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Current What an irredeemable mistake.
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I want an rp where you can use words to write posts but I'm too lazy and tired
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Y'all thirsty mofos need to chillax
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'A quote' -some dude


It's not really that delicious unless it thinks is it?

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Posting this here because fuck, the mil section is hhhhaaarrrd. Everything that actually matters is (mostly) done.
Awesome @Sigma.


So it's cool that Humans didn't have natural Psychics/Psionics until the Society did their whole shindig and more or less seeded the species with them?

This also applies to @Sigma.

Legion has his whole rock thing, which more or less works its own way.
Mama mia

Only have history done, but it needs to be approved by @Taeryn. Some links to Earth and the Solar War in there.

It's kinda eh, I wrote it at 4am after all, but w/e. I'll make it less crap and add the rest of the sheet later.


I should also note, Utopians are more than just Humans with some nonsense in their brainparts. I've talked to Ozzy and others about this, but basically you can describe a Utopian as having 'Synthetic Biology'. That is, there is no clear line between biology and technology in a Utopians physiology. Their babies are grown from heavily modified genetic code and a mix of nanotech/wackyspacescience. They still, usually, look Human but their insides bear little resemblance. Veins made from composite fibers, as grown as they are 'manufactured' in the body. Hyper efficient organs. Optimized skeletons made from organometallic compounds. Utopians started with transhumanism in one way, but they never really stopped.

While some might be hard to distinguish from a human, most almost look like they have metal muscles and no skin (at least on their bodies, most like having pretty faces), or they wear weird suits that are also kinda technobiological nonsense that share their not!blood and other stuff. They're peculiar folk.

Lot of pseudo hiveminds lol.

Well, at least the Utopians are closer to the individual side then the one will side. I'll have an NS out soon Ozzy.
Still think ya should have posted this in ADV
Another one of those?
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