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2 days ago
Current I thought Lion King was a furry version of Hamlet?
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1 mo ago
"Look New User, everything the light touches is a part of RPG for you to explore." "But what about that shadowy place?" "That's the 1x1 Section, you must never go there."
2 mos ago
Love keeps her in the air when she oughta fall down...tell you she's hurtin' 'fore she keens...makes her a home.
2 mos ago
After nine years of writing together, I had the pleasure of finally meeting my good friend Stein in person.
5 mos ago
“What do you call a male Mary Sue? … A protagonist.”


"Y O U E I T H E R D I E A H E R O O R L I V E L O N G E N O U G H T O S E E Y O U R S E L F B E C O M E T H E V I L L A I N"
"I figure the turning point is around the age of thirty."


Lord Wraith
1990/02/21 | 29 | Caucasian
Married | | Heterosexual
University & College | Electrical Technologist

▼ The Lord's Tale:
I have been roleplaying since 2005,
and been with the Guild since 2010.
I am from Ontario, Canada.

▼ Ongoing Projects:
► Pacific Royal Collegiate and University
► The Yurazen Prince: A Tale of Redwall

▼ Future Projects:
► Section 31: A Star Trek Story
► Agents of H.I.T.: A Vigilance RP
► VIGILANCE: Brand New Day
▼ Roleplays I GM:

▼ Roleplays I'm Playing:
► None at this time.

▼ Genres I Enjoy:
▼ Fantasy
► Dark
▼ Historical
► Assassin's Creed
► Black Sails
▼ High
► Lord of the Rings
► Tales of Redwall
► The Elder Scrolls
▼ Low
► Game of Thrones
► Modern
► Mythic
► Urban

▼ Science Fiction
► Firefly
► Mass Effect
► Stargate
► Star Trek
► Star Wars

► Slice of Life

▼ Superhuman
► DC Comics
► Heroes
► Marvel Comics

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Blue Demon 1 mo ago

Congrats on your Absolute Comics game! I checked it out and it looks amazing. And also congrats on being promoted to head the RPGN.
Lord Wraith 1 yr ago
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