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Hmm. Somehow I doubt that.
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"Ouroboros, not the dragon, but the place," Olivia spoke up to explain to Cade, after glancing at the two newcomers. The first time she had spoken since she made it to Venice. She had been too caught up in the sights of the Italian city. She squinted at her fellow Asylum as if she wanted to try to figure him out, before shrugging and continuing. "Where Asylums are granted sanctuary, and it is neutral ground for all Asylums."

Click click click.

Olivia paused for a second. "It's a place where information can be bought and sold. It would be a good place where someone trying to hide would run to." Olivia frowned. "But..."

Click click click.

She cleared her throat. "But if Anya did go to Ouroboros, I doubt she'd be there long. Either way, Ouroboros would be an ideal-"

Click click click.

"Do you mind?" Olivia hissed as she shot a glare towards her partner. He wasn't even looking at the cursed cube. He was watching the conversation and making sure he didn't miss anything. At her question, he rolled his eyes and put the brightly coloured toy into his pocket with exaggerated motions before gesturing for her to continue.

"Thank you. Now where was I? Right! Ouroboros would be the best place to pick up her trail."

"And we best be quick about it." Lawrence stood up from his seat and addressed the group. "If the girl is being hunted by whoever destroyed her family, they may have no qualms about razing Ouroboros in search of her"

There we are, changes have been made.
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Leith Calder

Leith slowly made his way through the crowds, keeping an eye on the beacon that Ssarak created for the thief. He made sure to keep his arm concealed by his cloak so he didn't cause any alarm in the vast crowd. Movement caught his eyes on the rooftops in the direction Lyn had gone, and as he turned to see what was going on, his blood ran cold as Lyn miscalculated a jump and collided with the edge of the other roof and started sliding down. Luckily, Ssarak was there to catch Lyn before she got hurt. Breathing a sigh of relief, he returned to wading through the mass of merrymakers. As he approached the warehouse, Leith got the message from Ssarak and made his way towards an entrance, waiting for further instructions.

Darius Jura

The desert at night was a beautiful sight. Darius sighed as he looked out into the night and reminisced of years past. This place, this land, it was his home, but because of the revolt and subsequent revolution, it no longer was. It was a hard fact, but it was one he had to accept. Now, all he could do is offer insight on what the college should do with the new Yarosmere. Darius glanced at the guards on the ramps and scoffed. These men were as green as they come.

Darius figured that these men volunteered so they could have an advantage in any fight that came to them. As he watched them, he frowned as one of the guards started aiming their crossbow into the night. He followed the man's line of sight and his jaw dropped when he saw the man aiming at a group of people in the distance that were approaching.

As the snow elf made her quip, Darius quickly crossed the distance between him and the guard and stood before him. He glared down at the man as he spoke to him in a quiet tone. "Has this revolution rocked Yarosmere so much so that her guardsmen shoot people they cannot see clearly?" Darius glowered at the man before he continued. "Lower that crossbow, before your superiors hear about this."
XIII narrowed his eyes when he heard a howl coming from down the corridor followed by a bang and a flash of green light. If that was in the direction of the control room, they might end up wasting time if they got caught up in the situation. He turned to Rozalind.

"We have to get to the control room and figure out if this is a drill or not and help coordinate evacuations if need be, but that being said, that isn't in the direction of the control room is it?" XIII ran his hand through his hair. "And if so, is there a way around?"
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