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Current Ah, my inspiration returns!
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never again
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sloppy as a soup sandwich
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You've just memed yourself!
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posting is hard


Current GM of Civilization III: A New World and legendary former Co-GM of Divinus until being forced to retire alongside Kho and Rtron, by Kho and Rtron, after (absurd) allegations of laziness and dereliction of duty abounded. Petty and vengeful! (Not really)

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Kho 2 yrs ago
*remembers that guy Cyclone*
*comes over to that guy Cyclone's page-cave*
Willy Vereb 2 yrs ago
It's kind of hard to believe nobody messaged you here. Well, worry no longer.

Anyways, how's your time? How interested are you in another NRP?
I am currently organizing one with 19th century/steampunk mixed with fantasy. Feel free to hop in if you want.
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