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A basic recap to summarize the current state of things. Matai, Zilak and the Blackwell's story lines have been left out as their stories have been mostly summarized in the previous post.

Due the long period of time people have been waiting and general difficulties I have bene having writing this I decided to do a summary of what happens in this post. I may consider coming back with Konan and writing this in properly, but I make no promises.

By @TheDuncanMorgan and @Konan375

By @TheDuncanMorgan and @FallenReaper

By @TheDuncanMorgan @Fallenreaper

@TheDuncanMorgan, @The Wyrm & @Saix

@TheDuncanMorgan, @Saix, @The Wyrm

By @TheDuncanMorgan and @Konan375

By @TheDuncanMorgan and @Sundered Echo
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