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@Peik Hey-hey-hey, same age as my character!

Nothing quite like the horror of nearing middle age.

*raises hand*

I have a question about the inventory. Do I write what my character has on her actual person at the start of the roleplay, or to things at home count as well?

Things of importance at home would be nice to mention I'd argue, just in case you need to take them on your person for something.
@Peik Gcold approved this, I just need your go-ahead.

I approve (I like how they've got ideological questions of their own), although just so you know, they'll probably get backlash via similar Muslim organizations themselves, so I wouldn't consider them a take-all boogeyman.

I do wonder something, though, about Rajan - despite his love of poetry and living so close to the heartland of Diwan poetry, I've seen no opinion of his about them in the sheet. Does he not like it, or just simply have no opinion?
Yo, some questions on the state of everyday technology if you'll indulge me. It's quite a few years into the future so I feel these are conceivable possibilities. I understand you haven't written the part on technology yet, but I'm asking anyway; maybe there are some ideas in here that you'll find interesting.

First, are we still using a lot of paper stuff in our lives? I'm talking passports, cash, that sort of thing. Personally, I find it plausible that, within over 40 years from now, that we might be equipped with subdermal RFID chips that can take care of identification, digital payments and so on. Maybe it's something that the middle class and above have adopted only. I'm asking this now because it probably has impact on everybody.

Secondly, and less ubiquitously relevant, what's the state of augmented reality? I think I saw mention of smartglasses somewhere. Am I to imagine that this is basically what the hype wants us to believe it's like? That we can, say, display information about landmarks or directions on the go, super-imposed over our vision? Digital conferences with virtual avatars? Including business-related meetings involving multiple parties all over the world, yet with no need to convene in one physical location? Games that more or less seamlessly meld with the real world? Could a law enforcer have an enhanced version that gives them access to a summary of people's personal information (particularly if RFID is a thing and they are within scanning range)?

And lastly, I'm guessing fossil fuels have largely run out and/or electric cars have definitely replaced petrol-based vehicles?

Sopahn practically being a 'sci-fi frontier meets non-developed world' city, it still has huge gaps in technology, and with the amount of population (especially amongst the lower classes), it's safe to assume that physical, paper documents still have some important place, even if to simply make things easier for lesser supplied government employees.

Augmented reality is very much a thing, although it's mostly an entertainment for the higher classes. There should be more information coming up on Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality quite soon.
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