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Another post from phone, while also drunk....sorry...I'm pretty much always at the bar. In my defense the bartender is my girl...hehehe...peace and love.
Dalious lost everything. All the earnings, and plus the coin he got back from that one mysterious red headed elf lady. He was on his last bet, but luckily for him it was the winning kind.

"I'm all in," Dalious said to the gamblers surrounding him.

"All in?? You have nothing left," one of them said. "You're down to nearly nothing... especially nothing we want!"

Dalious was drunk at this point, but still aware. He was seconds away from putting the ship on the line, so sure he would win everything. However, then the red headed beauty of an elf showed up. She seemed to plead to join his crew, all eyes on her.

"She's mine," Dalious said, looking at his fellow gamblers, and also pointing at her boobs. "I'll bet her."


They dropped their dice. Dalious won...not only did he win, but he won everything back. The pirate sighed relief as the others walked away in grief. He then put his full attention on the elf.

"Absolutely you can join my crew, especially after helping me with that win," he told her. "But don't be fooled love, I'm not an idiot. I know what your after."

Dalious started walking toward the ship.

"You're after my good looks, and I can't blame to join me? This is, after all, MY ship! Let me show you around."

He was hesitant to break from dock with or without the others, after all he barely knew any of them. Though, for now, he was just living in the moment.

The pirate smiled as he blended into the crowd. He propped up on a stool and looked back at his ex mistress just to see the look on her face when she realized she had been had. Her face beamed red as she spun around in anger.

"Ha!" Dalious grunted and then mixed back in with the people. With a quick slight of hand he gave her a bag full of rocks, he always had a decoy for just this situation.

He had lost the others, however, he knew where they were heading. Wouldn't be long before they figured out the way back. He'd simply just await their return from the ship. So long as no more distractions arose...

When he reached the docks, he quickly got distracted by a game of dice. There were a few of them playing, all crews from different vessels. He saw no harm in trying to win a few more coins while he waited the others. Besides, he was a good skipping stone or two away from their ship.

Oh yeah and you guys can just keep me within or near to the group if it makes things easier I was just going on a random scene whilst drunk...which is kindof all of them but whatever.
Out of curiosity, are we eventually supposed to merge the newbie in with us or keep intentionally avoiding her? Not sure how this is supposed to go so wondering...
Fyi, I edited my post a tiny bit. I wrote it at the bar and now that I'm sober I realized some of it made no sense, fixed what I could.
Your not alone!!! At being new to it...
Just a random drunk post from me I hope its ok
Another turn and they would come in sight of the market. People as far as the eyes could see, all going about their business whatever it may be. Dalious paused from his group, separating himself for mere moments as he was finally capable of knocking off the block of ice that Gwyn put upon his mouth. When he looked up there after, he had lost his comrades in a crowd of people.

None of them in sight, the first thing he found was a direct slap in the face. He shook his head clear to see a beautiful red headed woman, one he had recognized slightly. Her name was Elizabeth and she was, at least last he remembered, a working whore.

"Aww, my love!!" He exclaimed.

"Don't talk to me like we're in kindness you rubbish piece of shite!!"she yelled back, slapping him one more time across his cheek. "You horrible excuse for a man! You owe me a fine sum you miserable wank!"

Dalious looked around for an out, but his new friends seemed to disappear. "You never paid me for that time we did the naught, running away like a thief newborn child!! You owe me some coin!!! Now!"

"Didn't I pay that in love??" He asked, trying to remember who in the hell she was. Unfortunately, he soon remembered after one more slap to the face.

"You had me and then stole back the money you owed me you right piece of shit!" she yelled.

"Aww, the memory is a bit fuzzy.."

She slapped him again.

"Listen, love...umm...Ellie??"

"Elizabeth!!". She slapped him again.

"Right..." His cheek was turned red. "I'm sorry need to worry. I've got your money here...". He handed over what the newcomer woman they had just met had handed him.

"It's a bit short,"Elizabeth said. " will do... don't let me find you again."

Dalious nodded in agreement. "Ma'am."

Once she finally walked away, he looked around for his companions again. He found himself lost in a sea of people.
No worries it's fun to be gagged every once in awhile....forget I said that.
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