriel announced to the tribe that it is in their best interest to follow their movement and go inland. The best course of action he proposed was to follow the River Tylis upstream for higher ground. The waves from the ocean noticeably encroaching beyond the coastline and as such, the elves needed to find a new temporary home until they could figure out when the normal weather would return.

But first, the elves had the complicated task of seeking ways to store rations and water for the trip. However, time is of the essence and Uriel took a gamble of his tribe's survival by having them figure out the solution on the move.

Time Passed:
many hours passed but still on the first day

Time Until Next Turn:
3 months

Events: the Tylissians are under the impression that something is happening given the change of behavior in the weather and local fauna. Uriel decided to have them go inland by moving upstream the River Tylis to locate higher ground.

Tech research:

Finished: Primitive shelters
Researching: Pottery

Week 1, Cycle 1, Day 1

Tilvadus groaned as he woke up with a sneeze. The first thing he saw and heard was the sunlight peeking through the tree canopies and the chirping of birds while they flew from branch to branch. He wondered why he felt so cold until he realized that he had no clothes on him. Resting his back against the tree trunk to steady himself, Tilvadus looked to his left and right hoping to see if there were more people around.

Thankfully there were as he could see other individuals with pointed ears wandering about with growing curiosity. He saw the young and the old, parents and children, and men and women trying to make sense of their surroundings. Suddenly, a loud voice shook the forest they were in.

"We need food, shelter, clothing, and protection!" the voice shouted to the heavens. "Menoic! Get a census, I must know how many of us are present in this area!"
80 elves, only 80 elves were accounted for as they shyly gathered around the current leader of this group. Uriel, an elf of ashen blonde hair that reached his elbows carefully laid out his decisions to his fellow elves. A source of clean water was paramount for the small tribe to ensure their survival. And so began a mildly long trek to find the end of the forest which the elves found to be a bay area that surrounds the small peninsula they were on.

On the distant horizon, they could spot three mouths of rivers flowing into the bay area. A good sign for a source of fresh water for the elves. It seems the location they found themselves in was a good spot to take residence but Uriel was cautious. He was determined to explore the rivers to see if it was safe for drinking and washing. With few other able males to form a small scouting party, he set out to reach the closest river to the starting location by walking along the coast to avoid getting lost in the wilderness.

The elves that remain in place have to set out to start gathering material for clothes and food to eat.
Time Passed:
many hours passed but still on the first day

Time Until Next Turn:
3 months

Events: the Tylissians found a potential spot to live in a place in the forest and have identified three rivers that could provide a source of fresh water.

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