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| NAME |
Rachelle Emily Johnson

β€Ώ Rachel
β€Ώ Chelle
β€Ώ Rach

October 11 (Libra β™Ž)

| AGE |




New York City, NY

WEIGHT: 130 lbs
HAIR: Raven black | Usually styled straightened or curly | Cascades past the middle of her back
EYES: Dark brown
SKIN TONE: Chocolate brown
CLOTHING STYLE: She likes to color coordinate her clothes and hardly wears anything that's mixed. Rachelle is an ultimate fashionista and her clothing choices definitely showcase that. Often wears blouses, skirts, shorts, heels, wedges, or tennis shoes. Depending on the occasion usually determines how she dresses.


Rachelle isn't one to hold back on her words or certain comments on a subject matter. She's definitely not afraid to throw her two cents in whenever she feels like it. She takes up after her mother in that regard. Rachelle does like getting into witty banters with others and even debates if it gets that far. You'll really see how quick-witted she is whenever you do go toe-to-toe with her. She's just naturally sassy, which is a trait that she cannot help to have.

She's very loyal to people that she befriends and her friends can give you some input based on that. Rachelle will literally go to the ends of the Earth for her friends, too. If anyone steps up to her friends in a confrontational way, you will also have to deal with her. Rachelle doesn't allow anyone to treat her friends in any sort of way.

Overall, Rachelle is definitely a friend that you want in your corner. She can either be your best friend or worst enemy and for your sake, it's probably best that it's the latter option.

βœ“ Lattes
βœ“ Crime Drama Shows
βœ“ Strawberries
βœ“ Flirting
βœ“ Warm Weather

✘ Meaningless Conversations
✘ Severe Thunderstorms
✘ Tomatoes(allergic)
✘ Spicy Foods
✘ Negative Environments

β˜… Twists the end strands of her hair when in deep thought
β˜… Always chewing on some gum
β˜… Only writes in cursive

β˜† Losing one of her friends or her friend group splitting up
β˜† Enclosed, tight spaces
β˜† Clowns

[color=???]| BACKGROUND |[/color]
Give us a brief description, detailing their lives up until the point they're at now.

[color=???]| MISCELLANEOUS |[/color]
Anything else you'd like for us to know? If not, delete this section.
@LG @Sailorsadie @WolfLover @aladdin_sane @Pyxis @LostDestiny @Days @Theyra @morethan
Hope I have everyone but knowing me, I forgot someone. Here's the Discord.
@Silent Whispers Fair enough :) I thought you had it mind to limit it 10 people at the start lol. But glad it grew beyond that, more fun.


<Snipped quote by Silent Whispers>

It is fine, I should ask about it sooner rather than assuming things.

You're totally fine! I should've saw him sitting at the literal top of the page.

GM ANNOUNCEMENT; Finishing up the discord here shortly and will tag you all once it's ready. Just have to do the permissions and it'll be complete, so be on the lookout for that. I am also placing this as FULL since we have reached capacity (thanks @WolfLover).
@Silent WhispersAlso just realised something, whilst reading over the rp premise:
<Snipped quote>

We're way past the 10 with how many people signed up rofl xDD lost count how many we actually got hehe.

I am well aware. Ten was just a random number, honestly.

After an entire decade, Daniel is finally accepted :) Thank you for your patience and sorry again.
@Silent Whispers You passed over my sheet. Which can happen, you had to catch up on so much. Good to hear the bday was good!

I promise that I'm not doing it intentionally. I'm getting to the age where I need glasses but Ember is accepted and please move her over whenever you can.
@Silent Whispers That can certainly work :)
If they're missing something between the three of them. I am sure Christian's cousin Jasmine can help out somehow, if it's just bringing whatever they're missing or buy the drinks for the occasion.

MC could bring it, don't forget 'bout her. But I feel like she'd be such a Monica and bring lots and lots of things. πŸ˜‚
@Silent Whispers Heya, glad to hear you enjoyed your birthday week-end.
I don't mind if Christian hosts the thanksgiving dinner, since he's a trained chef and what not. Or at least, it could be a collab of hosts, with the group contributing to the meal in some way, if more than one character wants to be a host/or co-host :)

My character could co-host and bring treats and @LG character is also a restaurant owner, so could be something there, as well.

We've already discussed on Discord but your character is accepted! ^_^

All right here we go. The background kinda got away from me. I think this character's done but I'll probably look at it later with fresh eyes and edit some.

Assuming that I'm accepted I'm down to talk with people about histories

Your character is accepted and whenever I get off my ass and make my female, there could be some professional work between them. πŸ‘€

@Silent Whispers So, was my char denied, or was he just skipped?

I honestly didn't see your character because I was on mobile, so sorry about that. Let me know if you're keeping Daniel or going through with the new character whenever you can.

Is this still open? Hello hello :)

I hardly ever turn down potential writers, so write a sheet and we shall go from there.

GM ANNOUNCEMENT; My birthday weekend is officially over and it's time to get my ass in gear to get this off the ground. Look for this to officially start on Friday (4/7) and the discord is in the works, so look for that soon; probably tonight.

If anyone wants their character to be the host/ess for Thanksgiving, please let me know. I am the type of GM who like to give everyone the opportunity for the spotlight because this is our roleplay and not just mines.

Thank you one and all!
@Silent Whispers Here we go :) my character that I managed to string together.

I really, really love this character idea very much!

Great character concept!

So ignore the last bit of my previous post xD inspiration had kicked in and I had ideas floating around and thus Christian's character sheet was born.

Another great character from you!

I can never turn down a character that's different than the concept itself 😍

I have a male CS coming in(the roomie), probably after this weekend

Great character and coding!

Hello lovely people! Is there room to join this one still?

I will never turn down a potential writer for the group, so go for it! :)

Okay. I think I finally managed to put some things into words.

Such a great and relatable character!

GM ANNOUNCEMENT; If you guys didn't know, your characters are more than accepted! Thank you all for the effort you put into them and can't wait to see their stories flourish throughout this roleplay. I'll probably create a discord anyway(because I've grown to love them don't judge me) and that way I can tag everyone without someone getting left behind.

This coming up weekend is my birthday weekend, so more than likely, I will not be online because I'll be too tipsy, ngl. But look for this to start either Sunday or Monday at the latest.

Thank you all for being apart of this with me and sorry for being so late regarding character acceptance and such. I will get on track soon.
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