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Current I want to run a 12hr horror RP so baaaaad but GMing looks scary
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I'm a big tiddy pastel girl looking for a small tiddy goth gf. Or just a gf would be cool.
1 day ago
I keep buying DnD dice but I have no current campaign :(
3 days ago
Was not supposed to work today. Was not supposed to work tomorrow. Guess what I'm doing??? Working!
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3 days ago
Today wasn't as boring as I expected. Some dudes almost got down in front of the store and a lady came in with a cute puppy in a stroller.



Hello my dudes! Call me Pyxis. I am a 24 year old lady who very much likes other ladies. I work a retail job and I am currently studying photography and design in college. I am PTS based, but I do stay up pretty late either on YouTube or playing video games. I swear I am not violent! I have only been playing Minecraft and I have yet to shoot a gun! Oh please! think of the children!

Anyway, I have been roleplaying for quite a few years now. I think I started on Meez. Ah, who remembers that website? Anyway, I tend to stick to either Slice of Life or Fantasy RPs. I do love adventuring and some character drama too. I prefer FxF and MxM over FxM. when it comes to pairings, but I can give a try to anything and everything. What an OT3? SURE! Just no weird shit. Plz.

I ALSO LOVE PINK. ALL KINDS OF PINKS. exepct neon. neon pink go fuck off.


- My mom told me that the first milk I ever drank was from an expired formula. Nice.
- Have I mentioned I love pink?
- Last time I went to Vegas it was so cold that by the time I got to my hotel I couldn't feel my feet or my fingers. It was a nice expirence. After almost being trampled by a bunch of people.
- Want to add me on stuff? I only have Discord right now.

- My Interest Check for 1x1
- My Character Sheet Display for 1x1


- Devils and Dust
- Truly Damned

I really like Pink

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@Stern Algorithm

Nothing to worry about! Enjoy your family time dude
I had planned my ex's mom wedding for her. I knew about photography and wedding planning since I want to do that professionally, but like I pretty much planned it for her. I even helped her pick out her dress, her flowers, her makeup and shoes. She was happy to have me help her. Told me that she wouldn't have been able to do her whole wedding without me. Hell, I even helped her get dress and get a discount on the photography. The day of the event she even thanked me in front of everyone during the toast.

I thought we were close. I would help her cook when I would go over for dinner. We would tease my ex and even shop together.

But not once did she acknowledge me as her daughter's long term girlfriend. Not once did she introduce me as " my daughter's girlfriend" or even acknowledge that we were together. I hadn't notice it at the time becauae I was just happy to be accepted by my ex's family.

When her daughter and I split after 3 years, almost 4, a mutual friend said that her mom had said something along the words of "oh now you can marry a guy and give my grandchildren and live a normal life"

Like fucking wow. Sure, I don't know the whole story, but like fucking wooooow.

@Clever Hans

I see, I do want to create a lady who's gifts revolve around water. She would be able to manipulate water, much like water benders from Avatar. Just that she would have limitations and wouldn't have much experience.

She'd only know some basic moves, like how to freeze water or move it around. Just enough to make her one of those "core members"
I just realized I'm not in the discord chat, would anyone be kind enough to shoot me that link?

Hope these work!

Hunting had become more and more dangerous for Li Wei. It seemed like the normal populous of the city had become more cautious of their existence and the Japanese CCG had been more vigilant. Li Wei wasn't use to eating once a week, or even a month. Back home he had grown so accustomed to eating every day that ever since he came to Japan his meal schedule had gone off. It put poor little Li Wei in a bad mood most of the time, and it often resulted in poor hunts during the night.

Last night had been one of those. Li Wei had gotten careless and hunted with only instinct and hunger in mind. His victim had been a drunk making his way down a few dark streets. At that moment Li Wei didn't think of it much and pounced on the man without striking a killing blow first-- a mistake Li Wei wouldn't be making after this incident.

The man had screamed and alerted the residents nearby. Li Wei had enough time to feed and bounce from the scene before anyone saw him.

Of course, the man's blood hadn't been enough to feed him fully and now Li Wei was in a bad mood. Maybe it was time to get use to more scare meals and try to fit in to this Japanese Ghoul life he sometimes heard of. It didn't matter what Li Wei wanted though, he had to get use to this type of life if he wanted to live. So with a slight slouch to his form, Li Wei made his way to the nearest coffee shop in hopes to at least get something he could drink in peace.
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