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Current I am Klomster, i have no status.


Known primarily as Klomster, both on the net and on real life.

I really enjoy roleplaying and do so every weak, preferably twice in two different campaigns. Sometimes even more.

From time to time i've done some forum roleplaying with mixed success. I've tried GM-ing with even more mixed success and all in all, i find forum rp's enjoyable. Hence why i joined, hoping to play some forum rp's and OWN at it. (Or something.)

I have an erratic thought pattern so my posts can appear as incoherent, if you notice you can just mention it if i should clarify anything.
Other than that, hey there fellas.

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Too bad.

It seemed like fun.
Was planning a bureaucrat who secretly the leader of an extremist nationalist group that would form as time went along.

I was just checking if this was accepting new characters.
I have an idea but am unsure of how to implement it.
Yeah, i was sort of expecting that as well, however i never leave a game without making sure it is dead.
While i'd like to continue, i'd wager it's not gonna.
So, what is to be expected here?
@Metatrooper Will you be adding a human character? Or just run a Kaiju?
K-hour +8.3

Closing in for the kill on the wounded Neurotis, Cyclopean closed with its menacing gaze, city blocks being frozen beneath it, people turning into frozen statues sculpted in frozen fear trying to run away from the monstrous machine being.
Powering up its maw, spikes of bright blue energy was building up before it would unleash the killing blow on the sauropod.

It was here Neurotis regained her composure and cloaked, seemingly turning invisible in front of everyone's bare eyes, in confusion Cyclopean unleashed the titanic beam which continuously cut into the city, leveling several blocks leaving a molten trail of glass-like substances in the several metre deep trench it scored into the landscape before it seized and began to look around for its foe.
An outstretched left palm, a few simple motions with the right hand sent its cyclopii on the hunt.

In groups of five each, the minions made sweeps trying to find the titanic beast which had done the unthinkable and was evading its senses and detection.
To find it, the squads was performing strafing runs, mostly to see Neurotis being hit by some of the cutting beams but also at the same time attacking the city which was suffering greatly from the onslaught of twenty groups of cyclopii performing relentless airstrikes.

Neurotis senses and instincts were on point however, while the encirclement took a bit longer than planned, it was only by seconds, her deft movements avoiding buildings with unexpected graze and she got into attack position.
She pounced, but had miscalculated and knocked several cyclopii out of the sky with her sail. Something Cyclopean immediately responded to, raising his shield the moment Neurotis decloaked and nearly sank her teeth into it.

The force pushed it back and vicious mucous was seen dripping on the energy barrier.
Cyclopean managed to push Neurotis off it and prepared to fire again as Cyclopii began to close in, a few whom were close and could react far quicker than the massive kaiju's got in a few beam attacks and a hack but the moment before Cyclopean fired she cloaked and evidently disappeared again as the area she had stood was completely annihilated by the combined barrage of beams.

Unbeknownst to Cyclopean, Neurotis had bounded to the right of it and had managed to get behind the machine. Seeing the opening she attacked again, the invisible bite tearing into Cyclopeans right shoulder, metal struts breaking under the massive pressure and the mucous being pumped into some parts of the living titanium.
Uttering a grunt of white noise, Cyclopean countered with a elbow strike with its left arm, hitting Neurotis square in the face, doing some damage but more importantly making her release her grip on it, she flashed briefly into vision with a sort of rolling effect across her body, the white noise and the pain temporarily disrupting her cloak.
But with another motion, now a raised palm to the sky Cyclopean and its minions once more let loose upon the point Neurotis had stood, but with similar results as last time.

Realising its dilemma, Cyclopean made a few circling hand gestures upon which twenty Cyclopii began to circle it in a perfect circle, making a barrier of themselves to help Cyclopean be able to counter Neurotis sneak attacks.
Five others tried to repair its broken shoulder, but that would take a long time, but the wound was deep enough to warrant immediate repairs.
Within seconds, Cyclopean also began to notice problems. The mucous was making important subsystems go haywire, had Cyclopean been a biological being it would probably succumb to the poisons within the bile, but now it was simply making it sluggish and unable to accumulate energy as fast for its maw beam.

It scanned the city, trying to predict Neurotis next move while also having the remaining cyclopii ravage the city trying to find the sauropod nuisance.

The good news, i made a custom drawing of my monster using all the techniques i know (mostly) to draw a mostly unique drawing of my kaiju. It's even inked!

The bad news. I took two photos of it, and then the camera battery died.... so it will take some time before i get to uploading it.

Edit: I also made a response.
I tried to have it in the same style as yours @Lmpkio with Action, Effect, Planned action.
Again i guess i took some liberties but it was what Neurotis planned anyway so i hope it's pleasing. :)

Edit Edit: So, now i've uploaded the pics to the description. Enjoy.
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