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Hire me! Part 1

Lunar Veil | Cockpit


Kinneas ask for a job on the LV. Goes as well as you might think.

OOC: JP between @Winters, @MK Blitzen, @Aalakrys

Jago lounged in the co-pilot's seat looking over the cortex on the screen. “ … not a lot going on but if it works out we’ll have another fixer throwing jobs our way. But even a cozy town got something going on, hell, the Jat’s got work.” Jago said scratching his chin, the town was a small one so there was a creeping doubt other than taking on a bounty there would be call for their ilk other than schmoozing an up-and-coming fixer they were meeting up with.

“I’m just saying every time we get a new fixer thrown in things go from bad to worse, and that one time, to really really worse.” Tim reminded him, as the pilot pushed back some in his seat.

“That makes my situation sound promising.” Kinneas said from the doorway as he leaned against it, levity in his tone despite the fact that this arrangement was already living up to expectations. And, it wasn’t a high bar.

Jago didn't even look up from his screen. "And what situation would that be?" The Captain asked tapping the screen.

“The one where I offer my services in exchange for extended stay on your ship.” Kinneas said, more gusto in his tone than simple pragmatism though he remained in the doorframe. “I have to say, I think it’s more than a fair trade given the quality of the coffee.”

"What's wrong with the coffee?" Jago asked, turning the chair to face Kinneas with a quivering eyebrow.

“If you’re in a bind, it can strip paint off your ship’s hull?” Kinneas suggested by way of explanation, not bothering to comment on the captain’s apparent lack of taste.

“I told you to spring the extra credits for the Ariopolis blend,” Tim said with a shake of his head. “And you said what do those Ariopolis assholes know about coffee . Well, there you have it.”

"Just cuz our coffee sucks doesn't mean they know shit about coffee." Jago defended. "Ariopolis blend is an overpriced bunch of burnt beans anyway."

Tim held out his hand in an iffy gesture. “I’d respectfully disagree, but I’d also respectfully like my head to stay attached to my shoulders so I’ll just pretend to look at a few of these fancy dials and let you all talk.”

“No, don’t stop on my account - disagree. The doc was lookin’ for something to do.” Kinneas said with a grin. “Although, it involved less dismemberment and more gushy gunshot wound. Fleshy, I think she said.”

“That sounds like a word Enid would use,” Tim said, making a face. “You’ll get used to it, if you’re sticking around for a bit.”

The Morning After Part 2

Lunar Veil | Galley


Kinneas adjusts to life with the rough and motley crew of the LV.

OOC: JP between @Yule, @Aalakrys

On the way to find the showers, he mused at his luck in not coming across any booby traps. Those kids seemed like the type to booby-trap their room when they weren’t there. It was an amusing thought, and before he'd met this lot, more a joke than a possibility. The shower that left him smelling far more edible than usual was difficult in such a cramped space. How the hell do people live in ships?

Since no one had been on the crew deck, he didn’t bother getting dressed in the confined space and went with a towel around his waist back to his room, the only thing covering his chest the thin cord of leather tied to a coin. Besides, Kinneas wasn’t a modest person anyway, and the crew had been pretty convincing of being in their own skin - so to speak… Why shouldn’t he?

He dressed in a smooth black quarter-sleeve and dark loose jeans, laced up his boots, and loosely pulled back his freshly brushed damp hair before heading out to find the captain. The pink brush lay sticker side down atop the chest of drawers, its pilfered companion of pomegranate shampoo standing beside it. Maybe he’d give it back later, or maybe he’d keep it and call them square on the whole kidnapping thing.

The aroma of coffee waiting through the corridor caught Kinneas' attention the moment his bunk hatch closed behind him. Without hesitation, his feet turned towards the galley as he could all but taste the disappointing flavor the scent brought on. Still, coffee was coffee. How terrible could this lot's taste be in it?

Kinneas was on his way to the galley when the small set of steps brought the doctor into view at the table. He gave a wave on his way to where the coffee pot had to be. "Morning, Doc."

Doc was engrossed in a book, a half-drunk cup of coffee rested next to her free hand. She never looked up when she simply said, matter-of-factly, "Thief."

“Gesundheit?” Kinneas said, pausing mid-pour as he arched an eyebrow, not phased. After all, he did nothing wrong. He lowered the pot back to the counter level. “Is there a charge for the coffee?”

"Huh?" Doc snorted, realizing she wasn't alone. "Nah, nah. Go ahead." She said, waving a dismissive hand as she dug back into her book. "I was looking for a five-letter word for 'purloiner'." She added as she pulled a pencil that was tucked behind her ear and began to scribble on the open page.

“Sounds as good of a word as any.” Kinneas said with a shrug as he turned back to acquire his coffee, not a hint of associated guilt touching his conscience. His attention was much more focused on what had to be disappointment in a cup, though he’d give it a try. “Not a lot of patients today, then?”

Doc gave a sardonic chuckle. "Only if ya get a hankering for hiring yourself or of boredom. That's usually the only injuries you'll usually see on the long haul legs of a trip." She tapped her temple with the eraser end of her pencil as she leaned towards the ship's new addition and smirked. "Space madness." She leaned back with a shrug and sighed, "Some just…can't take the life, I guess. Speaking of, how's the noodle?"

Looped In Part 4

Lunar Veil | Kinneas’s Bunk


Cyd Skye and Fox give there friend a call letting him know this wasn’t a random encounter.

OOC: JP between @Winters, @MK Blitzen, @Yule, @Aalakrys

“You know you’re family to me and the bruvs.” She turned the PREN around as the boys were arguing over something pointless in the background. “Have been for years.” She smiled brightly. “And you don’t need an upsell, but of course I’ll sing your praises. You’re good people Kinny. They’re good people. Win win, oweh?”

“Here’s hoping.” Kinneas said, giving a wave to the brothers’ direction when the screen passed that way, still doubtful but feeling a little better about this situation. “Enough about me - it’s too depressing at the moment. How’s the life treating you and the boys?”

“Jy moet my grap. (You got to be kidding me)” Mathias could be heard in the background. “I have a picture of one! Right here!”

Isaac didn't even bother to look at the image Mathias brought up on his handheld. "Doctored." He waved his hand dismissively.

“What? You’ve gone blind and we don’t have the money to fix you! You didn’t even look! LOOK AT IT!” He said shoving the handheld in Isaac's face.

Cyd rubbed the back of her neck sheepishly before turning to stare death daggers at her brothers. “I’m on a wave” She growled.

Isaac had use both hands to push the device away that was smashed into his face. As he did so, he grunted "Dude! The edges are so fake!" He tried to keep his voice down but the physical struggle with his older brother made that impossible. He finally broke free and slid to the other side of the booth. "Cortex is full of fakes circulating!"

The eldest Skye continued to ignore Cyd. “Oh and what about this one and this one and this one!” Mathias said chasing Isaac. “And this!” He said playing a video at full volume.

Cyd looked apologetically at the screen. “I’m so sorry,” she said, giving Isaac a small shove, while glaring at Mathias. “I’m talking to Kinneas!” She said over the noise.

Mathias shoved passed Cyd, his face filling up the screen. “Kinneas brav! Please tell my idiot brother that ALLIGATORS ARE REAL!” He shouted.

Cyd rolled her eyes and shoved Mathias back. “Yobo! Lolo! Knock it off! Kinney’s got trouble bigger than – of course Alligators are real you chop! “ She shook her head, and picked up her screen. “Sorry about them,” she said, her voice dripping with disdain. “Fox has a plan to clear you. And in the meantime? It’s a sound ship, just be your usual self, the crew can’t help but take to your charm, oweh?”

Kinneas laughed at the siblings' comically heated debate - these were the sort of antics he was accustomed to enjoying. From what he'd glimpsed before entering the galley, perhaps it wouldn't be too far off. Though, he wasn't sold on the idea of suck prickly figures taking to his 'charm' - undeniable as it was. "How the tables have turned. Getting a pep-talk from the kid as a brawl over alligators' existence looms. I forgot what passed as normal when working for Fox."

Cyd smiled warmly. “Kinneas, brav,” she reminded him, “normal is boring. Normal is a 9 to 5, suit and tie, chained down in one place, no adventure. You are a thousand things, but definitely not boring.” She waggled her eyebrows for emphasis, then popped the red lollipop back into her mouth. “If you were normal, you wouldn’t be working for Fox in the first place.”

“All of that may be true,” He said speculatively, smirking a bit. “But, only a thousand? I’m hurt. I can at least think of ten thousand. Tell Isaac alligator wrangler is one of them.”

Kinneas leaned back on his elbows, mock wistfulness as he gave a lead into a story. “It all started at a gala event in Bellerophon where an exotic display of creatures were brought in for our entertainment…”

Wakey Wakey Part 6

Lunar Veil | Medbay


Kinneas wakes up on the Lunar Veil. This should go over well.

OOC: JP between @Winters, @MK Blitzen, @Aalakrys

“Most, not all,” Serena said under her breath. “Want us to save you an apple, too, Doc? Tim picked up special for Kinneas, but he never had a red apple, so he’s not even sure he likes ‘em.”

Though he seriously doubted any special effort was put in for him by this point, thinking it more the girl’s delusions, Kinneas continued being a ragdoll for the doctor - a little afraid at this point of the woman’s barb to do otherwise.

"Mmm hmm", Doc answered mindlessly. The words of that child just bounced off of her forehead at this rate. She was too engrossed in her work to give them ramblings much thought. She wanted to get a better look at Kinneas's pupil reaction, so her hand blindly reached down to where her small penlight normally was, only to find it not there…again. She let out an audible sigh and impatiently cleared her throat as she gave a narrow look to the teenage girl.

Serena frowned, and pulled the penlight from the top pocket of her pink overall shorts, and dejectedly handed it over. “I was just mostly borrowing it for safekeeping,” She explained. “And on account of ghosts don’t much like light.”

Enid snatched the penlight away from the girl with a scowl. She clicked it on with her thumb and turned her attention back to her patient. She checked the man's pupil dilation. Seemed normal. She then ran her hand under his hair and located the lump. She palpated the area and frowned, turning to the other two. "Who the hell did this??" She asked, her voice clearly accusatory.

Vas looked at Serena and just walked away. He knew when to abandon ship!

“It was pretty dark in the trailer and with the tear gas, there was lots of stuff falling,” Serena offered. “So it’s kinda hard to say for one hundred percent certain.”

"Get over here." She hissed at the girl. When she got close enough, Doc grabbed her hand and put it firmly on the top of Kinneas's neck. "Feel that? I said 'Base' of the skull. Base!" She moved the girl's hand centimeters higher to the fresh lump. "This will end up giving the victim a brain bleed!" She rolled her eyes as she turned her attention back to the young man. "You probably don't have a brain bleed. Not showing the symptoms. Still, we'll need to keep you under observation for 24 hours and we'll do a scan. Nothing to worry about."

“That’s … reassuring.” Kinneas settled on as the girl continued to poke about in his hair. He glanced over at her with a quirked eyebrow at the sound of what he thought was sniffing.

Serena inhaled deeply, seizing the opportunity to note the man’s hair smelled like coconut, citrus, and a hint of mine dust. “I will keep that in mind for Tim. And like I said, it was dark. I had to get my rebreather on, and lots of things coulda caused this bump. That’s why you should let me keep that penlight.”

Enemy Mine Part 6

Silverhold | Barnett Silver Mines


Jagos crew goes in with a plan, what could go wrong.

OOC: JP between @Winters, @MK Blitzen, @Yule, @Aalakrys

“Toldja I needed a gorram rifle!” Serena huffed from inside the trailer.

Kinneas tutted with a rub to his jaw as he saw the shot fall short with a puff of dirt. “Impressive.”

"Now more than ever Doc is it clear to me that I did not hire you for your ability to shoot a gun." Jago said dryly. "Okay Plan B …"

"Shut yer ass and hold onto it!" Doc interrupted as she chomped down hard on her cigarillo while chambering another round. She paused, took a deep breath and raised her crosshairs slightly higher than the box and fired. The next bullet found its mark as the box burst open, showering the area with a cloud of smoke. "HA! Suck it!" The medic shouted as she jumped up, jabbing a finger at the box before realizing she was now exposed to the shooter and quickly dropping back down on her belly.

"She hit the box yet?" Vas asked.

"Yea she finally hit it." Jago affirmed over comms. And Kinneas dashed off without a word, unaware of the peanut gallery going on in private.

As he sprinted towards where his gear awaited, he started pulling his hair up so it would be out of the way. It was pulled halfway through a tie so it held itself in a loop by the time he’d reached the door and jerked it open. The sight of the unfortunate prisoner being shouldered in his rear by a scrawny kid gave him a moment’s pause. What the hell was going on?

Serena stopped shoving and eyed the good-looking man warily. She secretly hoped her merc hair still looked all right as she held up one hand defensively. “We just wanna get him home safe,” she explained, “Then you can start as many riots and fights and fires as you want, promise. Just don’t shoot me.”

“... Let’s say we’ll unpack that later, but sure, do what you gotta do.” Kinneas said as he walked to the make-shift bunk his duffle rested beside and lifted it over his shoulder. He was nearly out the door when he turned back for another glance at the sucker in the window.

Mrs. Serena Reed, Serena wrote in her head in her best cursive. They’d have to name their firstborn after Vas, of course, unless it was a girl, in which case she decided she liked the name Chloe, or maybe Melody, Melody Reed, that was pretty.

“Have you tried lifting his legs up over his hips?” Kinneas said, shifting the bag and interrupting… something. “He’d probably slide right out on his face.”

Enemy Mine Part 2

Silverhold | Barnett Silver Mines


Jagos crew goes in with a plan, what could go wrong.

OOC: JP between @Winters, @MK Blitzen, @Yule, @Aalakrys

“What are they doing now?” Serena whispered from just outside the camp. She and her brother lay prone, trying to formulate a plan to do what they were paid to - extract the mining big-wig.

"Writing a list, nodding their heads," Vas said absently as he watched them through his binoculars. "Bunch of blue-collar folk. 'Sept for the walking shampoo commercial. Sticks out like a sore thumb."

“Lemme see, lemme see,” Serena asked, making a gimme motion for the binoculars.

"Arrite but don't you go falling asleep from boredom." Vas snorted, handing her the binoculars.

Serena looked through the lenses, around the camp. There were a few small fires. A few miners sitting around them. She was half disappointed that she didn’t see a single pick-ax or helmet with a light on it, which were practically the only two things she equated with miners. Settling the binoculars on Kinneas Reed, she decided that ‘boredom’ would be the last word that came to mind.

"You see the target?" Vas asked. "That's the guy we gotta drag out in one piece. "Oh, I think I see Jago walking in. Look at him with that fancy hat."

Serena reluctantly tore the binoculars away, to watch the captain. Her stomach knotted for him, and the teen crossed the fingers of her left hand just to bring him extra luck.

Jago right now was not loving life. Nor was he loving the hat which was not to his tastes at all. Why in all that was holy were bowler hats the in thing all of a sudden. He walked up with a bit of a saunter and a smile. "Gentlemen, my name is Jago Deckkard … I have been commissioned by the Mulligan Corporation to negotiate. If you all see fit to that is?" He announced as he approved the miners.

While the Captain was making everyone's acquaintances, Doc settled into her perch on a rocky outcrop overlooking the area. With the sun at her back, she'd have little trouble keeping tabs on Jago in the event the situation called for it. She moved her goggles to her forehead and rested her cheek on the rifle, nestling into the scope's eyecup to block out any stray light. She sighed at her damned luck that, somehow, she was the 'most qualified' member of the team to take overwatch. Personally, she was convinced it was on account of her being the only crew member that actually owned a rifle. Not to mention the simple fact that she was better at filling bullet holes than making them. Nevertheless, here she was, in position to protect her Captain. She wondered briefly if the bullets would even travel that far if shit did go sideways. Hopefully, she wouldn't have to find out. "In position." she said in a sarcastic, sing-song fashion into her earpiece.

In the News

Lunar Veil | Galley


The Crew is on their way to Silverhold for a mission and start prepping.

OOC: JP between @Winters, @MK Blitzen, @Yule

With the Skye siblings dropped off, the ship was noticeably more quiet, especially the morning. The crew sat around the galley table to one side, as the tablet screen showed the scene on the news wave. The tablet displayed a violent scene outside of a coal mine, where swarms of people held chains and pipes and two-by-fours were chanting, some firing weapons in the air. A smattering of fires burned in the background, including what looked like a police vehicle

“At least fourteen are confirmed dead and several more wounded as riots continue to break out at the Black Burrow Mine causing Mulligan Industries to call for additional aid to contain the situation. Gideon Barnet, CFO of Mulligan Industries is still being held hostage, though no ransom has been demanded. Local sheriff, Jethro Perkins had this to add:”

“We still don’t have a motive to what sparked this revolt –” The camera cut to sheriff Perkins, a robust-looking man in his early sixties wearing a policeman’s uniform typical of the rim, if not tidier than most. His brown shirt was well pressed, his gray stetson was angled slightly towards the front of his forehead, About the only thing disheveled, if you could call it that, was the tin star pinned to his chest that was slightly askew. “But we’re looking to bring in a few people for questioning.” The camera panned to a series of black and white photographs as the sheriff rattled off names. The last photo was in color and depicted a tall man with long, wavy hair wearing a pair of fatigues, a crossbow slung over his left shoulder. “Kinneas Reed, the reported ring leader, is believed to be behind the kidnapping of Mr. Barnet. My men have orders to shoot on sight.”

Serena stopped picking the marshmallow bits out of Vas’ cereal to stare at the image on the screen, before the reporter came back on screen. “There are some locals who believe Reed, who comes from a mining family himself, started the conflict as a way to quell the competition spurred by the Mulligan Mining Industry, but it’s important to note he is considered extremely dangerous. It’s believed Mr. Reed’s background in the military on Valentine provided him with the know-how to be able to pull this operation off, including the capture of Gideon Barnet. The sheriff is offering a sizable reward for assistance in this matter. In the meantime, all the citizens of Black Burrow can do is pray for peace, and an end to these riots.”

Tim clicked off the report.

Vas looked at his cereal and then to Serena and back at his cereal. “Do you want cereal?” He ask nonchalantly given she had been picking at it from the moment he poured it.

“No,” she said, taking his spoon. “Just the marshmallows.”

“You planning on eating anything other than my marshmallow?” Vas asked dryly.

“Nuh uh.” She replied, moving aside the dull, boring brown bits in favor of a pink heart.

Vas slid the cereal under Serena. “I’ll make myself something else.” He said getting up.

“And that ladies and gentleman is the shitstorm we are being paid to walk through.” Jago announced walked in with a yawn refilling his cup. “Stealing your cereal again?” He asked the young punk who was scrambling an egg.

“Shhh I don’t even like cereal but she'll forget and keep munching on it.” Vas whispered.

“You're guna burn them eggs …” Jago warned.

“No I ain’t … Am I?” Vas said taking a closer look at the eggs in the pan.

“I swear to God kid you a living crime aginst the culinary arts.” Jago huffed taking over before he filled galley with some kind of oddball smell. If water could burn that kid would burn it.

Vas watched with keen interest as Jago attempted to save the eggs and after watching him turn a knob, add this and that, Vas had a plate of pretty nice looking eggs. “Gorram witchcraft is what that was. Thank you!” He said taking his plate back to the take.

“Yea ‘cept you try to stone me and I’ll shoot you.” Jago said moving to work on his own breakfast.

“So we being paid to stop a bunch of ornery miners?” Vas asked mouth full.

“No, we’re there to extract the VIP they got hostage. You’ll know how it is that far out, Alliance is a slow-moving machine that runs on paperwork, red tape, and bureaucracy. That's why folk like us exist.”

“What about this Reed guy, you think he’ll be a problem?” Tim asked from behind his coffee mug.

Jago took a long sip thinking. “Lesse if we can pull his record. I’d prefer this not devolve into a shootout but a fella like him can make the job like this a lot harder. It may come down to how we make our approach.”

Tim tapped a few buttons, with a nod, setting to work. “I’ll see if I can pull anything up on the layout of the mine while I’m at it.”

“ ‘Preciate it.” Jago nodded. “Vas, you and pigtails are on gun duty, ‘member it’s a mine so low cal, no explosives. Do a mask check while you’re at it.”

“Yes Captain.” The pair chimed.

The smell of coffee and eggs got Doc's stomach grumbling. She pushed away from the table and headed over to the coffee pot to pour a cup. "Guess I'll be packing for worst case" she said to the Captain as she began mentally inventorying the trauma supplies she'll need to prep. Given the state of the place and the body count that's already amassed, keeping that VIP alive might turn into a messy prospect. She grabbed a fork as she made her way back to her seat. As she stepped behind Vas and Serena, she stabbed at a bit of egg still on the punk's plate and popped it in her mouth.

"Heeeeeeey!" Vas whined.

Doc shrugged sheepishly with a smirk. "Smelled good."

"Kinda the point!" The punk said put out.

"Hopefully it won't come to that." Jago mulled, ignoring the antics of the crew.

Serena brought the cereal bowl to the sink to give it a quick rinse, wiping it and her hands dry with a nearby dish towel.

“We’re looking at about a jump of about 60 hours, give or take,” Tim calculated, "but I’ll try and shave off as much as I can.”

"Do what you can." Jago nodded as he watched Vas trying to defend against Doc's persistent attack against his eggs.

Table Talk Part 1

Lunar Veil | Galley


The Skyes and the crew chill out and hang expecting an easy hop to the next planet.

OOC: JP between @Winters, @MK Blitzen, @Yule

Serena giggled with delight, feeling behind her ears as Mathias showed her yet another coin. “How do you do that?” She asked, wide-eyed.

“Magic of course!” Mathias said with a dramatic flair and exaggerated jazz hands.

“Magic isn’t real,” She chided, checking behind her ear one more time for good measure.

“Unlike ghosts,” Tim added, helping himself to a fresh cup of coffee. Serena glared at him in response.

“If ghosts are real magic is real.” Mathias said in a reasonable tone. “Therefore if magic isn’t real then ghosts can’t be real. It is a well-known fact that ghosts run on magic.”

Tim nodded in agreement then suddenly stopped and tilted his head as if he’d heard something. Serena narrowed her eyes at both of them in disbelief but decided that she’d be sleeping that night with the light on.

Mathias put his hand up innocently. “You could just … not believe in magic.” He offered.

“Then how did you do the coin trick? Or know what card I picked? Or had the exact word I was gonna say written on your hand before I even said it?” She scowled.

“I guess you’ll have to just have to … figure that out.” Mathias said stroking a nonexistent beard.

Serena looked at the deck of cards again, then back to Mathias. “If you can really do magic, can you saw Tim in half?”

“I’m a run-of-the-mill street magician Serena, not a full blown wizard.” Mathias pointed out.

“Onni can cut Tim in half,” Serena said mischievously. “But I dunno about back together.”

“Then I can haunt the ship two places at once,” Tim teased, wiggling his backside for emphasis. Serena decided that she definitely did not want to be haunted by Tim’s butt.

Isaac popped his head in from the entranceway to the passenger quarters. "This where all the action is on this boat?" he grinned as he walked in. His python bites and sizeable circles of surrounding skin were stained with mercurochrome, making him look like the shortest giraffe. Just then, his eyes locked onto the galley cupboards and fridge. "Oh my gawd, I'm so hungry!" He hustled over to investigate. "Is anything ready?" He asked as he popped open the fridge door not waiting for a response.


Greenleaf | Khao Yai


A last-minute job and a surprise visit with old friends.

OOC: JP between @Winters, @MK Blitzen, @Yule

“Going over rules again” Vas interrupted, adjusting a heavy pack stuffed with fresh medical supplies as he padded up the gangway.

Doc followed close behind Vas. "Could always tattoo it on her arm." The medic dryly suggested.

Serena gasped, holding her arm as she stepped behind the mohawked punk.

“No tattoos. Yet.” Vas assured.

"By the way, Cap, thanks for the advice." Doc said as she rolled the cigarillo from one side of her mouth to the other. "Taking out the mule was a good idea", she said, jutting he jaw towards Vas.

"Ya know I was talkin' about the four-wheeler, right?" The Captain enquired with a cocked eyebrow.

"What, and waste the gas?" Doc replied with a smirk.

Jago allowed a small chuckle to escape at the medic's frugality, probably the first one he'd managed all day. "This is why we're friends."

Vas side-eyed both Doc and Captain. “Is this even in my job description?”

“It is now.” Jago said with a chuckle, motioning for the punk to walk on.

“That’s how things get added to the list, Onii,” Serena told him, as she leaned her back to his. She rested her head in the space between his shoulder blades, mentally checking to see if she’d grown any since that morning. She wished she were tall like him and Jago, imagining the world to be a much more interesting place from that height.

The high-pitched whirl of a rented golf cart pricked their ears as Timothy Casey turned the corner. The cart strained beneath the weight of its occupants and their luggage, as well as the fact that Tim insisted that the accelerator touch the floor at all times.

“Room for three more?” A girl in mostly black with bright Aqua hair asked, smiling brightly as she slid out of the cart.

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