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I want to make a WWII themed thread but I'm writing so much lore for it that I'll be done in a few years. FeelsBadMan
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Fallschirmjäger is such a fun word to say.
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I write WWII related stuff and RP a lot. Dunno when I'm going to make one for here.

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War creates order.

Location: Galbar’s northern continent, east coast. City of Earthwall.
Interacting with: Navari Sathia.
Mentions: None.

Celestine walked briskly through the city, passing through the great gates that permitted passage through the immense walls of each section. The immense doors and heavy portcullises were open wide for now, allowing easy passage throughout the inner city walls. Celestine kept an arm on Navari’s back as she walked, aiding the elf in keeping pace with the tireless goddess. The end goal of this walk was the central palace, where Celestine would give a more formal explanation of what Navari’s duties were to be along with the expectations that Celestine had. As the two walked, Celestine was already doing her best to explain some things. ”The pressure on you when I am not here will be immense, but hopefully with the organizational structure that I have in mind you will have the people needed to help you overcome even the most complicated decisions. If all else should fail, I have no aims to abandon the city, so I can step in personally when I have the time in order to give you time to rest.”

As they began to draw near to the farming districts that held the entrances to the interior palace grounds and thus the palace itself, Celestine prompted Navari to speak up by posing a question to her. ”Do you have any immediate questions about anything? I will explain as best as I can.”

Walls that rose to touch the heavens. Districts that cultivated the many walks of life. The warmth of the sun which gave light second only to the goddess.

Reeling as it all was, nothing was quite as dazzling as the arm that guided her through the city. Even now none of it really felt quite normal. Heavenly? Was that the best way to describe it? This feeling of walking in a city made of clouds where all found common purpose? The taste of the air as sweet as nectar. The smells of the fortress a comfort equal to a mother's bosom.

Beyond it all there was still the waking realization that something stirred within. Everything felt so... strange. It had felt as though she had simply slept through an eternity in the rift. The suggestion of memory fanning her awake until the sobering call brought her to life. To top it all off she had been made champion and beside those feelings was another that stirred in its sleep. It was a gentle urge. A suggestion within her gut that there was something to awaken... or maybe she just needed more sleep...

She drifted for a moment, eyes blinking rapidly before taking in the presentation once more, feeling consciousness take root as she stiffly walked to Celestine's side. The goddess stirred much within as well. Oh yes, her radiance was a wonder to behold. Beautiful skin that looked gentle to the touch, but not so clean that one could not feel the faintest of scratches left by eternity if one concentrated enough. So confident in the way she walked, the way she talked, the way she provided guidance. Caring enough that she personally took her in her embrace. Navari was nothing if not thankful. In this moment she may have wanted nothing more than to simply cradle her head against Celestine and embrace sleep once more... but now was not the time for rest. It was time for action.

Eyes shifted to Celestine as they walked, head turning to better gaze up at her patron. "Many, but only few that matter. What would you have me do first, my goddess?" Few words but great many a possible answer.

Being asked what would be expected of her first was something that Celestine actually had a prepared answer for, but that answer would require something to visually accompany it to fully display the weight of what Celestine was going to ask of Navari. Fortunately, they didn’t have far to go, so she was able to start explaining her answer immediately. ”The first thing I would have you do is pick the people you’re going to rely on to have your back in making the complex decisions you’re going to have to make.”

Stopping before another set of doors that although much smaller than those that parted the dividing walls, were no less capable in the defense that they provided. Celestine pushed them open to reveal a fairly short narrow corridor that led into a circular foyer with several other corridors branching off of it. Leading Navari through the central corridor, she brought her to a relatively small room that possessed a fairly large round table and [number] chairs. Gesturing to the largest one, Celestine spoke softly. ”Sit, if you wish. This chair is yours when I am not present, and mine when I am. Your first charge is thus.”

Walking to the other chairs, Celestine would place a hand upon each one before listing off the position that whoever was given them would fill. ”Master of cultivation, their task will be to ensure that the city has enough food, for I will have no one go hungry here… Master of production, their task will be to oversee the smiths and other craftsmen, for I will have every guard and soldier armed with the best that we can give them, and whatever we trade shall be the best of what we can produce… Master of relations, their task will be to ensure that we maintain good standing with whatever other civilizations come to our doorstep, for even if the city is built to be defended I am not eager to see its defenses tested constantly… Master of strategy, their task will be to manage scouts of various capacities in order to keep up with the changes to the landscape and other fields and devise tactics for battle in the ever changing environment, for I will not have the army caught unaware of where it will be fighting… And at last, master of the army. They will handle the training of soldiers and guards, as well as their direction and combat planning with assistance from the master of strategy. Each of these roles will be important in making sure not only this city, but the people as a whole, are capable of defending themselves and thriving, even without me. If there are any more positions that you can think of that need to be filled, please do feel free to state them. I will make accommodations for them. They will all answer to you, and you will answer to me. Beneath them will be the advisors that they pick, and so on. It is my wish that the general populace have the means to make both requests and complaints heard equally to both your ears and mine. To make this clear: This process is critical to maintaining the happiness and smooth operation of this city. It will be impossible to do everything, but I would still do as much as possible. Thus, I would say to make your choices carefully. Sometimes the best choices will be the people that disagree with you the most. But, ultimately, the choice is yours. I am not here to dictate your freedom away from you. Thus, during your selections, I will merely be a silent companion.”

Faithfully, Navari followed every guided step. Eyes grazing upon the passing craftsmanship of the corridors. A hand gently brushing against the reinforced wood as they continued on their way. The throne, no matter how ordinary, held significance to Celestine's champion immediately. She thought to sit, but upon hearing her out, the mortal shook her head. "It is as you say. Mine when you are not here. I will stand, that you would see me as worthy to share such a seat... I am honored."

Upon being explained the functions of the table thoughts formulated and carried on. Eyes wandered and hand brushed gently against the table, imagining who she would have sitting upon their table. Pressure straining upon their neck as she began to wonder if she would be capable of choosing worthy souls. Still, Celestine wouldn't have given her this role if she could not handle it... right?

There was a moment of silence, the woman bringing her arm back to her side before looking at Celestine, though without daring to look into her eyes. "I will do my best to serve you. I understand my role is primarily in administration. And, forgive me for this, I would like to understand the other roles I am to undertake before I make such important decisions."

Nodding at the request, Celestine would gesture for Navari to follow her before she began to lead Navari throughout the palace and explain each room and its purpose. When not explaining the rooms, Celestine explained her plans for Navari. Not only was she to be the guide for the city when Celestine herself wasn’t present, she was also to be Celestine’s replacement as the de-facto leader of the Virtus Elves on Galbar should something happen.

This revelation likely panicked Navari a bit, so Celestine took the time to explain something else: She was the goddess of war, and she felt a sense of inevitability that someone was going to make an attempt on her life. She would naturally be prepared for this, but in the event that someone or something was successful Celestine did not want to leave the elves suddenly leaderless and lost.

That was where Navari came in, and it was also why Celestine placed such great pressure upon her. She, quite frankly, needed Navari to have nerves of steel in order to lead a people that had lost their goddess. Such a task would be monumentally difficult, but Celestine knew that Navari had the potential to achieve the task set before her already. She just had to harness it. That had been why she had been chosen after all.

Remaining silent for a few moments to allow Navari to absorb the information that Celestine had given her, Celestine led them back to the initial strategy room before turning to face her and asking if they had anything else they wanted an answer for.

This was a lot to take in. Everything about this was a lot to take in. To be brought to life only to be told that there would be the possibility of being abandoned was hard enough, but to be the one that all eyes would look upon if it happened was more chaos than she was comfortable with hearing at the moment. It felt like there were needles in her spine, every muscle in her body stressing and her heart pounding in anxiety. And yet... She didn't have to do this alone, and above all she needed to have faith that with or without Celestine that life could continue on. It was all she had... did others have such faith? Surely...

As they passed through every corridor she glanced into the window that every elf had. There was spirit there. A flow of emotion and thought that was ceaseless. Men and women who were capable of much. Some more determined than others. Some more afraid. But all took comfort in the gaze of the goddess. Understanding that even in the midst of their remembrance there was a figure that seemed to make everything make sense. They gathered, speaking to one another of their duties. Each one seemed to recall one thing and then another. Each revelation seeming to grow as Celestine took her place among them. The holy revelation of even her cloak sparking inspiration into the minds of the elves. One or two managing to even touch it as Celestine passed by, the eyes of the few glowing with realization before sprinting to chase a dream born of mind.

And as they returned Navari looked down upon the city from the highest rise of their citadel. All lives with one goal in mind. A goal to not just survive, but to live. That gave Navari hope and purpose. For even beyond serving the one who walked above them all she needed to see what was at stake. She needed to understand what would be lost if all did not push to fulfill their duty... and such thoughts did flood her mind. A great nightmare of a barren city with broken walls. The very flash causing her to close eyes for some time to then reopen to see all was still there. Much to consider as she focused again on her walk with Celestine. It all coming to end once more in the table where masters would sit.

There was a long pause as Navari closed eyes and took a deep breath, calming thoughts as best she could before standing upright from her hunched posture. With an exhale she looked to face Celestine, placing hand over heart as she spoke with a determined expression. "Though this is is all new to me, I assure you, I will not fail you. I will know this city and I will make every attempt to bring our people to prosperity. I will give my soul to this until the void takes me whole and I return to the endless dream..."

She brought herself to one knee, bowing head. "So please... continue in your great work. I will handle things from here. Nothing more is necessary for the time being."

Celestine nodded at Navari’s enthusiasm before speaking up once more. ”Good. I will return to review your choices at the end of the day. If all is in order, I will assist you all with establishing the routines needed to keep the city going and make sure that reports are handled adequately. Until then, the day and its choices are yours to do with as you see fit.”

And with that, Celestine left. Ascending the tower to watch both the horizon and the city below. It was there that she remained until the sun passed to the horizon. As the light faded and torches were lit around the city, Celestine returned to Navari and took the time to interview both her and each choice. All of them eventually earned her approval, and soon Celestine began to explain the system of providing and receiving reports regarding the status of their governed sectors. The sun was well gone by the time she finished, but at the very least the structure was explained.

With things finally set up for the city to run independently of Celestine, she bid Navari to take up the mantle of leadership before once more ascending the tower to keep an eye on the horizon to track what the other gods were doing.

Navari Sathia

Champion of Earthwall

Even the greatest legends began from the smallest of towns.

In the grand overture of the cosmos there lay a goddess of great desire. One so passionate in their song that even after the stage grew cold and dark there remained hope with a warmth so gentle and pure. So quiet was the void. Bereft of pain. Barren of strife. But as the stage began to glow and the warmth of the goddess grew there was a certainty upon them.

Yes, there as the goddess woke from their slumber their passion grew. Devotion to their great work flared and all who gazed upon it stared in wonder. The lands reached their hands and the seas rushed as blood to fill the earth with pulse. Rising... rising... so much life flourished under the watchful gaze of the gods. The cradle of their love, their hate, their devotion.

And in the midst of all life that came, the goddess of war searched between all of one people. Eyes graced them in her splendor. There, in the grand fortress where light came to all, the honeyed words of one greater than them echoed soundly. Pulsing through every loyal soul that knew the voice of their shepherd came words that brought the many to bow. Yes, in the gathering of the Virtus, was Ser Navari Sathia given the honor and the pledge to become the champion of not just Celestine, but of the Virtus. For they were her people and she was their champion.

Navari stands at a proud 7'4". Flowing silver hair accompanied by emerald eyes and a gentle tint of pink. A warrior through and through and eager to serve on land or sea. Most recognized by silver armor and gold accents. An ideal knight in spirit and strength with an unwavering faith to her creator and an undying duty to serve her people. Where there is Celestine's call Navari is never far with a hungry grin and bloodshot eyes.

Senja Penttilä

This was nice. It was a brief respite in the world of war, but it was one that even she needed. Between the desperate and the demanding it was here that she felt she could be a simple woman of the holy order once more. The gardens she tended to… she wondered how they were. Even with Brother Mithal’s assurance she thought often of her children. How beautiful had they grown? How tall were they now? There was yet still the creeping thought that had began to etch its way into her mind. ‘Would she live to see them?’ If she could physically wave such a thought away she would. It would certainly save her the trouble of praying for strength. But she was thankful that she was unburdened with such thoughts on a regular basis. Still, it had only caused her to come to the conclusion that she had failed somewhere. It wasn’t beyond her and it certainly was expected but where she looked she could find no clear answer. Even as she gave her cheerful nods to Jean and a healthy smile she couldn’t really figure out what it was that bothered her so greatly in this moment.

Lubna provided a new character for her testament, one that she didn’t recall meeting with very often, though with how many faces she saw from day to day it didn’t surprise her that there were just those that escaped her. She spoke. She spoke and…

It was like a drop landed in the middle of a puddle before her. The ripples echoing words that were never meant to cause such stir. But why? She had simply been polite but with every passing moment she felt the ripples around her begin to grow. Tired eyes blinked and looked to heaven for an answer. But as she looked to God for a sign her eyes came crashing down to the bolt of the holy that showed her the way. Those ripples grew to waves as eyes widened in revelation. In the time she had taken to seek council the poorest among them had abandoned her.

Pain seemed to swell within as a dark reality touched upon her spirit. For all those she had touched and all those she had given comfort to there yet remained one among her flock that she had left to wander to the den of wolves. Even for all the rumors and all the words she had found every convenience that left her to abandon the very notion of a successful shepherd. Throat tightened tightly, the demon on her shoulder grasping tightly.

“Look upon your failure and soak in the sight. It is the one you left to the wild. It is the one you failed. Now- instead of turning to your God- he turns to the world. Cold and alone and never to return. For all your victories, you will never save him.”

“Leave me, demon!”

Her throat finally loosened, the gulp passing without more than the faintest of noises. But even with this release there was something that she could not shake. Hand came to heart as she reflected over Jean once more.

Where had she been all this time? She had made time for so many people and thrice over. She enjoyed the comfort of those who loved her presence and the joy that others had brought her without her say so. Even Franz, who had found the love of his life, still received her blessings and more than he had ever asked for, but in her distractions and her regularities she let slip someone who she thought was so essential to the team. As she took a step forward to approach him she felt a twinge in her chest, a sharp pain that left her to ponder a simple question.
“Has my heart cracked?”

Resolve took her once more. No more running away from this. It was time to start making things right. Feet moved her to stand beside Jean. Radiance emanated from the curls of her lips as eyes closed some to show sincerity to the both of them.

“May I offer a blessing for the beloved?” She began, pressing fingers together with gentle hands.


Senja Penttilä

There was peace. The sounds of many a soldier sleeping. The gentle touches of the hand of a man upon his fellow as he expressed a story. The smiles and tears alike that were accompanied by laughter and contemplation. A dance in the wind. A stroll in the halls. There was the sound of war, of course, but when you could hardly afford to go anywhere and you were so far away from the frontline it didn’t matter. In the moment you could only hope for the will of your fellow men to keep you safe while you recovered. You would hope that once you were on the frontline you could buy your friends time so they could enjoy their break as well.

Senja experiences pockets of peace and rest but it was hardly ever a long life lived without something to do. She was always wanted to be active. Living life as a hermit with no prospects or simply living for conversation wasn’t quite all there was to her. Fact of the matter is that she was equal parts a woman of faith and a soldier of faith. That was simply all there was to it. So long as she remained in her own hopes she would persist in trying to help others even if it meant she was in wars fought on the field or in a hospital. She cherished every moment she witnessed the gratitude of another. That was her reward for a job well done. Ensuring a life went on even just a little bit longer was all that mattered to her here...

Now it was time to be a soldier.

Senja had done her best not to pull attention to herself in the presence of the captain, though she respected his authority over her. There wasn’t much to be done about this situation and in the dribble of rain she felt as though the enemy would be upon them today. It was simply a cautious hunch, but it was one that she was very aware of. Still, such things would be taken care of in time. For now it was time for her to meet with friends that she hadn’t had a chance to really speak with in so long.

Though she wished to speak with the others, Diana needed her immediate attention. She approached the woman placing a gentle hand upon her arm and gave a sunny smile.

“Diana, it has been a long time. May god grace you with good health and rest on this day. How are you?”

@Landaus Five-One

Senja Penttilä

Senja only giggled at Victoria’s brash entry. Ever a forward woman that one was. Even still, for all the pride in her voice- it was always good to see a soldier with their spirits about them. How proud her loved ones must have been of her to be able to endure such hardship and retain her strength. “Love and blessings are always bountiful for those who are ready to receive them… but- maybe a simple drink will do for one so down to earth. But we will save that for later. I do, however, look forward to see how our friend graces us today.”

As she finished assisting the musician with his position she gave a heart warming smile and stepped to the side with but few words to offer him for his anticipated service. “It is my pleasure, Cienie.”

With every step Senja watched Cienie’s motions and recalled his voice. A stroll in the mainland was brought to her. The memory was rather clear under the blue sky of a bright and sunny day. A clear path cut of stone and surrounded by lush green fields of rest. The chirping of birds and the sound of an accordion out beyond sight gracing her and her companion as they settled down upon a gentle bench. Finely crafted and fair suited for a couple of very peaceful friends seeking the shade under a great oak tree. Breezing the branches a gentle wind carries their song.

Beside her a man spoke, the same language carrying across but with no understanding outside of gestures in motion. Though aware of it he may have been, it did not stop them from taking a moment of respite in the park. It didn’t stop them from enjoying a humble meal of bread. A few pieces for themselves. A few for the birds. But there was that peace. In that peace she found herself drowsy. Or- at the very least- fully aware of every bit of stress folding into her. A few tears out of the sorrow she felt for others, but a handkerchief dried her very eyes. For that brief moment- she enjoyed the quiet. For that brief moment she slouched into the bench and closed her eyes.

Senja felt as though she may have blinked for but a moment, but she had awoken from her trance feeling reborn midway through his performance. Medicine was good for the body, but it has always been said that music is good for the soul. In the eyes of the patients she saw something different. She had brought them comfort and hope, sure, but in those many soft spoken notes she witnessed emotions arising in the souls so drowned in their own pain. Before her lay the miracle of rest. Even some who had mostly endured their moans of pain quieted down, focusing on the flow of wind that wrapped so tenderly about their souls. A dance of heaven so gently produced through the lungs of one so young and kind.

Before Senja lay a man who couldn’t help but stare upon the boy, eyes half open and calm. His left hand wrapped tightly around his blanket, lips shivering with a look to his patched arm. Before Senja lay a man who did not often speak, so unwilling to budge and unwilling to accept sleep out of fear and anger. Before Senja lay a man who finally turned to look at her as she crouched down to meet his gaze.

“I… I’m tired.”

“I know, I feel it every time I look upon you, Oliver.”

“I… I want to see my mother. I want to enjoy her food again. I want to lay beside the fire again… head in her lap.”

“You will, sooner than you know.”

“Can you?…”

Senja needed to hear no more, taking his hand as he offered it to her she gently held him with her arm, letting him peacefully enjoy the hard labor of their ally before watching him drift away into sleep. It had been the most relaxed he had looked in so long. Muscles gave way and hand transitioned from a tight grip to a gentle hold. As she fully confirmed he was now in a gentle state, she slowly released him, placing his hand over his stomach and pulling the blanket over his chest with head adjusted well for the pillow.

It was then that Senja found herself yawning quite softly, bring a hand to cover her mouth as she found some trouble standing back up, but everywhere around her she felt the radiance of peace shining upon them. She felt for those patients. She felt for every last one. Now here they enjoyed a rare treat with many drifting to their rest. Some with smiles, some with closed eyes, and others with gentle reminders of a life so simple that all reassurance that had been given to them- from Senja or otherwise- weren’t such a fantasy. Maybe it would be alright after all.

As the performance came to a close the Cruxian stood slowly, half tempted to sleep upon the floor there and then as she fought her urges and took careful steps to return to Cienie’s side. With a soft voice she spoke. “Victoria was right. That was gorgeous. Where did you learn to play such music, Cienie?”

Senja Penttilä

“Thank you again, Senja. Maybe one day they will let us treat these injuries before they become so heinous. Mere minutes mean the difference between an arm kept or lost. As interested as I am in the prospect of having had fellow practitioner in you back when I was in school I cannot say that your ability to bring them back alive is anything short of miraculous.”

“Thank you doctor, but you have them to thank as well. Their loving spirit kept them alive, not I. God has graced me with the speed that I find them and bring them home, but I do but no more as a servant. Though I do desperately wish to be able to save them when they are beyond the reach of a doctor. Prayers, as you know, cannot always save the dying.”

“Yes, that may be true, but pray to your god that you might continue. It is surprising how many in your hand have survived just long enough to turn things around.”

Senja gave a bow, placing hands together at the sounds of entry. “Shall I grant them entry?”

“Of course, we are done here for now. I will return to check on them soon, but I must first cleanse myself. I trust you and the others to keep the peace.”

“Yes, doctor.”

“Quinn is fine.”

As the doctor left the immediate area Senja moved to grant entry. Her first sight was a curious one, but not unwelcome. She had to look up a bit as he was a few inches taller. A pretty style of hair for sure and the roundness of his cheeks were cute. But this was no time for extended observation.

“Greetings, friend.” She began, listening to his explanation before giving a gentle nod. “Of course, they are resting now. Speaking to their soul will surely bring them to peace. Victoria is also welcome! I know you two will be very nice to them having come all this way just to raise their spirits. Blessings be upon your loving hearts.” She spoke, a wide yet closed smile given to them as she held the entry way open. She even gave a small wave to Victoria as she came into view. As they entered Senja quickly signaled a nurse to bring a chair as she herself grabbed another one and held it before approaching Cienie again. “And where will you be performing Mr…?” She asked, expecting his name to be presented.

The following will be the contents of the first characters I had made for the old thread as well as slight updates to their sheets.
I return

Eija was attentive to Austin’s words. Even if he was not one who held faith in that which could not be proven, she respected him all the same. It was not her place to force him to accept anything but that which his will drove him to grasp just as it would not be his place to tear her from her own connection- yet it still made her wonder… All of it yet still made her wonder…

“No offense is taken. We are all hosts for our own. And after all- God, gods, or none, we are all human. So long as that remains true we all will remain equal.” Though… thoughts drifted to those who did not agree- religious or otherwise… But the trench… His talk of the trench allowed her to smile again, spiking her mood a bit to offer a warming, “Then we’ll keep it together.” as she remembered what her mother said she did for others. If her mother could fight many and heal others in the same day then she too could do so. She had to. She would! After all- she was Echo Black! Austin was as well! And so too- was Michael.

Michael seemed to be of quite some material. To be his age and accepted into service told a certain tale that his uniform seemed to fold into its neatly fit placement. Well kept and proper posture noted a man who was rightly and perhaps a knightly sort. With the gentleman’s presence she felt opportunistic- a certain charm from the way he carried himself as he offered his words of wisdom.

Her gaze snapped as he spoke to her- pulling her from her thoughts of learning something from him as he presented to her a question to which he found her capable of answering. Without hesitation she brightly offered her response. “Why- yes! Senja is my mother! Why do you ask- Mr. Daunte?”

Daunte… Daunte… Michael Daunte…

She blinked, realizing something so familiar about that name. Her eager smile seemed to be lost in emotion- shrinking somewhat but retaining some of its brightness. The letters… Was this the man that… She would know in time- she thought. But social conventions would need to be obeyed.

All the while a familiar set of boots began to stir-


“Fucking give me a break from that shit. Fucking Europans and their fucking conventions. Excuse me.” With a plate slammed onto the table the disgruntled man known as Uyless planted himself firmly next to Austin, sighing as he twisted the end of his cigarette on his improvised ashtray made of left over cardboard and string.

This- of course- attracted the attention of Eija- who’s concentration was broken. “Oh!”

“Keep your panties on doc- I’m just another Vinlander trying to get by in this fucking backwater town.” The soldier sighed, rolling his eyes at the looming threat of listening to someone cry over his speech.

“Now that’s not very kind- Mr-”

“Uyless Colbey- and if the name ain’t to you likin’ then I recommend you get to likin’ it because it’s not one I’m ashamed of and if you’ve a problem with it-”

“I- do not. Let me remind you that this is a place for allies- not enemies.” She sternly replied, seeming to heat up slightly in the face as the rough man scratched the scar across his right cheek.

“Right. If we want to remain like so- then we won’t get in each other’s way- right doc?” Uyless bit back- taking a look at Michael and giving a quiet grunt as he noticed the rank on his person. Rubbing the back of his neck as the medic seemed ever more flustered he gave a brief explanation. “Now look- I don’t make a habit of making hell out of the dinner table but some of these damn Europans could make a boy pucker face at the taste of their candy. Get what I’m sellin’ doc?”

Eija simply breathed in, shaking her head before tilting her head and giving him a response in return.

“Just remember that we didn’t hurt you just like we didn’t invite you to this table. Now I say you’re welcome to stay but… please…” She sighed, quite drained already from this aggressive assault on her good mood.

“I know to pay my way. It ain’t nothing to bleed over.” In a gesture of good faith- the soldier plucked two cigarettes and placed them in front of Michael and Eija, turning to Austin to offer him one in turn. “You look Vinland made- smoke to kill the time?”

Eija- looked back to Michael, giving him an endearing smile as she began to mentally move past that unpleasant moment. "Um... As you were saying?"

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