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My name is Sol and I'm an alcoholic. That's pretty much it. I love to write but I'm lazy as all hell. Here's some of my music:

The mind has endless possibilities.

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posted what im doing in the background while you two can discuss. if any are curious to hear the song dal's singing here lol:
Dalious hesitantly nodded to the command. "Could we just throw one of them, possibly two, overboard...??" he began in protest but almost immediately thought better of it. "Fine, no more killing unless absolutely necessary."

The pirate let his old crew's fate be discussed and handled by them. While they figured that out, he set the sails proper and turned the ship toward where he believed to be the nearest land. However he was unsure of exactly where he was, the stars were fading from the sky and he would have to wait for another nightfall to use the stars as a map. For now, he coasted them in the direction they were already heading while keeping a watchful eye on the horizon with his spyglass.

"We're past the worst of the storm," he spoke to no one in general. "Smooth sailing ahead, lads. Perhaps a song could ease the uneasy morning." Dalious cleared his throat and then started to sing an old pirate shanty. "Well it'd be alright if the wind was in our sails, oh it'd be alright if the wind was in our sails, it'd be alright if the wind was in our sails and we'll all hold on behind! And we'll roll the old chariot along, we'll roll the old chariot along, we'll roll the old chariot along and we'll all hang on behind..."
Last post was from my phone which was a pain in the ass lol, but thats why the dialogue colors didnt work.
Dalious blacked out momentarily from the crash into the table, missing the blinding light in the process. When he came to, the fight was over and the she elf had Joss on his knees with a blade to his throat. He could see that she was hesitant, so he simply walked over and grabbed the blade from her hand.

[Color=steelblue] "Eye for an eye, mate,"[\color] he said, then stuck the blade through Joss' left eye, before pulling it back out and then slitting his throat. Joss took awhile to die on the floor.

[Color=steelblue]"Thank you lot for believing me," [\color] Dalious spoke to Cicero and the elf. [Color=steelblue] "I'll take you to the nearest dock where you can carry on about your ways. For helping me, I will also give my services to you. I know it may not seem like much, but I really have nothing better to do now that I'm a lone pirate. The rest of mutinys crew can walk the plank on the way. There, it's settled."[\color]

Without waiting for a response, he made his way to the ship's deck and took his captain's wheel. He raised the anchor and fixed the sails for the current blowing wind, then set off to the nearest dock. [Color=steelblue] "Pirate's life,"[\color] he muttered to himself while the sun began to show far off in the horizon.
I actually like the slow pace of this rp cuz im pretty busy with work too so I say take your time bud!
For this one you can skip me, I think dal can be knocked out momentarily for the blinding light thing. If you guys wanted to wrap it up quicker to move on to the docks, I can come to afterward and then set sail again there. Or whatever you guys wanna do I'll just wake up after the light.
While the others were busy or asleep, Dalious moved around the deck of the ship grabbing some ropes. He tied the grate shut over the crew's quarters, making it so that when they awoke they could not come back out. This only blocked the few that were in there sleeping, the rest would have to be taken care of by other means.

He released the anchor then moved over and opened the grate above Joss and the newcomers heads. A wide smile on his face, he dropped down into the room and landed perfectly onto one of the wooden tables. "Here I am, you tub of shite! You had your fun, but I already told you before mate. No matter the odds, I will prevail!" Dalious held his dagger high and gave Cicero a nod. "You can put me in a cage but you can't hold me forever. For I am the great Captain Dali-" When the anchor reached the bottom it tugged the vessel, Dalious went flying from the table and smashed hard into another table with food sprawled about it.
oops sorry thought this was dead. I shall post now...

"Rats!?" Dalious spat shockingly, quickly jumping onto the desk and looking around the floor. "Where!?" He hated the little vile rodents, sickly creatures that deserved no place in this world. The large smash knocked him off the table and back to the floor, nearly toppling him to his face. He collected himself once he realized it was just an expression and that there were actually no rats.

"Sure, but if there are rats out there you lot are on your own," he muttered as he took the dagger from her. While she seemed entirely focused on the fight outside, Dalious slipped out the way he had come in. The waves made the wood of the ship slippery but he was used to it, so he climbed from outside and onto the deck where a crew mate was idly steering the ship solo. Dalious grabbed him and quickly tossed him overboard quicker than he could scream. He then ran his fingers across the ship's wheel and smirked. "Did they treat you well?"

Looking down the grate below he had a clearer view on what was going on with the fighting. Joss was about to take on the newcomer in a game of fun, which seemed to be the only opportunity they had to overtake them. He watched and waited with a hand on the anchor wheel, if things started to turn sour he would pull the lever and release the anchor. This would halt the ship and hopefully daze those below long enough, or if the newcomer gained the upper hand he would simply jump down and join in the fight.
I went the creepy route lol!
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