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Current What an irredeemable mistake.
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I want an rp where you can use words to write posts but I'm too lazy and tired
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Y'all thirsty mofos need to chillax
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'A quote' -some dude


It's not really that delicious unless it thinks is it?

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The Halcyon Continuance

A WIP. Should be done tomorrow or the day after, but I thought to post some stuff tonight. Been too long.
The ITC is just a fraction of the players.

Influential, but not omnipresent.

Also, the ITC isn't about mutual defense so much as bullying the rest of the cluster into accepting ITC economic domination.

As for the Gate thing, I'll leave it up to Sigma and Hyper
@Willy Vereb

The Interstellar economy is highly developed. Very few, if any, planets are actually capable of autarky anymore. Blockading your own system would effectively immediately remove your ability to fight the war, and once the enemy eventually clear the mines you're doomed.

You can certainly try to seal yourself off, but given any gate can connect to any gate you're just hurting yourself. Moreover, I imagine (given the ITC, a power bloc) that by now a number of treaties regarding gate commerce have been passed, or forced, by or onto the governments of the Cluster.

So sure, you can cut yourself off. Your people will probably starve and your economy is almost certain to collapse, but don't worry! Once you eventually open your gate again you're going to be sanctioned and persecuted by just about every major trading nation.

That's my take. Sigma and Hyper can chime in if their opinions differ.
So only the Earth Jump Gate was city sized.

The ones in Eden are probably a few hundred meters across, rather than kilometers. Having every arc build a full exodus gate is a bit much.
Not sure they'd fit through the gates o.O
New map

Updated map.

I'll have my sheet out soon. Not everyone is as speedy as googer and saucey!
Awesome stuff rolling in!
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