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2 yrs ago
Current Vanjie......Vaaaanjie. VAAAAANNNJIE!
4 yrs ago
Silly me silly me, for tuttling like we could make something beautifully. And the hands of my man, dusted in bedlam and false promises --while I delved in with love abundances
4 yrs ago
Ooops....where did the time go and it's the Holidays?
5 yrs ago
Surprise bitches, betcha thought you'd seen the last of me


I think I'll come back to this relatively soon...but then again, knowing me, I probably won't.

I guess the main point of this is to say: damn, I was gone for over a year from this place. I spent a good bit of inconsistent time on Iwaku, but I kinda missed my roots and the place I originally called home.

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Lord Wraith 3 yrs ago
Lord Wraith 3 yrs ago
Right, I forgot I haven't really got to talk to you since the Dictator rolled into the White House.
Lord Wraith 3 yrs ago
How have you been? Is life treating you okay? How is your education going?
Lord Wraith 3 yrs ago
Lord Wraith 3 yrs ago
Stein! Come back!
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