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I love cyberpunk too much, and I'm finally GMing a cyberpunk RP. Come check all that juicy lore out!…
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As much as writers vilify the idea of any sort of formulaic approach to crafting a story, I'd highly recommend Vogler's The Writer's Journey to anyone struggling with a lack of ideas for a story.


Order and Chaos, Chaos and Order

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I am Opposition! If any of you want to do any sort of roleplay and want me to join, I'd be happy to listen to any ideas. I should be able to respond to activity on a near daily basis, but my posts often come at much longer intervals (every other day or something similar). PM at your will.

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The Last Embers --- Tatiana Leviatan : The Summoner

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Everything looks alright. The character concept should fit rather well into the team. You can move your sheet to the character tab when ready. I'll PM you about a secret in the next coming days. I've got a few ideas for what Esra's might be.

Good to hear from both of you! I look forward to seeing what you create.

Applications will be open for a while longer as everyone finishes up their sheets and gets their secrets before we begin. You're welcome to join in!

I also have some news I must let you all know of, as a family emergency has arisen and I'll be absent from the 24th to the 31st. I may have very limited contact with RPGuild, but I'll otherwise be unable to confer with you guys. As such, I think that may be a good deadline to get sheets in completely. I'll get any revisions and comments I can to you guys before that date, and we'll begin promptly on the following days after I return.
I hope this doesn't discourage some of you, as I still intend to proceed with Coins as planned. I'm very sorry for the inconvenience!

It is! We are still in the character creation stage. More information can be found in the OOC here. I'll be on standby if people need help with any drafts or have any questions.
I've dictated all the main notes I had to your first draft in PMs. I think everything is pretty solid, including the backstory you've added. In terms of selecting a vice, I suppose I'll try and elaborate on that a bit. The Vice is meant to be something of an idea which points out the deepest flaw in your character that will essentially let them walk the line between the dark and light sides of the coin.
Diana has 'anarchy' listed as hers because I imagine she will have to be closely monitored lest the operation may start to take precedence over order and societal standards that other rely on. She'll essentially gravitate towards chaos unless stopped even if that prompts danger for the team or civilians. (But more on that as the story progresses).

For your Vices, I encourage you to pick a sort of flaw that is less of a physical thing and more of an ideological concern that is deeply rooted in their psyche. Your Vice, then, is in essence the evil portion of your personality. I can't think of any specific ideas for your character, though I encourage you to come up with a few ideas of your own and then just continue narrowing it down until you find the one that you'd like to play most.

VIRTUE: HONOR - In spite of his inability to be sensitive nor handle social situations with a great deal of care, Jonah is the very model of what it means to be an honorable man. Jonah will not be swayed by any means to negotiate doing morally ambiguous actions for the 'greater good' nor does he take part in lying to his close friends or family. Throughout crises or difficult situations, he will always maintain his moral compass, no matter the cost. He ultimately believes in doing the right thing no matter what and believes in treating his friends as well as his enemies fairly in return. Jonah can always be counted on to be the first man who acts as a check to those who would propose solutions that would be deemed....questionable.

It's always good to have a paladin in the group to stop them from going straight to the morally depraved, villainous route.


Of course, I'm already thinking of ways Diana is going to mess with his head.

I really like the character concept here. It's really unique with the nature of Jonah's physical disabilities, so I'll be interested to see how this sort of 'Enforcer' differs from the usual GI guy who punches people on spy mission. Overall, everything seems solid. I can't seem to point out any real flaws at the moment.
Perhaps if you're looking to make some edits, you could mess around with skills and flaws. At the moment, it seems like most all of your skills and flaws are fighting related, and we aren't always going to be throwing hand as much as some of us may want to.
I'm struggling between 4 different character concepts and I've got no idea which one to choose, arrrgghhghdhgdsfjh.

As @Atrophy said, you're welcome to throw ideas up here, and I'll also talk through concepts with anyone that's struggling via PMs. Let me know!
As I work through some character ideas, I was curious if you had a specific age range that you wanted us to shoot for? Would it be ok to go with a more mature character (maybe 50s or 60s)? He wouldn't be as physically adept as some of his younger counterparts, but I could still see him contributing to the group, perhaps as the negotiator or the chauffeur.

That would be perfectly fine! I didn't have any age in mind. In fact, if the characters were more varied and different from one another, that might add intrigue to the story.
I'm leaning towards a medic character and thinking of making him a student who was booted from medical school before finishing (maybe drugs, maybe cheating, have not yet decided), hasn't been able to get any work since, has been struggling to keep up with paying fees and is largely disowned by his parents. Has the right skillset and nothing to lose. Sound ok? If not I'm still confident of the medical idea, maybe a Vet as an origin instead.

A medically-based character is certainly sound if that's what you'd like. I think a veterinarian might give you a bit of extra room to work with as you will be more of an improvisational medic and that might do well to fit the theme. Try what you think will work best, though, and we can work from there.

@OppositionOh hey, missed the interest check but I really dig this idea. I'm toying with a few ideas at the moment, but I'm leaning towards a wannabe stage actress who can take on different "parts" to help the team out, be it hiding in plain sight as a new intern, pretending to be an exec from the home office, or just bullshitting someone long enough for the others to come up with a plan of action. Kind of a mix between the bait/distraction and a scout/plant.

This could work quite well. The 'wannabe actress' identity might make for some very interesting dynamics and interactions whilst trying to show off her skills. Feel free to explore those roles throughout your sheet and pick what works best.
Fancy seeing you here, @Opposition. First of all, my idea is... somewhat similar to Oren, I guess... so if you're opposed to that I might just struggle. However, you have me thoroughly intrigued, so I'd probably take a shot anyway.

My idea is very, very barebones rn, given that I've only just discovered this, but it's basically centred around a young guy who has been shunted around his whole life, and the role he fills is the Cat Burglar. Sound good?

Good to see you are interested. I like the idea, though I'd encourage you to think a bit more abstractly in regards to the origin and basis of the role. I'm aiming to have each role be something based more on a facet of mundane life that wouldn't be considered part of the quintessential team for any covert ops squad. That isn't to say you can't have a similar set of skills, though.

Currently working on a bartender character right now. Probably gonna finish the concept by the end of this week.

I'm looking forward to it! Let me know if you've got any questions.

@Opposition I might make an ex-construction worker/project manager who then learns about the beauty of controlled demolitions. The Demolitionist.

Or maybe a bartender looking for a break, good with his hands, does magic on the side, maybe a little sleight of hand and misdirection.

I can imagine either of these ideas going well as both manage to pull their skills from everyday work in particular manners. Feel free to explore either.

Meanwhile, I'm going to make a former war reporter and make them into the hacker or the distraction.

That's quite a unique idea. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

I have finished the example sheet, though I am leaving the concepts behind it a bit vague so that they may be changed to work around other characters. That should give a basic idea behind what the sheet should look like, though I imagine the prompt is mostly self-explanatory. If you guys have any questions, I am at the ready!

Diana Lotus


You have no idea how desperately I want to be chauffeur again.....

But anyway, Iโ€™m brainstorming now. Probably gonna ditch a concept Inwas working on and start with a new one.

EDIT: God, now, I'm going in circles.

I enjoyed the previous incarnation quite a bit as well! Rest in peace Futility attempt 1. Let me know if I can assist in any way.
Oh, I'm one-hundred percent interested in this. I'd be down to play either an investigator or CCF member. Both roles seem to have a lot of potential
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