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Episode #3: The War Room

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Post #3.05: Dreaming to be Late

It was sardonic, the thought, as she waded through the sludge, that of all the time spent ensuring she looked her best, it was her who now found herself in the middle of nowhere, in the dark, trying to find an exit to a damn swamp. Her breathing was slightly laboured and her eyes strained to see anything in this blankness. She halted for a moment, doubling over to rest on her knees and steady her lungs before she tugged at the thick ooze once more, figuring that if she were to move forward, she’d eventually find something. The smell was unbearable, and while she knew it was familiar, she couldn’t quite put her finger on what it was. Once again she halted as the message tone to her phone went off, and she frowned as she patted her body down, looking for the device, only to find it wasn’t there.

There was nowhere for her phone to be, she was in a shirt and underwear.

She hadn’t questioned how she’d managed to wind up in such a place in the middle of the night, nor had she really given much thought as to where the rest of the Titans were; but an uneasy feeling had settled into the pit of her stomach, and the further forward she pushed, the deeper it grew.

After what felt like an eternity, she finally found the edge of whatever the wet, sticky pool was and her hands reached out to steady herself as she craned her neck upwards to see the way out. She was going to have to climb. She’d have turned to smoke, had it not been for the goo that prevented her from doing so. Hopefully, she thought, hopefully once she got to the top, she’d be able to dry off and disperse and get a better idea of her surroundings.

Not wishing to waste anymore time, she grasped onto the wall of the marsh and hoisted herself upwards, her arms feeling sore, fatigued and weak. The rancid smell was at its worst, and it was taking all she had not to heave; and as she reached the halfway mark, her phone sounded once more, this time a light illuminating her surroundings from somewhere she couldn’t quite tell. But the fleeting glimpse of what she was currently climbing caused her to freeze and her face to deadpan.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” her voice was dull, and while outwardly she was entirely apathetic, the anxiety in her stomach lurched, making her want to be sick. Swallowing the rising bile, she tried to ignore it and push on, but as she did, the phone sounded again, this time, the light was brighter, and as she reached up for the next thing to grasp, she felt it loosen, and her blue eyes looked up in alarm as she felt a domino effect take place.

“Well, fuck.”

The dead bodies, piled as high as a building became unstable, and as they began to tumble down towards her, she frowned, opening her mouth to vocalise her discontent but the avalanche silenced her complaint, and she was engulfed by the mass grave, buried beneath it.

Her phone went off once more and her eyes snapped open before they darted around the dark room, taking in her surroundings. She could still feel the blood that drenched her body, and she sat up, trying to catch her breath and prove to her brain that there was no danger. With a shaky hand, she threw the blankets off and weakly made her way to the shower before she turned the water on so the steam made it near impossible to see, and then she sat beneath the scalding water, scrubbing her skin in an attempt to wash away the blood that wasn’t there. Her actions betrayed her emotions, or lack thereof, as her dull eyes and expressionless features stared down at her hands, her mind replacing them with the faces of the dead in her dreams. The faces of those she’d killed.

This sucked.

It had taken her over an hour in the shower,

and she was exhausted as she exited the bathroom, collapsing on her bed and taking the demon plush toy in her arms, pulling it towards her and pressing her cheek to it, like a child. Her eyes were void of life and her mind blank as she began to drift back into a heavy sleep, only to be interrupted again, by her phone.

A glare replaced the empty gaze, as a hand left the toy and grasped her phone as she breathed a sigh of annoyance, which only grew as she read the contents of the message.

“Go to hell.” she had no issue voicing her annoyance as she scrolled further, reading the next two messages before she typed a reply,

She harboured no ill-will to the man who had messaged her at such an ungodly hour, and she figured he was doing it out of worry for her rather than any other agenda. However, her response didn’t convey any of the warmth she felt for him, nor any respect.

Her final message before she blocked the number was said in jest. It was a well known fact within the Lécuyer that Pachid Michaud had seemingly superhuman tracking abilities. For a mortal, non superhuman guy, his skills were damn near terrifying, and for a moment, Arina considered taking Cyborg up on the cyber security coverage.

With a small sigh, she placed her phone down, and returned her arm to the plush demon as she pulled her knees up to her chest. She wondered for a moment, what time she needed to be up, and before she could even care, she drifted into unconsciousness.

She didn’t remember falling asleep, but by the time her eyes opened, she noticed the unfamiliar, dark room she’d been assigned had begun to fill with light that defiantly spilled past the curtains and into the room. Her eyelids fluttered open as she inhaled, stretching her limbs like a cat. She had no clue what time it was, but what she knew for sure was that she was late, which didn’t seem to bother her. She lazily pushed herself upwards, her body aching from the physical exertion that had taken place in her dream.

She felt stiff.

As she reached the bathroom, she turned the water in the shower on, momentarily inspecting the light red lines that grazed her porcelain skin from where she had scrubbed earlier that morning. Her brow furrowed slightly as she stripped off and stepped under the water - late or not, there was no way she was showing up to training looking like a wreck.

An hour later, she looked as if she’d just come out of hair and makeup for a film studio, she had her training outfit on with her hair carefully curled and plaited into a french braid that cascaded down her left shoulder. The scratches engraved in her skin and the dark rings under her eyes, she couldn’t do much about, but the scratches were light enough that she was sure the less observant of the group wouldn’t notice, and she gave the rest credit enough to mind their own business.

She entered the training area as Chie and Crash (she thought? The girls name evaded her) disappeared into the depths of the arena with some guy she vaguely recognised, a new mentor she assumed. She stood for a moment, her eyes scanning the rest of her team as she rested her weight on one leg. She noted the absences of two in particular, Lincoln and Dragonson. She’d heard the commotion Blitz’s Father had made after their display at STAR Labs the previous week, and she couldn’t help but wonder if she’d been correct in her theory about the water prince.
She didn’t dwell on the thought for long as she made her way towards Alex, her footsteps light and quiet as she swiftly crept up behind him. She reached up on her toes and leaned in so she was inches from his ear before she whispered a,


A Cheshire grin played on her features as she manoeuvred herself from behind him to beside him, “Morning,” she greeted, as if she’d arrived on time, her playful expression faded slightly as the new mentor approached the group once more, calling for volunteers.

She eyed the man intently for a moment, trying to figure out who he was. She definitely recognised him, but he wasn’t as memorable as Flash or Cyborg. Tilting her head to the side, ever so slightly, she leaned towards Alex once more,

“Who’s the new Drill Sergeant?” she asked quietly.

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Episode #2: Additional Adversaries

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Post #2.10: Finale

Despite her annoyance towards this clone guy, Arina had to admit, he had a good choice in clothing - his hoodie was incredibly comfortable. Her bare feet made no sound as she walked beside Origami, leaning forward, past the girl in order to see the commotion by the entrance. Her blank expression immediately turned into that of amusement as a smirk lifted the corners of her lips.

“Did he just…” she trailed off as she watched Chemaxzord basically deliver the assailants to the police, “oh, he did.” She confirmed her own suspicions.

“That’s hilarious,”

She took a step forward, her 90 degree stance straightening as she stepped past her teammate.

Origami twisted her hand round and round as they walked, the paper obeying her bidding and twisting into an orderly stack that she held in one arm. She, too, just watched the Chemaxzord chaos with eyebrows raised.

When so many Billy's were wrapped up and sorted, deposited at the feet of the cops like a cat proudly gifting it's owner a dead bird, Origami snorted inelegantly, one hand over her mouth. "Absolutely stellar. I couldn't have planned it better." Her shoulders rocked with repressed giggles.

"And that's why it's good to have an alien or two around." the Flash said with the rest of the squad coming together in one general area.

Shield, Gravitas, Dragonson, and the rest kind of just stood around for a few moments while the authorities were trying to figure out which one of the Billys, if any of them, was the original. Alex rembered the lighter that one of them mentioned back around the arcade and approached the Flash who was busy working with the police and dealing with some of the press outside of the Midway Mall. Some of the Billys began to dissipate, and the Flash continued moving at super speed to get everything in order. After a few quick laps around the mall the majority of the damage had been cleaned up as well and it was obvious that their mentor was a people person. Alex would find out some time after that the Flash frequently fixes cars in Central and Keystone City while running back and forth. However, at this moment he was still fixated on the lighter...

"Hey.... Flash... one of... illys... lighter... antine..." was all that Wally could make out as he zipped back and around the mall once more.

"It's not here. Maybe some other villain played a prank on Billy. Or maybe Constantine just dropped it somewhere else..." Flash responded to Alex and the rest of the group. "We're pretty much done here. Let's get back to the Academy and talk about what could've been handled better. Lots of room for improvement..." the seasoned hero stated opening a Boom Tube.
Behind the police barricades and the news crews trying to get a shot of the costumed heroes stood a young man with a somewhat familar silhouette. Walking off with no real direction the guy looked down and to his surprise there was an odd looking zippo-style lighter with a rune etched onto the sides.

"Who drops somethin' that looks this badass?! I bet it probably doesn't even..." the person began to say striking the lighter.

Suddenly a faint echo of thousands of screams caught his attention and there was a large blonde man in a green business suit with creepy teeth that sort of just appeared on the edge of the parking lot.

"Hello, young man. I see you've found what belongs to me. What can a demon lord with immeasurable power do for you in return?" Neron asked.


Location: Midway City, - Michigan
Episode #2: Additional Adversaries

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Post #2.08: Borrowed Bodies & Broken Bones

It was odd, she thought, that even without a corporeal form made up of organs and what not, she could still feel anxiety. Arina had dispersed herself and had been making the futile effort of trying to sense a freaking lighter. She sighed inwardly at her own stupidity, in all places, of all things, she had no clue what possessed her to think she’d be able to sense it. Instead, she focused on trying to find the original among the duplicates. She wasn’t sure, but she figured she’d found the general vicinity, sensing an area nearby where a group of them were clustered, so she floated that way.

Upon entering the food court, one of the duplicates passed through her, attempting to wave the smoke away with his hand. As she swirled around the force of his motion, using it to further obstruct him. The smoke of her entire body entered his mouth, eyes, nose and ears - filling his body in mere moments. The duplicate gritted his teeth and it looked as if his muscles were restrained for a second.

This would go a lot easier for the both of us if you would stop resisting me.

She felt herself waiver for a moment before she focused, being careful to not accidentally oxidise him. After a moment of stillness between the two, he stretched his arms out, his fingertips reaching out and closing into a fist again. He stretched his neck from side to side and took an unsure step forwards - heading back towards the rest of the Titans. He stopped for a moment, catching his appearance in a shop window,

“God, you look ridiculous, he muttered, his voice sounding an octave higher than it had back in the arcade.

As soon as Chie put on her mask she noticed one of her fellow heroes had gone missing already. Frustration and fear were starting to get to her, but she had learned to stay calm and keep organized in her few days at the academy. Flash taught quickly and she was a fast learner after all.

"Woah, woah, Slow down. I’m not going out there without a gameplan. she said more shakily than she thought. Why was she choking up today? She'd been in far worse situations. Still, she fought through the fear as always. Back up is coming, and they’re after the lighter, not us. Let’s search the arcade. I need to find something to throw anyway, without my Shurikens I’m at a disad- She began to reason her way out of a bold manuever when out of the corner of her eye, she noticed a familair figure. Without thinking, she reached for a nearby prize on the shelf, a lava lamp, and tossed it at the ‘enemy’ at break neck speeds.

That’s not a bad throwing arm, ever play baseball? Shield commented back-tracking into the arcade. The game-plan is to regroup with the others and give them what information we have. Flash might have a plan, but for now we’re just winging it.

Baseball, basketball, pretty much any game that requires me throwing stuff, yeah... she replied casually. With him confirming her fears, Chie sighed in frustration, I hate winging it, but you’re right. We can find Apparition later. Let’s go. She stated, readying her staff once more, clutching it with white knuckles.

Smoke still in a slight haze filling the area, the duplicate stiffly turned from the mirror, eyes widening slightly as his eyes landed on the lava lamp hurtling towards him. Instinctively his arm flew up just in time for the metal to connect with his right forearm, causing the glass to shatter, shards imbedding in his face, one in his eye. His ulna was visibly snapped, and the radius clearly fractured, and he fell to the ground, smoke pouring out of his eyes, nose, mouth and ears, allowing him to begin screaming as the smoke pooled in front of him, forming a now naked Arina. Her eyes were narrowed into a glare as her icy irises fixed on Shuriken.

“The hell? her voice was void of anger, if anything slightly annoyed. Her hand reached for her right forearm, rubbing it ever so slightly - she felt no pain, however a ghost twinge reverberated through the two bones, as if they ached.

You throw lamps at every man you come across? she asked, folding her arms over her bare chest, she stood straight, as if she was not at all phased by her lack of clothes, her legs positioned so one partly crossed over the other, covering the majority of her lower area. No wonder you’re single. her lips twitched upwards ever so slightly at her own quip.

I only throw lamps at rampaging villians Chie was quick to correct as she nervously averted her eyes. She had remembered Apparitions powers but the finer details had alluded her in the heat of the moment. Still, she was relieved no one was hurt, save for a miserable clone, she felt a sting at The comment about her relationships though, and it took everything in her power not to snap back.

Look, just warn me before come up to us in a new body” she clarified with a moan of frustration..

Location: Midway City, - Michigan
Episode #2: Additional Adversaries

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Post #2.02: Arcade Antics

The vibrant colours of the grass and the beautiful flowers blooming in the open did nothing to prepare Arina for this heat. It hadn’t taken her long to regret tagging along on the “family” trip to the mall - and within less than twenty minutes of being there, she had convinced Alex to accompany her somewhere fun. Due to the limited options, that just so happened to be the arcade. Currently, she was standing in front of a claw machine, her ice blue gaze fixed on a large black humanoid plush toy; that eerily reminded her of her brother's abilities. Her head tilted to the side for a moment and her brow ever so slightly creased - she couldn’t tell if she wanted it or wanted to set it on fire.

She jutted her hip out to the right, allowing her body to rest on that side, her short black dress dancing ever so slightly in the draft created by the fans and air conditioner of the arcade. “Do you have any siblings, Forcefield?” she asked, her voice a calm lull, despite having (once again) gotten his alias wrong..

She didn’t pull her eyes away from the plush toy as she spoke, her arms casually folded across her as she awaited his response. Arina didn't know that this was Alex's hometown, and that he'd been to this particular mall and this particular claw machine hundreds of times. He would've spent the rest of his inheritance to get that plush toy, thankfully it only took him another dollar and fifty cents.

"I'm an only child," he commented, "Is the Shield not a good enough codename?" he then asked with a smirk as the claw finally found its mark.

"M'lady." Alex said with a big doofy grin, handing her the ebony plush. He'd only met the girl recently but he already knew he'd go to hell and back for her if need be.

That's when things took a turn. Out of nowhere two of the Billys in red hoodies came into the arcade and started flipping machines upside down. Another came in behind them and assaulted the guy behind the prize counter. The two Titans were out of costume, but with everybody running scared it didn't seem to matter. There were at least a hundred Billys tearing the mall apart now. Alex projected his badge looking shield and ran at one of the Billys and backhanded him with it.

"What have you idiots got against Mortal Kombat?! This game is a classic!" Alex exclaimed.

Arina’s intense focus on the plush shattered at the sound of Alex’s coin going into the slot and her blank gaze fell upon the opening. The sound of his voice caused her head to turn slightly so her sapphire orbs could snap upwards to him as she listened to his response. An eyebrow quirked up for a moment,

“Siblings are overrated,”

Her voice was half-hearted, and she knew, despite his attempts on her life, she’d not trade her brother for the world… her sister she’d take or leave. The corner of her lips twitched upwards at his question and she fully turned her body towards him only to be met with the toy. She blinked a couple of times before her blank expression turned into a smile that didn’t quite reach her eyes and she reached out and took it, lifting it above her head as she examined it.

“It’s so cute, don’t you think?”

He didn’t have time to give her an answer when two… no, one guy, split into two… or twins… entered the arcade, trashing it. Her expression dropped as she watched the scene with little amusement. She and Alex looked like civilians, and she silently wished they could just keep pretending, but she knew his personality wouldn’t allow for that. She was proven right as Alex immediately jumped to action, and with a sigh she watched as he attacked one of the adversaries.

She stood back and folded her arms over her body, hugging the toy Alex had just given her, watching the two trouble makers intently. They appeared to be searching for something, and judging by the guy's obvious growing frustration, she grew interested as to what it was.

Arina Lécuyer
October 17th, 2003 | 19 | Caucasian
Single | | Heterosexual
Full-Time | Six Years | Cyborg
New York | New York | United States of America

P O W E R S & W E A K N E S S E S
P O W E R S & W E A K N E S S E S
Birthed in New York, Arina had invested a lot of her lifestyle volunteering for the "greater cause" or so she was told. The Lécuyer maintained a strong reputation, depicted as incredible wordsmiths; painting colourful lies in the blood of those sacrificed for "the cause". Torn from the womb of their lifeless Mother, she and her twin, Kenna led extremely different lifestyles as well as remote lifestyles - barely having anything to do with one aother, or even their older Brother, Christopher. Each of the Lécuyer siblinngs were subject to their own specialised training, often kept totally isolated, even their interactions with the maids kept to a minimum.

An incredibly old and noble family, the Lécuyer had a well established and successful mercenary group. Her Father, head of the family, was a cold soldier with the highest expectations for all of his children. According to her order in birth and the Lécuyer family customs, Arina’s role (outside of becoming a soldier to fight in their army) was assist her Brother in fulfilling his duties as the heir to the Lécuyer line. As fist born daughter, she was expected to expand the family’s fortune, influence and wealth through marriage. Groomed and primed to be the perfect wife, she was put through relentless and grim training sessions, learning the art of desire, manipulation and receiving the best education money could buy. Until such time as she was sold off to some arranged political deal, it was her duty to ensure smooth alliances and serve as the pillar of support for her Brother, in and out of field. With values and traditions so antiquated, Arina often questioned whether or not her Father and the Elders realised it was no longer fifteenth century France.

While other young children played in the field, with sticks or dolls, she spent her hours in a room of mirrors; she spent her hours in a space of glass, surrounded by mirrors, getting to know each and every muscle in her face, and how to manipulate it. For years, she refined the artwork of emotion and expression. She was only permitted to graduate to the next stage in her curriculum, adding combat into the mix, when she was able to maintain a cheerful expression without falter while being beaten within an inch of her life.

All whilst she accelerated her skills, she was subject to merciless and brtutal methods of training. full of life and nearly merciless strategies of education. In her early teens, she made her debut among the socialites of New York and the upper class of both national and international connections. She need to be versed in most subjects, she needed to be a fluent diplomat; and when being questioned in regards to even the most remote village in the world, it was imperative that she knew it so well, that when she answered the question, it would sound almost as if she were reading it from a book in her hands.

It is a well known fact, the Lécuyer Family gained so much success and power due to the fact they hailed from a repeating line of Meta-Humans. With this in mind, their main goal was to ensure the security and longevity of the Family and the Organisation.

When a Lécuyer child reached the age of Thirteen, they would undergo the Familys "Coming of Age" ritual. An event where the Meta-Human gene was force activated through a series of incredibly dangerous and grueling experiences that put them through high levels of physical and mental trauma. She barely made it through the ritual alive, and with no time to mentally process what had just taken place or understand her new abilities she was sent to join her siblings in the field.

Any independent thought or disobedience for the Lécuyer was to be slighted out at the first gesture of defiance. Techniques crafted by the Mercenary Faction for the sole use of destroying the spirit of those dared to defy the Lécuyer were eployed by her Father and exercised as correctional styles for Arina and her siblings. This would crush any fabrication of "dreams" and liberated ideals. In the same way a puppet was delicately handcrafted to the creator's desire, Arina was meticulously manufactured to serve the Family's goal, and there was no place for even the slightest derailment.

After the demise of her Father - assassinated by her Brother, Arina was suddenly thrown into what sould have been her Brother's place, as head of her Family and subsequently the next Commander of the Mercenary Faction; two titles she didn’t much care for. She had spent her entire life being moulded into a specific person who was suited for a specific function, only to find herself no longer relevant to that role with ten times the responsibility thrust upon her. She had never envied her Brother, always believing the future mapped out for him was even far more bleak than hers. And now she was in his shoes, with her Sister now set to fulfill a Arina had been primed for, she felt slightly ill. The one thing she had hated she was now free of; it was slightly sardonic, she thought, that escaping the future she dreaded, she landed herself in an even darker one.

It took her less than two months to throw in the towel, taking a good portion of the Family fortune and riches, she vanished. She grew weary appeasing the Board and the Lécuyer Elders, weary of living a life of murder and waging wars on behalf of the highest bidder and of appeasing the elders. And after a year of living independently and enjoying the luxuries of freedom, what was later labelled "The Lécuyer Incident" shattered her newfound peace.

In short, her twin Sister had sought her help, and while being pursued by their Brother, she led them straight to Arina. After her refusal to join Christopher in his new faction, a three way sibling argument, the complete annihilation of her new home and a three day hunt, in which she was the prey, her lack of control over her abilities had racked up a seven person body count.
In the course of being pursued by their brother, her sister sought her help and she led them straight to Arina. After she refused to join Christopher in his new group, a three way sibling argument, a three day hunt and her inability to control her abilities, fatigue and stress had caused a seven person body count, most of whom were innocent civilans.

She'd never say it, but she was immensely fortunate that Cyborg and Co. arrived at the right time; they drove her Brother and his crew back, forcing a withdwael, before turning on her to make her pay for the unwarranted hurt and destruction she'd caused.

It was then she was dealt the biggest insult she’d ever received: Cyborg gave her an ultimatum, both be a part of the Titans and examine to manipulate her lethal abilities in order to help her to control them; or face the law, taking most of the blame for “The Incident”. Everything in her screamed no, and her pride nearly precipitated her to take delivery of her Brother’s invitation out of pure spite. He gave her a deadline and an address.

She had four months to decide, and she considered at length how long she could run while being hunted by the Titans. The notion of joining a new Faction no better than her Family was no more pleasant. Addtionally, if she were caught, she'd spend the rest of her life locked away with different Meta-Humans with an affinity closer to the darker underworld. So, it was with relctance she appeared at Titans tower at the literal last second of the deadline with an unbelievable amount of suitcases, oil and polish for Cyclops and a book titled "How to Slow Down in Bed" for Flash.

"Sorry, not sorry."

When he witnessed the death of Nicéphore Lécuyer and his only male heir, Pachid couldn’t say he hadn’t felt slightly relieved. Nicéphore had ruled over the Lécuyer with such an iron fist, it was often hard to breathe. With the mercenary army at his disposal, it was a widely known fact that the walls within the Lécuyer’s ground had eyes, and there wasn’t a single action that went unknown to him. As the future advisor to the next heir, one thing that often unsettled Pachid (Nicéphore’s cruel and sinister leadership aside) was the knowledge that when the Lécuyer Tyrant did eventually step down… or die… his rebellious, hot shot son would take his place. And while Pachid loved Christopher as if he were his own brother, the idea of a life spent narrowly avoiding major political fallouts because of his arrogant and fearless attitude had always felt like fuel to the already exhausting sickness that coursed through his bloodstream.

Simply serving as the right hand to the Lécuyer Family’s heir was tiring enough, and the knowledge that the rest of his days would be spent cleaning up the messes that had the potential to destroy one of the oldest and most revered Meta-Human Families in existence had often made him wonder if death were an easier choice. Thus it was, on the night that Nicéphore Lécuyer, head of his Family and Leader of the The Sacred Entente along with his only Son (and first born, next heir and second in command to The Sacred Entente) disappeared in exile, a strange feeling of relief flooded through him as he watched Arina, the Princess of the Lécuyer Family, and his new charge, stand over her Father’s body, in a visible state of unease. She was stained in his blood, the only sign of emotion on her features, the trembling of her fists.

In that moment, Pachid felt a sense of hope. Hope that after an era of ironfisted brutality and darkness, some form of normality and peace could take hold within the Family.

His moment of hope, however, quickly turned to bitter taste on his lips, accompanied by a heavy blow to the confidence he held in his own intelligence. As he attempted to help the young Lécuyer Princess navigate her way through the ocean of paperwork, research and revision in order for her to take over, he was slightly dismayed to realise just how alike she and her Brother really were. In fact, the only member in the main branch of the Lécuyer who could be deemed even close to what he’d consider ‘normal’ (at the very least, not unpredictably insane) was not Arina, but her twin Kenna.

The youngest of the twins, much to the misfortune of all who stood under the umbrella of the Lécuyer (along with those affiliated), had the terrible sense to finish the race from her mother's womb moments after Arina; effectively dooming them all to hell and placing a mark on the beginning of The Sacred Entente’s steady decline into complete destruction (in Pachid’s humble opinion).

It hadn’t even been a fortnight and it was an almost daily occurrence that he was met with either a feeling of dismay, disbelief or irritation; sometimes (or often), he was full of all three. As he took the seat in front of her late Father’’s desk, observing the thin Princess before him, his mood was just that. Although, he felt a new emotion that had been added to the cauldron in stomach, bubbling to the surface: anxiety... or panic - he was having trouble trying to figure out which it was. Yet, as he watched Arina fill out a form to transfer an enormous fortune into a personal account, he figured he’d soon find out as each stroke of her pen caused the pit in his stomach to deepen.

"When you said you wanted out, Arina, I didn't think you were serious."

His tone was blunt and void of emotion and he lazily leaned back, settling into the arms and allowing his body to slide down and she paused for a moment. Her vibrant light sapphire irises flickered up to his royal blue ones and her brow slightly furrowed with confusion as she almost pouted, gazing at Pachid as if he was unable to keep up.

"I don’t know what gave you that idea considering, I said, there’s no way I’m going to spend the rest of my days being dictated to by a board of directors who want nothing but power and wealth, and are willing to force me to sacrifice any values or freedom in order to give to them; I’d rather die… so the best course of action for all is my departure.”

Pachid raised an eyebrow at the girl, as her over dramatic and seemingly innocent gaze found his own indifferent one, and he noticed it somehow made her eyes look even larger; however, almost as soon as their eyes locked, her entire expression dropped into a blunt deadpan - her eyes losing all the life and vibrancy they had just held,

"If you interpreted that as sarcasm, that is entirely your fault - and you have no one to blame other than yourself."

She nonchalantly turned her attention back to the task at hand and he blinked twice in confusion at her matter of fact tone before his face scrunching a little as his eyes narrowed ever so slightly. A silence filled the room as he tried to process the rambling and utter ridiculousness of what he'd just heard. He continued to stare at the paradox of a girl as if it would help him to further understand what was going on in her mind.

He felt frustration flash through his body, putting him on edge, and he inwardly tried to push it back down into the cauldron of uneasiness it had come from.

This girl.

She was on the brink of becoming one of the most powerful political figures in the defence industry. She was Leader of one of the most respected and oldest Families in France and now the States, a role she had only held for a day. Hand in hand with her position in the Family, the highest rank in The Sacred Entente was to be bestowed upon her. The only thing to do in order to attain said power, was be sworn in during the upcoming Ceremony and it would all be official.

However, after reading a travel magazine, she was now about to throw it all away. She hadn’t even taken a moment to stop and think about her actions and the effect they would have on the Family, as well as her. Within the hour of said magazine, she had been in the process of signing away her rank.

And she was doing this all on a whim.

He felt slightly ill as his irises followed the pen which looped around, forming the main section of her signature and a small part of him that hoped this was all some sort of elaborate prank; however, he felt as if he were coming to a dead end. A thought crossed his mind as he rested his chin in his palm, closing his eyes for a moment. She was less hot headed than her Brother and didn’t carry herself with the same arrogance that Christopher did. Despite this, however, she was equally as defiant to the ‘chains’ which bound her to the duties expected of her by the Family. It was painstakingly clear she had absolutely no interest in her new position, nor did she even pretend to care about making it appear as if she was taking her responsibilities the slightest bit seriously.

Pachid opened his eyes, his serious gaze now fixed on Arina. It was those traits that made her far more dangerous and unruly than her brother. Chris was a hot head, when he felt trapped, he would grow frustrated and rattle his ‘cage’ in anger - metaphorically, and physically. However, at the end of the day, like a bratty child, he could always be talked into the correct course of action, or, be simply and sternly told ‘No’.

Arina, on the other hand, did not have her brother's short temper. On a larger scale than her Brother, didn’t respond well to being dedicated to, by her own Board Members. When it all bubbled down down, her instinctual reaction whenever she felt the chains of Nobility begin to tighten, she would quickly and calmly come up with a solution that not only resulted in her getting exactly what she wanted, but doing so in a way that publicly boosted her popularity and severely impared the other Official Members of her Family and Army, out of pure spite. That realisation caused him to seriously consider bowing out of nobility with a sword to the abdomen and accepting the sweet embrace of death while he could, with his dignity still intact.

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