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the last time i got drunk i played overwatch and started crying because i couldn't aim
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i feel the love , thank you <333
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I thought you were American
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I just want a nice top that'll treat me right.
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I may have forgotten to pay the internet... So, uh, replies tomorrow?



Hello my dudes! Call me, Pyxis. I am a 24-year-old lady. I work in a retail job, and I am currently studying photography and design in college. I am PTS based, but I do stay up pretty late either on YouTube or playing video games. I swear I am not violent! I have only been playing Minecraft, and I have yet to shoot a gun! Oh please! think of the children!

Anyway, I have been roleplaying for quite a few years now. I think I started on Meez. Ah, who remembers that website? Anyway, I tend to stick to either Slice of Life or Fantasy RPs. I do love adventuring and some character drama too. I prefer FxF and MxM over FxM. when it comes to pairings, but I can give a try to anything and everything. What an OT3? SURE! Just no weird shit. Plz.

I ALSO LOVE PINK. ALL KINDS OF PINKS. Expect neon. Neon pink go fuck off.


- My mom told me that the first milk I ever drank was from an expired formula. Nice.
- Have I mentioned I love pink?
- Last time I went to Vegas, it was so cold that by the time I got to my hotel I couldn't feel my feet or my fingers. It was a nice experience. After almost being trampled by a bunch of people.
- Want to add me on stuff? I only have Discord right now.

- My Interest Check for 1x1
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- Sol City
- When Royalty Collides
- Rosefell High
- Ember Grove

I really like Pink

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T i m e : P a s t D u s k
L o c a t i o n : O u t s i d e T h e P i t
I n t e r a c t i o n s : L u p i n - @AtomicNut

"Oh, please, the dude wouldn't even make it past the door before he got taken down." Lilith shouted into the older man's ear as the music surrounded them both. She continued to drag Lupin, as the man had introduced himself, towards the bar where the crowds of people weren't so dense.

She felt somewhat bad for the older gentleman since she had dragged him into the club without warning, but then again, she had probably provoked the hunter outside. She almost wanted to laugh at the expression the hunter had given her as she stuck out her tongue at him. What kind of loser just sat there in their car and cocked their gun? Lilith hadn't been able to help herself and tease the guy just as they went into the club. Now the hunter knew her face and might be able to spot her on the streets. Perfect. Lilith was starting to get bored.

"There aren't many burlesques left now; those are usually fancier than your common strip clubs." Lilith waved down a bartender and asked her for a bloody mary and an old fashioned for Lupin. When the waiter nodded and began to prep their drinks, she turned to the old werewolf to finally get a good look at him. "So, you French?" the bartender came back with their drink, and Lilith slid over her card. "What brings you to the oh so boring town of Ember Grove?' She had to roll her eyes at the name of the town.

Lilith hadn't planned to come to Ember Grove since she had been practically forced to by her creepy overprotective father. She knew others preferred the quiet towns snuggled next to a forest, but Lilith missed the bustling streets of Rome she got to explore during the days or the bike rides in Amsterdam. Lilith had never expected to end up here.

T i m e : P a s t D u s k
L o c a t i o n : E m b e r G r o v e P a r k
I n t e r a c t i o n s : L e i l a n i - @MsMorningstar

Cyler watched Leilani as they made their way out of the park, his eyes curiously looking over her as she browsed the pictures he had taken for the night. He would have loved to come out before sunset to capture more colors and dynamic lighting, but the sun had become one of the biggest obstacles he had to deal with. Years ago, Cyler had loved to spend the day out in the park or just the streets of LA walking around and shooting his camera. Now he couldn't go outside before sunset because it bothered him too much. Some of the clan said he would get used to it and build up a tolerance with time, but he doubted that.

It put a restriction on his pictures, but at least it forced him to be more creative with what he shot. Lights, for example, were fun to play around. He could always set the velocity to seconds and paint pictures with light. Oh! Paint!

Cyler's eyes light up as the idea struck him right between the eyes. "Thank you, I'm glad you like them. I don't sell them, but I am hoping to open a studio here." He smiled as quickly looked back at her. "Uh- hey, what if you helped me with some pictures?" His voice carried some excitement with it and his steps picked up a bit. "I have always wanted to go those really cool looking pictures where you can paint with light." He took his camera back and looked down at it. He hadn't been excited to try something new in a while. He didn't want to overwhelm Leilani about it, but it looked like she could use inspiration or maybe a distraction. Cyler knew the feeling all too well so he was hoping he could help her.

Maybe get her creative juices flowing.

"The Pit had nice lights on the outside, we can try there first." Cyler hung his camera over his shoulder again. Since the town of Ember Grove wasn't that big, they would be able to get to The Pit in just a few minutes. They could always run and get there faster, but Cyler enjoyed walked slowly and enjoying the scenery of the quiet town. If both of them were humans, their little walk would not have been safe for either of them. Even now, as vampires, the risk of running into a hunter was low- but never zero.

T i m e : P a s t D u s k
L o c a t i o n : O u t s i d e T h e P i t
I n t e r a c t i o n s : L u p i n - @AtomicNut , S e a n - @FunnyGuy

Lilith watched the older man with narrowed eyes. He smelled like a wet dog. An old wet dog dressed in a nice suit. She hung her bag over her shoulder and placed a hand over her hip with a playful smile on her lips. She had met werewolves in the past, and while she detested most of them because well, it was natural for vampires to dislike them, this old man looked like any ordinary old man. Expect he was standing in front of a night club riddled with vampires and had painted a picture of him holding a neon cane with a ton of golden chains. Just the image of this old dude dressed like a pimp with a glowing neon cane made Lilith's eyes soften and throw her head back in a laugh.

"It was my fault- anyway, I'd pay to see you in that sort of outfit, Monsieur." She didn't even protest when the man offered the mint from her pocket. It was much appreciated as she popped it into her mouth, eyes still on the older man. Was he looking for another place? What another place could he be looking for if he had come to The Pit? Perhaps another club for the elderly or a strip club? Dirty old man. She thought.

The Pit wasn't a strip club, but she could always offer a lap dance. She didn't care if the was some old dude, or if he was a werewolf. Honestly, Lilith saw this whole thing as an experience and an opportunity. Old people had money, right? "I take it you were looking for some kind of strip club, eh?" Her smiled turned into more of a smirk as she got closer to the man. "The Pit isn't the sort of place, but I can surely show you what passes as fun these days." She winked at the man, offering a glance at her pink and golden eyeshadow.

Somewhere to her left, she heard the series of clicks. Ah, the fun has just started. She thought as she slipped her hand through the older man's and began to lead him into the club. "You can call me Coral." She said into the man's ear as the music from the inside got louder the closer they got to the entrance of the club. "We can use the back exit since I'm sure you heard too." Lilith didn't have to explain it to the older man. She was sure he had heard the very familiar clicks of a loading gun- but just to make it more interesting, she glanced over her shoulder and locked eyes with the man sitting in his car. She stuck out her tongue at him just as they walked past the door and into the chaos that was The Pit.


Lilith glanced over at Aria, smiling at her brightly as the music from the band started to fill the air around them. She wanted Aria to be comfortable around her, and while she understood that it could take some time sometimes she wished she could just make Aria feel safe around her. Lilith had struggled like Aria had before in previous relationships but at the time the person she had been with had been abusive and had taken advantage of her insecurities. Lilith had been pretty miserable trying to make something up for someone that didn't even care. Lilith didn't want that for anyone, especially Aria- the girl that kept Lilith up at night.

"If the band isn't hitting that 'Aria Awesome Vibe' we are deff out." She grinned as she followed Aria to the grassy slope and sat next to her. Lilith leaned closer and let her head rest on Aria's shoulders, hands folded in front of her as the watched the band. "I can't wait too." She smiled a bit, pink creeping up to her cheeks. It was still hard to believe that anyone would write a song about her.

"Don't know but it is pretty romantic to me." Lilith whispered, looking over at Aria. Her hand slipped around the other girl with a grin. Her fingers pressed lightly into Aria's side to tease a small tickle as her smile grew. "Now we have to see if the band lives up to your standards, my lady."

T i m e : P a s t D u s k
L o c a t i o n : O u t s i d e T h e P i t
I n t e r a c t i o n s : L u p i n -

"Honestly, like I don't even know why we bother to hunt. Like, that lady has a whole human farm... Yeah! Straight out of a movie." Lilith held her phone between her ear and her shoulder as she walked. Her hands were busy fishing out her fake ID in her bag. Of course, her favorite place to dance had to ask for IDs. Didn't the owner know that most of the clientele were a bunch of horny vampires and ugly ass hunters? Witches and Werewolves attended more, but The Pit always seemed to attract more vampires. Maybe it was the whole vibe that was ripped right out of an Underworld film.

The voice on the other side brought Lilith back to reality as June, a girl from the clan, commented on the need for more humans. Lilith just rolled her eyes at the comment as she pulled out her pink wallet and flipped it open. "Yeah yeah, I get that it's nice, but it's soooooo cliche. I've seen some of you guys dress in nothing but black. Add some fucking color in there, won't you? Makes me feel like I'm living with a bunch of depressive goths- and not the cool ones." She was about to put away her wallet when she suddenly bumped into a humanoid figure. Lilith's wallet and purse went flying into the air as she gasped loudly. She stood there staring at the gray hair, full gray beard, and golden eyes.

"I'll call you back." Lilith said into her phone before pressing the red button and pocketing it. "Yo, old dude, don't stand in the middle of the sidewalk." She rolled her eyes and leaned down to pick up her stuff, glaring intensely at the cane. What an asshole. Sure, Lilith may not have seen him, but who stands in the middle of the sidewalk outside the entrance to a club? Assholes, that's who.

"The city hall is that way," She pointed over her shoulder with her thumb. "It's bingo night, so you'll probably still catch that." Lilith said as she shoved her wallet back in the bag, eyes still narrowed as she examined the man. Really? A fedora? Well, he was old, and some old dudes did look pretty fancy with them on. If he had been any younger, she would have probably walked past him, so she forgave that little fashion choice.

The conversation from the three nights ago was still fresh in Henri's mind. Raiden had sneaked into his room with the help from Ryn, who Henri was rightfully upset with. While Henri had initially tried to avoid the conversation, Raiden had seemed to be fed up with the dodging and giving him the cold shoulder for the whole week that he had to corner Henri in his room. While they talked, but mostly argued, Henri couldn't shake off the feeling of all of it breaking down around him. Raiden had told him he wanted to be with Henri, but at the same time go along with his betrothal with Beatrice. Just the thought made the younger prince fume with anger and confusion.

After that night, he had shut himself in his room with the only people allowed to visit him were Gen or Leo. Again, Ryn attempted to sneak into his room, but Henri told her to go away in the meanest and nastiest voice he could muster- which wasn't very frightening. While he used the excuse of being busy with work for trade deals, so his brother stayed out of his room, Elias always made some story to barge in and bother Henri. Always probing him with questions about Raiden and his Gen- who he had started to ask too many questions about. The thought of Elias having a crush of Gen made him want to punch the guy.

Gen had been too good for him the past week. She had stayed at his side, and he's confined with her. Told her about everything that had happened since the night at the ball to the argument he had with Raiden. It was clear who she was showing more favor towards, but Henri still couldn't make up his mind. He had tried to look for Chris once, but it seemed like the man was determined to avoid him. Henri didn't blame Chris for wanting to stay away from him. He had made a stupid decision after all.

The day of the fair came slowly for Henri. He had woken up to Elias' protests of clothes and, "oh, what would the French princess think if I asked her to ride with me?" Henri was tired of his brother within the first five minutes and tried his best to indulge him in his ramblings to get him out of his room so he could get changed. He had agreed to get a car for himself and Gen for the ride, and he didn't want to be late. After he changed into a tropical kind of outfit, he hurried off to the entrance of the palace- forgetting his cigarette case. There he made sure to get one of the empty SUVs and quickly sent Gen a text, telling her of the secured ride. All he had to do was wait and hope that no one else jumped in the car with him.
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