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A Fight With a Monster

Collab between Xodus and Konan

A loud roar echoed throughout the building, loud enough to shatter windows and splinter wood, the creature's expression also warped into something primal. The massive Chimera glared at Lawrence, the flashbang that was aimed at it's head barely left it dazed.

"You have to try harder...little alchemist," the creature spoke in a guttural accent while licking it's teeth. It's human like eyes scrutinizing each of the Asylums present, weighing them, considering which to feast on first.

"I think you angered it," Angel spoke with an indifferent shrug, though where as one moment he was in front of the Asylums as if a beacon of defense, now he stood behind SenDep and the Banshees. Each body an obstacle to cross to reach the notorious Lost Number, the 'Lazy Asylum'.

"As far as plans go, that was terrible," Angel crowed while seated on a couch, far back. His fingers tapping the frame of his spectacles in a slow monotonous rythym. "Oh look, he is charging again," Angel didn't need to point for the others to notice the Crocodile sub-human start to dash towards Lawrence in all his primal fury.

Lawrence smiled grimly. Despite whatever Angel said, his plan was working. While the beast was focused on him, it allowed the other Asylums to come up with a way to beat it. Well, the ones who were helping. He shot a dark glare at Angel as he backpeddled away from the Chimera. He made a dropping motion as he muttered under his breath. As the Chimera passed over the spot he was moments before, a loud creaking noise came from the floor, as if it were caving in.

Olivia, in the meantime ran over to the couch where Angel was sitting, and more importantly, the table in front of the man. "You using this? No? Okay, thanks." She said as she swiped all the contents off the table, uncaring of where any of the discarded alcohol went. She sang under her breath as she used Thorne as a stylus on the wooden top, drawing a large sigil.

Before the Chimera could reach close enough to Lawrence the floor suddenly appeared to give way, the creature howling its agitation as it plummeted a floor down with most of the floor crashing ontop of it in a cloud of rubble and smoke.

"Nasty things Chimeras, you kids have probably read the theory behind them," Angel continued tapping the frame of his glasses while observing Olivia. "Quite a feat to makeone, and a damnable offense," he spoke with a grimace. "Human transmutation, there is a reason it is considered forbidden and tabboo. You change yourself to the cellular level, rewriting your genetic structure.....becoming something monstrous. A permanent hell in your own skin." As the Lost Number spoke his fingers slowly balled into a fist, his eyebrows narrowed as if recalling seomthing. "Not much chance stopping it with such B rate alchemy," he shrugged once more and as if on que the creature leapt up once more.

An animalistic laugh escaped the creature's lips as it's tail whipped about slashing the floor and furniture in it's path. "More....MORE!"

Olivia glared at Angel. "Well, maybe if you spoke less and-" She sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose. "Lawrence! Close your channel!" She shouted to her partner.

Can't. You're my ears.

"Well I don't need your frustration, cool it down!"

Olivia's sigil was done. She grabbed the center of the table and pulled. The surface shrunk as she pulled a rod from the center. The table continued to shrink until Olivia had a hammer the size of a quarter staff. The weight wasn't right, but it would work.

"Poking a crocodile with a stick....brilliant!"

"I'm making due with what I have, okay?" Oliva glared at Angel, this time with her own anger.

Angel quickly raised his arms in a mock surrender, a coy smile on his face. "Did you know when you splice yourself alchemically with something else, you gain their properties, enhanced by alchemy of course?" The man continued, the smile never leaving his face. "Not all properties are helpful, crocodiles can't generate body heat.....must hate the cold eh?"

Olivia gripped her hammer tighter as she considered smacking him with the butt end of it. She glared at Angel before she slumped slightly and smiled. "Oh, you are terrible. Has anybody told you that?"

"Everyday, except the words are a bit explicit."

"I don't doubt it." With that said, Olivia dropped her newly made hammer and called out to Lawrence.

"Keep it busy just a bit longer."

"What do you think I'm doing?"

Olivia shook her head and started a song. Slowly, scorchmarks formed on the floor. It would take some time bfore the sigil was ready.

While Olivia prepared her sigil the creature had grown discontent with merely circling it's prey, the Chimera, finally, lunged once more albeit far more inteliigently this time. It's footing was more calculated as it charged while bearing its claws, slashing at Lawrence. Even the monstrosity's tail had joined the frey, whipping about mercilessly. The attacks a blur, striking from multiple positions at unimaginable speed.

Lawrence grimmaced at the increased pace of the attacks. It didn't help that the one who could possibly do something against this monster was just idly sitting by while everyone else dealt with it. With a few words here and there, Lawrence was able to keep just out of reach of the creatures attacks, but he couldn't do that for long. He glanced at the scorchmarks cralwing along the floor. With the center of this circle being the hole in the floor that led to the bomb.

They were nearly done. All Lawrence had to do was lead it to as close to the center as it could be. He started making small gusts of cold between him and the Chimera, and a small bubble of heat appeared near the center of the circle

Each flurry of attacks slowed as the cold did it's work, lethargy seeping into the Chimera, it's muscles cramping and eyes bloodshot from rage. Animalistic Instinct had suddenly taken over reason as the creature found itself attracted towards the location where the heat emenated from.

There! Olivia smiled as the Chimera crossed the threshold of her sigil. With a shout, she activated the sigil. Heat was sucked out of the circle and siphoned to the area outside, leaving the center frigid.. The marks burned away as her alchemy worked. It was a huge draw, though, and Olivia collapsed into the seat next to Angel.

Lawrence had taken a seat in one of the surprisngly upright chairs outside the sigil and watched the Chimera closely.

"As far as B rate alchemy goes," Angel crowed while observing the ice encompass the howling Chimera. "That was pretty good. All in all a good team effort," even he couldn't help smirking at that last bit.

"As far as...commentary goes...I found it a bit lacking" Olivia managed between breaths. A smile on her face.

"Now you are just being spiteful child, what's a devil that doesn't whisper?"

"I dunnoe, a good one?" Olivia had caught her breah and smirked at Angel.

"I suppose I shall have to strive towards exellence, no promises though. It may surprise you, but I don't enjoy 'hard work'." The Lost Number chuckled, the paradox of a 'Good Devil', now that was amusing. "Ah yes, I almost forgot. We have roughly eight minutes." Though before Angel could stress on that concern a greater concern had seemed to interupt them. The prison of ice that had enveloped the Chimera had suddenly started to thaw, the pace shockingly rapid until the Chimera broke free, shards of ice raining down.

"Eight minutes for wh-" Olivia flinched as the Chimera exploded out of its icy prison.

"Oh..." There wasn't much more she could do. Freezing the creature was her big move. If that didn't stop it, she wasn't sure what else would. She paused as an idea occured to her. She might have enough to do just that.

As soon as the creature had broken free, there was a strange change in the atomosphere. It wasn't physichal, no heat nor good, but a strange feeling as if the air itself had thickened, as if something poisonous had melded into it.

"This..." Angel, who by now was standing, not behind but in front of both Olivia and Lawrence. The casual demeanour had all but disappeared as the Lost Number stood motionless, smothered in a cold and unreal serenity. Though if one would attune their senses they would see. The strange presence had not been manifested through the creature, but Angel. If Bloodlust could have been felt and tasted, then that is what flowed from the Blood Draped Angel.

" then....," Angel continued, his tone ice cold. "It activated an alchemic drive," as Angel spoke those words, the reality should have sunk in. Every Asylum is debriefed in the taboo arts, at least the one's they are allowed to know. In regards to Chimera, one thing is certain, a fact. Chimeras cannot use their alchemic drive to cast alchemy, instead alchemy flows directly in them binding them to be the monsters they are. The ice that had been thawed, that was done through alchemy and the alchemic drive belonged to the thing.

"That's possible?" Olivia hauled herself to her feet.

"No, this is something different. I knew....someone.." Angel replied crypticaly, surrounded by an aura of bloodlust he raised his gaze to meet that of the Chimera.

"You still remember?" The creature responded, while its accent remained guttral and inhuman, it's vocabulary and speech patterns were completely different. "Are you still holding a grudge about the children?"

For a few minutes Angel merely stood motionless, his gaze fixiated at the Chimera as if looking past it and at someone else. "You both should Overdrive, or you will die."

Olivia and Lawrence shared a glance and nodded. Lawrence started muttering and making gestures while Olivia started singing. Slowly, she raised the intesity of pain felt on the creature, and when she was done, a bubble of air shimmered around the creatures head. Lawrence flooded the bubble with deafening sound. Olivia hoped that it would work and the creature would pass out from the pain, or take a few steps backwards into the hole.

While the duo activated their Overdrive Angel merely whispered a single word,


Adhereing his command, Angel's coffin suddenly appeared before him. While the metal casket remained closed, from both its sides a compartment instantly stretched out. One of the compartments held an assortment of various weaponry and ammunitions while the other held a trench coat that appeared to writhe and ripple.

"You will burn for what you have done, let me show you hell." Angel replied, his hand outstretched towards the writhing fabric that appeared to react to the motion and then in an instant the trenchcoat burst into seams, wrapping around the Lost Number until he finally stood draped in his gunmetal overcoat.

Angel couldn't help but smile, relishing in the pain that wrought the creature, it's howls a symphony simply not loud enough. It was obvious the duo's overdrive was achieving results, the Chimera clawed at its own ears while its tail whipped about madly. The motion resulting in sudden bursts of air, the intensity strong enough to slice through flesh, the creature was using wind alchemy.

The Lost Number however made sure to stand close enough to intercept any rogue wind slices before they could reach SenDep or the Banshees. His coat continuing to writhe, sharp spikes extending from the coat itself to defend against the Chimera's attacks.

Lawrence watched as the creature writhed in pain. Even in so much pain it could still cast alchemy, which was concerning.He looked at Olivia. Push on three. One...two...three!

Olivia's song changed tune and Lawrence made a pushing motion with his hands. The both of them condensed the air in front of the Chimera and forced it upon the beast. They were slowly, but surely, pushing the creature backwards, back towards the hole in the floor.

The creature howled in its primal fury, trying to lash out at anything and everything as it was slowly pushed back while blood seeped out of its ears. However right when a single step remained to plummeting back down the hole, which had already begun to radiate a glow that signified the end was nearing, the creature appeared to regain its footing. Its haunting face glaring at the two Asylums, it's eyes screaming revenge.

"Stubborn filth," as soon as the words passed Angel's lips his coat appeared to liquify and assimilate towards his hand, the shape solidifying into that of a massive silver Javeline/spear. And with an alchemically enhanced thrust the spear found its mark, stabbing through the creature's stomach afterwhich countless silver tendrils spiked out of it, piercing the creature further. With that it fell.

"Teleport out, back to the bunker, now." Angel's urgency was further justified by the sudden tremors that had began the buildings collapse while the radiating light grew even brighter. Without waiting for Sendep Angel recalled his garment and coffin and approached the Banshees, a hand on their shoulders.

"Now aren't you glad I made you invisible to that thing?" And with that they vanished.

Olivia glanced around the now ruined bar and walked over to Lawrence. "I have heard rumors about Ante Mortem, but I really thought they were exaggerations." Lawrence stared at Olivia blankly.

"Well, now you know that they aren't."

"But that raises so many more questions. I mean, if these stories aren't false, how did they end up destroying the pyrami-"

And like that, Ouroboros was empty of Asylums, and a few seconds after that, there was no Ouroboros, the bomb eradicated it all.

~End Of Chapter One~
Things were happening far too fast. At some point after they had returned to the present, Olivia dropped to her knees. Things were spiraling out of her control. Her heart raced and she sweat profusely. If she had no control, it was just like she was...she was. Before she could finish the thought, a hand grabbed at the crook of her elbow and lifted her back to her feet. A spark a pain flared from the grasp.

Olivia. You need to regain control. Lawrence's voice echoed in her mind, a hint of reluctance in his tone.

Olivia's eyes cleared for a moment and her hand unconsciously went to her hip. She activated the small sigil she had tattooed there. Agony ripped through her body, and she bit her lip to keep from screaming. It lasted for only a second before dissipating. She shook her head as clarity returned to her. She was in control. The people threatening them had been dealt with. Some of them having been ripped apart, while others writhed on the ground, hands over their bleeding ears.

Before Olivia could say anything, some type of creature burst through the walls and charged the group, much to the terror of the customers of Ouroboros. Their screams rising as the rushed away from the monster. She dove out of the way, taking care not to fall into the hole that now gaped in the floor. She looked across from the beast and saw Lawrence make a throwing motion. Seconds later, a loud bang erupted from beside the creature's head.
Leith Calder

The floor of the warehouse was cold. The chill seeped into Leith's body as he stared at the ceiling. He needed to get out of the warehouse. There was a fire, and he could see smoke gathering above him. With great effort, he hauled himself off the floor. With the smoke and the dizziness that still plagued him, Leith could not remember where the door was. He felt his way about the boxes until he reached the wall. From there he searched for the door.

It took him a few moments, but he found it. He was glad that he had. The smoke was making it hard to breathe. He opened the door and stumbled to the ground, coughing violently. Fresh air was nice. Cold, but nice. Leith looked up from his position and saw the box.

"Oh hey, the box."

Leith then noticed Keri fighting with the man who took the box. "Oh..." He pulled himself up using the wall as support. The world swayed underneath his feet and he could taste blood.

Oh, fun.
Yeah, It'll take something quite big to knock Blood down.
Leith Calder

Leith staggered from the push. After the blade made contact with the elf's leg, Leith had shrunk the sword back down to the trinket it was before. He had been planning on shrinking and enlarging the sword when he attacked to throw his opponent off, but a scream silenced his plans. He spun his head around to notice that the Esyire that was fighting Ssarak was now engulfed in flames. A puzzled expression crossed Leith's face and he tried to figure out why the Esyire was on fire.

Panic soon overtook bewilderment as the Esyire started running in Leith's direction. With all the spilled oil, it was far too easy for the warehouse to go up in flames. Without another thought, Leith shot his hands out in front of him and made a pushing motion. All the lamp oil that had been spilled from the barrel and landed on Leith and the elf flowed towards the back wall and out of the flaming Esyire's path.

Leith regretted his decision immediately.

His stomach churned as he lost all sense of orientation. He stumbled backwards, his foot catching on the edge of a crate. He was sent crashing to the floor. He spent a few moments staring at the roof of the warehouse idly wondering what brought him to this point. As he turned his head to the side and vomited, he smiled feebly.

Well, he had never gotten Blood Sickness this badly before, so that was new.
Fallen and Konan Collab

Half an hour earlier

Olivia snorted at Cade's comment about blending in at a club. "Of course I would. It was part of my training. It doesn't mean I like it, though." While she talked, Olivia pulled a stack of post-it notes and a pen out of her purse, a red one, naturally, and started scribbling on them. She looked up at Cade, continuing to write on the post-it notes. "How much time do you think it would take to for you to work out this stress?"

"Depends. I wouldn't depend on time, but rather the caused. This boils down to three factors."

Cade lifted up a finger for each stress factor he listed as he went through them.

"First, Anya's location. When that's discovered, a great part of that worry and stress will be solved. Second, getting her safely out of here. When that's done, I don't have to keep looking over my back and expect to find lurking killers in the shadows. Third, finding out why the Legendes were killed in the first place without causing more issues."

He paused to catch his breath.

"I much rather not work while drugged. We might need the sedatives or muscle relaxers for the event I have to patch up one of you. Especially if things go wrong."

Olive adjusted one of her notes and clicked her tongue "Thirty minutes it is, then. I'm not talking about drugging you. You do bring up a good point, though." She looked at the two sticky notes she had on the table with sigils etched on them and smiled a Cade. "Lucky you. You get to see the better half of SenDep." She pulled a black sleeping mask out of her purse and handed it to Cade. "Granted, it won't actually be thirty minutes, but it'll feel like it." She paused for a second. "This'll most likely help relieve some of the strees."

Cade raised his left eyebrow in question over the statement Olivia just made. Confusion poured over his expression at what she meant. How in the world could she make him relax and focus without some sort of drug-induced state?

When she handed him the black mask, then to the sigils. He recognized them to be Sigillum. Cade used himself for more powerful Alchemy, then frowned.

“Alchemy? I do not like this idea…at all.”

Cade objected. He hesitated over the whole plan. Mostly because he knew what was actually involved and it was going to be a form of mental manipulation. At least he suspected it was. It was one thing to use Alchemy on things on the outside, such as Kiara’s shadows. Mental manipulation was a totally different thing.

"Have you ever been in a sensory deprivation chamber? Usually, it's a tub of water that is heated to the temprature of one's body heat. The water has a very high salt content to allow you to float, and you are in pitch blackness." Lawrence spoke up, taking note of Cade's hesitation. "It's used by some to relax, and for others, it allows them some insight." He pointed to one of Olivia's notes. "That one numbs you and acts like the water." He pointed to the other note, "That one changes one's perception of time. Depending on how it's written, it could stretch minutes into hours, but it's been set to you percieving five minutes as thirty. I'll take care of the noises."

Olivia gave Cade a reassuring smile. "This is all voluntary, but it should allow you to clear your head and be able to focus on helping find Anya."

Cade looked like he wanted to argue but he found it difficult. He didn’t have the better dog in this fight. He was useless while a ball of stress and they all knew it, now they wanted to fix it. It wasn’t their fault he found alchemy changes conflicting. Especially since his surge.

The doctor inhaled. He debated a moment longer before finally agreed.

“How do I activate them and so I just set them on my eyes or what? I tend to use Sigilum for bigger spells since they require more time and energy to set up.”

He looked at Olivia like a lost puppy.

It took everything Olivia had to not visably gush over Cade. There was a kind of innocence to the man that Olivia was surprised AMRO had not snuffed out. She heard Lawrence scoff next to her as she could not stop gushing mentally over the Asylum. "It's easy. All you have to do is put on the blindfold." Olivia smiled at Cade as she picked the notes off the table stuck them to him. "And we will do the rest."

Meanwhile, Lawrence started muttering under his breath and tapped Cade's forehead.

Before the man was engulfed in silence Olivia spoke up. "Remeber, all you have to do is speak up at any point if you want to stop"

Cade leaned back as he placed the blindfold on. Everything immediately went black as his skin began to numb. A sense of fear rushed to his system, followed by adrenaline. Memories, unwilling, flooded behind his closed eyes.

Snow… bloodstained.

Life flowed from his system, leaving his skin to prick and figure to tense more than before. Just for a moment. On reflex, Cade’s hands fell to the side of his seat. The fingers gripped the plastic covering.

For the first two minutes, his figure remained stiff. Struggling between relaxed and unknown stress. Several times Cade seemed to want to scream for them to stop but resisted it. Finally, something seemed to give. His body settled into the numbing sensation produced by the sigils and Lawrence.

Olivia bit her lip as she watched Cade fight against their attempts at calming him down. She glanced at Lawrence, who shook his head slightly. He was about to burn out. Sometimes, one's own thoughts are the most insidious. He commented to Olivia through their link.

Olivia relaxed as Cade did. She hoped that the expirence would be helpful to the man at least, even if it didn't remove his stress fully. She leaned back into her chair and sipped at her drink. It was nearly gone and she was ready to order another. But that could wait until the session with Cade was over.

Lawrence tapped Olivia on the shoulder as Ante Mortem approached them. She looked at the two approaching and felt a knot form in her stomach. Something had happened, that much was certain. Get ready Lawrence sent to Olivia. She nodded, and started tying her hair back into a ponytail. Lawrence stiffened next to Olivia as Angel revealed that management was dead. Soon enough, they were surrounded by security and had fireballs launched at them.

Then the world shattered and they found themselves somewhere else. Olivia looked around the room and noticed that some of her fellow Asylums looked slightly different. Lawrence didn't change. He looked exactly like he did at Ouroboros. Olivia, on the other hand, looked quite different.

Her hair was dirty and disheveled. She was wearing a ragged and yellow-stained white shirt that was slightly too big for her frame. The noticeable feature was the blood. Her clothing was splattered with it. She listened silently as Angel and Rin and Rena briefed them on what the plan was and what they would do next.

The next thing Olivia knew, they were back in Ouroboros and they were surrounded again. Immediately, Lawrence started muttering under his breath. The air around them shimmered and formed the shape of a dome, encompassing them and security. The sounds of the club outside the dome died out. Any noise made within the dome echoed and reverberated around them loudly.

Now would be an ideal time to scream, Lawrence sent telepathically to Kiara and Maeve
Leith Calder

The fumes were dulling Leith's senses. As the elf swung her trident at him, he knew he had to move, but his reactions felt sluggish. He staggered to the side, away from the crates he had his back against. The trident still connected with him, slashing across his chest, but the wound was shallow. The pain pulsed hollowly through him, almost as if it wasn't his pain, but someone else's.

Leith shook his head. He needed to deal with the elf before he made any more mistakes. He had left his sword in the carriage when he chased after the thief, but he still had a weapon. He pulled at the leather necklace he had around his neck. It pulled off easily, and he gripped the small, trinket-sized sword in his left hand.

"To be fair, it wasn't you I was sneaking up on," Leith said, his speech slightly slurred. He glanced back in Ssarak's direction. There was another Esyire facing off against his friend. "Although maybe facing you would have been an easier challenge."

He took a step forward and swung his right fist at the elf. He wasn't intending on hitting her with it. It was a cover to try and prevent her from noticing him enlarge Sephrim Sword in his other hand to the size of a longsword and take a swing at her leg.

Olivia flashed Cade a smile as he made suggestions on what to do. It made sense to split up to look for information. Before she could say anything though, Samad scoffed and walked away from the conversation. Olivia glared at the man's back as he walked into the crowd. What an ass. She thought to herself before shrugging and turning to Cade. She sipped at her drink while she examined him. He was a bundle of raw nerves. That just wouldn't do. Before he could hurry after Samad, Olivia put a hand on Cade's shoulder to stop him.

"Let him go." Olivia grinned at Kiara. "He needs some room for all of his baggage." Who didn't have baggage working for A.M.R.O., though? She looked back at Cade. "You, however, are going to have a heart attack if you don't stop your worrying. Granted, I get why, but all this stress isn't going to help."

"She's right." Lawrence was at Cade's other shoulder. "If you continue like this you're going to be little to no help in a fight."

"Gee, thanks for that lovely insight." Sarcasm dripped from Olivia's voice. "Please, leave the talking to me." Lawrence shrugged and motioned for Olivia to continue.

Olivia nodded. "Good. Now come, let's take a seat." She made her way to where Kiara was seated and took a seat herself. "I'm not much of a club person, either." Olivia answered Kiara's question. "Say, do you want to help us in de-stressing Cade here?"
Darius Jura

Darius scoffed at Aramir's words to Mar. He scowled at the elf. "Do not create lies to comfort her. The college is neutral. There is...there is nothing we or the college can do for Yarosmere unless we want to start a war between the college and Yarosmere." Motes of air popped and snapped around Darius as he watched Aramir grab the stone she was incessantly shouting for earlier and break it. Other than that, he stayed silent as the rebels came from the shadows and took them to their base of operations.

The time at the headquarters was of little note to Darius other than right after traveling and making his choice of recently stolen weapons. He stayed quiet and let the others talk to the rebels and was among the first to leave to the college. Luckily, this time wasn't as bad and he was able to keep from retching. He made his way to Uicle's office. He had his report to give to the suit of armor. As he passed through the courtyard, he took note of the two people talking to Val. They didn't look like a threat, so he paid them no mind and continued his march to Uicle's office. Once there, he rapped sharply on the Necromancer's door and waited.
Leith Calder

The strategy worked. Leith couldn't help but smile as his attacker staggered away from him. He had time to rip himself free of the confines of his cloak, though it pained him to do so, and untangle the ropes that tangled around his feet. Once free, he got to his feet and looked at the Wood Elf in front of him. She looked ready to block any attack he threw at her. A smile tugged at his mouth with that thought. What if he threw something at her? He grabbed a nearby barrel, the sharp tips of his gauntlet sank into the top of it, and hurled it at the elf.

If only it worked that well.

The top of barrel ripped off the barrel, sending it spinning horizontally over the elf's head. The liquid contained in the barrel spewed out as it spun coating Leith and quite possibly the elf in the fluid. The barrel hit the wall several feet behind the elf with a tremendous crash, sending its contents everywhere. Leith didn't notice any of this. He had stood frozen in place the moment he was covered in the liquid. He couldn't see what it was in the darkness of the warehouse, but he could smell it.

It was lamp oil.

For a few moments, he wasn't in a warehouse, fighting an elf. Instead, he was in a burning village, its inhabitants recently dead, and he was watching a different elf burning alive. The heat, the smell, the screams, they all came back to him in stunning vividness. It was the screams that rooted him in place. He could hear them as if it was happening in right in front of him.

Leith shook his head. He couldn't lose focus on the fight at hand. Harder said than done, though. Each shaky breath he took brought him right back to the village. He was starting to get light headed, but he wasn't sure if that was because of his suddenly labored breaths, or because of the oil he was doused in.

One thing brought him rushing back to the present. A lamp that had been hanging on the wall just above the spot the barrel hit had one of its moorings knocked loose. It hung awkwardly on the wall, teetering from side to side. Leith watched as the lamp fell off the wall and fall towards the now spread out lamp oil. With a cry of alarm, he shot his arm out towards the lamp, and a ball of water coalesced around the lamp and snuffed the flame inside it. As he set the lamp down gently, a wave of vertigo washed over him and pain lanced in his skull. He stumbled backwards and bumped into a nearby crate. He looked at the elf across from him and chuckled.

"We wouldn't be able to try and talk this out, would we?"
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