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Current I always wonder why birds stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on the earth. Then I ask myself the same question. - Harun Yahya


Hello everyone!

I love roleplaying. That is why I am here. And you are too I suppose! So we already have that much in common! Sweet!

I will play anything with a thick enough plot. My favorites include fantasy and magic themes.

I'm not sure what else to say here.

See you in game!

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River smiled. "Thank You..." Her eyes checked the shelves, eager to find something else that he might lend. The Fey poetry was too rare, he'd never let it go, but something else useful to their investigation or suiting her taste in literature... Her search stopped as her ear caught his words...

... A disruption... Damage. She paused. The paintings... She had assumed there was a particular working done in order to erase the memory of the paintings. However, maybe it wasn't its own curse. Who paid attention to paintings anyhow? Maybe they forgot because they were injured by dark magick happening around them.

She opened the book on magical paintings. She should give it a read before lending it to the prim and platinum painter. If they could find a disrupted pattern in the shades and tones in the frames... Was it like a footprint? There was more than one painting, more than one place to look for that footprint, that injury.

She regarded Fonsus, not quite following his train of thought. She trusted his instinct, he was clever, and always thought outside the assignment. In school it was messy, here it might be invaluable. It was endearing...

... Endearing. She thought about Hale... There was NO WAY Richard or Fonsus would want to incorporate him into the investigation. He had been an ass to them. Yet... was he not just angry and angsty against an unfair world, Could she blame him? No... Could she trust him...? Maybe...

Could they find out what happened to his sister? And if they did... What then?
River glanced back as Richard spoke. "Oh yeah..." Then let her voice trail off as if she had almost caught interest in their homework. She shelved fairy poetry and walking along the shelf.

"The new teacher... I think this is his first job, he's young and... nervous."

She returned to the shelf and stopped to inspect a book attractively bound with purple and mauve leather. She pulled from the shelf: 'The Book of Poison & Passion. Conjugal Concoctions: for lovers past, present, and passing on.'

In the book there were a number of options to help... end a relationship. Forgetting potions, poisoning (of course), and certainly more subtle means, such as to turn eager eyes elsewhere...

There was also one for tracking a lover, to see if they were betraying you. River made a mental note of this page. If they had someone they wanted to follow or keep tabs on, this could be useful.

She couldn't help but thumb through the section for... fostering successful relationships. Some potions made her frown with ethical angst, while others made her blush, she noted two or three others in this section that might be... Useful... for the investigation, of course!

She moved along, 'Elemental Emblems', 'Forged and Forgotten, a History of Ancient Arms and Alchemy.' In both these books, there were a few passages on imbuing and altering magic items. Apparently once a magick item was settled, it was very difficult to change it's properties, yet possible. Maybe there was something in here that could be applied to changing the memories of the portraits.

She kept browsing 'In Defense of Daemonology', 'Embalam, Curse, Libate', 'The Hidden Power of Retrograde.' Titles and titles shifted past her eyes.

She stopped again at 'Drawing with the Right Side of the Wand.' An art book! She pulled it off the shelf. "Hey, Richard... I think Caelum would like this one." She said loud enough to be heard but not loud enough to interrupt their conversation with Clowers. "Or maybe she's already read it." It looked like a beginner's book, and, Cae's work was fairly advanced. She opened it up. She didn't really understand how paintings were made and animated. Something like... Charms and Transfiguration mashed up...
'Portraits of the Darkness Disguised.' She noticed, occupied the next space. It was a larger book, as an art book should be, it's spine had enough room for a mini-portrait. One glare from Vlad-The-Impaler made her swallow hard, and, not wish to look at the rest of the book at all. She put down the drawing book moving along quickly to get away from Vlad. 'Small Charms for Great Harm.' Nosing through for something that might be of use...
River bit the inside of her cheek, watching Addie take the lead on their cover story.

"We also wanted to check on you." She added softening her deep voice. "We were visiting Fonsus's family out here and... Well... It all kind of worked out."

She let her gaze float away from Clowers and around the room. Then she turned to Addie, saying. "I think you have the best handle on the project, I... Don't remember... Or understand... What we are supposed to ask..." She looked at the floor as if ashamed, then and looked away from Addie and the professor, letting herself stray towards a neat bookshelf.

In class, River had like Clowers. She was quiet and shy in all her classes, and unlike other teachers, Clowers left her at peace. He never called her out in front of the class to display her magical inequities. He quietly gave her a mediocre grade, and, didn't bother her when she was reading her own books instead of getting overwhelmed by class content.

It wasn't out of character for her to be uninterested in the group project now, and, Richard didn't know Clowers at all, his seeming lack of interest would be equally appropriate. If Addie could keep the professor occupied, then, Richard and River could get a proper look around. She smiled, it was a smart strategy that Fonsus hand employed.

"This place is a lot nicer than I thought it would be." Addie would talk about the project, River decided that she would add the personal touches. She didn't think it was believable that they took this trip only for a project. They needed to show concern...

... And... Wasn't that concern real? When she found out about the missing students, and Clower not returning... Hadn't she felt... Sad? Uncertain? Curious about what had happened..? She would need to be less of an actress than she thought!

As she looked around the room, she was impressed by how personalized his space was, this was less and less like any hospital or medical facility she had ever been in. She reached out to trace her fingers across a trio of red-spined books. She would have been amused to find the full 'Twilight' series on his shelf, but, she didn't expect him to have... "Fairy Poetry?" The books were old, and, he was missing the second. It was an epic fairy romance. It starts with a wizard becoming trapped inside a spinning castle, he had chased his lover over a hedge, not knowing she was actually a fey-king in disguise. The fey king was on their own quest, to make the castle be still and break an ancient geas... The adventure was both fanciful and indulgent the events of the story ludicrous even by wizarding standards, but the poetry and verse itself were considered skillful, and there some speculation and intrigue concerning the identity of the original author. "I haven't read this one..." She had always wanted to, copies were rare.

If she started by looking at his fiction, maybe, he would pay her little mind as she expanded her search for... evidence... What were they looking for? What if he became suspicious of them? Would he know? Could... Do vampires read minds? Could he hear her heartbeat quickening?

She hoped that Addie had a lot of ideas. The more questions he asked the more time She and Richard would have.
River felt her spine tingle as she regarded the doors with Richard. If this facility served... special magical populations… Was vampirism the worst of the lot? Who else resided in this building, conversing with Clowers, were they friends? Was the staff special too? It didn’t seem like a prison, yet, she wondered.

“We’re sorry we didn’t send an Owl ahead, our visit was a bit… Impromptu. And, yes, we know about the Professor.” She frowned a bit, genuine curiosity and concern peeling into her voice. “Are we allowed to visit him? Is he well?”
Love the show!

Would our game be original characters or the ones in the show?
Sent you a PM, had a question or two before I finished my CS
Neat. I' interested, and wondering if there is ore info on the 'type' of character we should play? People in the coven/court?
“The director?” River had never visited a magical rehab center before, she was not sure of the visitor protocol. It made her nervous though. That they would meet the Director of the establishment. More eyes on them meant they were more likely to get caught... Caught doing what though? Visiting a teacher? Trying to discover what had happened to their long lost classmates... That wasn't criminal, surely? Would anyone be so angry if they were just looking for answers?

Unless someone had something to hide....

“Maybe he just isn't so stable... I mean if he is a va... What we think... Maybe they wouldn't let him see... Regular people...”

She frowned, then turned to the boys. “Or maybe we should have come at night?” She said as she tugged off her mittens and began to unbutton her coat, she was starting to thaw.

She glanced back to Fonsus, puzzling over his implication. “You mean what happened to Katherine... and Jon?” She dropped her voice to match his as she spoke. “Wouldn’t we know that though? If he was blamed or punished?” She looked to Richard. She knew a conspiracy was on the table of their theories.
"Maybe we can split it up. So it is not as obvious." River suggested, she moved her hair out from her eyes. Her hat was creating static charge and wayward hair was sticking to her face. "Like, Fonsus, maybe you are doing a project on hexes, for instance. No one would be surprised at that. I know you can cook up some questions above the cut of the average student."

"Richard, you can bring up the charms and paintings by talking about Cae. You can mention your girlfriend.. Or... Whatever... Is into doing magical paintings. Right?"


Caelum was working on her painting of Ricahrd. She brought the painting home to work on. She was in her bedroom at home, a high rise in Manhattan. She had wide windows looking out over the city. She could hear her father in the kitchen burning the turkey while on a work call.

She rolled her eyes, and turned up the music in her headphones to drown out the chatter, and closed the door so she didn't smell the burning.

Then she looked to her painting. She was not sure she was allowed to take it with her, but, she also did not ask.

Art belonged to the artist Not to muggles or wizzard. Especially not this one... This was not a school project, it was hers... and Richard's.

She gazed at the boy for long moments, then dipped her brush into the paint, and made a stroke here... A stroke there... Yet, she was having a problem with her artistic direction. She usually had a clear vision to follow for her work, a driving force that was hard to ignore. This Muse, however, was a trickster. She worked on the painting, yet, she always thought there was something she was missing, some quality she could neither capture nor define. It was frustrating.

She turned away from the painting, frowning. Stirring her bespelled paint... She had recently altered the mixture, to try and better capture her subject.

"It is like I can't really see him..." She whispered. "Not the real him anyway..." She was frustrated that her new paint did not seem to be working. "Or... Is it because I can't see... My own feelings?" She looked towards her door, beyond it, her father cursed as he touched a pan without an oven-mitt "I wonder if he would come over for Christmass... Would you like that, Richard?" She turned to the panting, smiling, as she asked him the question...

... Then she saw it. Her lips opening slightly. "Well... That's... Very very interesting." She went back to the painting, touching the wet paint of his hair with her bare fingers now, understanding dawning on her. "Very interesting, my dear..."


River was still speculating. "Maybe we can just say we wanted to look after him, and make sure he was okay." She frowned a bit. "I mean, Fonsus and I were his students anyway. That might make sense more than working on a school projet, like, he would wonder why we did not just get a book..."

"There it is!" She smiled as it came into view.
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