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@ZB1996 Just to keep you updated me and Echo are working on a collab to kick off the RP. We will try to get it done by next week when hopefully the new players have their character sheets done.
OK Battle for the throne has officially concluded so now we are going full focus on throne of lies. The next couple of weeks will be focused on the following:

1) Transferring CS onto throne of lies
2) Getting current confirmed members to fill out their character sheets (there are two more to come)
3) Setting up recruitment page sometime next week (although this depends if you guys want more people outside of the 4 people I have already recruited?)
4) Planning out our character's story arcs and making sure they have some way of working into each other.

Link to new RP…

House Raudhfell is a family that is linked to House De Reimer as Urd Raudhfell is Patrick's bastard daughter.
However it isn't necessary to read this, only if you want to

Formaroth – The Battle For the Throne: A Nation RP

(Note most OOC conversations happen via discord so I would advise getting a discord account if you wish to join)

This roleplay will be focused around the main family houses of Formaroth and their response to a power struggle that arises once the King of Formaroth dies and leaves no heir to the throne. Currently the Continent is divided, with three Powerful Alliances vying for power. The story of Part 2 will be mainly based in the city of Nyhem; the seat of power in Formaroth and capital of the most powerful Alliance, 'The Imperial Concord'. The character's you create will be able to partake in political scheming, religious disputes, magical conflicts and many other events that will inevitably change Formaroth forever.

While this is part 2 of the RP, you do not have to be a part of the first RP to join. I intend to make this RP as easy as possible for new players to get involved. A summary of the events of the first part will be found at the beginning of the IC.

Something to Consider Before Joining

This is an Advanced Roleplay, meaning we expect from you to put forth effort, and care into each of your posts. We expect no less than 3 paragraphs from you in each post, we prefer quality over quantity. As this is an Advanced roleplay, we strongly encourage collaborations between you, and fellow players to help minimize dialogue taking up smaller posts. If you need to talk to another person’s character, put it in a collab, it flows smoother, and is easier to be read by other players.

Posting standards won’t be rigid, but we do ask that you try to show up in the OOC or on discord and be an active participant that way to show you’re still interested. If we do not hear from a player in a three-week time period, they will be considered dropped out of the game. We understand life can be busy; all we ask is to be given notification if you’ll be away for a bit. We do ask that you do try to get an in-character post up within a two-week period, although we will keep the plot moving if we’re being held up by a small number of players just to keep things moving along. I’m sure each and every one of you have experiences of games grinding to a halt because one player is holding up the plot, we’re going to try to not let that happen.

If you’re the kind of player who joins a game but has a habit of dropping it on a whim, please move along. The colossal graveyard of failed roleplays exist because of players like you and GMs that refuse to enforce standards and I’m not putting up with that. That said, if you have to drop because you just aren’t enjoying it or something came up, I totally get it. All I ask is you give it a solid effort and talk to me if you have concerns, ideas, or would like to suggest how to make the game more enjoyable. Honestly, we don’t bite! We want this to be something fun that people can feel like it’s a fun, low-pressure roleplay that doesn’t require a huge commitment to enjoy.

Being in advanced, obviously acceptable spelling and grammar and punctuation are expected, but don’t feel like you have to be an English major being graded or anything. We all make mistakes, and a lot of people roleplay to improve their writing skills, so welcome aboard! Just please proofread your stuff before posting and make an effort and everything will be fine. All that’s expected for length is somewhere in the neighbourhood of 2-3 paragraphs, and collaborations are more than welcome – there will be links to a couple Titanpads for anyone to use, although if you go that route, please try to finish the collabs in a timely manner and try not to tie them up so others can use it. Just leave a disclaimer at the top for what the status of a collab is at (e.g. who’s involved, if it’s still a work in progress, if it’s finished and can be erased, etc.) so anyone taking a look can quickly see what’s going on.

*Note based on my experience of how part 1 played out Formaroth is a slow moving RP in comparison to others, with part 1 lasting two years. So if you are interested in joining you, you will need a certain level of commitments and patience.

The Scary Part of our RP: The Rules

1. NO GOD MODDING. You have been warned. This includes being untouchable in combat, reading people’s thoughts, knowing and reacting to events that your character can’t possibly have known about, any far-fetched ideas on magic, creatures, or any laws of the world you think of breaking, of any sort, and so on. Basically, common sense. We’re telling a story, not hacking a video game.

2. Mary and Gary Sues will be ejected into the deep frigid waters of Irman Sea to contemplate how awful they are. This includes characters who are irritatingly perfect, loved by everyone, always have the answers to all the problems, have no flaws, and painfully generic back stories that is like sandpaper for the eyes.

3. Approved races only. This means no made up species. The only approved races are:
-Humans (Recommended)
(Other species are available but you should bear in mind that your role and character will be more restricted)
-Sa Yuta

4. Technology is limited to medieval Europe and middle east, with a touch of fantasy. So no guns, assault rifles, or enchanted weapons, etc. If you have questions about weapons and armor, ask away!

5. Original characters only. Obvious rip offs of established characters will also not be tolerated. Failing to do this will force your character to be removed from the list of potential candidates.

6. If you want to make up an organization or company or whatever for your back story, that’s allowed as long as it doesn't mess around with existing canon or contradict the timeline.

7. Character deaths are a possibility, but unlikely. It will be context sensitive and likely will not happen unless a character drops out, plans it out with the GM, or generally puts themselves in an impossible situation to escape from. Expect injuries and wounds to happen, though. If your character is caught in a heavy battle without the upper hand, please treat it realistically. I don’t want to see somebody take on 20 mercs and walk out like nothing happened.

9. Pre-made characters are permitted, provided you update them to fit this RP and take the time to make them fit. Please no copy/paste jobs without taking into consideration CS formats and the rules.

10. If you’re going to go away or feel like dropping out, please let us know if possible. It’s a courtesy thing and annoying as hell when people vanish without saying anything. It has this nasty habit of hanging up RPs while they wait for somebody to return. That said, real life comes first so if things come up, your character will be treated as an NPC until you return. Don’t feel pressured to post if you have real life stuff to worry about! That said, I hope if you’re joining this you’ll be able to spend a decent amount of time with it.

11. Romances are allowed in the RP, but it will not be the focus of this RP. If you feel the need to be a smut monster, please take it to PMs. Likewise, if you’re making a character with the sole intention of scoring, they will also be ejected in the deep waters of the Irman Sea to be eaten by our lovely Kraken.

In regards to the Character Sheet, please review the following sheets below for Family, or for Individual. We expect your character, or Characters to be fully fleshed, not a novel, but we need to know the details on your characters. Background information is important, and must consist of at least 5 paragraphs minimum, the more the merrier as they say. We want to know where they grew up, were their parents involved, were they rich or poor, who influenced them, what did they like to do as children, etc. As for your character's Appearance, a WRITTEN description is mandatory, especially if you have an Individual Character. We want to know how tall they are, how much they weigh, what does their hair look like, their eye colour, skin tone, body build, what does their voice sound like when they speak? We want to know as much detail as you can possibly provide. Please refrain from Anime type pictures, and use realistic ones if you wish to use a picture. We can’t take your character seriously if they have blue/pink/purple hair, etc.

Please take a look at the Reference Sheet, there is much information within that can answer any questions you may have, from practiced religion, NPCs, Kingdom Information, various Maps, Historical Information, other species, and other useful bits you may find necessary when writing your CS.

By submitting a Character Sheet, be it Individual or a Nation, you hereby adhere to all of RPG Rules, as well as our own. Meaning if we ask you to do something, and you don't, that is grounds for us to remove you from the roleplay.

Helpful Links
Link to Part 1
Reference Sheet

Useful Name Generator
Expansive Name Generator
Motto Generator

Cast Members

Alasdair De Reimer/House De Reimer, Kingdom of Cawanor - @TheDuncanMorgan
Claus Rotstein, Captain of the Steel Fist - @Klomster
Lady Lanaya Triskell Dionisa, Magister - @Sundered Echo
Marquis Lycaon Issorat, Knight of the Holy Order - @ZB1996
Dyril Elian/Kiseo, Travelers from a far away land - @Fallenreaper

Link to Reference Sheet (Extensive Guide to the Lore of Formaroth)…
@Goldeagle1221 I'll send you it via PM
@Goldeagle1221 Ah I see. If you want a summary on the story so far I would recommend reading the zero post on the IC, although bear in mind it's a couple of round out of date at the moment. As for discussion with the other player I would recommend joining our discord page if you have discord as much of our discussion happen there and it would be a good way for us all to talk to each other.
@Goldeagle1221 Defiantly. We are currently about to end part 1 of this RP in the next round or so and start part 2. I was going to start recruiting new members for part 2 as this will allow us to continue the story and give new RPiers a easier time introducing themselves to the story. Feel free to browse as we always welcome new members.

If you were to join did you have any preferences or idea's of what character you would like to create?
Just giving everyone a heads up. I am changing Duncan De Reimer's name to Alasdair De Reimer, so if you could refer to Duncan as Alasdair in future posts I would apreciate it (if you have already written something don't worry about changing it).
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