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Well, looking at what I said a week ago and where I am now, I'd say I really haven't gotten around to much for 'this bad boy'. I'm quite busy these days, with work practically exhausting all of my writing capability. As much as I hate to be that downer guy, I don't feel as if I'll be able to give this RP the attention it deserves anytime soonish. Not knowing what the future will bring, I don't want to give a schedule which I may not be able to uphold either. Sorry.
Sorry I've been quiet over the last few days. Work and personal life have been somewhat overwhelming. This bad boy's still on my mind, though. I'll try and get to something!
<Snipped quote by Peik>

I'm definitely down. I don't even think the plot needs to progress just that we need to call time on the battle with the Draugrs. At least if you could do that, everyone in the group can get a post in and by the time we do that Hank could well be back :D :D :D

<Snipped quote by Peik>

I'd offer to help there, but I'm running 2 RPs at the moment, so maybe in an unofficial capacity?

I was in a game that ran entirely without a GM for about 5 months with just the players contributing ideas and stuff like that. I don't know if that's something that would be worth exploring here, where we can all just build on what's going on with our posts and you can simply set the stage for the next bits or think of loose ideas of what we'll be finding.

Basically the game I was in that was missing the GM had everyone know what the general mission was and what we were fighting, so we as players helped move the group closer by adding encounter bits and obstacles, as well as just generally fleshing out the scene descriptively. It actually ran really well and helped the existing players build a pretty solid lasting bond with one another. We don't necessarily need a big story to follow, it could just be something that as a group we kind of build together.

For instance, somebody alludes to the group being watched by a shadowy figure who slips out of sight. Another then makes a scene where said figure reports to a bandit king or something, who another player decides is either a rival or a potential client for our group, and so on. You get the idea, nothing's set in stone and we just keep improvising.

Very well. If that is the general consensus, I'll sort out the fight and improvise a plot further (Hank and I'd discussed some future plot threads, maybe I'll use some stuff from there).
I know Hank is swamped, but is there anyway we can progress? Perhaps @Peik can lead in his absence?

I mean I'd try but the last time I tried to do that in a RP it died anyway. That and I've no idea how the plot is meant to progress at this current point in the story.

If people are down for it I'm willing to give it a shot.
Ahh- Ahhhhh CHOOOOOO!

holy shit what even is this-

I've finally had the time to go over your sheet once more and I also went over your old version again to see the differences and I'm glad to see that Judena has been made into an even more plausible character. From what I've seen, you've practically filled against all the criticisms I've made, and her development does not feel 'empty', as it did in places in the earlier revision (such as her unexplained adventure with Mysticism, whereas now she's into Alteration, exposure to which being what her got into magic in the first place). Any further critique that I would make would go into unjust nitpicking territory I believe. Now that she's an appraiser who restores artifacts and sells them to the highest bidder or offers her own critique on prices, as opposed to stashing things, I think she would make quite an important addition, you know, just in case we find a silly hat which is actually a work of Dwemer art. While Judena has my approval at this point, it's up to @Hank to make the decision on when to include her.
Niernen wasn't involved in that scrap so I'll sit this one out.

What of Narzul?
So, given how #9 was kind of dancing with all of us, should we just do a big ol' collab, or?

<Snipped quote by Dervish>
Das what I'm thinking.

I can go for Dumhuvud and #9's perspectives, if you'd like.
How many non-boss Draugr are left again, and how many of them are bothering the backline of our ranks?

With Daro'Vasora's latest kill there should be only one normal Draugr left standing aside from the big one.

Okay, thank you.

I'm sorry for the delayed response, but I'm dealing with exams at college and thus I haven't been able to give Judena the attention she deserves for a review. However I think I should be able to review her in the following couple of days.
@POOHEAD189@Peik Tbh, I am a little behind on all of the posts. I’m now starting to get caught up, but do whatever works best for you guys :) I’ll leave it to you two to decide what happens.

For the sake of convenience then, I'll fluff the fight between Sevine and A9 as follows: they get locked in a grapple, Sevine tries to break free and kill him, and manages to break free, although A9 gets the drop on her. Thankfully he misses his own attack and then ends up in a stalwart defense against everyone else since all his buddies are dead and now everyone is trying to end his life.

Yes, I left my post for Sevine ending in a grapple with Armiger 9.

Poo, I did some back tracking to the post where Peik first announced the dice rolls, and where we claimed each Armiger to attack. You did say that your first target was 8, then 7’ll get the axe.

Lololol I just need to know if Sevine is still attacking 9.

Well, chronologically Sevine attacks A9 but fails and gets wide open, but A9 misses his counter-attack so Sevine doesn't get critically wounded. After the rest of the combat resolved I had first NPCs and then the party members who weren't wounded attack him since he was the only person left.

Now that I think of it I guess Dax will have to remove his encounter with the dude from his current post. Then if you want you guys can wrap up a collab where everyone fucks up against the Lone Warrior.

Or I can wrap that part-up in the move along by adding another PoV to it. I like the guy, it wouldn't be a problem.
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