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Hello! I'm looking for a new writing partner and I have some plots and pairings that I'm craving at the moment.
Before I get to the good stuff allow me to go over my general preferences for writing.

I am looking for a writing partner who is at least 21 years old because I intend to have mature themes in these stories: violence, drugs/alcohol, sex, and some dark themes in general. Though I will respect any limits of my writing partner.
I prefer to write a Female main character but I am happy to play multiple characters of any gender to flesh out the story. When it comes to romance, I'm open to pretty much any pairing for my Female character. I am also open to doubling.
I write in third person past tense and I prefer someone who can write at least a couple of paragraphs. I don't expect a novel, I just need enough to work with. I would like someone who is fairly active, able to post a few times a week. I find that if I have to wait a week or longer between posts it's hard for me to maintain interest.
However I also understand that this is a hobby and real life comes first. If you're going to be absent for any reason just give me a heads up and I'll do the same for you. I will also understand if you lose interest or want to drop the RP for any reason.

Now onto the good stuff!

All of these ideas are fairly vague because I would like to brainstorm with my writing partner and work out the details together.

If you are interested please send me a PM!
When you message me please confirm that you are 21+ and tell me a little bit about what you would like to write.

Thanks for reading!
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