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Alright children, a first post is being drafted so do not fret! Page and I are making it a collab post so it will be wrapped up in due time.
Would we write the additional characters’ CSes in the same fashion as the ones up right now or would we do them differently? I’m not sure who I might make at the moment, but I’ll chew on it and say when I come up with something!

And @Lord Pie, a more religious character sounds really cool! I admit that I’m not especially well-read so take it with a grain of salt, but if I remember correctly, Norse religious leadership is tied to political leadership (at least in an Icelandic context from what we can tell in the Sagas of Icelanders) so that priestly role (referring to goðar) might already be fulfilled by Åse—if of course that is the model we’re going with. If we do go with that, then your character could be a seeress (völva, spækona, seiðkona) instead perhaps, seeing the future through magic. I would also be curious how you might play it! I do think that being a seeress does perhaps lack the narrative ‘oomph’ of a more priestly role in terms of creating conflict, but that option might be something to chew on.

Given that we are eschewing magic and myth, a quick look on Wikipedia cites from the National Museum of Denmark a possibility of seeresses using henbane based on archaeological finds; that might be of interest to you!

Regarding the character’s cruelty, I think that would be interesting too, but I’m wondering to what extent that might be less impactful given our characters’ predispositions to violence if not outright cruelty—how would you play it? And one thing nagging in the back of my mind is how would you keep her from being too dark? But I’m really interested to see what you might come up with!

(As for pies, my personal favorite has always been pecan pie—though there are many delicious pies in the world.)

If an additional character is being drafted, then yes, I would want their CS to be written in the same fashion, though you can add their CS to your post (I.e. a tabbed list of characters you have). I am personally not a fan of ‘one post per character’.
Thank you muchly.

Also depending on what you folks think and our ‘final’ character rosta looks like - I was considering a female loony Gythia priestess-y type character, but don’t know if a second character would be a bit much or how ‘populated’ you wanted the boat’s crew in terms of us players bs NPCs so thought I’d float the idea before developing it further (obviously guess we won’t be able to introduce additional charas once the journey has begun?)

Also, @Saix, what would you proclaim the best pie to be then?

I make pumpkin pie from scratch that is above all other pies. Simply divine!

@Pagemaster and I had this discussion not too long ago. I am open to players having multiple characters as I myself were thinking of making a Native in the new world. Inuit, or in our case proto-inuit, are fascinating. So go on, make your looney priestess and let us see what she brings to our lovely crew.
@Lord Pie You're not the best of pies so you are not worthy of my love, regardless, you'll suffice. @Pagemaster Do you have any words for the sweet morsel?

Not at all, I belive you hit the nail right on the head.
<Snipped quote by Fiscbryne>

Good questions, I shall answer them as best I can.

  • Your name only need be specific to what region you're from. This particular time was a primarily Danish army with Norse allies. Keep that in mind and you'll be fine.
  • Christians among the Danish at this time were quite rare, and usually only if they served a Christian lord. Likely there wouldn't be any at this point, and certainly not among the Danish army which is in the process of trying to destroy the Church. That said, if you'd like to play a Christian, you'd have to keep in on the down-low.
  • Given the rules on RPG, I reckon fade-to-black is probably for the best for anything *too* brutal. Having said that, mans inhumanity to man is to be expected.

@saix, anything to add?

No, I believe you have the bases covered @Pagemaster.

The mentioning of Christianity was to help provide people have an idea of the timeline we are playing in and possibly a place to start researching should they crave additional information for more accurate postings. But, I second Page’s stance on keeping it under wraps should you choose to have a character of Christian faith. Otherwise, feel free to include or exclude the existence of Christianity in your posts.
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