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You ask me what her name was called
But I found it hard to write

Jiri's eyes shot open as she woke with a gasp. She pushed herself up into a seated position, using her arms as support behind her. The Czech girl's eyes darted around the room and momentary panic set in as she didn't recognise her surroundings. She breathed deeply, calming herself. She remembered where she was, Titan Tower. She'd never seen anything like it before and she sure as hell never expected her to live in a place like this.

She drew her legs up to her chest and hugged them close to her, pressing her lips against her knees and staring into the darkness. That horrid nightmare had plagued her less and less since moving to the U.S. but it definitely seemed to rear it's ugly head any time something good happened to her. It was like no matter what she did she couldn't escape her father.

She touched the long scar that tore its way across the left side of her face with one hand and threw her bedsheets off herself as she slid her feet onto the floor. Jiri moved into the small, en suite toilet in her room, flicking the light switch on her way in and turning on the sink. She splashed water on her face and rubbed her eyes, it was always hard to sleep after that dream. Jiri caught a glimpse of her face in the mirror and her eyes were immediately drawn to the scar. Her lip quivered for a split second before she pursed her lips and furrowed her brow. The time for weakness was over, it was time to be strong.

She didn't like looking in the mirror. Identity was a strange topic for Jiri. The people she'd met so far seemed so different from anyone she'd met before, and not just because one of them was primarily slime and another was supposedly the prince of the sea. She felt one dimensional around them, like she had to impress them, but without showing it.

She returned to her bed, grabbing her mothers ribbon from the desk in her room and holding it in her hand before grabbing her phone and pulling it up to her face. She'd be awake for another hour at the very least, she might as well watch something while she waited for her body to tire out. On nights like this there was only one thing on her watch list, something she'd never expect herself to admit to her new colleagues at the academy. The Great British Bake Off.

Jiri's morning was spent a bit differently than usual. She'd usually get up and do some exercise, and then head to the gym to do some bag work. She'd gotten to sleep a little later than she'd expected and thought she deserved a lie in as a result. She scrolled on her phone seemingly endlessly while wrapped in a coccoon of blankets. Her eyes glanced up at the clock. It was well passed time to get up. She groaned, crawling out of bed and heading for a quick shower before getting dressed and heading out.

She tied her hair with the red ribbon as she approached the group surrounding the flash. She overheard Kijani mentioning the mall and watched as she stepped through the Boom Tube. She'd only been through one of these once before, and it was only as a demonstration so the students would be prepared for the nausea that followed. Jiri's eyes scanned the other students listening to the speedster. A few she didn't recognise but there were two she definitely did. Dragonson and Chemaxzord. She'd interacted with the two of them a few times, but she'd honestly been trying to avoid them since their first meet. She felt bad being that people often had the same problem with her, but she honestly found it hard to understand them sometimes, and for very different reasons. They were almost like polar opposites in the way they spoke. Chemaxzord spoke in necessities, it was like only the important words mattered to him....her....them....it? She'd need to clarify that with another student, she wasn't quite sure what the green ooze was, but she definitely didn't want to get on their bad side. Dragonson was entirely different. To Jiri he might have well of been reciting the entire script to Richard III in perfect shakespearian every time he opened his mouth. It was lovely to listen to, but the flowery words of a Royal were lost on Jiri if they were spoke in English.

She awkwardly looked at the two, struggling to think of what to say.
"Hey so I'm just gonna..." She glanced over at the boom tube and tried to subtly point at it. "I think I'll just follow Kijani." An awkward last glance announced her departure as she stepped into the portal.

An immediate feeling of sickness washed over Jiri. She didn't eat breakfast before stepping through. This was her first mistake and one she'd immediately regret. Kijani was just ahead of her, she rubbed her eyes and breathed deeply, jogging to catch up with her.
"Hi!" She spoke as she caught up to her, matching her pace as they walked. "Sorry I didn't actually catch why we were here, I'm guessing it's not to check out the summer collection?" She joked, gesturing to a clothing shop that they walked by.
Just a place to store any of my characters.

Character Images not used yet:

Name - Jiřinka "Jiri" Zima
Alias - Gravitas
Age - 21
Mentor – Cyborg
Status – Full-time
Personality - Cocky - Protective - Insecure
Experience - 4 months
Powers -
Gravity Manipulation
Jiri has only relatively recently discovered her powers and with no formal training she has yet to gain anything resembling mastery of them. At the moment she is almost entirely restricted to affecting the gravity of herself and those in proximity to her. She is able to lift, manipulate and throw small objects, but anything including and heavier than a half full trash can would require concentration and effort.

She primarily uses her power to enhance her own abilities and alters her own personal gravity field to give herself enhanced strength, speed, and durability.

Outside of her powers, Jiri was trained from a young age by an authoritarian and disciplinarian father in various forms of Mixed Martial Arts from a young age and is an extremely talented hand-to-hand fighter. She has dabbled in countless fighting styles, but primarily draws from Muay Thai, Peek=A-Boo boxing, and Dutch Kickboxing in a striking sense. Her grappling style primarily consists of a focus on Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. She is proficient in Dagestani wrestling and Judo and is more than capable of getting her opponent to the ground and beating him to a pulp, but prefers the quick, less violent route of going for a choke or joint snap.
Weaknesses -
Jiri's enhanced durability does not extend to any non-impact based damage at the moment. Currently it softens the blows of blunt force trauma, but knives and the like will still cut her.

Another less obvious weakness is her insecurity. Years of living under her fathers instruction has given Jiri certain triggers that shake her confidence when activated. Being told that she isn't good enough or harsh criticism regarding something she has put effort into can upset her, among other things.
Appearance -
Jiri stands at about 5 foot 5 and still isn't used to being teased for being so short. She has a slim, fit physique and a bit of muscle is visible on her arms.

Her hair is platinum blonde/white, but her undyed brunette eyebrows give away her true hair colour. Ask her if it's dyed though and depending on how cute you are she might tell you the truth or not. She is rarely seen without her mother's red hair ribbon on her head, and even when she isn't wearing it she usually has it on her person. Her eyes are light blue, and a scar traces from just above her left eye down passed her cheekbone.

Jiri was born in Brno, Czechia and did not have a say in how most of her life so far has gone. Her parents couldn't have been more different, her mother loved Jiri with all of her heart and had she been around for the majority of her life it would have gone very differently. She unfortunately died after being hit by a drunk driver when Jiri was about 5. From this point on her father took over. He was already a bit of a strange person before this point. He was obsessed with Martial Arts, and his obsession only grew after he tore his ACL in his late 20s and was unable to compete anymore.

The death of his wife eliminated what little semblance of normalcy he had in him. Jiri's life from that point became martial arts and she was constantly in training for her next competition, never being allowed to properly socialise outside of her friends at training. While most parents would shout at their children for avoiding their school work to do anything else, Jiri's father was the opposite. He'd regularly talk about how useless school was and how Jiri should forget about education and focus on her fighting. For years Jiri was under his spell, doing as he said and sneaking school books and meetings with friends whenever she could. As she got older though the veil began to lift.

No matter what she did he was never happy. She'd consistently win high level competitions and he'd never even given her a "Well done." He'd just talk about what she could have done better and the next competiton they'd be entering. She grew tired of this, everyone else around her would congratulate her but her own father wouldn't. When it came time for her 19th birthday she moved out. It was a horrific process and her father did not make it easy, keeping all of her prize money for himself, but in the end she managed to get away.

And get away she did. A friend she'd met at an international tournament lived in Midway City and offered his spare room after she had explained the situation to him. They made the necessary arrangements and she moved halfway across the world and began a new life. She worked as a waitress to pay rent, avoiding martial arts like the plague for fear of reminding herself of her father. Life had other plans though. While walking home one night she stumbled upon a mugging that was about to get violent. She was about to walk by and call the police, but something spurred her into action. Before she knew it she'd flattened the guy and the police were on scene to arrest. Something had felt strange when she was fighting he mugger though. It was like everything had felt lighter and heavier at the same time. She decided that martial arts didn't have to be just something she did for her father, and decided to do it for herself.

As she began training though she noticed that feeling more and more. She couldn't quite pin down what it was until one day she accidentally lowered the gravity on a plate of spaghetti at the restaurant she worked at and sent meatballs and noodles flying all over the window. After this Jiri began to realise she had powers and started trying to train herself on how to use them. After a while she became confident enough to go out into the world and become a vigilante herself. Her exploits caught the eye of a certain Justice Leaguer and the rest of history.
Notes -

  • Has only lived in the US for about 2 years now so still has quite a strong Czech accent. Although her English is very good and it's only every now and then that she struggles to think of a word.
  • Wants to try more "traditionally feminine" activities since moving to the US since she wasn't able to previous and has felt embarassed asking anyone to teach her. She desperately wants to learn how to bake.
  • Her favourite movie is The Princess Bride
  • Has only ever been in one relationship and it was a highschool fling

Jiri sat on the blood and sweat stained stool panting as she stared at the white mat beneath her feet. She couldn't hear anything except the blood pounding in her ears, she'd felt this feeling a few times before. She'd been rocked by the last punch for sure.
"Are you even listening to me, girl?!" Her head snapped up to face the large, imposing, bearded Czech man standing in front of her. He had a scowl on his face and spoke again in Czech - a little trick to stop the other fighter's corner from hearing his advice. "You let her hit you, why?" Jiri looked up at him and opened her mouth to speak.
"I just-"
"Shut up"
She did. Her father began talking quickly to the two other men in Jiri's corner and they all began barking orders and instructions at her. She felt like she could cry. She was winning this fight why were they so mad with her? It was like she couldn't do anything right. She breathed in deeply, she hadn't even listened to anything they were saying to her by the time the bell had rung. She didn't care. She tried to make herself care about winning but she just wanted to go home and listen to music.

Wiping her eye quickly she stood up from the stool, raising her fists to her face and moving towards the centre of the octagon. Her opponent was no joke but Jiri was better. She felt shaken though, she was hesitating. A kick flew at her stomach which she took on the side, winding her slightly as more strikes began to push her up against the cage. She was defending herself but it was like she couldn't bring herself to hit back. The crowd were roaring, it was deafening. Jiri looked around the body in front of her, catching a glimpse of her father's uniform frown as he shook his head at her. She sunk lower. Why was she here? Getting punched in the face for him? Why is she letting this happen?

Something began to well up inside her. An anger she'd only felt in her quiet moments. Anger at her father and anger at herself. Her sadness turned to rage, JIri's eyes were like a jaguar as she started bobbing and weaving around the strikes pushing her against the cage. Seeing her opening, she ducked right under a left hook so that she could drill the fighters liver with a jab and a cross before sliding out away from the cage and back to the centre. The crowd cheered and the energy of the room ran through her. Jiri opened her arms out wide, taunting her opponent who rushed her. She saw it coming, ducking under a head kick and in one fluid motion grabbing her opponent by the stomach and slipping behind her. She tightened her grip and bent her knees before extending and bending her back, suplexing the fighter onto the mat and sliding over into a rear naked choke.

It was over. Her hand was raised. The crowd erupted. The car ride was silent.

Despite what she had done her father had barely said a word to her since leaving. Jiri rested her head on the cold window staring at the scenery passing by. Talking to her father was 10x as nerve wracking as being in that fight.
"So, dad, what did you think of the fight?" The silence was deafening. It was like he hadn't heard her he just kept staring down the road with his foot on the pedal. It was that way for a minute or two.
"I can't believe you let it get to the third round." The weight of what her father had just said made the words drop to the ground like bricks. She should have expected this but she never did. Jiri opened and closed her mouth. She was about to argue but what was the point. She turned and faced the window again, gripping her mothers hairband in her hand as she did.
I'm having a bit of trouble joining the discord, when I click the link it doesn't seem to add the chat?
@Omega Man Thank you so much!! So hype to get started!!
Good place to join then. There's basically metaphorically literally always at least one or two superhero RPs going down here.

If you want I'll link you to one current and two former ones.

Just don't join and call dibs on Wolverine or Captain America, they're my homies.

That would be great! I've already applied to @Omega Man's Titan's Academy RP but would be interested in hearing about another in case I don't get in!
Hey everyone! New to the site but not to RPing! It's been a few years since I've actually even been on a roleplay forum, but I'm excited to get started and writing!

I'm mainly interested in Superhero roleplays or games where the characters have some sort of powers. Very open to other ideas though also! I've also only ever done group roleplay, but could potentially be interested in a 1x1 if it interested me enough.
@Omega Man Ooh this is nerve wracking. Another 12 hours for me until we find out!
<Snipped quote by Zaibatsu>

I believe the biggest difference is that full-timers live at the academy where as part-timers have a home of their own and aren't always around the academy.

Ahh I see! I thought there'd be a difference in how much I can take part in the game. I'll add that now!
This is my character finished! Just a quick question, what would be the difference between being part-time and full-time? I notice full-time has a lot of members, so I was going to go part-time but just wanted to make sure before I went ahead and wrote it down.

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