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I've been around on this site for a while. At this point I don't have too much to say. I'm not nearly as active as I once was, but I have a sort of clique that I speak with fairly frequently, and occasionally I get a good idea at a serendipitous time when I have sufficient motivation to start a new RP.

I've GM'd or Co-GM'd probably something like 10 RPs over the years, to mixed success. I'm probably best known now for my involvement with the big Divinus RPs, but before that I did other things on the Oldguild with some Dungeon Keepers RPs and one called the Horde of Evil. I've occasionally made forays into the NRP section. I want to like those, but it's a cesspool. Everything in that section seems to invariably stall out and die early on the planning phase, so I've sworn off any further involvement there.

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Kho 3 yrs ago
*remembers that guy Cyclone*
*comes over to that guy Cyclone's page-cave*
Willy Vereb 4 yrs ago
It's kind of hard to believe nobody messaged you here. Well, worry no longer.

Anyways, how's your time? How interested are you in another NRP?
I am currently organizing one with 19th century/steampunk mixed with fantasy. Feel free to hop in if you want.
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