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I think I'll come back to this relatively soon...but then again, knowing me, I probably won't.

I guess the main point of this is to say: damn, I was gone for over a year from this place. I spent a good bit of inconsistent time on Iwaku, but I kinda missed my roots and the place I originally called home.

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I wanted to go ahead and get my post up because I know other's are waiting on me. But, that's not all I'm going to have up. I still want to throw in some interaction with Vanessa and others, but I wanted to at least establish Sim at the party.
October 18th, 1985

The Day Before the Party

“What does it mean to be seen as a person?” Simone asked. She could feel the glacier clear set of eyes on her, like red-hot tips of fire pokers near the nape of her neck. But she continued to look over the sprawl of quiet buildings from their perch on the roof of a building in mid-construction, the sunset squinting her eyes. There was a flint flick of a lighter and the first waft of smoke. She turned around to face the only friend she had in this new town.

“I guess that depends on how you mean it,” Vanessa told her. Vanessa took a long drag. They seemed to be getting longer in recent weeks. But Simone didn’t ask. Simone, of all people, knew when and when not to ask why a girl might want to poison her body. To damage it beyond repair. It’s why Simone ran, still. It’s why they were on top of 10-story building. Vanessa handed her the cigarette. “So, how do you mean it?”

“I don’t know,” Simone took it, pressed it to her lips. Long but shallow inhale and hold. Release and she felt the heady rush, the flex of her mind. She swam in the sensation for a few seconds before exhaling. A smile ebbed onto her face like memory and she was looking beyond Vanessa. “Sorry, it’s this habit I think I’m picking up. Something my brother used to do.”

A gust of wind almost drowned out Vanessa’s voice, “Don’t be! You’ve been bringing him up more, compared to when we first met.”

Simone rode the tail end of the cigarette’s rush before responding. “Well, yeah. There was no way I could tell someone like you what happened to him at first. Mathers assigned you to be my “campus transition buddy.” Where I come from, that’s just a thin way to say “assigned white friend” but during school hours only.” She held up a hand to stop Vanessa, “I know, I know. It’s not necessarily always like that here. But remember, ‘Ness. I ain’t even been here a full year.”

Up until 4 months ago, Simone called her small parish outside of Baton Rouge home. ‘Home’ in the sense that she could name each road like siblings—their tar pavement something like her own skin, the dirt roads ashy like her feet after chasing cicadas. ‘Home’ like she’d shared a meal with almost every family in her parish. Like she could go to Auntie Bea’s general store when Mi*les—Simone had to pull herself to the present again. “And I definitely didn’t expect to actually become friends with you. You actually get it."

Vanessa jabbed at Simone’s side with her index finger, “Even-though-you-hardly let us hang out in public together!” Simone laughed, falling to the ground. She was always extra ticklish after taking a run. But finally she looked up at Vanessa.

“You’re right. I just…I couldn’t, y’know. Before, when I was just the new girl. The new black girl. I just, I know things are different here. But —I didn’t want to feel like there were eyes on me again…” her voice trailed off in the presence of budding tears.

“Oh, Sim! I’m sorry. Jesus, Vanessa that was totally idiotic. I was only kidding, but I didn’t think how insensitive that could be.” Vanessa was hugging Simone now.

Things back home had been fine as they could be for a black girl in southern America up until her town’s small high school—a converted church—caught fire one night. It was the switch to a new school. So many new eyes, so many blue eyes. And then things were not fine as they could be--

Simone exhaled, singing the hairs of her nostrils with acrid smoke. The pain anchored her to the present because it was becoming too simple for her to lose herself, lapping up dark waters of her past. "Nono--no, you're kinda right. I been meaning to try...try being more...y'know--comfortable in being outside my comfort bubble." She ground her foot into the gravel, flexing her calves. That coiled sensation of flight so common these days. But she remained still. "I just...I don't know how. And I ain't gonna grovel to people for a friend." Her days of looking up from her knees for mercy, those were done.

Vanessa wrapped an arm around Sim's. "Theeeen, that's why you should come tomorrow, Sim. No one can know if you don't give them the chance to. I promise, this party is at my place so I'll be setting the rules. I run that house...until my brother decides he has to open his fat mouth. But these guys coming tomorrow, I like to think they're a good bunch. And--"

"I know, I know," Simone took the cigarette back, savoring the billow of smoke in her lungs. "Besides, my aunt Bea's been threatening to put me in her church's choir if I don't start socializing somewhat."

Vanessa jumped and kicked her feet out, "So that's a yes?!"

"It's a MAYBE."

"Well, Maybe is just ebyam spelled backwords. And ebyam is just a ancient Greek for 'most likely'."

"Nuh-uh. Really?"

"Who knows? But it sounds about right."

The two girls cackled--a burst of tense energy suddenly unwinding, taking form in their exhaled breaths. Simone was actually considering what living in this new town could be, instead of just surviving until she was an adult. She found herself smiling, walking down the building with Vanessa, chatting about who would be at the party--namely Vanessa reminding Simone who different individuals were. Thinking that this might be a good idea. This might be a step in the right direction for her.


The Day of the Party

Simone ignored the urge to bolt in the opposite direction of Vanessa's house as she walked up. There was no hanging moss in the trees, no cicadas in the air. The air that wasn't sticky with the tingle of humidity. Everything was crisp in this state--she'd recognized this when she'd moved. But it seized her again, walking toward the large house, along with this feeling like a screwing of the stomach and a prod at the base of her spine. The feeling like she'd had back in Louisiana. Even when everything else was different, this feeling rang through her body.

Simone was already a little past fashionably late to Vanessa's party. "Vanessa and her brother," Simone told herself, "gotta remember that." Originally, Simone was going to bail on the party. On her morning run, she'd plotted a dozen excuses to use.

And yet, here she was. Re-checking the set of brass knuckles in her high-waisted jeans before shoving her hands back into the pockets of her splatter-neon windbreaker. Always something visible, never dark on dark anymore. The sudden cut-off of a motorcycle engine alerted her to the fact that she was still standing outside while everyone else was going in. She fiddled with the gift in her small purse and the can of mace. The music was something robotic and new-wave—she tried not to grimace and walked into the house, thanking the person who held the door for her.

finally posted my sheet in the Character tab and reworked the gender. I kept the powers the same, so there's no change in that department.


Simone Lucille Melancon

April 15th, 1968 | 17 | African-American
Single | Female | Asexual


R E L A T I O N S H I P T O V A N E S S A / C H A R A C T E R S Y N O P S I S

When Simone transferred to Mathers Memorial High, Vanessa was assigned to be her school buddy. Effectively, Vanessa was supposed to be a walking resource guide for Simone to help her transition into a new school. A new school where she was one of a handful of other minorities. About a dozen of them black. Simone had no expectations when she first met Vanessa. From the tail end of her time in Louisiana, she was wary of one-on-one time with white people. Her aunt that she was staying with told her the North was different from the South in some ways, and these were one of them.

Where Vanessa was friendly, Simone was glacial at first. But there’s something about how the “othered” in society seem to congregate. It’s auspicious and fortuitous, yet only noticeable in hindsight. Though Simone didn’t explicitly know about Vanessa’s “condition,” she was able to feel the solidarity from someone who’s also felt their body on display—their personhood and humanity reduced to fears, misinformation and prejudice. Simone just assumed she was queer and accepted the burgeoning honesty before her, as they began interacting more.
It was in that act of acceptance that Simone began to find a great friend and confidant. She and Vanessa began spending more time together outside of school, but always in the construction district or somewhere equally abandoned where Simone could do her runs.

A B I L I T I E S, L I M I T A T I O N S & W E A K N E S S E S
A B I L I T I E S, L I M I T A T I O N S & W E A K N E S S E S
H Y P E R H U M A N A B I L I T Y || P S I O N I C P R O J E C T I O N

Simone’s hype-gene allows her to manipulate and condense her psychic energy to manifest physical entities on this plane. When manifested fully, they are materialized beings that can interact with (carry, push, throw, break, etc.) objects and people, as well as relay sensory/mental information back to Simone. The manifestations can move based on mental commands given to them by Simone.

Along with being tangible to the physical world, her projections are also visible to the naked eye. The projections and formations most often look like hard light with a purple aura about them.

Simone’s most notable (and so far, only) projection is a 7-foot, humanoid projection. Or, more aptly, a manifestation of a shared childhood imaginary friend between her and Miles—Fitz.

L I M I T A T I O N S || M A N I F E S T A T I O N, C O M M A N D, T I M E

Manifestation: Simone is limited in only generating Fitz. And even then, fully generating Fitz would take an enormous mental toll on Simone. The required psychic energy and manipulation to maintain such a form requires strength and finesse from Simone’ brain that would leave her brain dead at this point.
Simone will also be unable to generate full-Fitz at a smaller size. This stems from the wealth of emotion tied to Fitz and Miles over the course of her life. Simone’s emotions act as a catalyst/bonding agent to his psionic abilities. And currently, Simone is not skilled enough to filter or limit how much of that is sunk into his manifestation, preventing the construct from being condensed physically. It’s like an all-or-nothing principle in terms of his size.

Simone’s limitation in generating only Fitz right now is due to the fact that she’s familiar with Fitz. Simone shares a strong mental connection and impression with the imaginary friend, resulting in “psychic mapping” of Fitz on a subconscious level. The more familiar Simone is—not just factually but emotionally— with what she’s projecting, the stronger it manifests.

In the early phases of her ability development, in lieu of bringing forth a fully formed Fitz each time, Simone is projecting pieces of Fitz. Put simply, Simone uses her psionic abilities to manifest portions of Fitz’s body for different uses. (I.E. Fitz’s fist to throw a punch or bring an object out of reach; Fitz’s arm to block an incoming attack; Fitz’s ear to hear a conversation farther away.)

Command: Simone will only be able to control Fitz within a 30-foot radius. A fully formed Fitz doesn’t have to be in her line of sight to continue existing. However, in these early stages, if Simone wants to know what Fitz is up against and wants to obtain sensory information, it requires Simone closing her eyes and concentrating, leaving her vulnerable.

Simone can command manifested body parts within a 45-foot radius and they can leave her line of sight. However, once they leave her line of sight, even if she concentrates—unless the body part manifested is a sensory object (eyes or ears for now), she won’t get more than general information about its surroundings. So, say she sends a projected hand around the corner, she won’t be able to see through it because she perceives the hand only as a hand. She’s not familiar with the hand in terms of gaining information outside of tactile signals.

Time: Simone cannot manifest any psionic energies indefinitely. In fight-or-flight, survival mode, she can keep a full Fitz active for 12 minutes fully idle, 9 minutes simply walking around/doing menial tasks, and 4 minutes doing vigorous activity.

With normal concentration at her early stages, Simone can keep body parts active for about 5-10 minutes, depending on the complexity of their actions, total. If she goes past that time limit, she’ll find himself suffering migraines and nausea.

W E A K N E S S E S || C O N C E N T R A T I O N

Concentration: It probably goes without saying that Simone needs to concentrate a bit to bring her manifestations forth. Though they don’t take all of her concentration after being formed, any significant break in her concentration will cause them to dissipate. So while she could probably take holding a conversation or even being hit by a punch head-on, sucker punches/strikes and surprise attacks or sharp pains easily break her concentration.
By extension, abrupt or sharp loud sounds not only cause her to let go of her projections, but they can also render her incapable of forming projections for a little while after. Alarms, unsuspecting train horns and the like can even put her out of commission for a short while.

So uhhh, this would be a bad time to ask to flip my characters gender, huh?
Just when I was about to say #CrestwoodTooWhite.

Y'know, if you left, that would help tone down the whiteness.

But that's just me spitballing ideas off the dome.
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