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Name: Sadatake Kanna

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Position: Noble, Daughter of the Shogun Sadatake Ayeka, Samurai

Kanna is a confident young woman and takes after her father in some ways. She is cunning on both the battle field and when dealing with others, often catching her opponents off-guard due to their misogynist views of the capabilities of a woman in a position of power. She has the capacity to be ruthless and will be so when it comes to her twin brother and upholding her father's wishes. Kanna desperately seeks her father's approval to avoid the fate that her mother finds herself trapped in.

However, underneath it all is a compassionate woman who cares for her people and will try to find a fair middle ground when possible, but only if it doesn't interfere with her father's orders. If one is fair with her, she will respond in kind. Offer anything less, and she will respond with malice. She is not generally swayed by emotions and handles most situations with a calm perspective. After a long demanding days, she enjoys taking a nice hot bath followed by some quiet time with a canvas and some brushes.

Weaknesses: Kanna is closest with her twin brother and will do anything for him to a fault. Her biggest fear is to lose her other half on the battlefield and not being able to do anything to stop it. Her next fear is sharing the same fate as her mother, married to a lord who will keep her locked away from the world and all it's wonders. After those two things, there isn't much else she has come to dread on this earth. While Kanna is mostly a calm woman, once she is set off she can have the most terrible temper and act without regard for her own safety or to her limits.


Kanna stands taller than most women of Seikatsu with a height of 5'6" (167.3cm) with skin so pale that she doesn't bother with whitening it with makeup like most other women and thick hair as black as raven's feathers that reaches her lower back. She has a slender, but muscular build, as she trains daily in various combat styles. She has a decently sized chest, about the size of grapefruits, but she keeps her breasts tightly bound so that they don't interfere with her swordplay or serve as a distraction for men.

As cultural standard demands, Kanna is often stoic, showing little emotion other than what is acceptable when in public. In more private settings or when provoked, she'll show more raw feelings. When in the field, she'll wear men's clothing over women's, taking comfort and ease of movement over beauty and societal standards. Because of this, she will also have her hair up in a high ponytail, so that is stays out of her face, rather than spend time on some elaborate up-do. She wears a katana and a wakizashi strapped to her hip for most occasions, showing her status to others as a samurai. The only time she is without either of those blades are when she has to be in a formal setting dressed in a kimono, but she will always have a tanto, a knife about 6" (15cm) long, on her person for protection.

Skills: Kanna is a talented artist, capable of recreating any scene or object from memory with great detail. As a daughter of a Shogun, she is trained in the proper etiquette and customs of her people. In terms of combat, she has the following skills:
Average Swordswoman - Kanna had to modify her sword style to accommodate for the fact that most of her opponents would be able to easily strike her down if she relied on strength alone. Thus, she focuses her training on speed and her ability to parry strikes.
Poor Archer - while she can string a bow and nock an arrow, she has poor aim and will often miss the target.
Average Martial artist - Kanna is a capable martial artist who focuses more on using her opponent's movements against them, rather than trying to use the strength of her blows to win a match.
Adept Strategist while on the field - Kanna is able to analyze the battle in front of her and make decisions accordingly. She shows promise and will flourish under guidance.
Master Rune Lord (Madoushi) specializing in restoration and blood magic - Kanna is a highly skilled rune lord with in depth knowledge of the human anatomy and physiology. This knowledge is also what allows her to be a formidable blood mage as she can cause any wound to become more severe. She often pairs blood magic with her swordsmanship to secure victory in a fight.
Adept equestrian - Kanna has a love for horses.

Kanna and her twin brother were born in the spring at the height of the cherry blossom blooming period to Sadatake Ayeka, the Shogun of Akaiba. A fitting birth date for the children of a nation who's culture embodies beauty and mortality. Their early years were spent with their mother until they were old enough to hold a bokken, a wooden sword, and it was then that their lives took a different turn. Kanna showed promise as a Madoushi and was trained in the restorative arts until she became a master at the age of 20. During her training and research into her mastery, Kanna also developed skills as a blood mage, becoming useful to her father not only as a healer, but as a weapon of death as well.

Among the less traditional schooling that is not often provided to women, Kanna was taught the way of the sword as well as hand to hand combat, which gave her the status of samurai on top of being the shogun's only daughter. Both skills were modified so that she could fight on equal terms of most men. More traditionally of women of her status, she was taught to read, write, how to behave as a noblewoman, and what is expected of her in society. Her younger days were busy and packed to the brim with studying, but she always found the time to paint and draw as it was her only outlet from the stressors of status.

Determined to be more than just something to marry off for political gain, Kanna has spent her entire life trying to live up to and exceed her father's expectations. The past five years were the most impactful for her as she has shown that she wasn't a burden to the other samurai and was more than capable of holding her own on the field. She has been under the wings of an elite samurai unit, the Okuri-Okami, who answer directly to the shogun. The Okuri are distinguishable from the other samurai by their masks. It's a half mask that covers the lower portion of their faces, from the nose to the chin, with the design of a wolf's snarling muzzle. The Madoushi of the unit wear more full faced wolf masks with only their mouths unobstructed so that they can channel spells more freely. Kanna wears her own mask that depicts a white faced fox with red markings and blackened extremities.
October 48 BC - Alexandria, Egypt

Shani was sitting in a chair hemming one of her night shifts when the Queen entered their shared tent and strode to where she sat.

"Shani, I have a task for you." Cleopatra stated while her slender pale hands took the cloth, needle, and thread from Shani's mocha colored hands and gently placing the items on the small table nearby.

"What would you have of me?" The young handmaiden replied back, standing from the chair she once occupied, the soft waves of her dark hair tumbling around her.

"I need you to go with an emissary to Alexandria to be there when Caesar arrives. Be my eyes and ears among the people while he represents me to the Roman general. It would be too dangerous for me to go myself unless there was something that could give me an advantage over Ptolemy."

While Shani didn't want to leave the queen's side, she hardly had any standing to argue against the queen's request. Shani would know best what the queen would be looking for among the people and would see the events of his arrival as an Egyptian would. "Of course my queen. Who shall I be accompanying? How long should I pack for?"

"You will travel with Marcellus by chariot to the city as there is enough water long the way to keep the horses from dying of thirst. Pack enough belongings with you to stay for two weeks as that should be plenty enough time for you both to gather me relevant information. I will also have Marcellus bring a messenger falcon with him so that you can send messages to me quickly."

"As you wish." Shani started to bow but Cleo's hand's gently caught her face. She brought Shani's emerald gaze up to her own serious one.

"Be careful Shani. These are dangerous times and I do not wish to see any harm come to you. I will go to the priest now to ask Horus to watch over you."

"You don't have to-"The young woman started to protest but the queen interrupted her.

"Yes I do and I will. Not just as your queen, but as your friend. I did not abandon you when my father dragged us across the sea when we were children and I will not do that now."

Shani turned her eyes away as she had nothing to say in response. What could she say? She knew Cleo was as good as her word and would perform the ceremony to appease Horus just for her. Shani managed to whisper her thanks before Cleopatra finally released her grip on the handmaiden's face.

"Now go and pack, I want you two on that chariot in two hours." The young queen left Shani to her own devices. The young woman had two lines on the shadow clock to pack her belongings and meet with Marcellus.

It took two days for Shani and Marcellus to reach the gates of Alexandria. The familiar sight excited the young Egyptian woman as she hadn't been home in so long and it nearly made her forget the warning Cleopatra had given her two days prior. She had to be on her guard while back in the city as the Queen had little influence remaining and it was not something she was used to. They seemed to have managed to arrive before Caesar and were able to acquire separate lodging in the upper district of the city, despite the confused look from their host. While she could have visited her family, Shani couldn't risk going to her parent's home and insisted on separate rooms.

The next day Marcellus traveled to the palace while Shani went to the main bazaar of the upper district. Dressed as a typical noblewoman, Shani blended in with the crowd that had gathered to buy and sale various expensive items. Many whispers of conversation reached her ears, the more excited ones were in Latin or Greek, foreigners mostly from the men left behind after Cleopatra's father passed, and the ones filled with concern, or even fear, were those of the Egyptian people. They didn't want any more foreign occupants on the throne or any more wars, they wanted stability and prosperity.

Many people were afraid, the yield from this year's crops was poor and the people worried over the future of Egypt and her people. Even more were angry for the same reasons. Shani was too deep in a conversation with a shop keep to notice the small group of armed men who stormed a nearby four story home, at least not until the screaming started. A group of Roman Legionnaires had kicked down the front door and stormed the building. The crowd that filled the market was shocked into silence at the sight of foreign men raiding a seemingly respectable home. They all quietly watched as more shouting and the clash of steel erupted from the clay walls. The noise went on for what seemed like an eternity until finally... there was silence. Several servants ran into the market from a side door that had led to the private courtyard of the home, the women were in tears and one of the men had a bloody nose. The young handmaiden took to another woman who appeared to be the same age as her, consoling her as she watched the Romans take their prisoners back towards the palace along with a different group of men that she had not seen before. They were oddly dressed and much lighter skinned than the Legionnaires were, their shields oval in shape. The faces of the Egyptian people around her were not friendly ones towards any of the soldiers.

Despite the fear that gripped her, Shani made the decision to follow them, softly sending a prayer to Horus as she left the crying woman to be consoled by another. She carefully weaved through her fellow egyptians until her bare feet reached touched open paved road where she picked up the pace. The men were still in view, but they had made their way a reasonable distance up the road and she didn't want to lose them.
I'm interested since I have read through the Meredith Gentry series many times (actually have been thinking about doing it again) but I am apprehensive about the 'discord only' bit.
3 October 38 BC - Encampment Outside of Pelusium, Egypt

Their camp had been bustling with activity since the night of the assassination of Pompey. Not only had Cleopatra called an emergency meeting when she learned of the death of the Roman political and military leader, but they also received word that Caesar himself was coming to Egypt and was going to take residence in the palace back in Alexandria. The queen had spent so much time in meetings and discussions that she almost entirely relieved Shani of her duties. The young Egyptian woman had spent the last three days catching up on chores that had been starting to pile up since the Civil War had started and she was starting to run out of things to do.

Shani walked around the Queen's tent making sure everything was in order and there was nothing left that she had to address. She was unsure whether or not to be happy with that fact and stopped in the middle of the ornate rug that adorned the floor of the living space, wondering what to do with the rest of her day. Her own tent, which was connected to the Queen's, also didnt require any attention. She had made sure of that after she assisted Cleo with her morning routine. A heavy sigh escaped her lips before she finally decided to leave the tent, it's heavy flaps swaying behind her until they fall back into place.

Shani's bare feet carried her through their encampment, pounding into the sandy ground. While she had a small collection of leather sandals, she seldomely wore shoes. She liked to feel the earth under her feet because it helped her to be connected to the world on a spiritual level. She kept wandering through the city of tents until she heard a few shouts and the sounds of a fight. Turning the corner of one of the tents, she found a fight between some of the roman and egyptian foot soldiers. Anger flared up inside her and before she knew it she was storming up to the scuffle. Shani spotted a wooden bucket filled with water on a nearby bench and threw it over the tumble of men. A cry rose from them as they scrambled away from each other, turning to look for the source of their new discomfort only to find Shani standing there with a bucket in hand and poised to hit someone with it if needed.

A few long moments passed where all faces racked through the sight before them. Confusion, recognition, shame, and finally despiration passed through all their faces before an explosion of voices erupted from the group in a mixture of latin and egyptian. Each group pointing and putting blame on the other.

"Enough!" she shouted and the men immediately stopped speaking. To the two roman men she spoke in Latin. Her accent was light, but she spoke fluently. Cleo worked hard to teach Shani how to speak the language that would carry her the farthest in her service to her. "I will address you two after I am done speaking with them." Their lighter skinned faces nodded to her in understanding before she turned to her egyptian brethren.

"Shame. On. You. Bringing such shame and dishonor upon our queen! Fighting with these roman men who are your brothers in arms. Have you no sense?!"

"But they-" started on of the men, but she cut them off.

"I do not care what they did or said! What we are doing here should be more important than any disagreements you have with them. We are trying to restore maat by putting the queen back in her rightful place! How do you think Anubis would weigh your heart when your time comes to have judgement passed on you if your squabbles cost us good arms in this war and we fail to restore balance?!"

Fear passed across the two men's faces. Every action performed in life is added up and weighed at death by the great jackal headed god. If your heart is light, your soul moved on through the afterlife and were granted eternal existance. If your heart was heavy, your soul would be devoured by Ammit. The two men bowed deeply to Shani before speaking.

"We're terribly sorry Shanisiti. It won't happen again." The same man who spoke earlier appeared to be the more talkative of the two. His friend only nodded vigorously in agreement.

"See that it doesn't. Make sure your fellows understand this as well should they ever feel so inclined to fight our Roman brothers." Shani dismissed these men before turning to the two Roman men and switching her speech over to latin.

"I am not sure how much of that conversation you understood, however those men were scolded for their actions and you will be as well. We are doing important things here that will impact all of egypt not just on a political level, but a spiritual one."

"We understood some of what was said, our Egyptian is still not complete..." One of the men admitted to his own ignorance of the language and in turn probably the culture.

"I would suggest you see that your education be more complete if you plan on spending your life here in Egypt. I told these men that they are costing us the restoration of balance, which is what you are costing us as well. The consequences of your actions in life will effect your eternal soul. People who perform evil deeds will not pass into the afterlife. See to it that you treat each other with respect as we are all under service to the Queen. She is our beacon and bridge to the gods. Your are dishonoring her with your useless squabbles."

"We are sorry as well..." The other man spoke first, probably realising how much the first man had stumbled.

"In this army, the Romans and the Egyptians are brothers in arms. You all need to start acting like it."

The two men nodded in acknowledgement and Shani left it at that, turning to go back to her tent. She needed a long soak to calm her nerves. Her body shook after the adrenaline from the confrontation wore away.
28 September 48 BC - Pelusium, Egypt

The guard Captain kept trying to catch Shani's gaze during the meeting as the handmaiden entertained him along with the Queen's council. Shortly after their return from the bathhouse in Pelusium, Cleopatra called for all her advisors to speak on the death of Pompey and in order to keep the meeting as private as possible, the Queen asked for Shani to serve food and drink. None questioned the handmaiden's presence or loyalty as she has been with the Queen longer than the men at the table and will be there long after their service to the Queen is done. The group consisted of Skylar and the two Generals of her army, Jabari and Karim.

"So tell me, who killed Pompey?" The Queen demanded.

Karim spoke first, his voice rumbling deep from his chest. "The locals described the men to us and we believe them to be Achillas, Lucius, and Savius."

"And for what? To gain Caesar's favor?" Cleo asked.

"That, or to eliminate a potential threat. Probably both are true." Jabari spoke this time, leaning back in his chair with his arms folded across his chest.

Shani walked around the tent, refilling water cups and food plates as the group spoke. She knew there was a large Roman presence in Egypt, especially in the armies. A lot of the men in the ranks of Ptolemy were remnants from when the Romans helped Cleopatra's father retake rule over Egypt. As their conversation continued, Shani lost interest in keeping up with what was said and focused instead on her own thoughts. Her only contribution, if it would even be asked of her, would be to confirm the native resentment against foreign occupation.

The young handmaiden took a seat towards the back of the war tent, arranging her skirts around her and suddenly found herself to be tired. It wasn't fatigue from their long day, but rather she was getting tired of running. This political game Cleo played was more than what Shani would have wanted for herself if she were in that position. She wanted stability and a home. A place safe from scheming and assassinations. What was the point in all this power if you had to constantly watch your back from those who would take it?

Closing her eyes she fantasized about far away lands that she had once seen. Lands that were not dry, unforgiving deserts, but lush and green. She thought back to when they had been exiled when she was a child and afraid of traveling across the open sea, leaving everything she knew behind. Shani remembered how gentle Cleo's hands were as she guided her onto the large wooden vessel despite her father's angry and impatient words. How she stayed with Shani the entirety of the voyage, making sure that she was not alone while the ship rocked along the sea and when they finally docked, helped Shani to explore a whole new world. It was during this time her devotion to Cleo really blossomed. It was Shani's job to tend to the future queen, but her charge instead spent all her time making sure her handmaiden was comfortable and felt safe.

When she opened her eyes again, she found the young queen looking at her, her expression soft. Cleo beckoned her over, the men still engaged in their political strategy talk. Shani made her way quickly over to the queen's side.

"Are you feeling alright?" She asked, her voice filled with concern.

"Yes, I am fine my Queen." Shani replied.

"You can go, we will be discussing options for a while and these men can serve themselves. I can release Skylar as well if you'd like. He's been eyeing you since the bathhouse."

Shani quickly glanced at the Captain who currently was in deep talk with the two generals. "Tempting, but I think he will be more trouble than fun. You sure you don't need me here?"

"I'll be fine. Go enjoy some time to yourself, I'll see you in the morning." The queen reached out and placed her light skinned hand over Shani's darker one, giving it a light squeeze.

"Yes my queen. Don't stay up too late. You can always continue these talks in the morning."

Cleo nodded, giving the handmaiden's hand a final tap before releasing her. "Goodnight Shani."

"Goodnight and may Ra watch over you."

"And you" replied the Queen before retaking her place in the conversation without skipping a beat. Their private conversation hadn't kept her from listening in on what they had said in her absence.
28 September 48 BC - Pelusium, Egypt

"If only you were able to get me enough milk to fill this pool!" exclaimed Cleo as Shani carefully shaved the Queen's forearm with a small blade. It was late in the evening and the two young women were taking their last bath of the day. Cleopatra lounged in the pool, her light colored skin barely visible under the blanket of jasmine petals that floated on the surface of the warm bath and filled the room with their light scent. Wanting a more substantial bath, the Queen demanded they travel to into the city to use one of the noble bath houses.

"Unfortunately, I would need to have a rather large herd of lactating asses in order to meet that requirement. Once we are back home in Alexandria, I'll see what I can do." While some would think the Queen was joking, Shani knew that Cleopatra was serious about wanting to bathe in milk. Having been in Cleo's service for as long as she has been, she could attest to the effectiveness to the Queen's concoctions of oils, minerals, and salts as her own skin was always in excellent condition.

"You're the best…" The young queen sighed, melting into the warm waters of the bath now that Shani finished shaving the remaining stubbing hairs from the Queen's body. With her tasks complete, Shani walked over to the other edge of the pool to lower herself into it's warm waters. She always worked nude when attending to the queen during her baths and for as long as she could remember, was welcomed to share the bath with her once her duties were done.

They had been sharing a communal soak for not even five minutes before a male voice cut through the air in the room.

"Your majesty, I'm sorry to disturb you, but I have urgent news!"

It was the captain of the guard, who's name Shani couldn't remember as he was a new addition since the campaign to retake Alexandria began and she had been appointed tasks that were outside a typical handmaiden's scope since Cleo had to downsize her staff. The Queen of course knew all her charges.

"You may enter Skylar." She called out and in a more quieter tone joked to Shani "I hope it is as urgent as he says or he is about to get a free view of his Queen's and her handmaiden's bodies." Shani hid a smile behind her hand as the captain came into view. As they had matured, the Queen had turned out to be a very flirtatious woman. Skylar was a young native Egyptian man, probably an inch taller than Shani, and sported a lean muscular build. Once he reached the edge of the pool, he dropped to his right knee and focused his gaze on the stone floor.

"I'm sorry my Queen but this news could not wait."

"And what is this news that could not wait Skylar?"

"Pompey was assassinated earlier today."

Both Cleopatra and Shani shot out of the bath, splashing water as they stood with jasmine petals clinging to their wet skin. The queen moved forward to gently grab the young captains face, forcing his hazel gaze to meet hers. He fought not to stare at either of their bare bodies.

"How did this happen?!"

"Ptolemy must have invited him onto shore as he was anchored off of the city's coast. Your brother's men were seen boarding Pompey's boat where they stabbed him to death, removed his head, and chucked the rest of his body into the sea."

The color drained from both women's faces, the political repercussions from the assassination of one of the most infamous figures of the Roman Republic could be disastrous. "What is he thinking…" the Queen voiced the question to herself, so no one answered her. "You said "the city", which city are you talking about? Alexandria?"

"No my queen. He was assassinated here, in the waters off of Pelusium."

The queen's eye widened and she released the young captain's face as she stepped out of the bath. If he felt any discomfort from the strain she had placed on him, he did not show it. Droplets of water and petals fell across the stones as she moved to retrieve a linen robe, her smaller perky breasts bouncing as her heels pounded into the floor. "We're leaving." Cleo, with no intention of looking back, tied the robe around her body and left the room to where the rest of the guard were stationed outside.

Shani stepped out of the pool with slightly less purpose than the Queen, slowing to speak to the captain who appeared to be frozen in place. "You should get moving, the Queen doesn't like to wait." she spoke in a more sultry tone, teasing the young man. Her words brought his gaze back to her but his eyes moved slowly, following the curves of her body. He couldn't seem to bring his gaze past her breasts, which were larger than the queens. Shani laughed, pulling a white jasmine petal off the top of her left breast and gently placed it on his long nose. "Focus." she said and walked away, adding a slight sway to her steps as she knew he was watching. Shani was no better than the Cleo when it came to flirting.
Early September 48 BC - Pelusium, Egypt

Shani browsed the wares of various bath shops before she decided to stop at one to gather the supplies she needed. Both she and Cleo were low on various oils and minerals, so she had to restock in the local city of Pelusium which they were currently camped outside of. Queen Cleopatra VII Philopator was at war with her younger brother, Ptolemy XIII, for the role of Pharaoh. It is a vicious rivalry that existed long before the death of their father Ptolemy XII and caused them to travel far from her home city of Alexandria, as Ptolemy had managed to drive them out. They were currently trying to retake what they had lost, but the brother's forces, as well as some Gabiniani, were successfully keeping them away from the city.

Personally, Shani supported the Queen. While some would claim it is because she is employed in her service, Shani's devotion to Cleopatra was deeply set in her religious beliefs as a native Egyptian. Cleo had shown a divine right to rule and has done much to uphold Maat long before she was named heir to the throne. Given her position, Shani was able to witness firsthand how devoted Cleo was to her Egyptian heritage, culture, and she even spoke the language, which none of her family or predecessors had ever done. Cleo speaks to the people herself and in doing so, has gained a devout following.

Slender fingers carefully collected what she seeked and placed them into the woven basket she held on her waist. The vendor at the stall watched the young woman as she collected his wares and he kept a mental tab on how much she owed him. He was an older man, a native Egyptian, and kept his black hair cut short. He was dressed comfortably as he had to spend long hours tending to his stall. He wasn't overly concerned about her stealing his stock as Shani looked her part of being a woman of noble upbringing. She wore a very fine white dress that almost appeared sheer against her darker skin and made with high quality linen. The skirt of the dress reached her ankles and the top came up from her waist to loop around her shoulders, creating a deep v in the middle of her chest. Shani wore some jewelry, two golden bands on her wrists, a golden anklet with bells that chimed when she walked, and a simple choker with a matching head chain, both also golden in color. She wore no shoes and her feet were lightly covered in sand. Her green eyes were lined with black khol eyeliner but she kept the rest of her face bare.

Finished with her browsing, Shani brought her basket up to the shop keep so he could see what she had inside. "What do I owe you?" She asked, fully prepared to haggle the merchant. Most vendors, especially in towns with a port, tended to inflate their prices. What she carried in her basket probably cost him ten drachmae, which means he would at least charge her twenty. If he assumed she had the coin, he would charge much more.

"Fifty drachma."

"Fifty! Now we both know these oils and salts are not worth that much. Eight." Shani gave the vendor a hard look, fifty was much more than she was willing to pay and she knew he wouldn't pay less than what he got the ingredients for.

"Eight! Now who is being unreasonable?! You apparently are more than just a pretty face to offer such a price. Twenty Drachma."




After her final offer, the merchant stopped and gave her a thoughtful look. Perhaps he wondered if he could haggle more coin from her but as he paused, more people were entering the bazaar. Shani had come to browse the stalls early in the morning, before the ships carrying passengers would dock at the ports where men like him could make huge profits. This time allowed her to get what she needed at a price she was more willing to pay. Otherwise, she would have had to come towards the end of his day where she may be able to haggle him lower, but there would be no guarantee he would have the items she desired in stock. Now he had a decision to make. He either keep haggling her at prices he's not willing to give to foreigners knowledge of, refuse the sale, or take her offer.

Making his choice, he held out his large caramel colored hand to her. "Agreed, 15 Drachma."

Shani's face illuminated with a smile after the merchant voiced his agreement to her terms. She fished the coin out of a leather satchel she had tied to her waist, paid the man for his goods, and took back the basket to balance on her right hip. "May Amun-Ra smile upon you." she said before she turned to leave the stall.

"And you as well." The merchant called back to her before focusing his attention on two foreign women who had come to his stall. They looked to be travelers from Greece, but Shani took no more interest in them than was necessary. The young woman had gotten what she needed and it was time she returned to her mistress.
Name: Shanisiti

Born: 69 BC, Alexandria, Egypt

Gender: Female

Occupation: Handmaiden to Cleopatra


Shanisiti stands at 5'5 (167.6cm) and weighs about 120lbs (54kg).

Background: Shanisiti was born to a noble family that held a government office in Alexandria. She was raised traditionally and follows Egyptian beliefs dearly. When Cleopatra turned 10 years old, word was sent out among the people that she was looking for a handmaiden native to the country and Shani's parent's offered her, their youngest daughter, as service to the royal family. Despite her role as a handmaiden to Cleopatra, they share a more personal relationship than one would expect from the duo.

In the Shadow of Giants is a fictional piece set in Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome during the reign of Queen Cleopatra and Caesar. It is 48 BC and Cleopatra is at war with her brother Ptolemy XIII for the role of Pharaoh, while Julius Caesar has plans to reconcile the siblings differences to make a united Egypt. While history favors the bold, we will focus on the lesser known people who operated behind the scenes of some of the most famous names in ancient history.

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