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My latest post was from phone and a drunken state.
Dalious gave a hard left hook to the first person he saw after the punch, knocking the culprit out. When chaos assumed around him, he turned to look and see his fellow companions had entered the bar and had taken seat. He made his way over to them, clocking another random person along the way.

"Glad you lot made it, I've made some coin," he said and tossed the coin pouch over to Gwyneria for safe keeping. "By the way they started this, and since I'm in my prime, I'll have to finish it."

He gave Gwyneria a wink just before some random guy smashed a chair over Dalious' back and back head, which knocked him out cold as his unconcious body flopped onto Gwenarias lap.
I just have to add that @The Wyrm, you have the best avatar I've ever seen.
I can't speak for the rest but for me, take your time I'm constantly busy with work as well.

"Right, well here we are," Dalious spoke to Cicero and Gwyneria from the docks. "Port Raventine, one of the biggest shit holes I've ever had the displeasure of knowing. Though the people are quite lovely if you get to know them." Just on land some teenagers stole a stranger's coin purse from his belt and ran off with it, the man screaming obscenities after them and giving them chase.

"If we're going to be going on any much further in our journey together, we'll need some coin as we are indeed quite broke," he went on as he walked. "Leave that part to yours truly, as I know of a few ways to make a quick gain or two. Perhaps you two can find out more information on our little situation. Or if you simply fancy a drink then just follow me, I'm dying for one or six!" Without waiting for their response he wandered off quickly to the nearest pub he knew of.

Black Jack's Roost

Entering the tavern, Dalious kept his head low as he passed through the crowds of people. The last thing he wanted was to run in to someone he knew, as there were none he still trusted these days. He smiled to the first waitress he passed and ordered a few whiskeys and some ale, then made his way forward to a table of a few playing a game of dice.

"No coin, no play," a dwarf spat out, he was a large, short man with a long dark beard and a quick temper. He crossed his arms across his chest and grunted as Dalious approached the table. There sat four others with him, playing a game of pirate dice. The majority of the winnings seemed to be in the dwarf's favor.

"Listen lads, this is all I have left," Dalious assured the drunk men as he dropped a few coins on the table. It wasn't much but enough to get started, just a portion of his share that was made from selling off his old crew.

"Winner takes all, boy," the dwarf informed and pulled up a chair for the newcomer. Each man put five dice into a mug, shook them all up, then slammed them down on the table upside down. Turn by turn they went, and as the time went on, Dalious' pot grew larger and the opponent's he faced grew drunker. By the end of the half-hour, the last two men playing were Dalious and the dwarf, the largest pile of coin on Dalious' side.

"Three sixes."

"Exact!" the dwarf spat. He had two dice left, one being a six and the other a three. He was confident Dalious had two sixes, plus his own six would justify his claim. They showed their hand. Of Dalious' three dice, he had zero sixes, leaving the dwarf's six as the only one. "Damn you outlander! You've won every single damned game since we started!" His face was red and heavy in sweat.

"You've one dice leffft, mate,"the pirate slurred, he was beginning to feel a buzz as he downed another pint and ordered anew. Everyone was either wasted or passed out at the table and the drinks kept coming. Around them the pub was livelier than ever and Dalious couldn't help but notice a stunning red-headed elf that sat at the bar. He combed back his hair with a free hand in case she were to look toward him, but the dwarf grunted loudly, bringing his attention back to the game.

"One four."


"Three fours."

"Ahhh, lies!!"

They revealed their hands again. The dwarf had a single four, while Dalious had two fours and a five.

"Three fours, I win," Dalious said and smiled. "A pleasure."

"Ahh cheater!!" the dwarf yelled and nearly waved his drink off the table. He stood and balled his hand into a fist and he wavered in place hesitantly and drunkenly.

"Only if you catch me!" Dalious spat back. He actually had not cheated this entire game, so he took offense. At this point the others that were passed out at the table had woken up and they all stood around the pirate looking for a fight. One was cracking his knuckles while another sniffed the smoke filled air. "No need for murder so early into the day, gentlemen. I trust we can get behind this in a civilized manner, we are all here for fun." he spoke as he began transporting his earnings into his pouches along his belt.

"I'm pretty sure you're a con man!" the dwarf spoke as he cracked his neck both ways.

"Nonsense, I'm simply a gambling man as you lot are" Dalious went on. "We are all on the same side, mates. All of us come from the same cloth. We are all brothers and friends. Devine's bless us, one and all. All for one, or something like that." Dalious stood with his winnings all stored away. "Now, who's with me!"

Someone punched Dalious square in the jaw and a fight broke out.
I'm still here. Unfortunately, I might be travelling across the country in a few days for a funeral but I will try to get something out before I go. I'll still try to check in but as of right now I'm unsure of how frequent, so I might just make Dal go on his own so the story can move on around me. I'll try to get it up tonight or tomorrow night!
posted what im doing in the background while you two can discuss. if any are curious to hear the song dal's singing here lol:
Dalious hesitantly nodded to the command. "Could we just throw one of them, possibly two, overboard...??" he began in protest but almost immediately thought better of it. "Fine, no more killing unless absolutely necessary."

The pirate let his old crew's fate be discussed and handled by them. While they figured that out, he set the sails proper and turned the ship toward where he believed to be the nearest land. However he was unsure of exactly where he was, the stars were fading from the sky and he would have to wait for another nightfall to use the stars as a map. For now, he coasted them in the direction they were already heading while keeping a watchful eye on the horizon with his spyglass.

"We're past the worst of the storm," he spoke to no one in general. "Smooth sailing ahead, lads. Perhaps a song could ease the uneasy morning." Dalious cleared his throat and then started to sing an old pirate shanty. "Well it'd be alright if the wind was in our sails, oh it'd be alright if the wind was in our sails, it'd be alright if the wind was in our sails and we'll all hold on behind! And we'll roll the old chariot along, we'll roll the old chariot along, we'll roll the old chariot along and we'll all hang on behind..."
Last post was from my phone which was a pain in the ass lol, but thats why the dialogue colors didnt work.
Dalious blacked out momentarily from the crash into the table, missing the blinding light in the process. When he came to, the fight was over and the she elf had Joss on his knees with a blade to his throat. He could see that she was hesitant, so he simply walked over and grabbed the blade from her hand.

[Color=steelblue] "Eye for an eye, mate,"[\color] he said, then stuck the blade through Joss' left eye, before pulling it back out and then slitting his throat. Joss took awhile to die on the floor.

[Color=steelblue]"Thank you lot for believing me," [\color] Dalious spoke to Cicero and the elf. [Color=steelblue] "I'll take you to the nearest dock where you can carry on about your ways. For helping me, I will also give my services to you. I know it may not seem like much, but I really have nothing better to do now that I'm a lone pirate. The rest of mutinys crew can walk the plank on the way. There, it's settled."[\color]

Without waiting for a response, he made his way to the ship's deck and took his captain's wheel. He raised the anchor and fixed the sails for the current blowing wind, then set off to the nearest dock. [Color=steelblue] "Pirate's life,"[\color] he muttered to himself while the sun began to show far off in the horizon.
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