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Current I always wonder why birds stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on the earth. Then I ask myself the same question. - Harun Yahya


Hello everyone!

I love roleplaying. That is why I am here. And you are too I suppose! So we already have that much in common! Sweet!

I will play anything with a thick enough plot. My favorites include fantasy and magic themes.

I'm not sure what else to say here.

See you in game!

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Love the show!

Would our game be original characters or the ones in the show?
Sent you a PM, had a question or two before I finished my CS
Neat. I' interested, and wondering if there is ore info on the 'type' of character we should play? People in the coven/court?
“The director?” River had never visited a magical rehab center before, she was not sure of the visitor protocol. It made her nervous though. That they would meet the Director of the establishment. More eyes on them meant they were more likely to get caught... Caught doing what though? Visiting a teacher? Trying to discover what had happened to their long lost classmates... That wasn't criminal, surely? Would anyone be so angry if they were just looking for answers?

Unless someone had something to hide....

“Maybe he just isn't so stable... I mean if he is a va... What we think... Maybe they wouldn't let him see... Regular people...”

She frowned, then turned to the boys. “Or maybe we should have come at night?” She said as she tugged off her mittens and began to unbutton her coat, she was starting to thaw.

She glanced back to Fonsus, puzzling over his implication. “You mean what happened to Katherine... and Jon?” She dropped her voice to match his as she spoke. “Wouldn’t we know that though? If he was blamed or punished?” She looked to Richard. She knew a conspiracy was on the table of their theories.
"Maybe we can split it up. So it is not as obvious." River suggested, she moved her hair out from her eyes. Her hat was creating static charge and wayward hair was sticking to her face. "Like, Fonsus, maybe you are doing a project on hexes, for instance. No one would be surprised at that. I know you can cook up some questions above the cut of the average student."

"Richard, you can bring up the charms and paintings by talking about Cae. You can mention your girlfriend.. Or... Whatever... Is into doing magical paintings. Right?"


Caelum was working on her painting of Ricahrd. She brought the painting home to work on. She was in her bedroom at home, a high rise in Manhattan. She had wide windows looking out over the city. She could hear her father in the kitchen burning the turkey while on a work call.

She rolled her eyes, and turned up the music in her headphones to drown out the chatter, and closed the door so she didn't smell the burning.

Then she looked to her painting. She was not sure she was allowed to take it with her, but, she also did not ask.

Art belonged to the artist Not to muggles or wizzard. Especially not this one... This was not a school project, it was hers... and Richard's.

She gazed at the boy for long moments, then dipped her brush into the paint, and made a stroke here... A stroke there... Yet, she was having a problem with her artistic direction. She usually had a clear vision to follow for her work, a driving force that was hard to ignore. This Muse, however, was a trickster. She worked on the painting, yet, she always thought there was something she was missing, some quality she could neither capture nor define. It was frustrating.

She turned away from the painting, frowning. Stirring her bespelled paint... She had recently altered the mixture, to try and better capture her subject.

"It is like I can't really see him..." She whispered. "Not the real him anyway..." She was frustrated that her new paint did not seem to be working. "Or... Is it because I can't see... My own feelings?" She looked towards her door, beyond it, her father cursed as he touched a pan without an oven-mitt "I wonder if he would come over for Christmass... Would you like that, Richard?" She turned to the panting, smiling, as she asked him the question...

... Then she saw it. Her lips opening slightly. "Well... That's... Very very interesting." She went back to the painting, touching the wet paint of his hair with her bare fingers now, understanding dawning on her. "Very interesting, my dear..."


River was still speculating. "Maybe we can just say we wanted to look after him, and make sure he was okay." She frowned a bit. "I mean, Fonsus and I were his students anyway. That might make sense more than working on a school projet, like, he would wonder why we did not just get a book..."

"There it is!" She smiled as it came into view.
This was as far north as River had ever been. Colder than the city they had left behind, but the cold here was more pleasant. The cold here was cleaner, crisp, more pure.

She had been quiet on the drive over. She had gotten a car-sick. This wasn't surprising, she didn't take long car rides often anymore. If she traveled outside school in the city she walked or took a subway under the streets. The rare cab ride was never more than a few blocks. When traveling with other magicians over long distances the floo or portkey was choice.

She enjoyed her own quiet during the drive. She hadn't been to this part of the continent before, she leaned her head to the glass and let her eyes discover the snow-swathed landscape.

River thanked Addie's sister before stepping out, then stood in the snow with her friends. She hung back as Fonsus produced the navigation tools, watching the car vanish into the distance.

No turning back... Until 6 that is...

She pulled her hat over her ears. It was a grey and purple knit. Her socks matched in color and cable-knit pattern. They were created by the same hands, distant cousin with a holiday-hobby. The hat was too small and the socks were too big.

She leaned down to pull her socks up inside her boots. These were plain dark leather that laced up her shins. They were wonderfully warm and waterproof, muggle made, perfect for the snow. Her coat was coal grey, draping down to mid-thigh. She forgot her gloves in the car, and tucked her long dark fingers into her coat pockets.

"I'm ready." She said, looking for their path. She was looking forward to the hike, but, reminded herself that this was not a pleasure hike on an ordinary holiday vacation with friends... "Have we thought about what... We are going to say to him?"

... They had a mission... Clowers!
Hey Hey, I saw the post in the interest check and I'm making one now. ^_^
If I may throw in...

Name: Kimi
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: She is not quite sure, she is starting to think she likes women more.

Kimi is an understated presence, quiet of voice and foot. She has long inky hair usually restrained into a bun or braid. She has a moon shaped face with small smooth features. Her skin is pale and her limbs limber and stickly, hardly a curve to be found on her figure. Her right arm is marked with a few thin scars, and a few small pieces of art; a long dragon wound a figure 8 on her wrist, a small rose bud on her shoulder, a long necked bird of some sort (an unfinished picture), crosses her collarbone. These are simple but neat designs without color. On her left arm some of her skin is pinkish and crinkled, patches of burn scars that start at her wrist and travel to her neck by her left ear.

Weapons: In her household, there are several swords of which Kimi does not really know how to use, nor is she really allowed to touch them. They are more for show in case of visitors, meant to look like old family weapons from the war, they have no real value. She prefers to carry a few small daggers that she can conceal. They have curved blades and black handles.

Other Gear: More important to her than weapons... Rope, lock picks, climbing gear, needle and thread, coins, glass, a dog whistle (She has a scar on her right leg from the first time she entered a home with a canine protector, she’s still a bit nervous around dogs).

Shaping: Kimi has no magical skill.

Other talents:
- She can appraise the value of most items, as is useful in her trade. She is an excellent climber, very dexterous and flexible. Swift and quiet. She can pick locks and escape bindings. She has a very good memory (She is sometimes told to look at something or someone, and simply describe what she sees as her job for the day.)

- Roy, an Uncle. A simple and thin man with a crooked smile. He has a mild manner most of the time, and vicious edge when needed. He is more ambitious and ruthless than Kimi, though he is kind and protective of her.

Since the War:

Kimi lives in the Lower Ward with her Uncle, Roy. She is a rather low-level rouge. To be specific, she is a cat burglar on her more 'glamorous' evenings, a pickpocket when she is feeling lazy, sometimes a messenger or look-out for the higher ups. She can climb almost anything, pick locks, sneak around, she is dexterous and quiet. She is mostly at the beck and call of her Uncle Roy, whom after the war worked his way up the ranks of the Silence Cartel. He keeps her on the periphery, at arms length from their more serious dealings. Kimi was shy and quiet, never showing ambition to secure a more important position in the cartel. As it stands they use her talents when needed, and leave her alone the rest of the time. Sometimes work is plentiful, sometimes it is slow. She never starves, but, sometimes she gets bored.

She liked the idea of working the wedding, and seeing the splendor and wealth in the honest daylight, with out having to constantly look over her shoulder.

We will see how that goes.


"Quiet, with me." A whisper in the dark, two pairs of footsteps, two shrouded figures: One tall, one small.

Kimi was the smaller shape, her eyes were wide and alert, a hand on her shoulder held her still. They waited in shadow for their way to be clear.

There was never quiet in the night, not any more, not during the siege. You could always hear the fighting and the dying. You could taste the smoke in the air. She could always smell burning wood and flesh. She could smell the rot of the undead.

"Hold this." She was handed a heavy rope, and her companion took the end and climbed the wall. He was like a spider. She waited until he had tied the end and pulled the rope in the usual manner, to signal her to follow.

She climbed, joining her teacher on the balcony. He showed her how to work the latch from the outside, then they entered the home.

He did not give her any further instructions. He had told her before what to look for. How to decide what was of value and what was not, how to tell true jewels from false.

There were so many empty houses. People went out to fight the invaders, they were gone a long while to fight, many never came home at all. Neighborhoods were abandoned and there was no time to pack everything and move... There was so much chaos, so much left unattended...

So much to collect.

Looting, stealing, robbing the disadvantaged.

Kimi felt her stomach turn as she filled her bag. Each item seemed to create a new cramp. It was only her third time out with her uncle. Learning a trade... This was the nicest house they had broken into yet. She was in a study, she noticed a pile of letters on the desk. Clues into the life of the homeowner... She looked at them, but, she could not read. Not yet. Her uncle promised to teach her that as well. He said that if she was quiet, and listened carefully, and learned quickly she would never go hungry again. If she was smart, and she did not get caught, and she paid her debt... She would be protected.

She looked up, her uncle glared at her and beckoned with a hand. She followed him into a bedroom. It was mess. The dresser was toppled over, the sheets and clothes scattered about. They were not the first thieves to come through this place.

... But they were better.

They scoured the remains f the mattress, behind the mirrors and paintings... It was behind a portrait that Kimi found a safe... It was her uncle who unlocked it. They stashed their spoils and left.

Kimi felt no safer on the way home. That sense that someone had seen her do something so wrong, or someone was watching, or they would take a wrong turn into a soldier and they would be caught.

It never happened. Roy was too good, and he knew the way.

She stepped over a dead body on the way back. She could not look down to see if they were wounded or starved. Or if they would rise again...

When they were home they sat across from one another at their table. One candle. Roy sorted their spoils. He was examining a blood-red stone when Kimi asked.

"What do we do if the siege... If we loose?"

"Then we will be zombies." Said Roy casually.

"Why dun we... Help?"

"We are." He looked at her now, annoyed. "We are helping the only one whos helped us... Ourselves. It does not matter who is in charge up there. They stay tucked safe up in the Lake Ward and the Lower Ward is left to waste. It won't matter who the war heros end up being, they will go back to the Lake and let the Lower Ward waste some more... The Silence rules here. You can always find Silence... And if you don't pay your debts, Silence will surely find you."

Roy took the spoils from the table, and put the most valuable things into the box that he would give to the Silence.

"You did well tonight." He was kind in his way. The sun was rising and so it was time for her to go to bed.

She climbed up into her loft. She did not have much but she still had no place for her things. Her uncles apartment was not built with two in mind. She had taken refuge here quite recently. It was too much all at once. Losing her father, moving, learning this new trade...

She cried quietly, not wanting to be scolded. She fell asleep reminding herself of what was promised to her... He said that if she was quiet, and listened carefully, and learned quickly she would never go hungry again. If she was smart, and she did not get caught, and she paid her debt... She would be protected... And if she didn't pay her debts the Silence would surely find her.
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