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If this is still accepting I believe it is time to have Lupe (and possibly the rest of Perfect Posse) return to Sol City. I just require a recap of key events since chapter one.

One or perhaps two hours passed and Sasha felt himself overtaken by a seemingly impenetrable feeling of claustrophobia as he was swept up in the mass of people making their way into City Hall, the euphoria initially brought on by his cocaine binge almost entirely exhausted. Though he was on a certain level amused by all the thin-skinned morons making their way inside; it was not even that cold. He attempted to mentally hearken back to his actions prior to this moment, but it was just a blur of utter banality. Ugh. The petite Russian internally chided himself for the company he undoubtedly shared during the unaccounted time as to put it mildly his drug addled self was truly a glutton for social interaction. Things could have honestly been worse as he could have woken up with some piece of gutter trash. Before any further self-reflection Sasha realized he could really use an alcoholic beverage on the rocks right about now preferably one in a decent glass with whiskey rocks instead of ice, but in situations like these one should not have too high expectations lest they wish to be underwhelmed. Circumventing his way around a few clusters of meandering simpletons Sasha eventually found the bar and ordered a bottle of Balvenie 21 Port Wood for himself. While not often falling into the whiskey praising crowd, his fond enjoyment of the memorable aftertaste of this particular Scottish blend was no secret. Once the whiskey was prepared to his satisfaction, Sasha took a whiff of the liquid before taking a small sip; rolling the potent liquid around in his mouth, he picked up on the plethora of earthy flavors and needless to say they were simply divine. Sasha eyes scanned the slowly dispersing crowd his eyes darting from social group to social group. For a brief, second his heart fluttered, as he believed he locked eyes with the mysterious stranger he had been crushing on. But, that probably was a statistical impossibility as it was probably just some residual hallucinations from the cocaine. He made a mental note to confront his personal drug pusher on the issue as he suspected that the suppliers were cutting the product with some inferior junk again. Ridiculous. It was hard to find an honest supplier of illegal narcotics nowadays.

He pulled out his Ulysse Nardin crafted cellular device and leisurely perused his various social media outlets. Sasha quickly shot a text message to his two cohorts and was embarrassed that he failed to do so earlier. It was time to regroup.

Khorshid, and Lupe

Lupe felt overtaken by the plethora of different emotions washing over him as he reflected on the many different situations that the pair had been through. It was no joke that without Paige he would have expired well before his time; it was almost like she was a moderating presence in his life and once she left he became involved progressively worse fiascoes that he was unequipped to handle. The Cuban American felt he could have handled things like his father’s failed Presidential campaign, Cabo San Lucas, and the Bob incident better had she been around. However, though he could not articulate why he strangely held no resentment towards her for these personal failings and was ultimately glad Paige was excelling at her chosen carrier.

“Damn, working right now Batgirl. Ha, only you would be working during a party. Hell yes, Gulfstream are awesome. They make first class on other airlines look like a joke and not the funny kind either.” He let out a chuckle as she addressed the older man.

“The folks are alright, I guess. You know how the Judg…Senator is. Always riding my ass about something. We totally should catch up though, it has really been too long. Haven’t played a good game of golf in a while, it is almost like some goofballs up here don’t get the game. As usual It would be tight if you could help me out again as my well...hasn’t been doing so good easing things over with the prosecutor’s office.”

Lupe bids his Farwell to Paige as she cavalcaded off to dangle crooks off of buildings, save cats from trees, or whatever other badass stuff she did for a living. Despite his large size even he was starting to feel cold and he impatiently waited for Khorshid to finish his call. However, by the look on the Indian’s face the call was not going so well; Lupe was not the sharpest crayon in the box, but even he knew that the outlaw bikers probably had no intention of being part of his cohort’s crazy scheme especially since Khorshid was dumb enough to give them their money upfront.

@SgtEasy, @Robo27, & @Rabidporcupine

Sasha licked his gums, closed his eyes, and let his rapid heartbeat overtake all noise, the rhythmic sounds emanating from his body were a testament to his continued perseverance in face of his enemies. He quelled the rising wave of paranoia before it overtook him completely. There was a certainly a logical reason this Jimmy character looked familiar or perhaps it was just his drug addled mind attempting to manufacture an outlet for his more primal desires. Dr. Huxley was always extoling the values of dark chocolate and perhaps the guru had a point in a metaphorical sort of way. It seemed to Sasha that Fortuna herself was rewarding him with a plethora of desirable men in his life…the mysterious stranger, that Thor-esque biker, and this handsome specimen before him. Opening his eyes Sasha blatantly moved them slowly down Jimmy’s body, he was certainly a hunk of a man and his suit seemed to be well fitting in all the right places. Rawr. Sasha nibbled on his bottom lip as he internally fawned over this well-endowed individual. It was clear that this gentleman truly knew the meaning of strenuous living.

“The name is Sasha darlings and it is certainly a pleasure to make your acquaintances. Though I am sure we’ve all met before at some point. Think I ran into Kei twice before…well now makes thrice and Jimmy you also look awfully familiar. Cannot seem to put my finger on where I know you from, though I’d never forget a handsome face. Have we had the pleasure of dinning together before? Barcadia? Pastels? Crayons? No, wait do not tell me. I have this mental image of dinning with you at this quaint little Native American joint that recently opened I swear you had the barbecued foie gras with the cactus pear salad and I had roasted quail with polenta and green beans… or was it vice versa. Shit…”, Sasha trails off as he fails to suppress some cocaine related sniffles.

Disposing of the hot chocolate mug in a nearby garbage can, he pulls out some liquid sanitizer from his clutch and cleans his hands before picking up the conversation again. “…Sorry about that. One of the downsides of snow I suppose. Where were we. Oh, yes I remember…how rude of me. It is a Slavic custom to great one’s fellow male acquaintances with a kiss. Remember it is only weird if you make it weird darlings.”

Before anyone could object Sasha moves in and plants a quick kiss on Kei’s lips and does the same to Jimmy’s, though he lingers slightly longer than what would be considered socially acceptable. No surprise, but Jim’s lips tasted like orange sherbet…that mixture of vanilla and orange juice was quite alluring. It took all of his inner resolve not to completely shatter the boundaries between a gesture and an inappropriate advance.

Sasha raised an eyebrow at Joseph’s cardboard get up and let out a chuckle, but it was far from the worst outfit he’d ever seen in and it was at least a unique display. At the mention of Lupe Sasha momentarily wondered where the fat bastard was and endeavored to eventually track him down. “You sir are quite maggered, but I appreciate the sentiment nonetheless and harbor no ill will towards you. With all this talk of a lone wander with a noble inheritance are you sure your name is not Strider or spoilers Aragon, but I digress.” Sasha shrugs and kisses Joe on the lips. Might as well sample the wildlife per say.

After unlocking lips the petite Russian whispers in the wander’s ear. “As Elrond says in the movie and perhaps even in the book. ‘Put aside the Ranger, become who you were born to be.’”

Sasha felt like he needed some more cocaine as some clever devil hid the prior stash in his bloodstream.

Khorshid, and Lupe


Lupe was not particularly fond of unneeded physical activities despite what the tracksuit might suggest, and he was unsurprisingly quite winded by the time he reached Paige. A more self-conscious man might attempt to hide their apparent shortcomings, but Lupe valued the realness between himself and Paige too much to put on some sort of front. Lupe was glad to see that her new law enforcement position was at least slightly more stimulating than protecting his old man and it was clear that she was getting the respect that she deserved. It would be pointless to mention that she only grew even more beautiful in her absence as that was to be expected. A rare genuine smile crosses his visage complimenting his rosy cheeks as he approaches his crush and friend. He embraces her in a big bear hug.
“Paige? Wow! Bless up! Longtime no see. So, stoked to have caught you before you were dragged off on another mission to save the world. Hopefully things are going well for you. I am let’s just say an honored guest of the Sol City for the time being.”

Lupe lets out a hearty laugh as he roles up a pant leg to reveal an ankle monitoring device.

“I was warned that leaving the city proper entails some sort of additional punishment, so I decided I could take in some of the local entertainment while I wait for the charges to be dropped. What about yourself? I can’t see you as some clueless tourist? So, what's the sitch? No need to go into specifics. Someone going to you know go after the mayor or something? Is it Aliens? Is it finally Aliens? Are we going to go full on X-files?”

Khorshid was about to butt in, but the ringing of his cellular device caused him to excuse himself and found a seclude area to take that call. Seemed Bubba had the nerve to call him after all. He felt like laying into the bikers, but while he was not the sharpest crayon in the box he was not that stupid. He would let them do the talking.
Will have a post up tonight.
Merry Christmas.

He was indeed the major aesthetic inspiration for Lupe.

Gonna be some intresting interactions here to say the least. Ha! Also random picture of Lupe
lol, aye, Kei, Sasha and Jamel make a odd trio to be sure.

One could say it is so wrong...that it is right. :p

Ooh wait... Am I seeing the possee suffering a split?

Is Lupe trying to usurp and maybe remove Sasha from his throne, or even further the whole posswe... Did Lupe declare his flag? Will Sasha and Ren finaly meet again and will romance down.

Quite a nail biter here. I am on the edge on my seat.

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