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My name is Sol and I'm an alcoholic. That's pretty much it. I love to write but I'm lazy as all hell. Here's some of my music:

The mind has endless possibilities.

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"Go to the military checkpoint, go now!" Ethan spoke to his wife over the phone. "I'll be there as soon as I can!"

He was in the sheriff's office, a small brick building that stood alone on the winding road leading up toward the mountains. When he hung up the phone he buried his head into his hands and sighed, things were getting far worse. The military was now evacuating people from the entire state, claiming for all residents to go to the checkpoints.

His partner lay across the floor, blood scattered everywhere around him. Just moments before the bitten officer attacked Ethan, forcing him to shoot. Ethan sat in silence with his head buried, contemplating what had just happened. He knew it was the disease that made his partner go mad, but now he was dead. Slowly the deceased partner started to move along the blood stained tile floor.

There was only one other living person in the sheriff's office, a man who was sitting on a bench behind steel bars, held as a prisoner. He wore a black suit and tie with a white undershirt, a dark overcoat over top. His hair was slicked back and his face was handsome and seemingly young, though he was much older than he appeared.

His name was Dallen Larson, arrested for murdering his wife and the state attorney she cheated on him with. He was to be held here until they could transfer him back to the city but numerous complications since then have kept him put.

"You should try the head," Dallen said calmly. Ethan's partner rose to his feet once again, a shriek coming from his mouth as he stood and stared at them with blank eyes. Ethan aimed his gun again and hesitated. The partner hadf already taken three shots to the chest. As the infected officer rushed forward, Ethan fired a bullet into his skull and it fell limp to the floor. Ethan kicked his arm to make sure it was dead. "See! Now we're both murderers."

"I'm not a murderer!" Ethan replied while he reloaded his weapon. He had already prepared a large rucksack of weapons and ammo from the station, placing it in the trunk of his police vehicle outside. Even he knew it was time to leave, the transport was over a day late which never happened. "You're the murderer, I was just defending myself. Something was wrong with him, you saw!"

"Something was wrong with the people I murdered as well," Dallen admitted, a sly smile spread across his face.

Ethan's phone rang and he quickly picked it up, though the line was full of static on the other end. He could hear that it was Sarah and she seemed to be going through something similar, again. "Sarah...okay, I will meet you there!" The line went dead.

"Sounds like something bad is happening," Dallen stated. "You should take me with you. Don't leave me here, officer...Hall." He had to look at the man's badge on his uniform to remember his name.

"Someone will come for you, I need to look after the residents..." he started, knowing that things were getting far worse than he ever imagined. He was going to get Sarah and the others, then head to the military encampment to get them all out. This man, however, he didn't trust. His conscience was fighting an inner battle as he knew time was of the essence.

"No one is coming," Dallen said, still calm though a little agitated. "I'll starve here, it will be on you. Then you really will be a murderer."

"Shut up and turn around," Ethan gave in, putting handcuffs back on the man through the bars. He opened the cage and released him, taking him and placing him in the backseat of his cruiser. "Don't make me regret this." Then they headed for the Parson's house, just beyond the hill.


"Stay in the car!" Johnny shouted. He and Sarah had just run up on the entire accident, having been running through the fields. He picked up the largest rock he could find and walked out in view of the people in the crashed vehicle. Holding the rock in one hand and motioning for Sarah to stay behind him with the other.

Across the road stood the infected, and it started walking faster once it saw him. Organs and chunks fell from its chest as it lopped forward with each step, its mouth open and screaming a chilling tone. Johnny rushed in and smashed the rock as hard as he could across its temple, bringing it toplling over to the pavement. From there he started smashing its head in with the rock, over and over just as he had done moments ago with the broken bottle. When its head was mush he backed away and began to vomit.

"Fuck, what the fuck!?" he mumbled between heaves. He continued to vomit until he was finally done, then almost vomited again from vomiting. "We need- we need to get out of here."

Johnny walked over the crashed car after he was finished and sat on the side of the hood, taking in breaths and wiping away blood and sweat. "I think I got it, it's not moving anymore," he said, mainly to Sarah. He pulled out a pack of cigarettes from his shirt pocket, then lit up a smoke and regained himself for the moment. "You two okay? You can relax, I'm famous..."

The chilling scream the infected had let out moments earlier was repeated from another, as the sound echoed from within the fields. They were being pursued by the walkers, all of them now. Slowly the undead pushed through the wheat and corn, their direction in movement seemed to come from the noise and screaming.

"We don't have time, we're meeting the sheriff at this house down the way," Johnny explained through the glass of the window, speaking louder than he wanted to and pointing in the direction he intended. "Does your car work?" If not, it would be a walk but was doable.
uhh, no plans really. I kinda already started with some people from another site. This is what we got so far...

I'm just copying it over here for neatness and documentation sake. After chapter 1 we will open up for joining, where we will tell what's going on in the city rather than the countryside. If interested let me know and I will let you know when accepting.

ok totally failed that link...…
"He-he bit me?" Barbie blurted out in her shock, falling to her knees in the grass. The reanimated man suddenly charged her from the side of the house and tackled her to the ground.

"Whoa!" Johnny yelled as everyone stood up. Someone turned the music off and the place seemed to erupt in instant chaos. People were screaming frantically from the barn, while those along the path to the house were getting mauled. People were too intoxicated to understand the situation.

From over the hill, the morgue walkers pounced on anyone close to them. When others tried to intervene, they were attacked as well. Within moments a great number of people were being swarmed. Everyone else ran toward the front of the house.

Some people drove off, while those that remained gathered around together in the front yard. Barbie screamed as her flesh was being ripped from her, but the rest of Johnny's bandmates were able to tackle her attacker off where Tim held him firmly against the ground. "What the fuck??" he shouted as the infected man attempted to reach back and bite him.

As they continued to hold him down, Perry held Barbie who was still alive. She was gargling on her own blood, unable to speak. The shear look of fear in her eyes as Perry looked helplessly at her. Her body was shaking, but then she stopped dead. "Holy fuck," Perry muttered. He began doing CPR on the girl, unsure if she was still alive or not. Eventually he stopped and checked her chest, feeling no heartbeat. "I think she's dead!"

People were moaning and crying for help near and in the barn, being left along the grass half eaten and wounded. Johnny was helping Tim hold down the infected man when he noticed more were coming after them now. Pushing off and backing away, they still even tried to reason with them. "Back up man!" Tim yelled as he pulled out his gun. James ran over and cracked the closest one over the head with an acoustic guitar, then also pulled out his gun. The brothers always carried their weapons, though Johnny realized all of the rest of the weapons were in his father's bomb shelter.

"She's breathing again!" Perry shouted, he had seemed to be zoning out all around him. When he felt her moving, he pressed his ear to her chest. She rose quickly and grabbed ahold of his head, then began biting harshly into his skull.

Tim and James fired, they shot every bullet they had in their weapons. They fired upon those infected closest to them, hitting them in their chests and limbs. It seemed to work as everything fell over, but to be sure the brothers moved in closer and reloaded their weapons standing above the dead.

"They're not getting up from that..."Tim started, but they arose again. One bit deep into Tim's ankle, while another caught James' leg and brought him down. More of the dead stood from the hill, doubling their numbers. The brothers tried to fight them off but more and more surrounded them and attacked, overwhelming them both.

Johnny smashed a beer bottle over one's head as it approached him, open mouthed bleeding. They stumbled for a bit as it kept pushing forth, but eventually Johnny got on top and started stabbing the broken glass into the infected's face. He could feel its facial bones breaking with each stab, and he did not stop until the thing stopped moving. Blood covered his entire face as he backed off, seeing many more coming from around the house.

Russell ran into the tour bus, attempting to start it but it staled. Before he knew it the bus was surrounded and the walker's broke through the glass of the door. Russell screamed as he was ripped apart on the floor of the vehicle.

Other survivors started to run, anywhere, just off and away from Johnny's house. He himself followed for a while, having a good lead on the infected. He turned around and watched in horror as everyone he knew and loved was being eaten alive, then rising up again and eating someone else alive. The screams continued throughout the neverending horror as Johnny made his way out to the field. He could see people running in every direction, knowing it was miles before any of them would come across anything.

The vehicles were surrounded by the undead, and the horses were being cornered and eaten alive as well. More and more dead ones rose, all of them finishing their meals and continueally heading toward the rest. Johnny ran through the field, until he saw Sarah. She was the only one left he saw that was still alive and still here. "Sarah!" he yelled and ran, nearly out of breath, toward her. "Are you okay? We have to stick together, okay? We have to keep moving." The undead were far off and moving slower now that they had plenty of meat, but they would never stop following.

Johnny took Sarah away and over to a firepit that started in his front yard. A small group of them gathered around cooking food and smores, James the drummer brought over an acoustic and played some campfire songs. Johnny didn't think anything of the bitten guy, shrugging off the thought as that man wandered over toward the barn with a few others. There he seemingly passed out on the grass, with no one realizing that he was slowly dying.

Meanwhile, back in town Ethan Hall drove his police vehicle in to the morgue, a small building that was -taking in more dead bodies than ever before. Ethan brought in yet another dead person, similar story to the rest. When he brought the body in the mortician opened the bag up and took a look. She had been there all night, and she told Ethan that the main thing in common was the bites.

"That's the forth one this week, Ethan," she said and sighed, pushing her glasses up on her face. "Whatever it is, I fear it's highly contagious and spreading fast."

"There are already barricades being set up by the military outside of town," he stated. "It's getting worse, is it airborne?"

"It's too early to tell, but very well could be," she replied. "It's a viral infection I believe. Mercy Hospital in the city is packed with people showing similar symptoms. Something horrible is spreading."

"We'll figure this out, I'll have a broadcast set up by the morning," he said as he made his way to exit the building. "Keep me posted, I've got a few more stops to check out." Ethan exited the morgue, and off in the distance he could hear the partying and noise from the Blackburn residence. He decided to leave them alone, giving them one final night of fun before news really broke out.

As Ethan peeled away, the mortician put on her headphones and started listening to her favorite music, classical. She continued working on the fresh corpse, not noticing the one rising up behind her. Slowly the dead bodies rose from the tables, pushing through the open bags they were set in. Keeping her back to the danger, she couldn't hear the snarling and movements as more of the dead began to stir and rise.

She paused briefly, and when she took off her earphones and turned, it was too late. She didn't even have time to scream as she was instantly pounced on. One of the walkers forcefully bit into her throat, ripping out her flesh and preventing her from screaming. Then two more piled on top of her and tore her apart until there was little left but blood and bone.

When the meal was finished, the undead walkers pressed against the unlocked doors and slid out into the open night air, where the sounds coming from the Blackburn party caught their attention. The walkers went toward the noise.

Johnny came back to the firepit and handed Sarah a plate of food and some water, sitting back down and joining the conversation. They were discussing the news and everything that was going on recently, while simultaneously relaxing and not making such a deal about it all.

"It's gotta be something coming from the shipments over seas," Perry, the band's manager blindly stated. "Probably carried over from China."

"Nah man, it's a disease the birds carry," Russell added.

A young blonde girl, nicknamed 'Barbie' for her resemblance to the doll, came over and sat next to Johnny. Laying her head on his shoulder, she whispered, "Ditch the lame chick, lets go to your room Johnny."

Johnny winced, he had made it clear to Barbie before that they were no longer a thing and were just friends, yet when alcohol was involved she seemed to forget all of that. Trying not to make a rude scene, Johnny leaned back to her and whispered, "She just lost her family, back off okay?"

Barbie huffed and gave Sarah a glare briefly, then got up and headed away and toward party goers at the barn. She walked right past the bitten man who was lying dead on the grass, though he reanimated and she was the first flesh of notice. Pulling and dragging toward her, he followed into the barn unseen by anyone.
The entire ride over to the concert, Ethan tried to speak to Sarah but he kept stopping himself. He realized they had so few memories together that there was no point. It made for an awkward ride until his radio started going off. There was another report of a similar incident, somewhere just outside of the city.

When they arrived to the concert, Ethan left her with "Stay safe, call me if you need a ride back okay?" He gave her his personal number and then left. There was an epedemic going on, yet everything still felt normal. He sighed wondering if the concert was even a good idea.

The Grim played one last song for the audience and then a few fireworks shot off over the lake. Just when Johnny was done saying his farewells, he turned to walk off stage and saw Sarah there. Perry knew her as well and let her in, giving her a backstage seat while she was there.

"Sarah!?" Johnny started, then he just walked up to her and hugged her. "I'm so sorry, I heard. I've been thinking about you all day! Listen, come with me. We're all going to my house for an after party, we should talk there. Nothing crazy like a frat party or something, we're all pretty chill. Come on, we're taking the tour bus!"

The entire ride over Johnny stayed by Sarah, keeping her from the party and the noise surrounding them. He closed the curtains to keep them secluded on the bus, though he couldn't do much about the people on the other side.

"When my parents died, not only did I feel I was to blame, but I felt lost," he told her along the drive. He remembered he wrote an entire album about it. "You're not alone, not when Johnny Blackburn's in town." He suddenly felt closer to her than ever before, even though they rarely knew each other. "Sorry that was cheesy, I'm still kinda in rockstar mode. It's a process."

They arrived to Johnny's parents house in style. After the tour bus came a long line of an entourage. Kegs were set up and music was played, loud enough for the entire country side to hear therm.

"If you don't want to talk about it, I understand," he added as they exited the bus and walked around the property. Strobe lights were in full effect and more and more people showed. The party extended to the barn and all the land in between. It looked as if nearly half of the audience was there. "Do you drink?" They walked to a bar set up and Johnny grabbed himself a beer and offered her anything she wanted.
"I think it might," Ethan replied. "It's some epidemic, it seems. Happening all over the county and beyond. There have been similar attacks, I recommend you stay here for awhile. Or if you have friends in the city, I could drive you anywhere you want to go. All I was supposed to do today was watch over the rock concert." He told himself in his head to stay on topic. "Whatever it was, it wasn't your father. It wasn't his fault, or yours. I promise you I will find out what this is."

Ethan nodded his head to assure himself. "Ma'am, let me know if there's anything I can do." If not, he would make his leave and head out to investigate further.

The Grim concert was going normal for a few songs, everyone seemed to be having a good time. Johnny was in the zone, however he did notice there were a line of military helicopters flying toward the city. They disturbed him and almost made him mess up the song he was playing. Just as soon as they appeared, they were gone.

During a break between songs Johnny scanned the crowd, noticing a few familiar faces of old. "It's great to be home." he said as the drummer kept a steady beat going. Johnny lit up a joint and quickly shared it amongst his bandmates, some in the audience doing the same. "There's a fucking party at the moontower people, and you mother fuckers are invited!" Everything he said got the crowd riled up, no matter how cheesy. "We came here tonight to do two things, rock and roll baby. Lets go." The next song played, one of their more famous hits.

Ethan lowered his handgun, complete shock on his face. He had fired a bullet into the sick man's head, but the old man walked right through the earlier shots. He had never seen anything like it, but very similar stories were happening throughout the county.

He spent the rest of the night keeping his wounded officer alive until the paramedics arrived. He noticed Sarah, one he knew from back in high school. They rarely talked, nothing had changed through the years either. He had a crush on her back then, but has since married the love of his life and has a young baby boy. He shook his head and focused on the dying officer, it's funny what goes through your mind in traumatic situations. Maybe it was because he just killed her father that kept her on his mind.

The bitten officer died hours later. There was a lot of confusion and sadness running through Ethan's mind, and after all of it he recieved calls from the government. Apparently these bites were becoming more and more frequent. Ethan knew he would get no sleep this night.

In the morning Ethan drove a patrol car to the hotel in the city, he knew Sarah was starying there and he had to be the one to talk with her. Knocking on the door of the room she was supposed to be in, he started speaking. "Sarah, It's Ethan Hall. Deputy sheriff, I'm just here to make sure you are okay. We think your father's actions last night, they might be involved in something bigger. I need to speak with you, ma'am."


By noon the venue on Silent Hill was already set up. The audience wouldn't show for many more hours, but Johnny and his band were there early. They did a quick test setup and then went about their own ways.

The drummer of the Grim, James, was a hunter on the side and a cook. He was always near the grill when it was smoking, creating something unique and delicious. He was the youngest of them all yet probably the most talented.

His brother Tim was the lead guitarist and was the polar opposite of James. He liked to hunt as well, but that and music was where the similarities lied. Tim was the ringleader of the group and was usually yelling at something.

The bassist was Russel, and he was the cool one that all the ladies liked, aside from the frontman. His long hair and smile was a trademark at every show, lord knows what the fans would do if he were to cut it.

Johnny used to be the wildman, but through the years he's become much more of who he wants to be. His parents death changed him forever and now he takes little for granted. He generally strayed away from the crowds of people when he could, but when it was time to be the rockstar he knew how to flip the switch.

The manager was Perry, a tall lanky fellow who also went to school with them all. He was the band's voice and made all of the decisions, and was responsible for making them stay rich.

By midday they would all reunite from wherever they all had gone and play a show for the people who were just starting to show up. Surrounding the venue was a large hill that overlooked the valley, with many trees looming around them. The hill was high enough to see almost every building in town.

While the band waited to play, they all gathered in one of many large tents. Perry had recieved word on what was going on with the shooting last night. Making sure the show wasn't to be cancelled, he informed the rest of the group. When Johnny heard it was Sarah's family, he instantly thought about speaking with her just moments before. Something horrible was going on and all he could think to do was give her concert tickets. Still, he hoped she would show so that he could tell her how sorry he was. If anyone knew what she was going through it was him, but he refrained from mentioning running into Sarah to the band.

Before long the sky was beginning to darken and the show had started. Taking a fresh sip of whiskey, Johnny cleared his mind and headed for the stage. The opening riff to one of their recent hits started and the crowd erupted in cheers. He walked through the curtains and grabbed the mic. "Are you ready? Lets go!" Everyone on the hill seemed to jump to the beat of the song.
Johnny was caught a bit off guard by the local fan. He watched Sarah as he spoke to the man, eventually giving him tickets to the show and signing them for him. Sarah left quickly, but he followed right after and tried to catch her before she fled.

"Sarah, sorry you look like you're in a hurry but uh," he said and pulled out another pair of tickets for her. "If you're not doing anything, you should come. We're playing on Silent Hill, you know, the old makeout hill where the moon tower is. Your sister should come to. I mean, or whoever you want to bring. I hope to see you there!"

It didn't end well with Lena, her sister, however he was much more mature these days. Before he could say much more to Sarah, a small mob of people noticed him and surrounded him with praise. He tried to watch Sarah but they overwhelmed him.

From there he headed up to the Kirkman motel where his band members were staying at. They were all passed out from liquor and weed, as expected, and so he slept on the couch and awaited the day of the show.
Johnny Blackburn walked along the dirt path leading home. He had aviators over his eyes and a black cap on his head, and wore jeans and a tank top. A thin sweat formed over his skin as he had been walking for a long time now, the sun as hot as the weatherman predicted. Everything surrounding him was as he remembered it. Beautiful and calm, and fresh unlike the cities he had toured recently. He lived in one of the cities now, but this was his true home. Many memories ran through his mind until he noticed the patrol officer riding up the path from behind on a motorcycle. The officer came and pulled up next to the musician.

"Johnny Blackburn, welcome home," the cop said, taking off his helmet and greeting him with a handshake and a smile. Johnny oblidged and nodded.

"Ethan Hall, you're a police man now?" Johnny asked.

"Deputy sheriff," he replied. "Fairburrow is in my jurisdiction. Say, aren't you supposed to be a big deal now? You're a rockstar, why are you walking home on foot?"

"I left my mates back in town, I like to be alone when I visit home."

"Understood. I'll leave you to it then." Everyone in town had heard about what happened to the Blackburn's...Ethan stumbled his words and tried to ease the conversation elsewhere. "Your show is still on, right?"

"Of course."

"I'll see you then, good to see you Johnny. Oh, and they're giving out free flu shots to the locals this weekend. I recommend getting one while you're here, you know all the crazy crap that's been going around in the city."

"I don't actually, what's been going on?"

"Lotta people getting sick, real sick. Take care of yourself, Johnny."

Johnny continued to walk on as the officer turned and drove back the way he came, his radio crackling on about something urgent.

Ethan was always the quiet, smart type if he remembered correctly. He also remembered getting a bully off of Ethan one time, which was a big deal in the school that got him laid quite a bit. Good times. Now the guy could arrest him, he was just happy that they never butted heads before.

If he had come in with his tour bus on the main road, he would have been ambushed by a parade of the locals awaiting him. All the fame stuff could wait until the show, for now he wanted solitude. Everytime he came home he had to be alone, for it was extremely painful for him as this place was where his parents were buried. Having been a bit successful in life, he was able to keep their old house and left it as was. He paid for it to be well kept, though the caretakers were out of town in the moment.

Making it to the house, he first went to the backyard where his parents were buried together, under their dead apple tree. He knelt and said a prayer to them, letting his tears fall knowing that no one could see him at his weakest. He blamed himself for their death, as he bought them a vacation to a beautiful island. The plane they rode on went down and they died together, but they would have never gone if he hadn't prepared the trip for them. It was three years now until that day.

He slept in his old room that night. In the morning he took his father's old remington rifle and fired at a few placed bottles outside. It relieved his stress and there were none around to hear it or bother him. On the side of the house was an old bomb shelter that held all of his father's weapons still, the shelter went a few floors under the ground. On the other side of the house was the garage, of which still housed his father's motorcycle.

"Right where I left you," he said, starting it up and heading back to town.

The evenings out here were wonderous. A gorgeous aura lit up the skies that formed a million shapes. It felt like a dream as he rode the backway into the small town of Fairburrow. The closest thing to him was the pharmacy, so he decided to take the sheriff's advice before he met up with his band members. He went inside and got the flu shot with relative ease, saying hello and nodding to those that recognized him.

On his way out he recognized a girl, one who's name he couldn't quite place at the moment. However, he remembered her and went over to her. Then it came to him. He used to date her sister at one point in time. "Hey, it's you!" he started, though was still drawing a blank on her name. "Uhm, Sherrie, right? Long time no see, what's been going on?" In his mind he was impressed by how she turned out. She was pretty, and from what he could remember of her she liked his music. "It's me Johnny, how've you been?"
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