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Would anyone be willing to pm with me so i can bounce ideas off them? thoughts etc?

Would be willing to add input if you so desire.

I don't know why, but headcanon has Paige Kennedy potrayed by a drunk Cameron Mitchell:

Back from hibernation. Had to catch on some reading here. Ha! Seems like a lot of great new additions were added to the mix and I am looking forward to interacting with them.

Appreciate the shout out. =]
Sasha Zhenya Kuznetsov

Wednesday Evening

“Welcome back to STUDIO 198.9 with the one and the only Brother Brutus, the man who puts the bass in your face. That was 'Have You Seen Her' by The Chi-lites. Stay tune for more of Sol city’s best selection of funk, jazz, soul, and disco…”, the disc jockey faded out and was replaced by an overeager salesperson hocking mattress or some other accoutrement.

Sasha tuned out the onslaught of garish commercials and focused on his emery board, scratching his nails into fine points. It had certainly been an intriguing last few days to say the least as yesterday after the ill-fated jazz shindig the cops took Lupe into custody for allegedly violating his supervised release, while also picking up Khorshid for questioning over some incident involving the woman that so rudely interrupted their fun. It was quite amusing to watch a team of police officers bust up early morning tea at Lyla MacConnel’s place; that sweet old lady sure had a mouth on her and Sasha was certain that she already at the courthouse with her legal team following through on her profanity-laden threats to entangle Sol City and its police department in another frivolous yet lengthy lawsuit. Despite the protests of his chimp who screeched loudly at the cops Khorshid was escorted out in his glittering pink pajamas (due to the fact that as a holder of dual citizenship the police more than likely considered him a flight risk), while Lupe was dragged out by a plethora of officers as he blabbered something about police brutality. The police searched the premises for Bob, but having made himself scarce after Monday’s events it was no surprise that he eluded capture. Sasha merely provided the card of his lawyer to an officer.

Though his Khorshid possessed a childish ignorance and Lupe was a hothead Sasha truly believed his cohorts knew when to lawyer up considering this was not anyone’s first rodeo with the law. Sasha had really no recollection of what occurred on stage after he had that hunk of a man pinned under his body…needless to say he had other tantalizing thoughts occupying his mind at the moment. It was quite the shame that the sprinklers caused the crowd to panic interrupting their tender moment, Sasha was so looking forward to being further acquainted with the object of his desires. Staring down at his nails as he admired his handiwork, though he despised how his cuticles tended to dry in the winter months. He made a mental note to stock up on some La Mer’s hand treatment.

Sasha was truly unsure where Khorshid’s manservant was and perhaps that was for the best. Come to think of it after all these years Sasha came to realize that he did not even know Bob’s last name. Though if he had to hazard a guess if Bob was not holed up with one of the Indian’s old lady admirers he was on the lam elsewhere. Sasha was not privy to the inner workings of Khorshid and Bob’s odd relationship and was unaware if they had some kind of plan for situations like this, but regardless Bob had proved himself rather resourceful in the past and perhaps the workhorse was relaxing on some undisclosed beach sipping a Bellni glad to have Khorshid out of his hair for the time being. While, most people would be under immense stress with the law breathing down their neck like this, Sasha was nonplussed as these events certainly paled in comparison to the clusterfuck that was the group’s excursion to Cabo San Lucas last August. The fact that the trio, Bob, and ugh…his stupid ex-boyfriend managed to sweep those “shenanigans” under the rug only served to further highlight the impotence of the proverbial long arm of the law when it came to dealing with fiscally enabled people.

Sasha made a sour expression as he had not thought of his former flame in a few months, when Curtis walked out shortly after Cabo it left a gaping hole in his soul that he has yet to fill. Damn that…umm… Marcella? Marcy? Maranda? Maria? No, wait was totally Marilania Olympus, the very same woman from the Old Starboard. Well ain’t it a small world after all. Well damn that bitch for making him recall that slut Curt. He tossed his emery board aside in frustration.

“Is there a problem Mr. Kuznetsov?” slyly asked the woman driving his 2017 Lykan HyperSport.

“No”, he sternly retorted.

If being reminded of his former fling wasn’t bad enough due to this irritating investigation he was forced to be escorted around by his nemesis of sorts. Tanja Danka Struna was the Tallyrand to his Napoleon in the sense that she was a thorn in his side that he could not fire as she not only worked directly under his prestigious uncle, but she was held in great regard by the old fool. He was did not care what her actual title in the Vencorp International was, it probably something verbose like Senior Security Consultant when it should be ‘Buzz-killer’ or ‘Female Version of Zazu from Disney’s the Lion King’. She was nothing more than an over-glorified babysitter who was occasionally brought out by Aleksey Petrov to watch over his wayward nephew in times of trouble. It was clear that this waste of space would be staying for the foreseeable future as Sasha had never seen his favorite Uncle so angry, provided Aleksey was still unaware of the goings on in Mexico or this measure would have been implemented earlier. Perhaps his uncle was enraged about all the negative press his company received over the Jazz fiasco; there was even concerning article from The Blaze that attempted to link Vencorp International to the legal arms trade in Africa.

Though the writer of that particular piece seemed to be remorseful about how the hunt for the truth was a double-edged sword and no matter what the outcome was in cases such as this ripple can be damaging for generations. The article goes on to say, “…unfortunately in cases such as these determining copiability in such acts can be a philosophical conundrum. If one unknowingly eats from the table of an exploiter are they inheriting the host’s immorality? Are the sins of a relative your sins? I honestly do not know, but after my confrontation with Ms. Romus perhaps I have been thinking perhaps it should not be the job of the press to determine such things…”

Tanja was there to ensure Sasha was actually showing up at his cushy job, to reign in his exuberant spending, slowly ween him off illicit substances, and steer Sasha away from the spotlight...certainly all weighty tasks. The raven-haired nag was certainly an obstacle to overcome in his pursuit to living life at the limit, but his Uncle could not keep him on probation forever and once this blows over Sasha was certain things would return to normal.

Sasha hated actually having to show up at the office and deal with the peasantry, it was utterly exhausting. Pedantic meeting after pedantic meeting. What a snore. He could not even fit in a game a Squash in as he only had a measly hour lunch. What a joke. He utterly loathed the Rat Race and the nine to five life was certainly not for him. Working in general was certainly not for him.

“For dinner I was thinking that we should stop at the Shawarma Palace….”

“The Shawarma Palace!? Surely you jest. You know that my refined pallet cannot handle such slop. I thought I explicitly instructed you to make reservations at Hideaki.”

“The price for dinner there is approximately $600 per person, not including beverages and tax. That is completely out of your Uncle’s proposed daily budget.”

“Per person. Ha! You honestly expected that I would further ruin my day dinning with the likes of you. Please. Since it been what…nine or ten years since you last had the pleasure of basking in my presence perhaps you’ve forgotten that the help stays in the car. You’d do well to remember that. Now take me to Hideaki you stupid cu…”

Tanja slams of the brakes of the multi-million-dollar car bringing them to an abrupt stop and causing Sasha to lurch forward. “Hell to the no. You won’t be addressing me such disrespect boy. Yes, I called you a boy because that what you are a twenty-six-year-old boy. You’d do well to remember Sir that I work for your Uncle’s company as do you. As for help, the kind of help you need is certainly outside my parameters. You know the reason I am here to bring your spoiled ass back to reality and this isn’t nine years ago. Now your Uncle approved emergency measures to combat your irresponsibility. You ever hear of failed states. Well right now in the eyes of the board of directors you are failed person. While, your Uncle is in good health the board is spooked by the whole Gaétan Cyrille situation; no one wants a power vacuum like what happened at Visionetworks. To put this simply you stand to inherit everything should your Uncle become incapacitated and the board members fear that despite the safeguards as owner and majority shareholder you’d ruin the entire enterprise into the ground like the Cyrille heirs did. This is your last chance to shape up Mr. Kuznetsov. Now let’s be adults and enjoy a nice meal at an affordable price.”

“Fine…whatever. I am not in the mood to argue.”

As the car sped off towards the restaurant the wheels in his mind were already turning. The Perfect Posse might be broken today, but Lupe was already on the fast track to being released as once the charges against him were dropped by the journalist he had battered the state would most likely drop the criminal prosecution. Khorshid was probably already released as the cops could not hold him indefinitely without pressing charges, they would probably just monitor his passport and whereabouts. If Bob could stay hidden for the duration of public interest in the Swan Songs debacle he could just resurface at a later date and claim through a lawyer that the woman in question asked for the drugs. Soon they would have their revenge and Perfect Posse would be stylin’ and profilin’ once more.
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Sikorsky S-92 VVIP Configuration Helicopter

Duško Jadran liked to imagine he was still on the battlefield fighting, but it was clear that his mercenary days were long behind him as he’d made the mistake of backing the losing side one to many times; though despite having civilian life thrust upon him he was still a disposable person as this throwaway identity proved…nationality Serbian…cute. His checkered past made him the perfect Vencorp International employee and he long ago made peace with the fact that his employer was the real-world iteration of Lex Luthor straight from the comics; though their checks cashed and as of yet he was not being deported into the hands of his numerous enemies, so who was he a hired-gun to complain about morals. The fleet of Sikorsky S-92 VVIP Configuration choppers and other aircraft were not only used to shuffle around the trio of toddlers after all, sometimes Mr. Petrov’s company had to enter into enhanced negations off the clock and sometimes the competition didn’t fly so good in a manner of speaking. Duško felt deep down that he too was destined meet an untimely end, but he knew there was no fighting fate. Fortuna was a capricious mistress indeed and only she truly knew your final resting spot on her wheel.

For some reason it took his charges for the evening longer than usual to load into the chopper, security really was not on point today as they almost left the Russian one to fend for himself against the mob of drenched patrons. Good thing he had the foresight to prep the chopper beforehand or else the firetruck would have hit them instead of coming extremely close to hitting them. Perhaps a pilot with a conscious would have just taken the hit, but two tours in the Democratic Republic of the Congo scrubbed him of any such weakness. He quickly maneuvered the aircraft as close to the crowd as feasibly possible and took off from there knowing the crew of the firetruck wouldn’t dare ram the helicopter this close to the crowd and risk both vehicles careening into the storefront possibly killing or maiming everybody. The good sarmatians aboard the fire engine would apply the brakes post haste or there would most likely be double digit casualties; Duško knew that damaging the chopper would afford him the firsthand look of what it must have been like to be D.B. Copper in his final moments and the former mercenary knew he’d did not want to go out like that. Those unlucky enough to not to be aboard looked rustled from the sudden influx of strong gusts and some looked like they were injured from being abruptly knocked off their feet, but perhaps lady luck was on his side as it looked like no one was decapitated by a propeller. The chopper ascended into the air and took off.

The Perfect Posse were unperturbed by their recent brush with possible death at the hands of their piolt and were loudly hurling curses down upon the emergency responders as their Sikorsky S-92 VVIP Configuration helicopter speed off to Nocturnus Manor an unincorporated community on the far outskirts of Sol City. There is much debate as to whether or not the seven mile (4480 acre) stretch of land is within Sol City limits as it was purchased in the early 1920’s from the city by the socially prominent MacConnell family for the equivalent of $30 million dollars in today’s money; their intention was to accrue more adjacent land to build Nocturnus which was to act as a sister city to Sol, but due to unforeseen economic depression that ravaged the country the project was shuttered and no further land was acquired. Sol City declares de-facto jurisdiction over the area and it’s residents (descendants of MacConnell family and their relatives) for the most part accept this fact.

Though there are a few loopholes that exist and that is how Kiran the Chimpanzee is able to take up residence on the grounds of the Manor and not in the city proper. Lyla MacConnell who recently turned 68 was a moderately popular movie starlet in the 1960’s took a liking to the Perfect Posse and allows her “boys” full access to her extensive property. Some think she is a poor woman whose deluded herself into thinking she could change these pompous brats, while others think the weird association is more out necessity as the MacConnell fortune has long since evaporated and Vencorp International has recently taken control of the estate’s finances in order to save the land from being sold back to the city.

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Khroshid and Lupe

Much like bears near your campsite it is strongly advised not to approach the Perfect Posse let alone interact with them in such close proximity, it is best to let them mull around and leave on their own terms. Provoking them within arm’s reach alone usually ends poorly just check Lupe’s Instagram for confirmation of that. Though braver than most it was quite foolish of Marinalia to assume that the Perfect Posse would not stoop to assaulting her.

Khorshid was not one to take being interrupted lightly. It was not fair. It was his turn on the microphone. This basic bitch was making him hot under the collar, it was almost criminal to interrupt a great performer such as himself; it was like this bimbo never saw his numerous Bollywood pictures or heard his plethora of albums. Turning his back to her and the crowd he ripped his frilly blouse in anger. Everyone wanted a piece of him and it was clear this British bombshell was no exception, well lucky for her he had a lot of love to give.

He twirled around and grabbed hold of Marinalia mid-pause pulling her close with surprising burst of strength; he maneuvers her hand holding the microphone far enough away to where it would not pick up his voice while at the same time forcing her free hand to rub down his now exposed slightly toned chest.

“My name’s Khorshid. I’m a Virgo. And you know it just so happens I was looking for a fine girl to rub all over my abs. I know we just met, but is it wrong? I said is it wrong that I to want to kiss you so bad girl.” He stops to take a deep breath before continuing. “Just want to kiss you. Hee hee. I don’t think you heard me correct. Is it wrong that I want to kiss Y-O-U? I’m talking to you pretty thing. You like rides? I can take you to Disneyland tonight baby. Show you all the rides lines. Just you and me makin’ this kingdom magic.”

Lupe would have responded to the fiscally disabled heckler again, but in his stupor he was too transfixed by the events occurring on stage. At first he was enraged at the women’s haughtiness, but who was he to deny his friend some action. He says to Khorshid, “Ah, shit playa. Bless up! You gonna show this mouthy slut a good time tonight K and you ain’t offered her any ‘tea’ yet? Seriously as an Indian I thought you knew the English were all proper like. Bob get your useless ass over here and serve our lady guest some complementary Purple dr…’tea’. An old family recipe. Ha!”

Bob approaches and takes the golden cup from Lupe’s outstretched hands. The manservant wipes the brim of the ornate chalice with a handkerchief. Some of the closer guards chuckle as he makes his way over to her. Bob looks at her with a mixture of pity and contempt. With one hand he pressed the cup of Lean to her mouth whilst with the other he pulled her head back to ensure she would swallow the majority of the vile mixture of prescription-strength cough syrup, Sprite, and Lupe’s back-wash. Once done he scurries out of spitting distance.

Lupe continues, “K you gonna introduce her to your Chimp whens you done? Like as youse always saying bitches love the monkey….”

He would have continued blathering had he not interrupted by the piercing sound of alarm bells and water raining down from the sprinklers.

Khorshid releases his vicegrip and pushes himself away from the girl, “Gonna have to take a rain check girl as unfortunately the park is closed due to inclement weather. Hee hee.”

Security begins to escort the two men and Bob towards the front exit violently pushing aside those unfortunate to get in their way seemingly forgetting Sasha in the confusion.


“No, I am sure we met silly. I never forget a face especially a handsome one. You’d think I’d just sporadically lunge at anyone? Please I am not that depraved. Though do I confess I did envision you romantically catching me in your arms darling, but here we are on the floor again with the dust bunnies. Normally I abhor dirt, but for you I can tolerate almost anything I honestly hope you did not hit your head. I did last time and let me tell you that is far from being fun.”

Sasha gave Ren a puzzled look before flashing him a sly smile and a wink.

“Oh, I get it…someone likes to party. Tsk Tsk. Naughty boy. I can’t believe I missed it earlier. Didn’t your parents tell you not to mix drugs and alcohol mister. I would not want to take advantage of you in such a state. I can’t mangle your mind with loving if drugs and alcohol are already doing that. Sigh. You’re lucky that I found you before someone with ill intent did darling. Would hate to see your cute mug on the back of a milk carton.”

He slowly lifts himself up from his comfortable position on top of Ren and rises to his shaky feet. He offers a hand to help up the target of his affection. Alarm bells go off and the sprinklers start steadily spraying water on the patrons.

“Well that certainly is one way to sober up”, muses Sasha as he watches his security move passes him.

“Well, looks like my ride is leaving without me. Catch ya later hot stuff.”

Sasha then bounds after his cohorts.

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