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Darius Jura

Darius scoffed at Aramir's words to Mar. He scowled at the elf. "Do not create lies to comfort her. The college is neutral. There is...there is nothing we or the college can do for Yarosmere unless we want to start a war between the college and Yarosmere." Motes of air popped and snapped around Darius as he watched Aramir grab the stone she was incessantly shouting for earlier and break it. Other than that, he stayed silent as the rebels came from the shadows and took them to their base of operations.

The time at the headquarters was of little note to Darius other than right after traveling and making his choice of recently stolen weapons. He stayed quiet and let the others talk to the rebels and was among the first to leave to the college. Luckily, this time wasn't as bad and he was able to keep from retching. He made his way to Uicle's office. He had his report to give to the suit of armor. As he passed through the courtyard, he took note of the two people talking to Val. They didn't look like a threat, so he paid them no mind and continued his march to Uicle's office. Once there, he rapped sharply on the Necromancer's door and waited.
Leith Calder

The strategy worked. Leith couldn't help but smile as his attacker staggered away from him. He had time to rip himself free of the confines of his cloak, though it pained him to do so, and untangle the ropes that tangled around his feet. Once free, he got to his feet and looked at the Wood Elf in front of him. She looked ready to block any attack he threw at her. A smile tugged at his mouth with that thought. What if he threw something at her? He grabbed a nearby barrel, the sharp tips of his gauntlet sank into the top of it, and hurled it at the elf.

If only it worked that well.

The top of barrel ripped off the barrel, sending it spinning horizontally over the elf's head. The liquid contained in the barrel spewed out as it spun coating Leith and quite possibly the elf in the fluid. The barrel hit the wall several feet behind the elf with a tremendous crash, sending its contents everywhere. Leith didn't notice any of this. He had stood frozen in place the moment he was covered in the liquid. He couldn't see what it was in the darkness of the warehouse, but he could smell it.

It was lamp oil.

For a few moments, he wasn't in a warehouse, fighting an elf. Instead, he was in a burning village, its inhabitants recently dead, and he was watching a different elf burning alive. The heat, the smell, the screams, they all came back to him in stunning vividness. It was the screams that rooted him in place. He could hear them as if it was happening in right in front of him.

Leith shook his head. He couldn't lose focus on the fight at hand. Harder said than done, though. Each shaky breath he took brought him right back to the village. He was starting to get light headed, but he wasn't sure if that was because of his suddenly labored breaths, or because of the oil he was doused in.

One thing brought him rushing back to the present. A lamp that had been hanging on the wall just above the spot the barrel hit had one of its moorings knocked loose. It hung awkwardly on the wall, teetering from side to side. Leith watched as the lamp fell off the wall and fall towards the now spread out lamp oil. With a cry of alarm, he shot his arm out towards the lamp, and a ball of water coalesced around the lamp and snuffed the flame inside it. As he set the lamp down gently, a wave of vertigo washed over him and pain lanced in his skull. He stumbled backwards and bumped into a nearby crate. He looked at the elf across from him and chuckled.

"We wouldn't be able to try and talk this out, would we?"
Leith Calder

Leith hissed in frustration as the rope tangled around his feet. It didn't help that the rope had wrapped his cloak around his feet. His right arm was now trapped between the cloak and his body, and unfortunately he didn't have the leverage to free the arm. Worse yet, it seemed that his fall had been noticed. As a figure walked towards him with a trident, Leith's mind raced. There wasn't much he could do from his position except wait.

As the person stood over him with their trident raised and poised to strike, Leith had an idea. He needed to be precise. Any mistake and he would be skewered by the trident. On the down-stroke Leith tucked his head down and moved his right arm upwards to cover his head.


The sound of metal hitting metal rang throughout the room and the trident struck Leith's gauntlet. He sighed at the sight of the holes in his cloak. "That was my favorite cloak." He muttered under his breath. He moved his hand to grab onto the trident and keep his assailant from retrieving it and with his free hand he held it out and tapped the yellow-stoned ring on his ring finger with his thumb three times.

As the ring started to hum, Leith shouted out to his friends.


During their ride in the carriage, the group had developed a few strategies for if their diplomatic mission ever turned sour. One of them had been for Leith to shout a word to potentially distract their opponents and warn his allies at the same time. He covered his eyes in the crook of his arm, and hoped that his friends had heard him as a bright flash erupted from the ring. He then gave a tug on the trident and then pushed back on it. There was a ripping noise as his arm tore free of the imprisoning cloak.
Darius Jura

Darius watched silently as the situation in front of him unfolded. He stood up once the king had. He grimaced as the snow elf repeatedly mentioned the stone. Maybe it was because he had become desensitized to death and wasn't shocked by what happened, or maybe because he had been a part of a few negotiations that had gone south and ended in a bloodbath, but he could understand what the king was doing. A show of power to demonstrate his strength, and to show the College that he is not someone to be trifled with.

Darius laid a hand on Aramir's arm as she aimed the her bow at Yolin and shook his head slightly, glancing around the room at the people slowly dying. "There is no need for that," he said calmly. Panicking here would do no good. He looked to the others and jerked his head towards the door. "Lets go. Nothing can be gained from staying here." He was ready to drag Mar out of the room if she refused to move. He gave a respectful nod to the king before he left through the doors.

Once the doors were closed, Darius quickly lead the others back to the room where they waited for the feast. It was empty, but Darius doubted it would be like that for long. Once inside, he closed the doors and barricaded them. He then turned to the others.

"Now would be a good time to use one of those stones."
Leith Calder

Leith had noticed one issue with the door while he waited. The hinges had been horribly maintained and were now rusted. They would make a terrible noise if he opened the door. By the time Ssarak contacted him to go in, he had come up with a solution. With a grasping motion, he started pulling water from the air. When he had enough he split the collected water into two spheres and sent them towards the hinges. When Ssarak said go, Leith clenched his hand into a fist and had the spheres envelop the hinges. He forced the water into the crevices and hoped that it would work.

The door gave a long, quiet squeak as it opened, but Leith figured it was quieter than it would have been, and definitely quieter than the sound of breaking glass opposite him in the warehouse. He quickly pulled himself inside and shut the door behind him. He quickly used one of the stacks of boxes as cover as he tried to get a glimpse of the robber. Instead, he heard the sound of a heavy chain. He caught sight of Ssarak, with white scales oddly enough, about to be hit by said chain. He was too far away to do try and stop the chain, but he might be able to stop the assailant.

Taking a deep breath, Leith focused on sensing liquid. He held his hand out in front of him as he pushed his focus into the darkness behind Ssarak. The warehouse had a damp atmosphere and it made it difficult to find what he was looking for. After a few moments, he found it.

A heartbeat.

Quietly, he made his way towards the pulsing liquid. A plan started forming in his mind. He'd sneak up behind this person, and use his gauntlet to hurl one of the many boxes in the warehouse at them. He was nearly there, just a few more steps and he could-

Leith tripped.

He had been focusing too much on the heartbeat and didn't see the coil of rope in front of him. A quiet curse left his mouth moments before he clattered to the ground loudly. The air rushed out of him in a whoosh. He really hoped that he hadn't been heard.
Ouroboros. The asylum for alchemists. Olivia grimaced as she thought back to being corrected. She'd been there before, of course she knew what the place was. Pushing the annoyance aside, she admired the dress that she decided to go with. Even though Rena had been teasing her when she pointed the dress out, it had its charm. It didn't matter whether or not Maeve liked it, Olivia liked it, and that was that.

Olivia looked over to Lawrence. It was always interesting to see the man in clothing that wasn't a type of camouflage. He wore a maroon button up shirt with a pair of black dress pants. It was simple, but it worked. Lawrence noticed her gaze and gave a small nod. Olivia nodded back and stood up a bit straighter.

Time to look professional. SenDep was at Ouroboros.

They made their way towards one of the booths in the lounge and took a seat. When someone came to ask what they wanted to drink, it went the same way it normally did; Lawrence ordering Crown on the rocks and Olivia ordering something creamy. As they waited for their drinks, Olivia noticed Cade and Samad. She looked over at Lawrence.

So what's their problem? They don't seem to get along that much.

Lawrence looked at Olivia then over at the Experimental Team.

Well, I'd assume you'd have a bit of a problem with your new partner not long after your old one died. He looked back at Olivia, whose eyes widened in shock.

But don't most link-

Yes, most linked teams do die together. It's not often that one survives. It was one of the reasons why I... Lawrence trailed off, then looked back at Samad I would imagine Samad hasn't quite gotten over it, and with Cade nearly dying a few weeks-

"He what?" From the sound of it, Lawrence was pretty sure that Olivia had said that out loud as well as through their link. And from the looks of the people nearby, she must have said it quite loud.

As amusing as that was, you might want to keep a bit more quiet. Unless you want us to draw undue attention?

Olivia flushed red. No, I don't want that. So should we gather information like we usually do? Lawrence waved her off.

Not yet. Let's see if any of the others have a plan.

Their drinks arrived. Olivia picked up hers and stood up. Well, I'm going to make sure those two don't tear each other apart.

Lawrence stood up as well. Oh, that's not going to happen. Not here, at least He followed her towards Samad and Cade.

"So what's the plan, boys?" Olivia asked with a smile as she arrived. She took a sip of her drink. Oooh, she had to get the name of this one.
Same here
Ah, not exactly. He's asking if there's anything important on the sub that all the commotion can hide from being stolen.
Leith Calder

After some searching, Leith was able to find a door to the warehouse. Set in the alleyway between two stacks of boxes. Leith made himself comfortable beside one of those stacks. As he waited for instructions from Ssarak, thoughts of the chase came back to him. He had so quickly run out of breath as he chased after the thief, and because of that, he wasn't able to follow after Lyn. She had nearly fallen to the street below. If there hadn't been anyone else there to save Lyn, there would have been no way for him to reach her, and it would have been his fault if she got seriously injured, or even killed.

Leith grit his teeth. This made it three times, now, that Leith had had a hand in the safety of Lyn. Two of those times he had failed. It did not paint a good picture about his ability to protect those he cared about. He sighed. Now was not a good time to think on such things. With a bit of effort, he pushed his worries to the back of his mind. Back to the task at hand. Ssarak had once again contacted them with a plan. With nothing else to do but wait, Leith took to examining the patterns of the grain on the door.

Darius Jura

Darius glared down at the guard, ready to slap the crossbow down if the man continued on his line of thought in shooting the unconfirmed group of people. But nothing needed to be done. The guard lowered his crossbow and unloaded it. Soon enough it was clear that it was the students abducted by the rebels. Darius smiled and slapped the man on the back. "Good choice. Remember, you are on watch to protect the city and her people. You do neither if you end up harming the people you were supposed to protect." With that, he left to regroup with the others.

Once they had been all caught up and patched up, they were taken to have dinner with the new King of Yarosmere. The man looked at each of them before asking his question.

"I imagine the College has questions about my reign."

Darius gave the man a deep nod before speaking.

"Something like that. It is not often a new nation is formed from beneath an existing one. Can you tell us how that came to be?"
XIII followed after Rozalind, stopping only when they bumped into Dzel and Herbert. The conversation was brief and they parted ways, but not before XIII was handed a small handgun. They continued towards the control room and before they could reach it, Twain fell out of one of the nearby doorways.

XIII jumped slightly at the scene, and as Rozalind noticed Twain's apparent drunkenness, he laid a hand on her shoulder. "That may be true, but the stuff that Dimitri has would lay you out harder and faster than anything we have here." XIII gave the monk a small smile fitting for the moment. "And even if he warned them of the effects, I doubt they believed it. I hadn't when I tried it."

He helped Charles in getting Twain back to his feet. When Charles asked about Zesiro and what was wrong, XIII frowned. "A lot of things, apparently. With the howls, the alarms, and lack of response from the control room, it's starting to sound like some cheap magic..." XIII's face contorted into a grimace.


He ran his hands through his hair. "Damn it! They're spreading us thin." XIII looked to Rozalind. "I could be completely wrong and paranoid here, but is there anything here that all this," he waved his hand through the air, "could hide it from being stolen or destroyed?"
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