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@ZB1996 & @TheDuncanMorgan

By @TheDuncanMorgan&@Klomster


By @TheDuncanMorgan & @Sundered Echo
@Not Fishing Sorry I somehow missed this message. Klomster answered your questions very well. Multiple characters are fine but unfortunately dwarves have gone extinct 5500 years before the start of the story.

Are you still interested in joining?
Despite delays the next round of posts have started.

OK exams are finished so I should have the intro for the next round up by next week. Therefore if you have anything you want done before the party you may want to get on with now before I post my next IC post
So given things are a bit quiet IC wise at the moment I thought I would give a update;

As most people know I won't be free to do any IC content until after the 17th so the IC will continue to be a bit slow until then
Independent Mage and Mightyquiff plan to have their character sheets up soon.
Also Jais and Randy have a collab in the workings that should be up soon as well (of course all four are also currently in the middle of exam season at the moment).
Someone else has also expressed interest in joining after their exams conclude on the 10th

I thank everyone for their patience. Once exams conclude I promise I will be able to dedicate full time to the RP again
Just to let everyone know:
Exam session will be starting soon and I may not have as much time to dedicate to the RP site as I do normally. So if I seem very quiet till the 16th of may that will be the reason why. However now that I have go the intro posts done it should give everyone plenty to work with till my exam's finish.
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