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5 yrs ago
Current I am Klomster, i have no status.


Known primarily as Klomster, both on the net and on real life.

I really enjoy roleplaying and do so every weak, preferably twice in two different campaigns. Sometimes even more.

From time to time i've done some forum roleplaying with mixed success. I've tried GM-ing with even more mixed success and all in all, i find forum rp's enjoyable. Hence why i joined, hoping to play some forum rp's and OWN at it. (Or something.)

I have an erratic thought pattern so my posts can appear as incoherent, if you notice you can just mention it if i should clarify anything.
Other than that, hey there fellas.

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The game hasn't gone too far so there's a possibility you can still join.

It's probably gonna end up fine.

As for the post it's not bad.

In all fairness, mine are gatormen.
But yeah, lizards is a fair comparrison.

Seems like i'll join after all.

Would carnivorous constitute a +1 penalty?
Also looking at the rules and the Mordukai, does one get a trait pick for free? It's not very clear.
Would a cold penalty constitute a +1 penalty?
If carnivorous and cold wouldn't give +1 on their own, could i have a penalty which combines them for +1?
Only 3 picks? Hmmm, i'll have to consider this.
That's a good point.

It will be hard for anyone who's interested to get a feel for the game without the traits.
If they aren't done, just put in a few finished ones.
If it's supposed to be build your own traits kind of play, it's even more important with a few examples to have a reference.
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