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Known primarily as Klomster, both on the net and on real life.

I really enjoy roleplaying and do so every weak, preferably twice in two different campaigns. Sometimes even more.

From time to time i've done some forum roleplaying with mixed success. I've tried GM-ing with even more mixed success and all in all, i find forum rp's enjoyable. Hence why i joined, hoping to play some forum rp's and OWN at it. (Or something.)

I have an erratic thought pattern so my posts can appear as incoherent, if you notice you can just mention it if i should clarify anything.
Other than that, hey there fellas.

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I suppose you can pop in on the discord and get a feel for the game. We have a lot of finished lore and the map isn't up to date here.
Southwest Sentra, area of Planegrund. 3 days ago.…

Walking through the village of his birth and upbringing flodded him with emotions, how he used to play ball with his friends, how said ball rolled down the slope and jumped over that fence and they had to climb for an hour to get it back, how he felt when he enlisted in the army, graduated school and how the sun always warmed his face in the summers.
Now he was carrying a simple pack, filled with towels and bottles and heading outside town.

He reached the old arch marking the edge of town and stood for a while waiting. They had planned on meeting here midday and it sure was midday now, but he could see no sign of the others.
Without warning a wool blanket was tossed over him followed by a roar of laughter and four guys slapping the blanket as ferociosly as they could.
-"Danie boy! Little army man can't even see us coming, no wonder you aren't a ranger!" Danie recognized the voice of Jacky, one of his childhood friends and whom always teased him and the others for all sorts of things.
-"Who'd want to be a ranger anyway, i'm proud infantry!" Danie retorted while getting the blanket off, knowing full well Jacky always bragged of his father who was a retired ranger. Jacky took his revenge with giving Danie's nose a slap with the finger.
-"Let's go slowpoke, last one there carries Jonn back!" Jacky blurted out while setting off.
-"Hey, you know i'm always last!" Jonn was a bit fat and the tone of his voice was an obvious fake hurt.

They climbed the mountain, as they had done many times before. There was a path hewn from the stone in the middle ages and they had helped put up new rope lines when they were kids on one of the sections.
After some time they left the trodden path and went along the cliff side. It was a winding break in the rock and there was a precarious drop below the half metre ledge they were trodding along, often going sideways with their backs to the wall.
-"One, two, three... FOUR HUPP!!!..." On four Danie jumped the gap leading to the small plateu on the side of the mountain. He finished with.
-"... five."
They were setting up their stuff, some blankets and a pillow and sat down and looked over the amazing view.
Far down in the valley one could see the little stream, all around the majestic broad mountains could be seen and to the northeast one could see parts of Logusû, mainly the royal palace in its splendour.
In the distance the sun was setting and this spot was among the best to see it. The clouds were coloured in oranges, pink and purple. In truth the display was beautiful.
The clinks of bottles broke the silence and Jacky was handing out beers and the signature plops of the corks being undone filled the scene followed by Jacky giving a great exhale and looking at his bottle and saying.
-"This is some nice stuff, you can afford this Danie boy?" The doubt colouring his words.
-"I got an advanced paycheck, to help me prepare for the service, so i have plenty to spare. I'm a fortress-suit operator after all, among the best paid in the military."Danie plopped open his beer, gave a small cheer and took a mouthful letting the taste fill his mouth, the others were gawking at him.
-"Fortress-duty? No way! The only ones with more pay are the royal guards! No wonder you got the best stuff." The others were jealous but honestly happy for their friend, not that they would admit that. Danie just shook his head and looked at his bottle.
Steelbrew, made locally and flavored with Toppler-herb flowers, to say it's the fine stuff is like saying an iron pot is the fine stuff since it isn't clay, or no pot at all. But they had been poor farmer boys all of them their whole lives, Steelbrew was just one of those things that weren't viable for them most of the time.
Danie looked at the others, smiled and just let out a bawling groan that was Svediran throat singing, popular with young boys like himself.
Jacky took a gulp, helped Jonn up and they simultaneously started a real bassy low tone, followed with Bill taking a high note, which Danie followed with the lyrics.

They sang and laughed and drank for hours, truly enjoying themselves and made so much noise they woke up some of the neighbours, but they didn't care.
It was tradition to send their friend off with a party like this, it had been in Svedira for generations. Soon Danie would do his service in the military, a great honor but tough work.
Tough work indeed.

The first Svediran international railway. Present day.
It was the grand opening of the first international railway of Svedira, it went southeast into the lowlands of the Corax Dominion, an old enemy of Svedira who in latter years have pushed hard for a railway connection.
Through hard toils, hundreds of political meetings and rallies and speeches, the railway was finally built, partially funded by Corax but to their great miscontent not the same width as their railways.
The Svediran logic was that should this experiment be fruitfull, the rail will be widened to allow for Corax locomotion, but for now it will be like this.
In truth it was a pathetic railway, it went for eight kilometers into Corax and stopped at a trainstation there. On the opposite side of the yard compared to the Coraxian line. From where cargo would be unloaded and then the train would reverse back to Svedira.
For this reason, the train had two locomotives, both armoured behemoths of steel. Sure they were nothing like the castle trains of Corax, but compared to other nations they were machines of war.
Spewing black coal smoke and slow, but such were the trains of Svedira.

Hundreds had gathered for the great inauguration and even the royal family was there.
Banners fluttering in the wind, flowers made into all manners of decorations and the sun was high. The cheers of the people almost drowning out the orchestra playing marching songs.
With a fanfare, the royal soldiers of the Svediran army came marching in practiced line and file, putting up a show by raising their knees high with each step, at least those in light armour.
Danie Hopps was second to the left on the first row of five Fortress Warsuit troopers of three, behind a whole lot of rangers and a whole lot more Mountainside infantry behind him.
He risked looking on the gathered populace and they were cheering louder as his squad came into view. Fortress warsuits were a pride of the nation and being part of its corps was seen as a great honor and they were showing it.
He thought he glanced his mum in the crowd, he wanted to wave but resisted the urge to do so, especially as his eyes wandered to a stand, where he could see the stoic forms of the royal guards, guarding the king himself.
Wearing a beautiful black jacket with gold buttons and red lining, he wore his steel crown and had a positively regal attitude and stance.
Danie immediately straightened his walk a bit more and concentrated hard on showing his absolute best side.
The king himself was here, the good king of the mountain.

King Vasil Svediri I looked upon one thousand of his loyal troops, looking impressive and competent as always. He tried his best to look regal and in charge while in truth all he wanted to do was to get to some shade because of the warmth.
Used to the cold windy mountaintops of Logusû the lowlands was hotter than he remembered, or perhaps today was just awfully good weather.
He cursed his choice of attire, dreaming of another jacket, white with imported pearls.
Without looking at him, he ordered one of his servants to fetch water and give it to him on signal, the sharply dressed servant made a hasty bow and scampered off at speed.

Soon the procession of troops stopped, near a tarp covered thing on the rail which was obviously a train but the inauguration planners at least tried to keep it as much of a surprise as possible.
Stepping up to a stone pew, the king adjusted his sleeve and checked the microphone.
-"Dear populace of Svedira and all others gathered here today, today we witness a great moment in our history. The inauguration of the first international railway of Svedira!" He put on a smile for the cheering populace, the mood was at the top and many, including the king felt a great sense of pride.
-"Through the hard work of our miners, mill workers, soldiers and many others we've finally gotten to this moment, the moment where we officially connect to another country for the first time. Let this be a pillar, symbolising our prophesised future, a future of peace, joy and abundance."
The people were now listening with great interest, silent nods and joyful smiles.
-"So gaze now upon this pillar of our future!" Raising his arm palm up towards the train, the people all turned to see the tarp being removed, massive cheers erupted as the machine beneath was revealed.
With a hidden gesture the king motioned for his water and drank, upholding his image as the stoic man people thought he was.
The train was a massive steel armoured steam train with a stocky look, a rounded top and front with a massive grilled prow several meters tall and wide.
The entire train was massive, compared to the castle trains of Corax it wasn't that much to be sure, but this train was still a hulking behemoth unlike most others. Clearly inspired by the trains of their southern neighbours but with a distinct Svediran look to it.
The king now strode towards the train, with his entourage of royal guards forming a perimeter around the king, whom some even threw flowers towards.
The railway chief gave a deep bow and presented a wooden bowl to the king, filled with gosser goat milk.
He now held the bowl up high, a man struggled to get the microphone cable to the king so he could speak into it.
-"I will now welcome this beast into the family that is Svedira. We will take care of it as it will provide for us. I name thee..... 'Behemoth's stride. Pillar of the future'." With a massive cheer the populace threw hundreds of flowers into the air as the king tossed the goat milk all over the grilled prow of the train.
With that the king waved and took his leave, he was boiling alive and wanted to get to shade as quickly as possible. He had planned to go to a nice balkony on a nearby house, to enjoy some shade and to see the train take its virgin voyage from a vantage point.

A brass horn signal followed and the soldiers began to march as the music began anew. They began to board the train and take their positions.
From his vantage point the king could see how massive the train was. Armour plated carriages, a train locomotive on each end of the train, both equally massive. Behind the coal wagons a turreted citadel with anti-mech cannons to fend off any threats.
A thousand troops to protect the Svediran interests, it was a sign of power, and a sign of paranoia to the citizens of Corax who were present on this side of the border to hear the kings speech.

Within twenty minutes, the train was up to heat and gave off a massive signal from its twin steam whistles, who gave off an unexpectedly growling whistle before the train began to chug and move.
Massive cheers and the band playing the Svediran anthem, which people soon joined in and sang to their hearts content.
A song singing of pride, the vileness of Svediras foes and protecting your homes. Forming battallions and defending what was rightfully Svediran.
A song that often made others sceptical, especially the part with letting the mountains drizzle with the blood of their foes to make the Toppler herbs grow vibrant and strong.

The Behemoth's stride soon left the station, to go to the border and into the Corax dominion to one of their border stations to sell its coal.
Danie felt paranoid, he was sitting in one of the troop wagons on standby, going into the corax dominion, who were formed of several old enemies of Svedira. But in truth it wasn't the Corax that made him feel paranoid, it was the fact that ten Svediran royal guards were on the train.
Sleek bright steel armour, imposing longswords and beautiful rifles and pistols, standing with a royal grace and deadly presence even he, wearing a fortress warsuit, the heaviest armour in the known world felt like he wouldn't be able to take one of them on should they feel the need to.

He wasn't actually afraid they would do anything like that, but their deadly presence still sent chills down his spine, and also the fact his nation felt the need to put royal guards on the train meant that this was a very serious operation.
He hoped nothing would go wrong. That the corax would not try anything funny.

Hours later, the area of Planegrund, finest hotel in the area.
The king never like going with zeppelin, they moved to much in the wind, he preferred cable cars or lifts. Sturdy reliable and grounded transports.
King Vasil and his sister, Karina were sitting on another balcony and looking over the beautiful village of Planegrund.
They had sat there for a while, exchanging a courtly hug befit of siblings and enjoyed some small talk over tea.
-"It is always a pleasure talking with you Karina, but sadly i'm not meeting you simply for pleasure. How goes the mooring post project?" King Vasil kept stirring his tea, but his tone was in aserious business tone.
-"How i missed simply talking to you brother." She slightly shook her head before answering.
-"The mooring post is coming along somewhat well, we've had some issues with wind and a delay of a section of the mast. Apparently the transport tram fell over and the whole thing got stuck in a tunnel. Luckily no wounded." The king nodded his response.
-"So Vasil, how goes the diplomacy side of things? I know you've had issues with setting up meetings with Vercingetorix." Karina's voice was optimistic and regal, but one could notice a hint of tiredness in it and her eyes.
-"Well unlike in the past it's not on the side of the empire the problems lie, sometimes i curse fathers propaganda and the loyalty of the populace. I'd love to go to the empire for a political visit, but my 'dear' loyal troops wouldn't let me leave with less than a battallion of bodyguards and probably half the army...." He was overreacting and venting his frustrations, but he was correct.
-"I know of their love for you, i know how frustrating it can be." She smiled a broad smile, Vasil met her eyes with his and sighed.
-"Do you now? Regardless of that i've sent a political envoy with a small group of ten bodyguards in my stead, they will speak to the envoy of the empire and go over the details of the air traffic agreement, hopefully we can continue our good progress from the last meeting." Vasil's answer was filled with apathy.
-"Yes. I read the reports and i agree it is coming along nicely. I will work on my final proposition to the empire and send it to you for evaluation." She finished off with a sip of tea, her voice filled with little emotion since both of them knew it was basically her dealing with the empire and Vasil just nodding and sending it along.
-"Perhaps something else will cheer you up. How goes that aid package you planned?" Karina asked with a clear curiosity to her, the king lost some of his apathy and responded.
-"Ah yes, the Gaellician aid package. I've worked on how to best route the transport and speaking with the governments involved." Vasil sipped his tea before he continued.
-"The transport vehicle itself is also soon finished, it should be able to bring along all the things it will need."
-"What was your response to your advisors idea of sending them military supplies as well?" Karina asked.
-"I told him that was not my intention. This package is for the populace, not for the war. Despite i don't want to anger the Volsinii." The kings answer had little emotion, Karina simply made a small shrug and agreed.
-"Oh did you hear of dear sisters new painting, she'll be showcasing it in the capitol tomorrow? Should we go?" Karina was now changing the subject completely, trying her best to be cheery.
-"I don't know, there is a lot of planning and...." Vasil began with trying to excuse himself but changed his mind.
-"No, i will... NO, we will go, all three of us will go and watch the unveiling of dear Veroniq's art exhibition. I've worked far too much lately and she deserves the attention." Vasil put down his cup with a clatter, emoting his feelings, he really felt like doing this, mostly for Veroniq's sake but also since he felt the three of them spent far to little time together.
Karina smiled and the two of them started planning the day and phoned Veroniq.

Too bad.

It seemed like fun.
Was planning a bureaucrat who secretly the leader of an extremist nationalist group that would form as time went along.

I was just checking if this was accepting new characters.
I have an idea but am unsure of how to implement it.
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