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@ZB1996 Sent a friend request. Let me know when you accept it.
@ZB1996 @Wraithblade6 Just as a recommendation, you may want to consider getting a discord account and joining the rest of us as a lot of discussions regarding the RP are being talked about there.
@Fallenreaper I didn't plan to add the invite here in case we get random people joining the discord page.
@Klomster Well it may be useful for you, and given you are one of the original members it would be nice to have you join us 'behind the scenes'
Just an update to everyone. There is currently a discord server related to Formaroth. As of now the members are me, Echo, Fallen, Ellri and Andrew. If anyone else has discord and is interested in being part of this please feel free to ask.
@Ellri :O

Should I perhaps start backing up Formaroth somewhere else?
Also what is the guildfall everyone keeps talking about? is it a reference I am missing?
@Sundered Echo I was unable to get in contact with Andrew today and therefore unable to start the collab. Sorry.
By submitting a Character Sheet, be it Individual or a Nation, you hereby adhere to all of RPG Rules, as well as our own. Meaning if we ask you to do something, and you don't, that is grounds for us to remove you from the roleplay.

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