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A collaborative post between @Saix and @The Wyrm

The Origin - Kade Ritgar and Nima Tarkona

The young women sat at the bar sipping from their own respective cups filled with soda. It was a relatively new beverage from Coruscant and fairly popular among the slave girls back home as a non-alcoholic option for a drink. The pair were a little nervous after having picked up the tension from Zura and had hoped they didn't cause too much of an issue.

"I pray we didn't screw that up... I wish Zura would have said something before we came off the shuttle!" Ehottecri whispered hotly. She felt embarrassed. This was their first trip to be trusted out of the palace, let alone off world, and she didn't want it to be their last.

"I'm sure she was very preoccupied. Besides, we all make mistakes and we just have to make sure we learn from them." Nima rested a red cheek against the other woman's shoulder in comfort, speaking softly into her ear. "Now we know our position at the palace is not... known and we will have to behave accordingly."

The togruta woman let a sigh escape her lips and Nima could feel the tension slowly leave the other woman's body. "So, what do you think of the famous Kade Ritgar?"

At her inquiry, Nima turned her face so that her opposite cheek rested against her companion and she could gaze upon the man in question. What did she think of him so far? Her golden eyes took in as many of his features as she could from her position given he sat perpendicular to her from his place on the sofa. "I like him." she said simply. "So far at least. And he is more attractive than the holos give him credit for."

"Well I'm sure that has nothing to do with the pheromones he's been throwing out since he looked at you." Ehottecri teased.

"What do you mean?"

"Remember, he's part Falleen, like Zura. Have you noticed that he smelled nice?"

"Well, yes..."

"That's not any cologne or artificial musk, that is his own natural scent."

"Is he doing it on purpose?"

"Maybe, maybe not. Either way it's for you, that much I can tell. I only know of it because of Zura and she has a similar smell when we're together, though you probably do not notice it. It is not a bad thing in the least."

"I'll take your word for it then." Nima turned her attention back to her drink and finished the rest of the carbonated beverage before finally standing from the stool she was sitting in. "I don't know about you Ehottecri, but I've been dying to take a look around, especially out those windows!"

Following her lead, the Togruta stood as well and gave her a small, playful bow, "After you!"

* * * * *

The evening had gone splendidly as far as Zura was concerned. She had found Kade to be a very polite host, though somewhat ignorant of his own business operations. He had had shrugged and smiled when he caught her glance at one point, explaining that he spent most of his time away on the set of holos and had very little time to take a look at the investment side of things. Zura was stunned. Khulbe didn't try anyone with any part of his financial empire. She had privately asked Cinna later how much Kade paid her and the Togruta had smiled and mentioned it was well over two million credits a year. Zura was floored. Cianna made more money than she did legally.

The discussion had carried into supper which turned out to be a tasty affair of seafoods from Scarif, Kades home planet. The dish was foreign enough that Zura, who travelled extensively with Khulbe, had never sampled it before. There had been laughter, kind words, and a genuine warmth during the meal, that Zura had not encountered in a long time. Cianna had joined them and had a lively conversation with Ehottecri in their native tongue. Ehottecri had been reduced to gales of helpless laughter on several occasions and Zura had felt stabs of jealously that she dismissed, it was clear Cianna was not interested in other females.

She had found Kade fascinating. You could not have lived in the galaxy and not seen one of his holos at some point. His tough guy persona, so popular in the holos, was deftly hidden beneath a professional and friendly host. He was charming, teasing Ehottecri and Nima enough to cause them to blush and giggle, gently easing them into a world they had never experienced, and would never experience again. That thought had almost made Zura choke up. Ehottecri had slipped a hand into hers, they were seated next to each other, and the knowledge that such an evening would probably never happen again brought on feelings of sadness. It was refreshing and freeing.

If she hadn't been in public she might have laughed out loud. Zura Lum, number two to the most feared crimelord in the galaxy, and she was wishing she could just have a simple dinner with good company. But it was true, that sort of thing never happened around Khulbe, and certainly not with Ehottecri. It took her a moment to realize that this was the first evening, that she could remember, in which she had not been listening for an alarm indicating an attack or the rumble of Khulbes voice as he issued orders. It was so pleasant. She sighed and squeezed Ehottecri's hand beneath the table. It was a shame it had to end.

Nima had watched the emotions play across Zura's face closely, as they matched they ones in her heart. While she had hoped the evening would have helped her regain focus, it instead served to unhinged her more. For a while, she forgot about her position in this world and simply enjoyed an evening with people who saw her for who she was, rather than an exotic piece of property. As sadness spread through her being, she kept up a pleasant exterior demeanor. She took a sip of her drink, a pleasant white wine, and made plans to look out those lounge windows once again once she was dismissed for the night.

That moment looked like it had come as Cianna stood up at last, made her excuses to leave, said her goodbyes and headed for the turbolift. A few minutes later her shuttle shot past the windows and curved down toward Nar Shadda. The remains of the meal were cleared away by a pair of droids and a delicious desert wine brought out for them to enjoy. Zura took her glass and stood.

"Thank you, Kade, for having us." Kade had asked them to use his first name. On his ship, in his home, he did not need a title. "If you will forgive me, I am going to retire as well. I will need to report to Lord Khulbe and ensure I have not missed anything back at the palace."

Though Zura did not address the two slave girls, they did as they would have in the palace and quickly stood as well, offered Kade their thanks, and followed Zura toward the turbolift. The door opened and the three stepped inside, turning back to see Kade framed by the giant window as the door snapped shut behind them. The lift shot downward and then opened into a short corridor that had five doors in it, two to either side and one directly ahead.

"Ehottecri, you can come with me to report to Khulbe." Zura said, trying to maintain some semblance of legitimacy in their "supervisor-slave" relationship. "And NIma," She glanced at the Twi'lek with a small smile. "Enjoy your evening, it is likely the only one you will have to do whatever you wish." Leaving Nima with that thought, she practically dragged Ehottecri into her suite and the door whooshed closed leaving Nima standing in the hallway.

The young woman exhaled and it felt like her body weight doubled. Whatever strength she had to keep herself together was slowly ebbing away, especially after the unexpected kindness that Master Khulbe's second in command offered her. Turning at her heels, she went back into the lift, her crimson slender fingers manipulating the panel to command the lift to take her back to the floor that contained the lounge. Nima wanted to see that view for the last time. She remembered the way back easily enough and almost walked nose first into a large Noghri as the lounge doors slid open. Given he was a species she rarely encountered, it took a moment before she spoke as she quickly took in his grey hairless appearance.

"My apologies, I didn't realize anyone would be here!" She said hastily, taking a step back with raised hands. She didn't fail to realize that he was armed.

"Are you lost?" The Noghri's voice was gravelly, but polite. "I would be happy to escort you to your suite."

"I had hoped to look out the lounge windows for some time, but if that isn't permissible, I will return to my quarters for the evening." She answered. She felt her heart drop, but was ready to accept his answer if he denied her.

"I will inquire." The Noghri turned slightly so he could easily observe Nima, then called quietly into the darkened lounge. "Kade. Your guest Nima has returned and would like to join you."

"Oh, yes, of course." Kades voice floated back to her from deeper into the lounge and single light glowed to life, illuminating Kade where he was standing looking out the windows. "Come in, Nima."

The Noghri stood aside and held out a hand to indicate she could pass him into the space. As she walked by he offered a small smile and then faded into the darkness.

Nima had not realized during their exchange that the guard's purpose wasn't there to keep her from an unauthorized space, but rather to keep her from accessing Kade. At the palace, if she were to walk into a room that contained Master Khulbe, she would have to go through much more stringent security. She had not intended to have any company, but given the lovely hosted dinner that they had just experience, she would welcome it.

"Thank you." She said to the Noghri before he slipped away, unseen but ever present. She knew better than to assume he left her completely alone with Kade.

She joined the holo celebrity at the reinforced glass panes, keeping a respectful distance from him as she looked down at the self-illuminating view of Nar Shaddaa. "Thank you for allowing me to join you."

"Hey, no problem at all. I did say my home was yours." He was intimately aware of her scent and the red sheen of her skin in the single light. It was rare for him to have a female in the lounge when he was there alone. He had enjoyed the company of any number of young females during his time in the holos, fame tended to attract them like mynocks to power cables, but there was something different here. Perhaps it was the fact that she was the Hutts property. It roiled his guts. He had of course never forgotten the young twi'lek who had died in his arms after he managed to secure her release from the slavery he had sold her in to. No matter how many holos he made, or how many billions of credits he amassed, he had never forgotten her. Now here he stood, next to someone who was held in enslaved in splendid isolation. A beautiful creature turned into a tool by a Hutt. It sickened him.

"Quite the view isn't it?" He said, breaking both his thoughts and the silence. Nar Shadda was below them, the sun just beginning to set so that the final rays struck the Origin. "How long have you lived here?"

"It is." She answered, mesmerized by the view. His next question she was unsure how to answer as her gut reaction was to say too long, but she managed to give him a more neutral reply. "I have lived here for 14 years or so."

“Tell me but yourself.” He said, turning his head so that he looked down at her. He had watched her carefully during supper and noted how unsure she had seemed. They led two very different lives indeed.

She met his purple gaze briefly before turning her face away. She felt shame, even though the choice in how things turned out wasn't one she made and she couldn't give him the whole truth. "There isn't much to say about it. I was born on Ryloth, though I don't remember much of that, and then I was brought here. I was taught how to entertain and it's what I do for a living." So to speak she wanted to add, but Nima kept it to herself. Snarky remarks will only get her in trouble, one way or another. "It's quite... ordinary."

He caught the hesitation in her words and suspected that she might have said more but feared to do so. “What would you do if you could do anything?” He changed the topic slightly. He was always curious what other beings dreamed of doing. More than a few dreams he had quietly made a reality. He was a holo star, a public face, adored and admired across the galaxy, but that fame had brought him wealth and powerful connections. Both of which he could wield with tremendous influence if he wanted to.

"I don't think in 'what-ifs'." The words left her mouth before she knew it and Nima hid her face by turning from the window to head towards the sectional. She was angry with herself for being so flippant with someone who would soon be a guest at the palace.

“Of course.” He said quietly. “Nima, I don’t pretend to understand your life at all. I can’t.” He wanted to offer her some sort of comfort but he suspected it would not help the situation at all. Instead he made a decision that he had made so long ago and never regretted for a moment.

“But humour me for a moment, if you could leave, what would you do?”

Nima took a seat before replying. It was such a dangerous question in more ways than one. "Why do you want to know?"

Kade remained standing, his gaze fixed in the distance, far beyond Nar Shadda. “Many years ago I loved someone. She was in a position much as yours. I was able to buy her freedom and for on glorious year we lived and loved each other as I had never thought possible.” He paused to swallow a lump his throat. “I swore I would never stop trying to help others like her and I think, Nina, that you have much in common with her.”

He folded his hands behind his back, his shoulders tightening as he remembered that year, and the pain and sorrow that ended it.

“If you wish, I will help secure your freedom, and that of your friend if she wishes it.”

The young twi'lek had no words and it was a few moments before she could even speak. She saw the pain in his features as clear as day. "Why are you sharing this with me? You only met me today, do not challenge Khulbe for a stranger."

“Nima, I have more money than I could spend in five lifetimes. I have been very fortunate with all I have accomplished and believe me, I can make you disappear.” He turned to look at her without any hint of a boast in his voice. “If you wanted to, of course.”

"I couldn't possibly ask this of you. There is no place in this galaxy that I feel he wont find me, or Ehottecri. She also has Zura. No, I will not have your blood or theirs on my hands for a far stretch dream of freedom." Nima placed her head in her hands, causing her lekku to fall forward as she felt the oncoming of tears. This conversation went farther than she wanted, but it showed her he knew very well their position and wanted to help them out of it. For what? Morals? Was this more of the 'Republic Idealism' that she had talked to Jast about when he stuck his neck out for a stow away?

"You're not asking it of me. I am offering." He knelt in front of her, gently taking one of her hands in his. "I am not suggesting I simply smuggle you away on this ship right now. That is a fools dream. It would take me time to arrange a plan and to make it happen." Her smell was intoxicating this close to her and he resisted the urge to draw her into an embrace. "Let me worry about the details. And take your time to think about it. You do not need to give me a yes or no a right this instant."

"I don't deserve your kindness..." Deep down she always blamed herself for her parent's deaths and despite being something worth killing for, a slave is always considered lesser.

"Everyone deserves kindness."

At his words Nima tightened her grip in his hand as she found herself craving for his comfort. "You wanted to know what I would do if I could leave? I would travel the universe and see what it has to offer."

He smiled in the semi-darkness, his purple eyes dancing with excitement. "Then let us make that happen." He took both of her hands in his now. "I arrange for us to be able to communicate and you will need only to do what I tell you to. Okay?"

She nodded, afraid of what the future held for her now. Her life now rested in his hands and only time will tell if it was the right choice. "You're not what I expected..."

“Should I be offended?” He asked, releasing her hands and standing. “Are you upset I don’t have fangs?”

"I mean no offense." She used her free hands to wipe the tears from her face and turned her head to look up at him. "I'm not upset about you're appearance in the least, in fact I feel your holos don't do you justice."

He threw back his head and laughed. “That is very kind of you to say!” He chuckled for a moment longer and wiped a tear of amusement from one eye. “Very kind indeed. I will admit you’re not the first to say such a thing to me but I suspect you actually mean it.”

"I do."

Nima sat back into the seats of the sectional getting comfortable. As much as she was afraid for her future, she also felt a sense of calm focus about it. Maybe now she could sleep at night.
Khulbe's Palace - Nima Tarkona

Nima sat with her friends as they watched one of Kade Ritgar's Holodramas. It was his first series that catapulted him into fame and a favorite among the girls. She knew all the episodes, as did the rest of her troupe, so Nima watched without really seeing what was going on. She was tired. She hadn't been sleeping well since her conversation with Jast. Nearly every evening had been plagued by her memories of when she was taken and the young twi'lek female woke up those nights in terror.

The company of the other slave girls was a welcomed distraction from her mind and it brought her enough calm to even rest. Her eyes started to drift shut and she curled up on the couch in common area, resting her head on Ehottecri's shoulder. A soft touch on her forearm caused her to open her eyes again, except the scenery was different from when she first closed her eyes. The sun was setting, illuminating the room with a soft orange glow, and the projector was playing a scene from an episode that was further along in the series. About 4 episodes to be exact and with each lasting about an hour long, it meant she had been sleeping for a while.

Nima turned her head, her cheek sliding against the smooth surface of the other woman's shoulder, and found herself looking into the familiar blue eyes of her Togruta friend. It was her touch that woke the twi'lek. "Why did you let me sleep so long?"

"It seemed like you needed it." she replied softly. "You don't seem to be getting much rest lately."

"No… I haven't." the twi'lek admitted, but Ehottecri didn't press her further. Every slave has their own story to tell, a burden they all carry. Some share more easily than others, but most don't ask how they got there. The stories all lead to the same ending, they just have to make the most of their position and not dwell on "what ifs". At least, that is what Nima and Ehottecri were taught and try to share with the other girls. "Thank you."

"Of course."

The two women brought their attention back to the projector, but it was soon interrupted by the messenger Alynia. The short brown haired woman seemed to be looking for her again.

"It's a good thing you girls are nearly always together. It makes my job easier. Zura wants you two to meet her at her office."

"Thank you Alynia, we'll go there right now." Ehottecri nearly jumped off the couch as she spoke, barely able to contain her excitement. The two women didn't bother asking for details as they knew a messenger wouldn't be given any. Security is tight in the palace, no unnecessary information is ever given and only a few trusted individuals ever know the whole picture behind any one event behind these stucco walls.

"Hurry Nima!"

The red Togruta woman didn't even bother to look behind her to see if Nima followed. While romances are strictly forbidden for a slave, especially those of their status, they still happen. She was just glad her friend found romance with the head of security rather than a regular staff member or even worse, a guest. The punishment for it in those cases would be much more severe were it to be discovered by Master Khulbe.

Nima followed Ehottecri at a slower pace, her bare feet lightly tapping on the white marble floors. She wasn't even going to bother with stopping for sandals before going to the meeting. It wasn't a formal event and both women were dressed for a lazy day. A soft smile spread across Nima's face as her friend excitedly led the way to Zura's office.


Ehottecri slowed her step and regained her composure as they approached the hallway that led to Zuras office. If Nima was honest with herself, she actually preferred Zuras office space to that of Khulbes. The Hutts own place of business was larger, tended to be suffer from a draft, and was boasted so many windows that you might often think you were floating in the clouds. It had been fascinating the first couple of years, an amazing feeling, but now it just made her stomach churn at the thought of the long fall.

Zuras office, attached to Khulbes by a hidden door, was considerably smaller and designed for humanoids. The Hutt could fit through the main door, and a couch for his use stood to one side, but otherwise it was designed for bipeds who liked to sit on comfy chairs.

Zura looked up from her holopad as the dancing girls arrived and her skin immediately shifted to a warm red colour and a wide smile crossed her face. "Come in! Come in!" She waved to the two plush chairs across from her desk. Ehottecri swiftly sat in one, crossing one knee over the other and leaning forward, tracing a finger along her bottom lip. Nima smiled and sat in the other chair, nodding to Zura.

"Well ladies, it seems we get to go on a bit of a holiday, courtesy of the boss of course." She had a mischievous smile that she turned on Ehottecri as she spoke. "It seems Khulbe is sending us to meet with Mr. Ritgar when he arrives in system."

"All of us?" Nima asked. She was sure there would be a bit of rush for that shuttle.

"No, just the three of us." Zura replied, her eyes dancing. "We're going to have you two check out the new Scarifs Line and I'm to report back to Khulbe. He thought it might take us a day or two so we'll be staying overnight."

Ehottecri clapped her hands with glee and then reached over to squeeze Nimas hand. "A holiday! I've never been away from the palace without an escort."

"I am your escort, so make sure you behave." Zura growled, only partially kidding. They all knew Khulbe would exact a terrible vengeance on Zura if something happened to his prized slave girls. "Khulbe wanted to send more but Mr. Ritgar said no. So it will be us, the shuttle will take us up and then come get us as soon as we're done. Now go pack. We leave in a couple of hours when Ritgars ship arrives."

With their hands still claspped together, Nima used their connection to drag Ehottecri from the room. "Yes Ma'am. We'll leave to pack right now" she spoke as they passed through the door frame. "See you in a few hours Zura!"

The door closed behind them with a satisfying woosh that left them feeling compelled to run back to their rooms. Both women still had their hands intertwined as they ran through the halls, head tails trailing behind them in the wind. Laughter started to bubble between them as both women realized that they were being granted their own form of freedom. Even though they were being chaperonned, Ehottecri would be able to spend time with Zura as she wished, free from the sharp, unrelenting gaze of Khulbe, while Nima got to taste the outside world. The thoughts that ran through both women's heads would guarantee them punishment if they were to be found out, but only one of them would end up with a taste that could very well guarantee severe punishment.


Nima stood in front of the hangar blast doors waiting patiently for the other women to arrive while a utility droid carried her small trunk filled with enough belongings for a two night trip. The young twi'lek wore black wax covered skin tight pants and a metallic gold deep v-neck top with thin straps that hung loose and stopped at her hips. The whole outfit reflected light so that she practically glowed underneath the lights of the hallway she was standing in. She stood about 3 inches taller than normal because of the heeled black boots she wore to compliment the outfit.

The first to join her was Ehottecri, who wore a nice short sleeved cocktail dress with a bare back. A droid also carried her belongings as it tailed her.

"Did you pack everything you needed?" Nima asked the other woman.

"Probably enough for a two night trip. Better to be overly prepared than be underprepared."

Nima nodded to the other woman in response. "I like the dress. You looking to impress someone?" She teased

Ehottecri's face flushed slightly as she turned her face away from Nima. "If I didnt know you better, I would accuse you of doing the same!"

As the torgruta spoke, Zura came around the bend, which stopped all banter between the two women. The time had come for them to work. While in the public eyes of the palace, Zura and Ehottecri kept their infatuation for one another in check, though the head of security couldn't keep her flesh from shifting colors in response to her lover.

"Good! You're both here. That saves us time. Lets get on this shuttle and I'll brief you again on why we are visiting Mr. Ritgar and what will be expected of you two."

With her direction complete, Zura lead them through the blast doors of the hangar. Nima had a sudden sense of foreshadowing. Almost as if she were taking steps on a road that would ultimately change her life forever, though it was unknown as if it were for better or for worse.

@The Wyrm
Nar Shaddaa - Thrax and Sena

Sena woke to the sound of her commlink beeping and groggily turned her head to the left to look at the clock on her nightstand. It was early in the morning. Too early for the night she had. To her right lay Thrax, who slept like the dead, undisturbed by the ringing or her movements. She contemplated ignoring the call in favor of savoring the warmth of her linen sheets but she decided otherwise and with heavy limbs Sena rolled out of bed, exposing her nude body to the room. She dragged her feet to where her clothes lie in a messy pile and fished out her commlink.

"Sena." she answered, her voice heavy from her slumber.

"Good Morning, It's Val."

"Morning! Early call must mean you have details about this job for Khulbe that Thrax told me about? Or at least where to meet the Trespass?" She rubbed the sleep from her eyes as she spoke and was glad she rolled out of bed to take the call.

"Yes it does. 30k each if you'll take the job and exact details about it will be given when you get here. We'll be docked at the Garbella Memorial Starport."

Sena took a moment to think about the offer, running slender pale fingers through her short black hair. It was a high risk/high reward job, that much was given, but she liked the crew of the Trespass and 30,000 credits is 30,000 credits. She figured they could always refuse once they heard all the details if the risks were too great.

"Which Hangar?" She asked.


"Alright, see you later!" She said as she hung up the call and turned to crawl back into bed. Inhaling deeply, Sena wished she could just close her eyes and go back to sleep but she knew if they were going to make it to the hangar at a decent time, they needed to get up soon. For that to happen, she had to wake up her slumbering partner who had turned in his sleep towards her direction while she was on call. Sena started by tracing her fingers along his chest, making random symbols upon his skin, seeing if that was enough to wake him. When he didn't react, she moved her body closer to his and started planting small kisses starting from the nape of his neck and working her way down, occasionally using her teeth to gently bite him. Thrax's breathing pattern soon changed from the deep even respiration a person does during sleep to the more shallow, quickened breaths.

Sena stopped when she reached his hips and brought her gaze up to meet his, very much pleased with herself.

"I can get used to waking up like this." Thrax said, his voice deep.

"Val called to give us a rendezvous should we want to take on the job. They'll be at Hangar 141 at the Garbella."

"Any details?" he asked.

"They'll be given when we get there."

"Damn, I had wanted those details before we saw them… do we have time for you to finish what you started?" Thrax asked, his eyes dancing with excitement. Sena replied by returning her soft lips to his body.


It was early afternoon by the time Sena arrived at the starport by air taxi. She paid her driver and waited with her gear by the main entrance of the port for Thrax, keeping a careful eye on the sea of species that moved around her. Pickpockets and thugs frequently use these areas as hunting grounds for travelers who don't pay attention to their surroundings. She had packed relatively light, one duffle bag carried the tools she needed for work and the other carried her personal items. Sena didn't have to wait long at the bustling mouth of the port before Thrax showed up, which was impressive given he had to travel back to his place to pack and change. He brought with him a securely locked trunk for his belongings rather than a bag like she did. He would be bringing with him more sensitive items than she would, as all her data pads were equipped with security settings that made it so only she had access to their contents. With a short greeting, Sena plopped her bags on top the trunk and they carried their belongings together.

The pair made their way to the hangar where the Raven Trespass was docked, weaving through the heavily trafficked port with ease even with their belongings in tow. There were many other species traveling as they were. Some were on their way to jobs, others were wandering from one port to the next seeing where their travels will take them. Even fewer were more high profile people that paid others to protect and move their property while they conduct business. Once they reached the blast doors of the hangar, they placed the trunk down so Thrax could activate his commlink to hail Jast's ship while Sena fixed the dark brown jacket she wore back into place and kept an eye on their luggage. As soon as a connection was established they resumed their march through the doors while they waited for someone on the ship to accept the call. Even if they decided not to take the job, at least they got some decent exercise out of all of this. In front of the Trespass they found an interesting trio: a Rodian, a human, and a houk. They stopped their approach at the sight of them, not wanting to alert the strangers to their presence.

"Either Jast is in trouble, or he is assembling one hell of a crew for this job." commented Thrax as he signaled for them to quietly place down their luggage. If things were to get dicey, he would be ready for it. He lowered the volume on his device and handed it to Sena; it was still ringing.
<Snipped quote by Saix>

That's okay; Selene has enough history with Hutts.

She's really only on Nar Shaddaa for a black market deal. But if someone wanted to become part of that deal, to be a contact for it, or just wanted to run into Selene this could all be fun small scenes I'm always up for.

Ahh!Then maybe in the hangar we are meeting up in? @f0un,@Jackdaw, and my red shirts are about to meet up at the port.
@The Wyrm Is away on vacation atm so you won't have a Hutt reaction for another 2 1/2 weeks :/

Changing plans to have Nar Shadda be my introduction setting for Selene.

Lemme know if you wanna plot something with a Dark Force user.

Khulbe's Palace - Nima Tarkona

Nima caught the glass with ease and carefully sipped the drink. She typically wasn't one for hard liquor or heavy drinking as it doesn't take much for her to start feeling it's effects. She also isn't a fan of how it causes one to lose control over their mind and body.

"Touching, at this time, isn't an issue since permission was expressly given by Master Khulbe. If you want to touch me, you will be free to do so. Otherwise, if that permission wasn't extended, just me being in this room would have spelt trouble for the three of us were I to be found here." She took another sip of the brown liquor, "Drinking also falls under the same category."

She held the cup in her hands, almost unsure how to continue. She was afraid, but she wasn't sure if she was afraid of his answer or how it might change her. Subconsciously, she started to spin the glass cup between the tips of her fingers as she finally brought herself to ask him the question that has been bothering her since the hangar incident. "Why did you stand up for the girl?"

Jast took a long drink, draining half of the liquor from the crystal glass before setting it down and taking a seat on one of the several high rise stools that flanked the marble counter. He motioned to the seat beside him, extending an invitation to sit. "You mean the Zelosian?" he asked after the moment's pause, his words slow and deliberate. Guarded, maybe. "Seemed like the right thing to do, I guess." He took another sip of the liquor.

At his invitation, she took the seat next to him, arranging her skirts carefully around her. Nima continued to play with her glass. "This is Nar Shadaa, Captain, no one does anything because it's the right thing to do. Especially when some stranger nearly screws up a business deal for them..."

"That's not how it is where I come from," Jast answered, leaning on the counter as he considered the liquor. He turned the glass in a slow circle. "I've been doing this for a while," he continued, "but I've never found it easy to leave the ideals of the Republic in the Republic. The worlds and the people out here are different, but I'm not." He took another sip, set the glass down again and returned his eyes to hers. "I don't know what happens to a girl who falls into Khulbe's hands, but I had a chance to keep it from happening. So I kept it from happening."

"Master Khulbe is probably the best a slave could ask for, which I know is surprising. He makes sure we are looked after." She never had to explain what it meant to live under Khulbe before, but most times her guests weren't concerned about holding a conversation with her. "I only hear comments here and there about the Republic. What exactly are their ideals? Is it really so different as here?"

Jast smirked, exhaled something resembling a small, mirthless laugh. "I don't know. It's a big place. Individual rights, though. Liberty. Freedom. That kind of thing." He took another drink, pausing to collect his thoughts. "There's no slavery. Well, I mean, there is, but it's illegal. Mostly. Like I said, it's a big, complicated place. Generally speaking, though, you're allowed to do what you want. Drink what you want to drink. Touch who you want to touch."

"There are free Twi'lek women here Captain, they are just few and far between. Most are sold by family, some sell themselves, and others..." she trailed off, taking another sip of her drink not wanting to finish that trail of thought. This was a door she hasn't opened in a long time. "How many twi'leks have you seen look like me?"

“A few, maybe? I couldn’t say.”

"And how many of them still have their freedom? Can live their lives how they choose to without fear?

“Maybe not so much here. But back home, for me, yes,” Jast answered. “The laws protect everyone in the Republic. So yes. If they lived on Coruscant, Corellia, Alsakan, yes. They could.”

"Here there is no freedom..." Nima ran a finger across her collar as she spoke. "What if she betrays you? Would it still be worth it?"

Jast shrugged, uncorking the liquor and pouring another glass. “I don’t know.” He put the harsh liquid back with practiced ease. “It’s not a crazy idea. We’re taking precautions with her while we’re in the air, just in case. It’s not safe bringing strangers aboard, but I think it’s worth giving her the chance. Considering the circumstances.” He rolled the crystal glass on the rounded edge. “What makes you so curious, Nima?”

Nima leaned back into the stool, crossing her arms as she spoke, "I have spent nearly my whole life on this moon being reared to be a class 1 slave and I have seen the darkness it holds. I have seen fathers, mothers, brothers sell their sisters and daughters. Some of these people would sell their own mother for a few credits. No one has offered kindness without wanting anything in return and would definitely not have offered it earlier in the hangar. I'm trying to understand you Captain. I have never met someone with your ideals..." She paused, afraid to voice what she felt for the first time in her life. It was hope that brought her here. Hope that someone would extend her that kindness, but there was fear there too.

Jast offered her a small smile. "I haven't met a lot of people like me here either. I'm not sure I understand myself half the time. Why I'm here, I mean. Why I work with the people you know," he said, voice seemingly thoughtful. "All I know is some things are right, and some things are wrong. I try to do the right things when I get the chance. So maybe that's helpful to you."

"It is." She replied, offering back a sad smile of her own. "That girl is lucky she snuck aboard your ship. I am starting to wish someone like you was there for me all those years ago..."

“She is. Hopefully she sees it that way.” Jast reached out to give her a brief, reassuring touch, hand to her shoulder. “I’m sorry I wasn’t.”

Nima laid her slender hand on top of his, savoring a touch that was given in reassurance, rather than lust. "Thank you for your time Captain. I will leave so you can rest for your trip tomorrow. I wish you safe travels and hope you return with your bounty." She removed her hand from his and stood, using the counter for support. She didnt drink enough alcohol for her to start feeling tispy, the conversation itself was draining on her. She stepped towards Jast and laid a hand on his broad shoulder.

"For luck." She said before laying a soft kiss on his cheek. "Good night Captain."

"Thank you," he answered. "Good night."

Nima didn't remember the walk back to her room. She barely heard the security system recognize her collar and open door to her chambers, she simply walked into the space when it was made available to her. Once the door shut behind her, she pressed her back against it and slid to the floor. It was then that her emotions were allowed to bubble to the surface and for the first time in years, she cried, hugging her knees to her chest for comfort.

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By: @Saix and @The Wyrm
Name: Sadatake Kanna

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Position: Noble, Daughter of the Shogun Sadatake Ayeka, Samurai

Kanna is a confident young woman and takes after her father in some ways. She is cunning on both the battle field and when dealing with others, often catching her opponents off-guard due to their misogynist views of the capabilities of a woman in a position of power. She has the capacity to be ruthless and will be so when it comes to her twin brother and upholding her father's wishes. Kanna desperately seeks her father's approval to avoid the fate that her mother finds herself trapped in.

However, underneath it all is a compassionate woman who cares for her people and will try to find a fair middle ground when possible, but only if it doesn't interfere with her father's orders. If one is fair with her, she will respond in kind. Offer anything less, and she will respond with malice. She is not generally swayed by emotions and handles most situations with a calm perspective. After a long demanding days, she enjoys taking a nice hot bath followed by some quiet time with a canvas and some brushes.

Weaknesses: Kanna is closest with her twin brother and will do anything for him to a fault. Her biggest fear is to lose her other half on the battlefield and not being able to do anything to stop it. Her next fear is sharing the same fate as her mother, married to a lord who will keep her locked away from the world and all it's wonders. After those two things, there isn't much else she has come to dread on this earth. While Kanna is mostly a calm woman, once she is set off she can have the most terrible temper and act without regard for her own safety or to her limits.


Kanna stands taller than most women of Seikatsu with a height of 5'6" (167.3cm) with skin so pale that she doesn't bother with whitening it with makeup like most other women and thick hair as black as raven's feathers that reaches her lower back. She has a slender, but muscular build, as she trains daily in various combat styles. She has a decently sized chest, about the size of grapefruits, but she keeps her breasts tightly bound so that they don't interfere with her swordplay or serve as a distraction for men.

As cultural standard demands, Kanna is often stoic, showing little emotion other than what is acceptable when in public. In more private settings or when provoked, she'll show more raw feelings. When in the field, she'll wear men's clothing over women's, taking comfort and ease of movement over beauty and societal standards. Because of this, she will also have her hair up in a high ponytail, so that is stays out of her face, rather than spend time on some elaborate up-do. She wears a katana and a wakizashi strapped to her hip for most occasions, showing her status to others as a samurai. The only time she is without either of those blades are when she has to be in a formal setting dressed in a kimono, but she will always have a tanto, a knife about 6" (15cm) long, on her person for protection.

Skills: Kanna is a talented artist, capable of recreating any scene or object from memory with great detail. As a daughter of a Shogun, she is trained in the proper etiquette and customs of her people. In terms of combat, she has the following skills:
Average Swordswoman - Kanna had to modify her sword style to accommodate for the fact that most of her opponents would be able to easily strike her down if she relied on strength alone. Thus, she focuses her training on speed and her ability to parry strikes.
Poor Archer - while she can string a bow and nock an arrow, she has poor aim and will often miss the target.
Average Martial artist - Kanna is a capable martial artist who focuses more on using her opponent's movements against them, rather than trying to use the strength of her blows to win a match.
Adept Strategist while on the field - Kanna is able to analyze the battle in front of her and make decisions accordingly. She shows promise and will flourish under guidance.
Master Rune Lord (Madoushi) specializing in restoration and blood magic - Kanna is a highly skilled rune lord with in depth knowledge of the human anatomy and physiology. This knowledge is also what allows her to be a formidable blood mage as she can cause any wound to become more severe. She often pairs blood magic with her swordsmanship to secure victory in a fight.
Adept equestrian - Kanna has a love for horses.

Kanna and her twin brother were born in the spring at the height of the cherry blossom blooming period to Sadatake Ayeka, the Shogun of Akaiba. A fitting birth date for the children of a nation who's culture embodies beauty and mortality. Their early years were spent with their mother until they were old enough to hold a bokken, a wooden sword, and it was then that their lives took a different turn. Kanna showed promise as a Madoushi and was trained in the restorative arts until she became a master at the age of 20. During her training and research into her mastery, Kanna also developed skills as a blood mage, becoming useful to her father not only as a healer, but as a weapon of death as well.

Among the less traditional schooling that is not often provided to women, Kanna was taught the way of the sword as well as hand to hand combat, which gave her the status of samurai on top of being the shogun's only daughter. Both skills were modified so that she could fight on equal terms of most men. More traditionally of women of her status, she was taught to read, write, how to behave as a noblewoman, and what is expected of her in society. Her younger days were busy and packed to the brim with studying, but she always found the time to paint and draw as it was her only outlet from the stressors of status.

Determined to be more than just something to marry off for political gain, Kanna has spent her entire life trying to live up to and exceed her father's expectations. The past five years were the most impactful for her as she has shown that she wasn't a burden to the other samurai and was more than capable of holding her own on the field. She has been under the wings of an elite samurai unit, the Okuri-Okami, who answer directly to the shogun. The Okuri are distinguishable from the other samurai by their masks. It's a half mask that covers the lower portion of their faces, from the nose to the chin, with the design of a wolf's snarling muzzle. The Madoushi of the unit wear more full faced wolf masks with only their mouths unobstructed so that they can channel spells more freely. Kanna wears her own mask that depicts a white faced fox with red markings and blackened extremities.
Khulbe's Palace - Nima Tarkona

Nima was among the first of the girls to applaud Jast as she was completely engrossed by the tale he gave to the group and nearly hanging on the edge of her seat. It was just like the fictional stories she would borrow from the library on her downtime. In fact, throw in a love interest and the captain basically had a holo-drama series in the making. Khulbe must have had the same thought because what he said next after praising the captain, was unexpected.

"I should have you visit more often, Jast. Your stories are quite remarkable. This has reminded me of something you might find interesting."

A holo-projector zipped into the room and stopped to hover just past where she sat. It flickered to life to show the image of the famous actor Kade Ritgar. Nima knew his face, as did most of the galaxy. She was watching one of his dramas with the girls just the other day and according to her master, he was due to visit in two weeks time. She glanced over to where her friends were perched on their stools and smirked. She could tell how excited they all were, even Ehottecri couldn't help but share their enthusiasm. Those girls were all die-hard fans of his dramas and had watched every single episode. While the twi'lek was also a fan of his work, she knew that he was a man making a living for himself like almost everyone else in the galaxy and wasn't swayed by his celebrity status. Nima looked forward to meeting him as she was fairly positive Master Khulbe had in mind for her and the girls to try on the new clothes he would be bringing.

Bringing her attention back to their guest, she wondered what life was like beyond these walls. The twi'lek had spent her entire existence sheltered, as something valuable to be safeguarded. Was this to be the rest of her days? Holed up behind the walls of this elaborate palace until she became too old and eventually get sold off, probably back to Olan Fyaar at Madrassa to train new slave girls to be like her? For a brief moment, a flicker of sadness spread across her face and she turned her cheek to hide the slip in her demeanor. She disguised the motion by making it look like she purposely turned to rearrange the skirt of her dress and was glad the Hutt sat behind her.
Khulbe's Palace - Nima Tarkona

A soft chorus of gasps resonated from the group as the girls entered the throne room, amazed by the scenery laid out before them. Being in Khulbe's select group of favorites, or just being his slave in general, meant these girls got to see more than most but that didn't mean they couldn't be awed by the extravagance of the palace. After being allowed a brief moment to appreciate the view, the girls were approached by Zura. Very few were immune to a weapons search when they're in the presence of Master Khulbe and that did not include the slaves. The Falleen woman made quick and efficient work of patting down of all the girls except for Ehottecri. She was searched like the rest of them but Zura's hands were softer, more intimate in the way they explored the Togruta's body for potential weapons. The two women exchanged the same heated look, one that spoke of knowledge of the other in the most intimate of ways possible. Nima assumed Master Khulbe's second in command was rewarded with a slave of her choice as that would be the only reason for such a public display.

With her search complete, Zura directed the girls to their seats and Nima's place was at her master's side. The twi'lek bowed and greeted Khulbe before claiming her spot at the stool provided for her. She settled down gracefully, crossing her ankles beneath her and resting her hands on her lap, her back straight. She was embraced by the Hutt's musky scent but she adjusted quickly, having become more accustomed to his aroma during her time with him. Though the scented candles were a welcomed help.

Her golden eyes surveyed the feast before her, taking in all that her master chose to serve their guests and ignoring her own empty stomach. She scolded herself for not grabbing something earlier and hoped her belly wouldn't betray her. She averted her gaze from the lavish meal only when Jast and Telsa joined the party and offered them a welcoming smile. It almost faltered at the mention of the incident at the hangar during her master's greeting to his guests. The prospect of huge profits weren't enough for the Hutt to forget the intruder on his property.
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