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My name is Sol and I'm an alcoholic. That's pretty much it. I love to write but I'm lazy as all hell. Here's some of my music:

The mind has endless possibilities.

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The man listened to their questions, while his gaze stayed on the sleeping one. "I'll tell you all what you want to know, but only if you pinky promise to get me out of here," he said in jest, knowing he didn't have to many options. "Only kidding. Fine." He cleared his throat and stood upright. "I am Captain Dalious Durendail, I'm certain you've heard of me." He paused briefly in case they had. "No? ...anyway, this is my ship and my crew. Well, was, before the mutiny. It's a long story, I'll spare you the details as I'm not quite yet over it. They aim for the bounty on my head, those meesley vagrants! Never trust a pirate. Except for me, of course."

He squinted as he spoke, trying to see what exactly they were doing to the sleeping one. He couldn't tell, so he continued "I don't know where your things are, a little locked up at the moment. Probably in my quarters above. As for what they want, simply what every pirate wants. Gold. So ask yourself, are you worth anything? If you are, then take note strangers. This crew, though reasonable at times, is the most lethal bunch of misfits I've ever had the misfortune of sailing with. With my absence, they are being run by my old first mate. Joss "Mutiny" Chrom. He's cold and ruthless. Seen him stab a pup once for the fun of it, the grim bastard. But you lot look like you can handle a bone or two, what say you three go up there and kill all of them, eh? Best to get them now at unawares, who's with me?" He was serious, however knew his odds weren't great.
"You do realise that we're opponents in this tournament, don't you?"

"Aye, I do." Dalious stood still and watched as the earthican made quick work of an incoming attacker. He took the time to quickly take a shot from his flask, almost choking when she mentioned the Mother and Father. Putting the flask back on his belt, he winced while he cleared his throat. "I'm sure I'll make them proud, it's not actually them I'm interested are you?"

"I suppose if you're dead set against 'striking' me then we can avoid one another and if we're the last two standing you can, being of a gentlemanly nature, concede the battle."

Dalious just stared as she ran off and joined the ongoing fight. "What a woman." Finally Dalious was noticed, as a Primfiran ran up to him and started swinging and twirling an axe as if he were a tornado. Dalious backed and swayed, quickly identifying his repeat movements. When the opening was presented, he came in with both swords swung together at his chestplate. The Primfiran took the blow while in a mid air swing, the impact knocking him forcefully to the sand.

While the Primfiran caught his breath, Dalious noticed one of the mercenaries from his own team was just now walking out of the arena. He walked over closer to Dalious on his way out. "You're a disgrace to Luthra, but good job." The mercenary walked up with a hand to embrace in fair contest, of which Dalious gladly accepted. Then the mercenary pulled him in closer for a hug, stabbing him with a shiv just under the armor plate where there was no protection. It was discrete and relatively unseen by most. Dalious winced, though held in the pain as it was just as quickly pulled out. "An eye for an eye, Melchior can't always be around to save your ass. Goodluck."

"I'll kill you for this,"Dalious replied, holding it together for the sake of the show.

"Don't come back home," was all he said, as he walked away toward the exit tunnel.

The adrenaline and the liquor helped to mask some of the sharp pain at his side, though he could tell it was deep. Now moving at a bit of a stagger, he made way for the exit himself. However it wasn't long before a few of the last combatants came toward him to take him out.

"Time out? Parlay. I forfeit, mate. I don't want to play your stupid game anymore." Dalious tossed his weapons to the ground.

An exodus warrior charged in at the pirate, swinging a large mace toward him. "Fuck it..." He closed his eyes and took the blow, it knocking him back and to the ground. His entire body was ringing from it, now the pain settling well all over. Spitting out some blood, Dalious nodded to the warrior as he moved on and joined the rest of his remaining team to take out one of the earthicans.

Limping off the field, Dalious pushed people out of his way as he went past them all. A servant looked on him with a worried expression, though said nothing. He grabbed the wine she was serving and chugged it down. "Another! Quickly!" His blood was now spilling on the floor, and the farther he walked the darker things became. "Find me a healer would you? And more wine! Not necessarily in that order." he told the servant before taking one last shot, then passing out face first onto a wooden table that broke in two.

Behind the bars a man waited. Patiently at first, though the longer the newcomers took to arise, the more agitated he became. He wasn't impressed by what he could make of them, at least from what he could see in the dim hull. He began tapping against the steel as two of them moved around, he waited a moment longer to see if he could get a read off of them.

"That one's not gonna last long," he eventually spoke. He pointed a finger toward the larger man just getting up. It took a certain kind of person to handle the sea. He then turned his gaze toward the elf. "But you, love, I've got a good feeling about you. You look like you can handle the big blue." He looked her up and down before adding, "Amongst other things, I'm sure." He paused as the ship took on a rough wave, grabbing tighter to the bars until it passed.

"How's 'bout you lot come over here and hear me out before the crew comes back," he continued. "Smack that one awake, would you big guy? I'll even throw in which of you snores the loudest." He was growing impatient. He knew they still had a long journey yet, though he also knew the crew could become unpredictable and violent if they wanted to. These three were his only chance of escape.

"No need to worry, I don't bite often. You can trust me." He spoke with forced sincerity, crossing his fingers behind his back just in case. "Don't mind this cell, either. It's not what it looks like." He looked at them with a slight smile before looking around himself. "Well, maybe kind of...yeah, it is sort of what it looks like." He winced and cleared his throat. "I can explain?"
Dalious listened as the names were announced. "Dalious Durendail of Luthra, bodyguard to prince Melchior!..." and then the speaker continued down the list.

"Captain! He forgot to say Captain! Captain Dalious Durendail damn you!" Dalious shouted in anger, flinging his arms up. He took a few sips of his rum in his flask, then calmed back down. The selected few to serve Luthra stood next to him, all of them rugged and with hardened looks.

"Fuck the rules," one of them spouted. "I say we do things our way, show 'em what Luthra's all about."

"If you do that, mate, I'll have to put you down myself," he told him while tapping the hilt of his sheathed weapon. They all wore the same armor, the symbol of Luthra crested on the chest plates. Even still they were hardly a team, it was near impossible to form a strategy with such. "Mother and Father are here."

"You're too drunk to fight, fool," he replied. "You've been drinking yourself stupid this entire time when we've been practicing."

"All of those things are true," Dalious agreed with a pointed finger. "Even still, I'm in my prime."

The next moment the Earthicans joined them in the walkway area, while the other kingdoms would come out from the other ends. The fighters from Luthra turned in displeasure, becoming silent as the crowds poured into the arena and the seats filled. Dalious took a glance at them, however, not being impressed like his team. It was when he saw the female amongst them that made him pause in his thoughts, she was hidden behind their biggest warrior. Dalious pranced over to them and gave a warm smile with a half wave.

Just as he approached her, the rules were being announced for all to hear from an echoed voice. Dalious nodded in agreement to the rule of no striking the head. "No touching of the hair or face, that's all I cared for anyway," he randomly said, combing his hair back with his hand. "Listen, love, they didn't tell me any women were fighting in this. It's pirate code for me not to strike one, especially one as fair as you. So, I must forfeit."

He bowed to her, but as the gates opened they were ushered out. "Well, nevermind then!" he tried to tell her but the sounds of the audience was booming. People were yelling and cheering, booing and stomping as the fighters took their place amongst the sand. Dalious raised two dulled swords in either hand as the cheering went on for them all, it was hard not to like the feeling.

He noted the warriors around him and their weapons of choice. Those with the armor of exodus seemed to prefer spears and shields, gaining the advantage of distance. Some of the earthicans carried heavy weapons, most of them looked slow but devastating. Save for the girl, of which he heard from the speaker was the bodyguard for their princess, Laurel Mith. There were many princesses here it seemed, with the princess of Exodus coming forward and delivering her final words. Dalious was to busy in thinking up a strategy in his mind to really hear what she was saying, but he did note that she was beautiful.

Suddenly the green flagged waved and it had begun. Those with the blood of Thanatos ran forward, striking any who would meet them head on. Many met in the center of the arena pit, while Dalious stayed on one end and awaited. It wasn't long before an Exodus fighter came for him, jabbing and stabbing his long weapon at the pirate. Dalious kept him at bay, using both of his swords in defense. He deflected what he could, rolling and dodging out of the way of quicker strikes. Rolling toward the attacker at an angle, he was able to grasp ahold of his spear, while simultaneously he tripped the man with a leg from behind. As he fell, Dalious brought down his weapon and clanked it hard against his chestplate, it dented and signified that he was out. "Not today, mate."

His team was winning, as they all but one took out many from the main battle. They retreated together, then spotted the woman bodyguard taking out others, her attention seemed to be away from them. They rushed toward her, the nearest raising his sword to strike her head from behind. Dalious deflected the blow, as he ran in just in time. He knocked the attackers weapon out from his grasp, spinning around and striking him at his shoulder. The strike knocked him to the ground as Dalious' other teammates started swinging wildly at him, backing him closer to Laurel. One by one Dalious knocked them all down, in few movements he had his team lying on the floor aching in pain. He breathed a sigh of relief after he had downed his own men, not realizing there were many still fighting.

Turning to Laurel, he kept his weapons held low and he smiled as if he did her some grand favor. "Impressed?" he asked, being distracted in the moment. He looked back at his men on the floor, giving her the perfect opportunity to take him out if she wanted. "They never could deal with a southpaw, poor chaps."

Since we changed the timeframe, I will join that parris group from the start now. Also, gonna take me a day or 2 to catch up with reading feel free to keep going. Just a heads up.
Not quite yet I'd like to start alone with nothing. But if I end up there then yea maybe. It is very possible I just get trapped and eaten by a horde before I reach anyone.
You had me at hello sign me up. Also side note I loved that guy in Buffy\angel.
I changed up my weapons. Alls I gots a meesley machete and empty gun, so which one of you loners wants to meet up and protect me lol?

Let me know if I should add more, I tend to suck at character sheets...

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