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Current Finally back. Looking to finally settle into a thread or DM one.
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I want to make a WWII themed thread but I'm writing so much lore for it that I'll be done in a few years. FeelsBadMan
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Fallschirmjäger is such a fun word to say.
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The most irritating thing is wanting to RP but the moment you start writing you lose interest. Sad days.
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I am currently working on making a WWII themed RP soon enough. Not sure what kind of scale but likely mixes between military and civilian life in a custom made and still growing world.
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I write WWII related stuff and RP a lot. Dunno when I'm going to make one for here.

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Time of his life. Had he ever experienced more joy? Had he ever felt such intense intimacy? No. Quite clearly not. This was a dance he had always seen around him and heard through floorboards and paper walls but never did he imagine it so intense that it would drive him to hours of endless drive asking for more.

He had waited patiently for her return and as he did he imagined so much they could do together, mind so focused on her form and her person. He was lost to his own fantasies and he lived them freely upon the floor of that bathroom. He even worked more on the art piece, her figure so ingrained into his mind that he couldn't help but know so many of her details from experience and observation without a single regret in knowing just what he was doing. The war didn't exist anymore. Nothing was real except for what mattered to him more than anything else and it was the principle and loving desire for a family and one to protect. Ines filled that void. She gave him a family where he had but one maybe present. Even still he didn't think of Jean in this moment. In fact he wasn't thinking of anyone except for his beloved Ines. It might have been more lust than love but as Franz figured it he loved her character thus far and wanted to know more! He wanted to know so much more of who she was, where she had been, what she liked, how she felt about everything! He just wanted to know her in and out with the expectation that she did as well.

He pondered what the ceremony would be like. Who would be his best man? Markus? Absolutely. The man had been by his side for years and with the money the gang had Markus could quite simply fund it all and Franz would never be expected to pay it back. Life was finally turning around.

"Mrs. Blau." He spoke quietly to himself, chuckling at how ahead of himself he was getting but he couldn't help it. He was so happy! Realism escaped him as he danced around thinking even of what they might name children should they have them in the future. They could end Darcsen oppression as well, he supposed. Maybe if people could see how beautiful of a couple they were they'd realize Darcsen weren't as bad as those ill informed people of the past claimed. Yet, in this state he harbored no ill will. Convicted anger became plausible misunderstanding as he sought to find a much more accepting and compromising attitude towards the potential future. He maintained his thoughts and felt stress melt away. Productivity encompassed his mind as he thought of solutions and imagined scenarios. In his head he practiced what he and Ines could say to change the minds of others. In his head he thought of how beautiful life could be if they tried. Even if it all failed he would have her, right?

Round 2? Fine by him!

Exhausted was he when their back to back love making was over. He loved very moment and cherished every moan that came from her lips. Her exasperated breath and the pulsing high from their euphoric intercourse left him satisfied in a way he had never been before. Nothing was better than being right here and right now with the woman he had fallen for.

Then she wanted to talk. Oh. Oh...

Franz's expression shifted from unreasonable joy to a concerned one that was trying to process what it was hearing. Everything they did and all the time they spent together and not a moment spent considering the alternative. There wasn't a single moment that had passed which reminded him of Amber and neither was there one which spoke to him of Mila or Melanie. He forgot about Markus and the gang. He forgot about the war and all they had been through but as she tore his world apart he found himself in a free fall from the heavens. Spiraling down and out of control Franz couldn't do anything but watch as every fragment burned to dust and the artificial light dimmed. He was back in the real world now. Every dream had become just that. It was all just a dream as she explained herself to him and suddenly he felt very human again.

It hit him immediately with a sharp hook in the throat. It punched him with such fury that he wanted to... cry? He felt it build up in his heart and he closed his eyes to try and control himself before he lost himself. He felt so stupid. He felt so idiotic for not trusting in logic. He let his emotions dominate and now his reasoning, but more so his doubt and worry, were invading his subconscious. The man in the mask, the shadow, the soldier all flashed in his mind as he tried to remember what was real...

And... she cared about him... that was real. She just wasn't sure if... That was okay.

Franz took a moment to look away. He placed a hand behind his neck for rubbing while he tried to think. He brought that same had to wipe his face to attempt and hide away his own emotions by stealing away the few drops before they came out by themselves. A few moments later and he turned to face her. He had so much running through his brain, but his first move was to go back to her side with the same gaze she afforded him.

"I... I understand. I-" His fingers tightened around hers, not wanting to let go as he came closer to her. "There was... a girl from years ago. I- I had been saving myself for her for years. I promised chastity but I haven't heard from her in so many years... I have never been this close to someone. I don't know if I'll ever see her again, but I know I want to see you. I don't want to lose you- but I understand."

With some more thinking Franz cracked a half smile, trying to let her know he would be okay as he stared into her eyes. "You deserve to be happy. I want you to be happy."

@Yam I Am

Great work to all three of you. Add your characters to the character tab at your leisure.

Yes, we will be working from the rainbow angle so when you create your sheet be sure to make it counter terrorist oriented. I'll take a look at them once they are ready! Join the discord and speak with Conscripts or Stuff to gain access to the Operator role and feel free to ask me questions there or here.

Here you go. I think the link I had wasn't set to perma but that should work. When you join talk to either Conscripts or Stuff to get validated for the chat.

@Bee@Oxenfree@Lucky In case you three are still interested the discord is up there and the link to the RP is here:…
Alright apologies for further delays but here is the thread…

and here is the collaborative discord

I look forward to seeing what we can accomplish together and we can discuss a lot more either in OOC or on the discord.
Somewhere in a S.A.S. Facility.
0600 Hours.

There was a long flight for some of them, maybe even a bit of a drive with a banter ridden driver spitting back and forth with an operator. One thing was for sure though, this would be the first time these operators were to meet as a team. Formally they might have met and maybe on assignments together in one way or another, but today they were meeting with the S.A.S. Operators from Rainbow Six and their captain.

He was a young man for sure, but he had been a part of the program among other operators. Twenty and four years of age, fully uniformed with gear set and ready. Strapped upon his body was his flak armor attachments. Each piece slid on and tightened with curves designed to redirect some of the explosive with a hard outside to reduce the effectiveness of fragmented death.

"Apollo Hernandez. You don't look like a bloody god to me."

"No sir."

"And you've been put to task with this lot?"

"It's what the captain and Seven wanted, sir."

"Bloody hell. I know he sees something in ya, but for fucks sakes you lot could use a real mentor."

Apollo closed his eyes for a moment, breathing in and exhaling before prying his eyes open. "I think you're aware of what I endured, sir. I want to be here. I've served in disasters. What happened in Houston..."

"I know. Don't let this go all to cock."


"Nothing. Your mates are here. Go on, give a good show."

As Thatcher moved back to join Smoke, Apollo took his place upon the stage. He took a deep breath. His eyes tracked the recruited Rainbow Seven operators. The Hispanic saw lives with potential. He saw brave men willing to put themselves in danger's way to save the lives of the innocent. Willing to protect vital assets, and trained to be the best. He had no doubt in his mind that if he wasn't here leading this meeting, Hermes would. Rainbow Seven was an experiment, for sure, but without any doubt it was an experiment that would allow team Rainbow to respond to a specific division as well as emergencies as they occurred.

Apollo waited for the group to be seated to begin. A quiet inhale giving him the energy to begin.

"Good morning, gentlemen. My name is Apollo Hernandez. Operator callsign: Flak. I'm sure you know why we're all here. From every corner of the world we look for the best. We look for men and women capable of assessing situations and reacting appropriately. You all bring your own unique talents to our team. I am joined today by two operators from our sibling branch Rainbow Six. Even I was unaware of their existence until recently. I'm sure for those of you who might be fortunate, or perhaps unfortunate, enough to know them you know what they are capable of on a base level. They've served in many flawless operations and are considered some of the best within Rainbow Six. I tell you this to let you know that you are under the supervision of the best. We would accept nothing less and are humbled to be graced with their presence." He had turned briefly to the S.A.S. operators, the gentlemen simply standing in silence for the time being. However, given their experience and posture, silence spoke more than words ever needed to.

"I've said plenty already, so I think now is a fine time to introduce yourselves and I encourage it as I want you to consider Rainbow Seven as your new family. You will, of course, be allowed to go home when the all clear is given. So, please, give your callsign and whatever you'd like to tell us from left to right. You don't have to give your name as I have done."
So how are people doing? I could go ahead and work on getting this thread running if we have this group to work with. Although I am waiting to see if a couple of people are going to turn up.

I could also provide a collaborative discord link once we get started rather than just making a whole one with a few people.

Franz awoke quietly, sprawled out on the ground with mouth covered by the floorboards. Another nightmare...

After a brief inspection he marched his way outside of the private area he stayed in and rejoined the squad before they departed. He got a friendly good morning from Ines, to which he gave a mutually welcome "Good morning." Although, perhaps the man had been a little quiet for having been up a little longer than her. Either way, he had stepped about to make sure nobody was dead and waited outside after to simply drag behind everyone else. As usual he would take his position as back line guardian, save for the machine gunners, and he intended to remain that way.

The march had been what it had been but Franz was... not looking good. Well, he was looking worse anyway. He tried to remember what Michael told him. His skin seemed a little more pale. The bags on his eyes were more visible and there was a certain... darkness to him. There was something wrapped around him as he felt very little. There was nothing really good about what he felt and what one could see from a surface level, but there was still something that spoke boldly of Franz. Even with the torture within he marched on beat. His back did not break. Despite all they endured he stepped as an elite. Despite it all he maintained his self proper. Although, there was one moment where he seemed to twitch involuntarily for one very brief moment. Immediately after he was back in control, a cigarette in mouth smoothing his movement.

He was fairly quiet, staying in back to monitor their surroundings for any potential ambush. Even as they came to White Hart he was diligent, not trusting the peaceful scene initially as he scanned the area during their little talk. Not much breaking from formation or even talking as he felt a coil around his neck for the moment. There was the intrusive thought of "what if I put my gun in my mouth?" He shrugged it off, feeling that coil tighten, but fail to choke. It slid across to his shoulder and wrapped around the upper arm. He could feel it, but he knew it wasn't there. He said nothing as they approached the inn.

One thing did, however, burst his burdened mind for just a moment. Although, nobody seemed to be looking at the time, he cracked a smile. It was extremely brief and a burst he couldn't control. His eyebrows rose in a twitch and immediately after they fell back into a neutral form. For a moment he could feel again, but that was a bad thing. There was so much he wanted to say. There was too much to say! He could talk for hours with his hero! Green Fox! Wilhelm was here! B-but... but... The squad was here... oh if only they were dead... No... No Franz calm down. Remember what is talking to you.

Franz didn't wish death upon his allies, but they were a massive inconvenience that were getting in the way of him and his beloved sniper. How to deal with this? Well... He took his feelings and he began to badmouth himself. He belittled himself intentionally and tried to suppress emotions. He needed to stay in control, his own happiness be damned... After all, what good was he to Fox?

Even if he spoke with Green Fox what would that change? He was just some federal shit heel that managed to get along this far probably just by luck. There was nothing great about Franz. He was just a useless Darcsen that would never amount to anything. There wasn't anything that he could do to change his fate or that of so many more Darcsen around the world. How did talking to Green Fox change any of that? Use that brain under that dead ocean hair. Even if you had all the time in the world what would it change? Nothing. Remember your place. Remember that you can easily be replaced and if he so chose Wilhelm would simply scrub you off the map.

Franz allowed that coil to tighten. It grew with his own encouragement and it strengthened... As he came closer to Green Fox, he wanted to speak. But as that coil grew stronger it choked him. He couldn't open his mouth. He couldn't battle his own thoughts. Logic dictated that if the squad knew how he really felt... perhaps they would think ill of him. Maybe, even, that he was a potential traitor... Traitor...

Anxiety kicked in. Panic slammed into his heart which began to rapidly punch his rib cage. Although, his face remained neutral as he casually looked past Green Fox as though he didn't exist, there was the pressing question of his origin. He looked like an Imperial. He loved the empire. What if they knew that? How much would they take away from him? Shit! If they realized what he believed and what he loved they would put him in the corner! He would need to be held in sight and restricted! Damn! Damn! Damn! Curse you blasted dogs! Federation be damned! Puppets of their supposed democracy! They would strip his freedom from him because of his love for an empire! Jean! If you realize you will die! Franz! Franz...

The coil strained. It wasn't worth it. Even if they realized and imposed sanctions upon his own actions what did it matter? He was still a Darcsen... And nothing mattered for a Darcsen. Pointless...

Franz settled into the inn and found himself taking a drink with a short salute toward Ines for the drink. He was mostly quiet, still keeping on his hardened look as he tried to calm his thoughts. Although it was becoming more and more apparent that Isaac deserved to get shot in his fat fucking mouth. The boy ought to sleep with an eye open if he expected to wake up tomorrow. There he went with his own self importance bullshit about "we made you the food!" What a damned idiot. SOMEONE has to take up that mantle. It didn't make you any more special for doing what was necessary. In fact, to be so proud and demanding of prestige was sickening. It spoke of a man who likely belonged to be at the bottom as the deities of old could only tell what nonsense this man would bring if he was anything above! Franz would work the field if it was needed. He would work the iron if needed. He would shoot his own fucking people because it was needed but in NO- DAMN- WAY- DID- THAT- MAKE- HIM- SPECIAL!

He nearly cracked his own glass. He needed a break. If he didn't take a break he would have gunned Isaac down right there. Consequences be damned... but he needed to stay alive. He needed to keep his cool. He was barely holding onto it but life made it so that people depended on him. He needed to be around for people waiting for him back home and he needed to be around to see if Amber would ever fucking show up... In truth he still cared for her. He cared still for his squad even if he found himself rather irritable. Partially the sleep, partially the condescending down spiral, partially just the swirl of emotions from that night before. He was beginning to feel it stop. He was beginning to feel detached again.

IF there was any solace from this it was that he could think more clearly while not burdened with thoughts of emotion, but it was somehow awful and worse. Still he felt... eugh... the feel of his environmentally flavored uniform was becoming uncomfortable and as such he wanted out. After enough time he found the baths. Although, he blanked out as he scoured through his backpack to look busy. He just needed a moment to think, really. He heard Ines approaching and finished organizing his stuff before zipping it all up and standing. If he had just sat there doing that all day that would have been pretty suspicious. He could have just taken the bath instead of doing that, but the man wasn't thinking entirely clear. Plus, there would be trying to clean his entire self up and he had no idea if this place had brushes or not. It seemed decent, but just in case he would just attempt to make their lives easier.

Confronting Ines, Franz asked a simple question rather bluntly. "Would you like to take a bath together?"

@Yam I Am
This is the OP that I have ready. I'd like to answer whatever questions you have here or if you think everything is fine I can just go ahead and start up the thread. This version isn't formatted though so be wary of that.

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